Beyhadh : Love heals every wound FF Part 10

Next day Arjun is having difficult to find clothes for the party in evening.
Arjun ; dusky, what should I wear, I don’t even have good clothes
Saanjh : look what I got for you (shows him white shirt with black coat on it)
Arjun : wow, from when did you have such good choice, you were such miser
“Stop it duffer and get ready or else you will be late for party ” says arranging his clothes
“You know dusky, if you were not there I don’t know how would I have managed” Arjun says holding her hands
Saanjh gets emotional and curses herself for not confessing her love to Arjun.
Arjun : you are very important part of my life, today I want to give you a promise today
Saanjh : what promise?
“Till today, we fought so many times, sometimes I am afraid that if unintentionally I hurt and give you such big wound that you can never forget” says very seriously
“No Arjun, you can never hurt me, don’t think like that, please” Saanjh gets teary eyes and hugs him
Arjun ; Dusky, if in future I hurt you please don’t be angry at me, forgive your duffer
Saanjh : now stop being emotional, it does not suit your character, get ready I will be right back okay
Vandana hears everything from outside and prays to unite Arjun and Saanjh
Ayaan : mom, you don’t worry, your wish will be fulfilled very soon

Maya is looking for dress to wear in the party but for the first time is very confused. She keeps throwing the clothes on bed but one of them falls on Karan’s face
Karan ; oh my god, whose room is this? I can’t believe my eyes, the clean freak is messing her own room
“Karan, please tell me what should I wear today, I don’t have good dress?
Karan : who are you trying to impress my dear, I mean Maya Mehrothra is trying to look girl today
Maya : Stop it, and you should be here to help me out but instead you are taunting me, how rude
Karan : fine, take this (gives her gift)
Maya : what is this?
Karan : god has given you hands, use it and open the box
Maya irritatedly takes the box and opens it to find blue long dress.
Karan : did you like this?
Maya : its so gorgeous (smile goes away soon seeing the color) but you know
Karan : that Maya only wears white
Maya nods sadly
Karan : Maya, till today you have been running away from your fears but I want you to face the reality today
Maya : Karan, you brought me out of that hell but I know somewhere your mind is also stuck back in past, you never told me
“I am so sorry Maya but I cannot share this truth, because there is somebody’s else life connected with it and you will not able to handle it” says Karan in his mind helplessly
Jhanvi : Baby, you are not ready yet, come on hurry up
Maya : yes mom, coming (goes with her)
Karan looks at Sufi and Maya’s picture together and gets tensed

Ashwin’s live in partner Sakshi tells him about Karan’s comeback in Maya’s life
Sakshi ; If I am not wrong he is the same boy who broke that wall of fear you made for your Maya baby
“No I will not let that happen. he has to go away from Maya, but before that I will settle old scores with him” Ashwin angrily says breaking glass
Sakshi : if you were that strong then that little boy would have not dared to stand up against you, it is not your capability to harm him because both your daughter and her friend got power in their hands
Ashwin ; Sakshi, you still did not understand me, their both weakness is the same and I will target that, just wait and watch

In the evening Arjun reaches he party before Maya where people congratulate him for photo shoot. A stunning beauty with blue dress with silver lining on it enters the venue.The whole crowd including Arjun is very much shocked to see Maya something different than white. She walks like queen with crowd waiving her and bodyguards around her.
“Hi Arjun, now you look the talented photographer of Fashion and City” Maya shakes hands
Arjun ; thank you ma’am, and today somebody is looking like girl rather than a grumpy boss (whispers teasingly)
Maya does not mind his silly pranks. The host announces the success of Fashion and City.
Host : Today again Fashion and City has achieved success and all credit goes to the CEO of company Maya Mehrothra
Everybody claps when she comes on stage for the honor.
Maya ; good evening ladies and gentlemen, this is just not my success but I also want to thank all my employees who work hard for my company, the sole credit goes to them
Host : I hope everybody enjoys the party tonight, have a great time

