Beyhadh : Love heals every wound FF Part 12

Maya runs back to her house quickly with heavy heart. She locks herself in her room and jumps on her bed. The tears does not stop flowing from her eyes.
Maya : I am sorry Arjun, please forgive me
Jhanvi : Maya, are you alright, open the door I am worried
Maya keeps sobbing whole night recalling Arjun’s confession.

Sharma house
Ayan is playing guitar in his room having flashes of Sufi’s behavior. He sends an apology text on her phone. Sufi looks at the message and tells him to meet her. Ayaan runs to the bridge where Sufi called him to meet.

Arjun is sitting at the beach without reaction. The winds blow faster making Arjun close his eyes. He watches the waves in the ocean when Saanjh calls him
Arjun : yes dusky
Saanjh : where are you duffer, I am trying to call you from long time, come home now
Arjun : I am coming
Saanjh : whats wrong, are you alright
Arjun : I am fine, will be there soon bye
Saanjh senses something wrong in Arjun behavior and gets worried

Sufi is waiting for Ayaan on the bridge standing silently
Ayaan : what happened Sufi? why did you call me here at this time
Sufi ; I am sorry for the other day, you might be thinking that I am weird
Ayaan : I don’t know about that, but I know I am standing in front of worlds most beautiful girl who does not show love but is the most loving person I ever met (removes hair from her face)
Both sit on the edge of the bridge sharing their emotions.
Sufi : so he is your step brother? and he still loves you so much

Ayaan : he is more than my brother to me, but he loves me more than his own life, only thing bothering me whole life is I could not reduce that gap between mom and bro
“Ayaan, some wounds does not heal easily, it takes its own time just like when you get hurt, that scar does not go easily” Sufi puts her hand on his
Ayaan : I feel guilty every time I see that pain in my mom’s eyes, from this years she has been craving to hear that one words from bhai’s mouth
Sufi ; you know Ayaan, my parents died when I was just two years, and I could not even feel the love of them
Ayaan feels more emotional

Suif : I saw my brother bearing all torture just for me (recalls him cleaning peoples shoes, washing cars)he pretends to forget those incidences but I know somewhere deep down those fear still haunts him
Ayaan ; but what was happened
Sufi : I don’t exactly know because bhai never told me neither I asked him, all I know is he saved a girl who is supposed to live in heaven in her parents house was having hell, and he rescued that girl
Ayaan : I am sorry to hear that
Sufi : you know I always ask one thing from god, to give all my happiness to my brother, that peace he lost years ago
Ayaan ; Actually I want to apologize for that joke in the church
Sufi : Its alright, thank you for being my friend (hugs him first time which Ayaan is hesitant to reciprocate but gives in seeing her vulnerable condition)

Arjun reaches home with broken state and does not talk with anybody at house.
Saanjh : aunty, whats wrong with him? he is not even looking at me
Vandana : I don’t know Saanjh, he did not tell me anything and even Ayaan is not at home
Saanjh : where is he at this time?
Vandana : I don’t know, he didn’t tell me
Saanjh : what is going on in this house, this both brothers are behaving like strangers
Prem : Saanjh, relax, they are not kids, if they have problem they will tell us
Saanjh goes into Arjun’s room seeing him in condition she never saw before.
Saanjh : Arjun are you okay, you never hid anything from me, tell me I am your dusky right

Arjun : I will tell you when right time comes, just leave me alone for a while please, trust me I am fine
Saanjh : alright then, but remember this dusky is always with you, I just came to tell you that I am going to Pune for few days for legal work (is about to leave when Arjun holds her hand)
Arjun : you cannot go like that, you will not be able to fly
Saanjh : what?
Arjun : who made you lawyer? read the newspaper, there is strike going on at railway and bus station

Saanjh ; Arjun (throws pillow at him) you could have told me without making fun of me, what do you think of yourself
Arjun : stop it, I was just kidding, I heard this morning that there is strike for couple weeks
Saanjh : then how will I go there, Malkani said that this case is very important is for client
Arjun : why don’t you talk with your client
Saanjh : I have to find his number, its in that case file
Arjun : great, you enjoy your holidays in Pune dusky
Saanjh feels happy to change Arjun’s mood by her antics.

Maya goes to Jhanvi’s room at night to share her heart
Jhanvi : whats wrong baby? tell me, you know I am your friend right
Maya : today Arjun proposed me
“And what was your answer” says Jhanvi with both surprising and shocking reaction
Maya : how can I say yes when I already have somebody waiting
Jhanvi : do you love him?
Maya : what does it matter if I love him or not when we both know it is not possible
Jhanvi : do you know what you are saying? you are going to get married
Maya : I cannot forget that pain I saw in Arjun’s eyes today, as if his world was over with this

Jhanvi : Maya, if you marry Karan against your wish then it will not be fair to all three of you, don’t repeat the mistake I did
Maya : I cheated on Karan, you know that today whatever we are because of him
Jhanvi : you are considering his friendship as favor and insulting it Maya
Maya : how will I tell him, did you see how happy he was when I agreed to marry him
Jhanvi : just remember one thing, it is good if he get heartbreak at this time but if you tell him after marriage, it would life long punishment for him, I know you won’t want to do that, rest you are wise enough to take your decision
Maya decides to stick on her decision suppressing her feelings but fears to face Arjun again.

