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Beyhadh 9th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vandana and Ayan are shocked to see Arjun introduces Maya as bhabi instead of Saanjh. Arjun asks how is his surprise, they both look in selfie as if they saw a snake. He asks how is his surprise. She says she will get aarti. Maya says she wants to be part of her family, so she needs blessings. Vandana goes to bring thali and tells Ayan how can Arjun think of Maya instead of Saanjh, she will confront him. Ayan stops and says bhai is happy and their happiness matters. Vandana does Maya’s aarti and Arjun chants mantras. Vandana asks her to come in. Arjun asks Ayan to touch Bhabhi’s feet. Ayan bends. Maya stops him and says they should not make a relationship which they cannot follow, she wants to be his friend and hugs him. Arjun says their family is complete. Vandana

says Saanjh. Maya reminisces Arjun’s words that everything is incomplete without Saanjh and repeats same. Arjun says they left Saanjh home and she was in Mauritius with them. Maya says she will leave now as sh eis taking Arjun to her home. Vandana tells Ayan something is wrong, how can Maya be in place of Saanjh. Maya hears that, walks back and touches Vandana’s feet and says her place is in this house with them and Arjun, her happiness is in their love and their happiness is in her happiness. Vandana nods yes nervously. Maya says be and leaves with Arjun.

Vandana says Ayan that Arjun broke Saanjh’s heart. She runs towards Saanjh’s house and Arjun runs behind her. She enters Saanjh’s house and sees Suman consoling crying Saanjh. Suman gets up. Vandana consoles Saanjh. Saanjh cries everything is finished. Saanjh’s brother fumes that he will break Arjun’s face for breaking his sister’s heart. Prem stops him. Vandana tells Prem that Saanjh is even his daughter. Prem also speaks emotionally.

Saanj takes Arjun home. Arjun is surprised to see home well decorated with flowers and candles, says this is so gorgeous like her. Maya smiles and says shut up. He continues his romantic chat. She calls Jahnvi. Jahnvi comes dressed as new bride with red sari bindi, lipstick, etc… and says he/Ashwin has returned. Ashwin comes smriking at Maya. Jahnvi says he has changed and wants to stay withh us, their family is complete. Arjun tries to interfere, but Jahnvi stops him. Maa is shocked and panics. Jahnvi asks Ashwin to bring his prepared cake for Maya. Ashwin brings cake smirking. Maya reminisces her 9th birthay. Ashwin asks if she will not forgive her papa. She throws cake on his face. He wipes it and says Maya listen to me. Arjun stops him and warns to stay away from her, else…Ashwin asks to stay away, else…Jahnvi asks Arjun to go away as it is a family matter. Jahni says Arjun is her family. Jahnvi is shocked. Arjun warns Ashwin if he will go or he should break his another leg. Ashwin says he will go if Maya forgives him. Maya pushes him and breaks things around and shouts she will never forgive him. Jahnvi cries in her usual 80s style. Maya picks knife to stab Ashwin. Arjun is shocked to see Maya’s anger.

Precap: Jahnvi says Ashwin she will go to his house if Maya does not let Ashwin stay here. Ashwin calls Maya and informs that Jahnvi has goe towards bridge and will suicide. Maya checks Jahnvi’s room and does not find her.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. It’s so evident dat Ashwin is trying to provoke Maya and he is trying to prove Arjun that she is a psycho .Anybody would react this way to a filthy man like him ..but Arjun was damn shocked ..?? this will definitely be the first scene which Arjun will think about in the future ?? Jahnvi is dumb ?? It doesn’t seem like she was blackmailed

  2. Wow awesome episode…ArYa superb ?…maya Arjun supporting each other awesome ? scenes…and jhanvi if you left home with ashwin ,what’s the use he loves only your money that’s why he came back with some plan…i felt ashwin intentionally instigating Maya to show her anger of doings to Arjun.any way interesting..waiting for next episode ?

  3. Shalini Senthil

    Today episode was very funny wen maya aim knife into ashwin face that time wen i seen arjun face i just laugh a lot ..and wen i seen vandana seen yaar she is over reacting for saanjh over feelings…and saanjh bro said i dont leave arjun she broked my sister heart …arjun and saanjh family members or over pa…only saanjh father is a mature person in there all are reacting over like arjun cheated saanjh

    1. Ya shalini Senthil…it’s look like fun but im happy..ashwin deserves Maya’s anger…and maya taken her cake revenge on ashwin with Arjun support..maya taken back steps to see ashwin but she got courage when arjun holds maya hand…&awesome maya dialog to jhanvi…Arjun mera ghar hy(when jhanvi said to arjun mera ghar problem don’t involve)..lovely bond between ArYa? u maya?