Arjun asks Maya for dance which she hesitates initially but gives in. She puts her hand on his while he puts hands on her waist.
Arjun : I am very big fan of yours, in such small age you achieved so much success, like you have everything
Maya : Arjun, just because I am successful does not mean, we don’t have problems, one has to cross alls hurdles, in way if dog barks you cannot stop your steps, remember this
Arjun : point noted ma’am, by the way tell me something, what do you like to do for fun, movies, beaches
Maya ; actually I am not fond of such things, never got time to be honest
Arjun : if you give me chance then I will teach you everything
Maya : oh, sure then be ready to bear my tantrums Mr Sharma
Arjun gets call from somebody but due to network problem he goes out
Guard : excuse me ma’am (Maya)
Maya : yea
Guard : somebody has come to meet you out there
Maya : Me? who is it
Guard : I don’t know he is waiting in the room on the other side
Maya : okay you go I will be there
Guard : sure ma’am
Maya goes outside but does not find anybody. Somebody puts hand on her mouth and takes her away. Arjun comes back only to find Maya missing.
Arjun : did you see Maya ma’am (asks the guard)
Guard : somebody came to meet her and she went to that side I think (points out to the front old building)
Maya is terrified to see Ashwin in front of her eyes. She starts moving back nervously but hits to the pole
“Maya baby, will you not say hello to your father” Ashwin goes close to her
Maya : go away from me, what do you want
Ashwin : why should I? you never let me leave me in peace, now you will understand the result of messing with me
“Please leave me alone” Maya begs cryingly
Ashwin drags her mercilessly on the floor even though she weeps. He slaps Maya hardly by making her head bleed.
Ashwin : ever since you are born, you ruined my whole life. today I will show you (locks her in the room)
Arjun is passing by from the room when he sees Maya’s bracelet on floor. He sees Maya lying on floor with her sleeve ripped.
Arjun ; Maya, are you okay? (pushes the door hardly and opens it)
He is very much horrified to see Maya’s condition who is not fully in her senses. She points towards the place where Ashwin is standing with hammer in his hand. Arjun stops him when he is about to hit Maya.
Arjun : you creep, are you not ashamed of doing this to your daughter’s age, security (hits the button of alarm)
The security comes quickly from downstairs and calls police to arrest Ashwin. Arjun goes to Maya who is shaken by the whole incidence and sitting in corner. He covers her with his jacket and makes her stand up slowly consoling her. Maya holds his collar tightly not letting it go and closes her eyes.
Arjun : its okay, I am here, he is gone Maya. don’t be scared (kisses her forehead)
Maya calms down for a while resting head on his shoulder.

Sufi is holding guitar but some flashes in her mind stops her. She sees Karan standing in front of her quietly. She hides the guitars quickly behind the bed
Karan : why did you stop?
Sufi : bro, what are you talking about
“I am talking about this” Karan takes the guitar out
Sufi : because you don’t like it
Karan ; when you decided to go against my wishes to play it, then with my wishes I want you to be successful
Sufi : bro, you are joking right?
Karan ; You know I don’t have habit of joking right, go live your dreams (hands her the guitar)
Sufi is overwhelmed to see the change in her brother knowing the person who convinced him about it.
Karan : but, I just want to tell you that, with this new freedom I want promise
Sufi : I will do anything
Karan ; you will not do anything that can make me change my mind alright
Sufi : don’t worry, my only goal is to reach that sky where you and sis are already

Arjun drops Maya home who is still deep down in trauma. Even though his heart does not want to leave her alone but knows his limit as boss and employee
Arjun : good night, Maya, take care
(keeps looking at her till she goes inside and leaves from the place.)
Jhanvi : Maya, how was the party baby
Maya does not answer the question and goes in her room.
Jhanvi : what are all this scars? and whose jacket are you wearing
Maya : I am tired, I want to sleep for a while
Jhanvi : okay, good night baby (goes without further arguing)
Maya while taking shower reminisces Arjun’s gestures towards her. She comes out and sits in front of mirror. She calls Arjun who is still thinking about Maya
Arjun : Maya, are you okay?
“I am fine, I just felt like talking with you, thanks for everything” says softly
Arjun : go to sleep, we will talk tomorrow
Maya : bye (hangs up)

Ayaan sees Sufi trying to make lyrics for her tune and goes to help her.
Sufi : oh hi, how are you?
Ayaan : looks like you are busy with your music, I hope I didn’t disturb you
Sufi : if you did then you would have not been standing here
Ayaan : what?
Sufi : just kidding, come sit, you know brother came back I am so happy
Ayaan widens hearing it
Sufi : he gave me permission to fulfill my dreams, now nothing can stop me from reaching my goal
Ayaan feels bad thinking he is not good enough to be with Sufi who is more ambitious than him.
Sufi : hello, where are you lost
Ayaan : nothing at last
Sufi : don’t try to fool me, you look bit upset, come with me I will show you best place where I find my peace
Both goes to the church nearby and lights the candle together
Sufi : you know, this is the only place I come when I am upset, come on close your eyes and make a wish, god will fulfill it
Ayaan looks at Sufi very lovingly when she is praying. For the first time he could not flirt with the girl standing in front of him.
Sufi : hey, what are you looking, come on
Ayaan wishes to unite his brother and his mom forever. Sufi gets up and is walking outside.
Ayaan : Sufi, I know you have different priority in life, I realized something today that how important it is to live your dreams, you said this is the only place where we share our feelings, today I want to tell something you would have never expected
Sufi stops hearing his words
Ayaan : you are thinking right, I don’t know about your feelings but my feelings are more than friendship now, I have started liking you

Precap : Arjun decides to tell his feelings to Maya

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