Saanjh calls Karan to inform about the problem.
Karan : yes? who is this
Saanjh : Hi, I am Mr Malkans’s assistant Saanjh Mathur
Karan : oh hello, so I hope you remember that we have to get at Pune by tuesday
Saanjh : actually, I called regarding that
Karan : what’s wrong
Saanjh : I just got to know yesterday that there is strikes on train and bus station so
Karan : okay, don’t worry, you know what I can drive by there and if you don’t mind you can come with me
Saanjh is hesitant initially to travel with stranger but agrees
Karan : great, then how about we leave tonight
Saanjh ; thank you, you can pick me up from Mr Malkani’s office
Karan : alright, see you soon

Suman : what? you will go by car and that too with your client
Prem : Suman, come on she is going for work assignment, and her boss is sending her, there should be no problem
Suman ; but Prem, we don’t know who is he, and without knowing anything
Prem : so? this is her job, be practical, stop all this and help her packing, and Saanjh don’t be afraid, take care of yourself alright
Saanjh ; don’t worry I will call you once I reach there

Maya and Arjun come face to face in office but this time have awkward moment
“Maya, I have got some choices for magazine, look over it and let me know which ones you want” Arjun gives the file and leaves
Maya have weird feeling seeing Arjun’s normal behavior after yesterday. However for the first time she sees Arjun working with so much seriousness and dedication. He does not have his casual chatting and doing pranks with other employes. People in the office to gossip about his new changed attitude. Peon brings tea for him from his favorite place
Arjun : thank you, I feel so much better

Peon : you are okay? today you did not even say anything to me like always
Arjun : he was another Arjun sharma who used to make people laugh, today this is someone else
Maya starts getting exhausted with the work load and Arjun’s ignorance.
Karan (calls her) : hey princess, what are you doing
Maya : I was just leaving from work
Karan ; and as usual you are tired again

Maya : how do you know?
Karan : remember I told you, I will always be your shadow wherever you go (is behind her)
Maya senses his presence behind her while Arjun sees both of them together
Maya : what are you doing here?
Karan : I am leaving tonight for Pune, how can I go without seeing your face (hugs her)

Maya notices Arjun’s sadness who leaves in distress.
Karan : okay I will leave now because I have to pick up that girl from Malkani’s office, you take care alright and just watch for that prankster Sufi
Maya : don’t worry I will take care of her, you go ahead and finish your work
Karan ; bye (kisses her forehead and leaves the cabin)
Arjun and Karan have hit and miss in the parking lot. Maya runs behind Arjun but he does not notice her.

Mathur house
Arjun goes to meet Saanjh who is getting ready for her trip.
Arjun : all set dusky, come I will drop you at your office
Saanjh : okay, lets go I am ready, bye mom, dad and fatty
Suman : take care of yourself, you are going out first time
Arjun : Suman, you should pray for that client that he save himself from dusky
Saanjh : shut up duffer, we are getting late, come on
Prem : Just give me call when you reach there alright
Saanjh ; sure, bye

Arjun : dusky, are you going forever to Pune, so much stuff
Saanjh : I don’t know how many days it will take for case to solve
Arjun drives Saanjh to her office where Karan is waiting for her. He is kind of shocked to see Karan at the place.
Saanjh : okay duffer, you go I will manage, take care
Arjun : bye dusky, have a safe journey (leaves the place)
Saanjh ; Excuse me (pats on his shoulder)
Karan : oh, so you are Saanjh Mathur,
Saanjh ; yes, lets leave we are getting late

Karan : sure, why don’t you sit in car, I will put your luggage in car
Saanjh : okay
Both of them starts heading for their trip
Karan : Mr Malkani told me you handled Maya Mehrothra’s legal case before
Saanjh : yes, do you know her?
Karan ; she is my friend, by the way just be comfortable alright
Saanjh : thank you, I was so nervous when I heard that I cannot go by bus and i never travelled with anybody like this
Karan : well for a lawyer you should get used to that now right
Saanjh : how long will it take to reach the hotel
Karan : couple hours, maybe 4-5 hour

Maya is sitting on her bed playing with the lights. She closes her eyes and goes into major flashback
The scene focus on Maya’s ninth birthday when she sees Ashwin with his new mistress in a room. He sees her peeping outside window and slaps her.
Ashwin : what are you doing here? you won’t change right (drags her into the basement) now stay here
He is about to hit her head with rode when Karan stops him and pushes him away to the wall. Maya holds him but Ashwin tells servants to drown Karan in water to make him suffer.
Flashback ends

Precap : Maya accept Arjun’s love after big brawl

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