Beyhadh Arya SS :Bed of Thorns Intro

Bed of thorns SS
World changes in every minute then what does 3 years make big difference. The story follows the journey of an obsessive lover turning into a level headed woman who learns to live life with dignity and self respect
New characters

Kabir : A shrewd and ruthless businessman who does not waste time before taking any decision. Falls heads over heel with Saanjh and brings her out from her past. A philosopher and guide in Saanjh’s life who shows her right path

Pihu : Bubbly and strong headed girl who believe her instincts rather than other people. Only light of Ayaan’s life whom he starts loving madly. She is extremely talented designer and works in company which Maya has signed contract with. She follows her professional and personal ethics very wisely like Maya.

Holi is known as color of life. It brings different colors in everybody’s life but some are destined to remain colorless. One dark shade can get over all colorful things.

Prologue : Story takes 3 years of leap led by Arjun Maya separation. Both of them lives isolated life but how their destiny crosses will be crux of plot.

The scene opens with the fight of Maya and Saanjh.
Maya : Saanjh, what the hell are you talking about, do you even realize that
Saanjh : I know what i am saying but you have lost your senses in your obsession
Maya : enough now
Saanjh : Vandana aunty was right, this girl only knows how to break, she can never change herself
“Saanjh” Maya shouts out loudly which scares everybody
Arjun : Dusky, what is going here
Saanjh : today, you can shut me up how much you want but I will prove it to you the reality of this girl
Maya :you are getting me all wrong
Saanjh : and you (goes to Maya) are not ashamed of anything, at least have fear of that God who you worship
Maya : You are crossing your limit, I love Arjun more than my life, I cannot even think of giving him pain
Saanjh ; really? then why didn’t you ever tell Arjun to go back to his family, I will tell you why because you only wanted him to be yours
Maya’s head starts spinning and starts backing when her leg slips from stairs. She rolls down from stairs and shouts in pain.
“Maya” Arjun runs quickly and picks her up in his arms
Maya : Arjun, its paining
Arjun : don’t worry, we are going to doctor okay everything will be fine
Saanjh : wait I am coming
Arjun : there is no need, I can manage
Maya keeps shouting in pain
Saanjh : please Arjun
Arjun : fine sit at the back
Both of them takes Maya to the hospital. Doctor tells them about Maya’s miscarriage
Arjun : what are you saying?
Doctor : I am afraid to say that her chances of becoming mother has reduced, in the accident the injury was in her uterus
Saanjh : doctor please, there might be some way out
Doctor : we are trying our best but you have to make sure she stays out of stress or else her condition will not be improved
Arjun breaks down in tears and shouts at Saanjh who tries to apologize
Arjun : go from here right now
Saanjh : please listen to me, I never intended this, trust me
Arjun : did you not hear what I said, go from here
Saanjh tearfully leaves from hospital, Arjun goes into the ward room and sees Maya constantly looking on other side without any reaction
Arjun : Maya, (puts hand on her head but she does not respond) I am sorry for everything, I know what happened was wrong but we will face this together
Maya : All I know is I lost my child, he was the rope of our relationship

Precap : Saanjh and Kabir’s alliance is fixed after their families approve. Maya returns to her bossy attitude where she meets vivacious Pihu

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