Beyhadh 9th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Beyhadh 9th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Saanjh tells Maya she does not want her Arjun and says let us dance with our partners. She dances with Samay. Maya keeps her mobile on sofa and dances with Arjun on a romantic song. Samay stares at Maya and thinks he wants to dance with her and not Arjun. Saanjh silently moves away and picks Maya’s mobile. She tries to open lock with Mayas date of birth, etc., but cannot. Suman comes and asks what is she doing here. Phone falls down. Saanjh picks it back. Samay calls on mobile and Saanjh notices first 4 digits. Maya comes and snatches her mobile yelling she always wants other’s things. Saanjh thinks Vandana should find proof before Maya watches CCTV footage.

Vandana continues checking CCTV footage repeatedly and does not find crime day’s footage. She thinks where to find it. Jahnvi

enters and Vandana realizes she is one of the clue. She asks Jahnvi to press beep once if her answer is yes and twice if no. She asks if Ayan misbehaved with Maya. Jahnvi presses beep twice. Vandana gets happy that her son is not wrong. Vandana asks if Ayan is innocent and Maya trapped him. Jahnvi presses beep twice. Vandana asks to how to find out evidence against Maya. Jahnvi takes her to room and kicks cupboard repeatedly. Vandana opens drawer and finds psychiatric prescription report with Jahnvi’s name. She asks if it is Maya’s. Jahnvi beeps once and reminisces saving Maya lying that she takes depression pills and Maya is trying to save her. Vandana asks how to prove that Maya is mad. Jahnvi throws paper near Ashwin’s photo stuck between bed and reminisces Ashwin falling down, meaning Maya killed him.

Maya looks at CCTV footage in her mobile and does not see Vandana, she murmurs Vandana will not change. Vandana comes out wheeling Jahnvi and then feeds her food, says she thought only her son is stuck in Maya’s jail, but even Jahnvi is.

Saanjh goes to her room and remembers first caller’s 4 digits on Maya’s mobile and Vandana writing last 4 in her note. She writes them and thinks what must be the middle 2 numbers. She thinks why she feels she knows this number and dials it. She is shocked to see Samay’s name and drops mobile. Samay speaks and asks where is she. She shatters and walks out, sees Samay and Maya talking on phone at a distance from each other. Samay disconnects call and asks Saanjh what happened. She says she thought one can win with truth, but realized one can win only if determined to win, looking at Maya in mirror. Arjun tells Maya let us go now. Maya walks thinking she will win over Saanjh again and it is an open war.

Precap: Samay confesses Saanjh that he is with Maya and loves her. Saanjh asks Maya if it is true. She says yes. Arjun looks at them.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Nice. Finally…….., vandana found a clue and saanjh came to know about samay’s drama. But Dont know why she cried, does she really love that psycho samay.???Anyways Waiting for tomorrow’s epi……..

    1. Those were not tears of love towards samay but towards facing a deceit i guess… saanjh isnt so bad actually, i felt bad for her as a girl id feel the same in her situation… shes doing a good job of handling her profession simultaneously as a detective/lawyer amidst her engamement chaos and fulfilling her mission of setting ayan free…..but just wish she had some intellect and the ability to analyse things on a deeper level instead of just judging things superficially, afterall there more to maya than wat meets the eye, that y shes named MAYA…

  2. Maya is truely a player yaar i just love her
    But why is vandana and janvisoo muchplaying withmsyas what not masya did to save janvi and she is just back stabbing her if she doesnot want to support her its completely okk but there is absolute nooo need to support or help out vandana vandana thinks maya evil if she is given a chance or a choise either to save nd cure maya or to kill her thinking she is uncureable evil abd brought bad fortune for arjun nd their family she would definitely kill maya and will make arhun marry again ( oviously tooo sanjh this time at sny dammm cost) sidelining samay

    Why this women doesnot understand that maya is a hundred times sharper than she could even imagine belive me this vandy is going to pay very hard vvry sooon just once maya sees her nd jhanvi secrets and ashwins photo bapppa ganpati reallly loves maya a lot thats why vandy being soooo close to the clue could not find it out

    1. Wow really nice to see your last point Ganapati bappa loves our seems it’s true..but what’s the link with pic?vandy asked I want strong proof to prove Maya is culprit.jhanvi given signal to see ashwin pic,is Maya killed ashwin.?but why jhanvi said to maya “aaj mai tumhe uska asli chehra dikhaungi….”anyway so much confusion,let’s story unfold it..