  4. Well its seems i am the first . commender . Todays episode was fab,saanch again returned to crying. Family drama is onn and ashwins dramais giving new angle to the story maya as always mind blowing and arjun smart

    Love it

  5. heck with ashwin

    arjun an maya so cute

  6. Shalini Senthil

    Maya is always awesome….i think in this show jhanvi is physco again and again trusted ashwin this is too much …she is just thinking for ashwin …blindely believing ashwin …really this show name beyhaad is very right …

  7. why vandana is shocked? they already know that maya loves arjun arjun doesnt know abt saanjh feelings then Y all r over reacting whole family has 2 tell wat saanjh feels 4 ? but its too late this is ashwin’s plan 2 expose the real maya jhanvi is in fantasy world how she can forgive him so easily this is not right arjun is super shocked when maya takes that knife

  8. I read in one spoiler that now Ayan will support Saanjh against his brother & will also develop soft corner for her….if Saanjh & Ayan really makes a pair then it will be good… At least the show can continue in a happy note focussing more on the lead roles & the viewers can also witness some interesting twists

    1. Yes but it will also be damn awkward…Maya and saanjh living under the same roof is scary..though it’s very unlikely that Maya will stay at arjun’s place after their marriage

  9. Angelk1

    Saanj didnt even get that much scenes today and people are still talking bad. Let her cry, its not easy to get over a heart break. I’m sure shes on her way to a new start after this drama. Second, vandana sees saanj as her future daughter in law so of course she wouldnt be happy about maya.

    Saanj has shown many reason why vandana family welcome her. She takes care of them, comes over and interact with the family, play, takes care of her son and even more. And not to mention both family likes one another. What more can you ask for.

    Anyway, jhanvi marries ashwin how stupid can she be. Instead of standing up to him she cries instead. Now i see who maya takes after …its obviously her father. Hopefully this drama will finish soon an the story continues.

    1. Ashinipatel3

      There are worst painful incidences than this people face in their life. And Saanjh is not alone to suffer when she has her family to guide, support even neighbors come to help her. The reason is she never faced any ups and down thats why the whole family is getting hyper to see her condition. Only she takes care of the family does not mean they should get her married to Arjun without his permission.Just because Vandana sees daughter in law in Saanjh, she cannot ignore his son’s choice not just Maya but if there was any ordinary girl she would still curse that girl

      1. Angelk1

        They didnt try to get her marry to arjun. They convince her to confess thinking arjun will say yes . they webt to pandiji to know if saanj an arjun were compatible for marriage, but not once did they force them to get married.

        Yes she shouldnt overlook arjun feeling. But she just being a mother trying to find a person that can love her son genuinely an she sees that in saanj.

    2. Vandana’s reactions are natural but to say how can arjun do this to saanjh doesn’t make any sense. They were swooning with arjun-saanjh’s marriage plans but it is not his choice. They ought to learn to accept others’ decisions. Time and situations have seen jahnvi getting manipulated by ashwin. Ashwin knew about Maya’s reactions and he wanted it all to happen before arjun. Maya’s behaviour needs no justification like traumatic childhood,hatred for ashwin and all. It is what it is and we can’t deny she has that instinct. Even small things can irritate her and she wants to get rid of them. That evil smile is actually the satisfaction after she neutralizes her irritation. She doesn’t see saanjh as a threat. She could’ve done something if arjun saw saanjh the same way saanjh sees her but it is not. So she has no reason and need to harm saanjh.

  10. Vandana reacted as if Arjun brought home a guy instead of a girl..totally over reacting to a mother shouldn’t she accept and respect her son’s happiness and choice? Thank god ayan has some common sense I think he is the only family member who truly loves Arjun. And why the shocked face it was very obvious that Arjun was attracted towards Maya from the beginning and if by chance he did have feelings for saanjh he would have confessed them long ago. He is not one to hide his love like saanjh. Jhanvi once again proved she’s a horrible mother, remarrying the man who abused their daughter is sick. How desperate is she for love? She’s even worse than saanjh..why is Ashwin continuously tormenting Maya it’s so sad..people like saanjh Ashwin and jhanvi are making poor Maya into a psycho

    1. SaanjhdeservesArjun

      Ayyyyy hello Maya is aleready a psycho! Saanjh has no role to play in her psychotic behavior! Saanjh is simply a girl who loves arjun from the bottom of her heart and is horibbly heartbroken and disturbed due to mayas evil games. Watch what you say about that psycho okay? I mean just because shes had a harsh childhood she deserves arjun? Sure she needs love but she needs to learn to earn love not snatch it!

      1. And why does saanjh deserve Arjun because everyone loves her? Just because she takes care of their family doesn’t mean saaanjh deserves Arjun..doesn’t he get a choice..why is he being forced to accept saanjh vandana is a stupid selfish mother

  11. Vandana was overreacting. I mean this is so stupid. Arjun is mature & he can take the decisions of his life. If he chooses Maya over saanjh then what’s wrong in that!! Arya looks too cute. Maya’ line :- “Arjun mera ghar hai” was simply awesome. Arjun was trying to protect Maya throughout all the scenes. Just wanna see them together.

  12. Jhanvi supporting Ashwin, it might be her acting either Ashwin blackmailing her or even she wants Arjun to know reality of Maya. Jhanvi told Maya so many times to tell Arjun the truth. Maya was always confident that Arjun can never say no to her only Jhanvi was always worried and she always tried to stop Maya not to be wrong in love so Jhanvi can not be that stupid now to trust Ashwin. Anyways now serial is loosing its track and becoming a bit boring now.