      1. I think she was telling to pick the photo or else Maya would get to know that they had searched the drawer and so she might rewind the CCTV footage. Because Ashwin’s photo doesn’t make any sense. She could’ve told it by pointing towards any photo in the house.

  3. Tha Dark Hunter

    You’re long comment quoting about samay’s true intentions yesterday, how authentic is the source you got it from?

    1. I came to know this from in twitter beyhadh page.

      1. The Dark Hunter

        Beyhadh official writer/ contact or just some guy tweeting a post?
        I’m hoping. A ko on those words lets hope they’re right!

      2. The Dark Hunter

        A lot* sorry spelling error

    2. I think its true… because there’s been reports that Killer will be revealed soon. And its definitely not Maya. Probably S3 will be Maya vs Arjun and Maya vs killer or something. Hopefully ?

      1. Yes..and also assistant director told in live chat,killer truth will reveal next week soon.interesting episodes ahead..stay tune…love u Maya ?

      2. And also few fans asked about ArYa scenes…director gave reply,we will see soon ArYa scene and And he said infact old beyhadh willbe back with new flavour…like arjun maya saath.???❤ .guys it’s good news Na for Maya lovers..?.im very happy to hear this.??? love u Maya ?❤

  4. I’ve noticed these written updates often miss some major details in the episode — before Arjun and Maya leave, Maya thinks reminisces how she saw Saanjh take her phone and on purpose told Samay to call her so Saanjh can see his number and know that Samay is involved with her. And then Maya thinks to herself that she’ll make Saanjh believe she’s getting ahead in game when it’ll be Maya’s game instead.

    1. yeah even i wanted to say that.. guess the person who gave us this written update got bored at the end lol

  5. Superb episode ?…ArYa moments superb?…and finally Jhanvi revealed about Maya mental illness reporters..waiting for this track boring to see this dragging..anyway arjun know Maya is pagal..& wow jhanvi ji ??,you are ready to go with ashwin like a fly bird to live with him..but he thrown in river to kill you…but still he is good for you,my Maya is jailor for you.??? nice..and i got surprised to see precap,how saanjh want to prove Maya& samay relationship infront Arjun..that too she know how much my Maya intelligent she went to confront straightly with out strong plan.. im sure saanjh will lose again,..last part was means its Maya plan..indirectly she helped vandana to know samay number!,that’s why vandana see’s time only number displayed,maya phone lift time samay name shown.uffo one side Maya plan to get arjun,one side saanjh vandy plan to get arjun&ayaan,one side samay plan to get Maya…i want this time samay and vandy to win.let’s see waiting for next episode ?
    Love you Maya❤?

  6. Shrilatha

    @ks…thanks for the info…his Samay made maya look black…hate him…hope Maya is more smarter than him which she is of course..I want Maya to punish samay…I am sorry to say but Arjun Samay..all men of the show played with her ….sorry dear to say this but she will be the one who suffers at end…where as all the people who r equally responsible for her state will become great people…love u jenny…

    1. My pleasure dear..?.ya I know it’s hard to get maya happy end..but ..based on samay character,there is chances to get Maya happy life with Arjun..hope ? for best..let’s see ??

  7. i dont get it seriously vandana maata tells jhanvi.. maya ko to deemagi beemari yeh to sab jaante hai… and wen the arjun told her the same thing the other day she thinks to herslef… maya beemar nahi buri hai aur yehhi sach tumhe main dikhaungi…. does this make sense? ok anyway if maya is only buri then wat ever she is doing is not justifiable at all, but if maya is indeed beemar the all the prejudice thaat saanjh n vandana have towards maya is that justifiable? doesnt it become mandatory on these self proclaimed mentally stable people to atleast suggest arjun to get her treated? alright vandy is busy hunting proofs for ayaan i respect her actions, but if maya was ayans wife then wouldnt she try to prevent a home from breaking apart, by atleast advising something like that wen she had that chance to speak to arjun?