  13. Khushal can’t act..the passion and chemistry is missing in Arya scenes. Yes we all know that both the families grew up together and they want Saanjh and Arjun to get married, however why Saanjhs bro wants to kill Arjun, he didn’t ask her to fall in love or gave any false hopes or promises!!! And what kind of sister is she.. A bad example for her younger brother, her mother is also a dumb lady. Now vandana the great why on earth she is overreacting….

  14. Nice episode. Good cast and well executed.

  15. Let’s just assume if jenny’s playing saanjh charcter then I damn sure people here who are talking soo much about Maya’s character would have supported saanjh (I mean to say maya) so just stop pretending that you care about maya , you guys care about Jenny. Saanjh is crying coz she cannot hide her heart broken feeling and her brother is angry cos he loves his sister and moreover he is a child at least leave him . Maya is strong to hide or hold anything . If she really love arjun then she should tell whole truth .

    1. Right pari. No one likes Maya. People like Jenny that’s why they are justifying her actions as Maya.

      1. SaanjhdeservesArjun

        I agree with you two! I mean even i loveeee jennifer winget and her acting i fabulous and on point but the character saanjh deserves arjun more not maya.

    2. Wrong thought….i don’t know what about all..but I love only Maya…i love Maya character ?..i like her cute anger,her innocent cry..her fear…i love her love bond towards jhanvi and Arjun..her inside kid nature good heart…totally i love Maya character ..??

      1. If Jennifer did saanjh character..if Jennifer cries all time with out confess her love like saanjh &with out fight with herself to involve familys in her problem to give pain to them selfishly..i will not support blindly saanjh ka Jennifer character to see her beauty of acting.

    3. Roby wolverine

      Personally i have never liked Jennifer… After watching beyhadh i come to like her.. Because of Maya I’ve come to be a fan of jennifer…. Even if i liked Maya character just because of jenny then it’s nothing wrong in that too..

    4. Wrong pari I don’t watch Hindi serials and I didn’t know who Jenny was, and I don’t hate Saanjh too she fell in love with her childhood friend but she can’t blame him for not doing the same. Moreover she dragged her family and hurting them too.

      If u look at Maya’s character she is a go getter she fell i n love she didn’t wait for anyone and she confessed her love when Arjun rejected her she handled the situation gracefully stating I know Arjun u don’t love me so and still they remained friends until he confessed. I mean there’s no logic hating Maya becoz she fell in love with Saanjhs friend.

  16. To all hating maya character it was story and maya has to choose arjun or to be solo and she dint snatch him guys are u not having brains who proposed maya in underwater does she snatched arjun common arjun not a milky boy he has maturity to decide from day one he was observing maya closely and seeing her from boss to his close friend he learnt about Maya a lot and finally decided to marry her and saanjh she was too late to express her feelings its not her fault but insecurity in her made her game lost and coming to family ayyan and prem was only matured persons in whole soap and maya she was who granted bail to arjun gave arjun life either by job or senior photographer and she was who responsible for arjun reuniting with vandana she always wants to see arjun smile and her gray shade character u should pity instead blaming her she was solo in her lifetime why can’t we accept to see her colours in life bcoz of arjun and her pyscho yes its main for our story its arjun matter bring a hero can’t he change his dil ( maya ) or cowardly step down and go away too saanjh will be a good friend to arjun sure

  17. ubhell saanjh

    “”Yes all supporters of saanjh are right “”


    What a joke i craked
    I laugh somuch withing this.
    My god gyes i can not belive this
    grow up
    Saanjh is nothing
    Nothing at all. We r all watching because of maya. She is the man of the serial she has power look acting everything.

    Any disaster that could happen on earth cannot justify why do u people think saanjh is better and deservs arjun she deservs nothing

    Andind u gues dont call maya psycopath she is great and only psyco path in behad are janvi saanjh vandana and suman

  18. oooh maya ka ghussa…go ahead kill that good for nothing limping ass of a father that devil ashwin and arjun was stunned seeing maya in durga’s avatar with a knife pointed towards ashwin or ashwin ki to phatt e gayi darr k maare. hahahahaha really enjoyed the last part of the episode.we love maya because she is jennifer also because she is maya, come on guys.

  19. I really hope Arjun doesn’t run away after seeing her like this

  20. I love SANJH character and think Sanjh deserve Arjun however just because viewers like Jenny its there problem

  21. How ashwin know arjun praposal to Maya
    And both(Maya mom and ashwin) talking about Maya marriage ,she didn’t inform any one na
    Surely ashwin want to prove Maya angry is psycho character
    So silly over action of vandana
    Y Maya is not a devil
    She done more over than saanch mom


  23. Best reactions in this episode= Vandana and Arjun

  24. Sorry for this word uphell saanjh “wat a joke , I am laughing like hell” maya is not pschyo o god I can’t control my laugh wat a joke uphell saanjh

  25. O come ks we know that just leave it .

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