  8. VM doesnt have to set jhanvi or arjun free from mayas house… she has to make their house a home instead… she is an elder person should play more mature…. its all in her hands if u really see… if she wants she can speak up to maya directly (considering the fact that maya herself confronted vm that she wants help n cure) saying ill make everythin allright between u n arjun (hinting at a clinical tteatment) n i won’t come in between u people if it makes u happy, just set ayan free.. then y would maya play all these games? if VM was not so secretive n open then she can easily win mayas trust, and maya would infact slowly start loving her aswell the way she loves arjun n jhanvi.. they all can be one again as a family… oh but the serial has to run for lightyears right.. i forgot …


    Sikander Singh Beyhadh assistant director confirmed killer will be revealed next thirdsay-friday. Eagerly awaiting some actual movement + last chance by CVS to orive maya has some greyness left.

  10. wow……nice.killler…wil be revaled.hope it is not maya.bcoz if maya has to kill ashwin she can kill him long hope maya is not complitly black………

  11. Ayesha22

    I HATE SAMAY,SAANJH,VANDHANA AND ARJUN.why is jhanvi teaming with that fatso??she is maya’s mother so she should support maya not that phula hua ghubbara vandana.i just hate all sharmas and mathurs along with samay. Maya i just hope that you won’t do anything bad now,please.we know u r NOT bad please don’t be,please baby I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!

    1. hello..pls dnt say anything bad personally..
      u r calling vandana fat means u r insulting that actress.
      u can say anything abt reel characters..not abt real characters..

      Even after accussing an innocent boy for rape u r saying maya is sooo good..
      so wt an attitude..big salute..
      u r right…obviously sanj n vandanaji n all others r wrong ..bcz they r trying to find iut the truth…they r fighting for truth..
      so in this world such people are verybad…


        Agreed. Ayesha I know you are upset with her character as am I, I insulted VM calling her a B****. But that is not at all referencing swati as a real life person just the character. We maya lovers have shown to be more mature than this and I don’t want us to ruin ourselves against others who disrespect us and our opinions or the show. Please Ayesha let us keep our maturity and we’ll continue to do what we do best, support and love maya for all her days that have been and all that is to come.
        Maya always ❤❤❤

  12. Congratulations to beyhadh team completed 150 episodes..?? ??
    This link for Maya loverss..its fun video..??enjoy it.??

  13. It would be nice if the old beyhadh may return..saanjh and arjun friendship..
    Why they made Arjun as nothing n recent episodes? Nd sammy totally hate him… jst want to soon reveled maya face infront of Arjun…let seee..

  14. Vandana’s character is degrading day by day…she is trying to snatch mother also from Maya. She is even worse than Maya.. even if Maya kills her vm to only would be responsible for the…who is she to ask jhanvi to leave Maya … whatever Maya did with her ..she deserved it…hate vm


      Maya did nothing but protect Jhanvi all these years from ashwin. People say she was caging Jhanvi, but her fears were right! The one time she let Jhanvi out alone Ashwin almost killed her! I can’t believe Jhanvi she is siding with a b**** who wouldn’t even let her into her home and destroyed Maya’s dreams of a happy life, and now she is helping VM against the same daughter who jumped off a bridge to save her and was a mother to her all these years!! Jhanvi is the worst human I’ve ever seen its horrible! Plus her flashback show she saw Ayan inappropriately manhandling maya yet she denied it?!?! What a no good backstabbing, rotten woman! When maya said Jhanvi was never there for her when she needed her, Jhanvi is now proving that more true than Ever! Maya is like this because of her, and even when she begs her mother to help her become good, she’s helping the one who wants to make her worse again! I HATE her!?????

      Maya deserves happiness and so much more than these pathetic people!

      Maya always ❤❤❤❤❤❤


        Sorry this is the first time in all this season 2 nonsense I actually lost my head, but this was atrocious!

      2. Exactly true…! Jhanvi and vm are the worst mothers anyone can get !

  15. It has some disguting twists and turns. Not only the serial makers but also these serial killers especially maya lovers who are posting comments and supporting a misdeed is even disgusting. Sick ppl.

  16. @sajni wow urs n mine though r so similar d same thing i mention on 5th may is good to c u think d same

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