Beyhadh 9th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Beyhadh 9th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Arjun and Maya sit in mantap for marriage rituals and look at each other. Ayan asks Arjun to get married first and then continue romance. Vandana is seen running on road. Panditji asks to call groom’s mother. Ayan tries Vandana’s phone repeatedly and tells Arjun that maa is not picking call. Panditji says muhurath is passing. Arjun says until his mom returns, muhurath will not change. Panditji says they cannot wait more. Jahnvi says panditji is right, Vandana will come soon. Vandana comes and shouts to stop it. She walks to Arjun and says this marriage will not happen and asks Arjun to get up. Arjun says maa. Vandana holds his hand and asks him to get up, else he will see his death face. Arjun leaves Maya’s hand sand walks with Vandana. Vandana takes him to a room and pleads not

to marry Maya as she is not good for him. Arjun says if Maya is not good, then nobody is good for him. Vandana says she just knows that if Maya at 9 years old cans tab her father’s leg, she is not fit for Arjun. He asks who told her. She tells Ashwin and tells him about Ashwin kidnapping and rest of incident. Arjun fumes that he will not spare Ashwin and says Ayan let us go. Vandana says Ashwin is worried about him.. Maya comes and says that man wants to see her crying forever and runs from there. Arjun runs behind her.

Maya runs to a room, locks it from inside and starts crying. Jahnvi and Arjun run behind her and knock door. Others follow them. Maya cries that man will not let her be happy. Arjun knocks door and requests to open door. Vanda holds gun in her bag and leaves.

Arjun continues knocking door. Maya says that man will not let her be happy, even he can leave. Arjun says he will leave after making her his wife. Vandana says Arjun…Arjun says enough now, else he will lose his patience. Ayan says maa is just worried about him. Arjun says she is trusting Ashwin and cannot see Maya crying, if he had been in Maya’s place, he would have stabbed Ashwin in stomach. Maya’s past is bringing him more closer to her. He promises Maya that from today, nobody will make her cry and leaves. Suman tries to console Vandana. Vandana says what she can do, how to explain Arjun. Maya lights lamp in front of Ganesha idol and says today she will not keep quiet and will confront Ashwin.

Jahnvi holding gun walks into Ashwin’s apartment and calls him. He hits her hand with a rod from behind and gun falls down. He slaps her and pusher her on floor and then strangulates her neck shouting if she wants to die, she can, but let him inform Maya’s truth to police as Maya’s wedding gift. Jahnvi pushes him and tries to pick gun and he tries to pull her. Jahnvi picks gun and points at Ashwin. Jahnvi pulls trigger. Ashwin panics what is she doing. Jahnvi says she loved him, but he played with her for money. Ashwin says no no no….

Arjun walks into a room, angrily removes his turban and breaks vase. He reminisces Ashwin troubling Maya and says Ashwin troubling Maya a lot, not more now.

Maya says she will complete the incomplete task she left years ago. She cuts her hand with knife and blood flows from her hand. She pulls blood stained knife and smears blood on mirror.

Precap: Arjun washes blood stained hands. Even Jahnvi does same. Maya also cleans blood.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Ooooh Mystery who killed Ashwin?

  2. 3 will be suspens for mirder come on,saanjh fight the case & let the culprit behind bar.

  3. Who actualy killed Ashwin,it’ll be home work for viewers

  4. It could be jhanvi ,Arjun,Maya or saanjh

  5. Esther

    it’s all blood blood blood

  6. Shalinisenthil

    So much suspense love behyadh…..

  7. What a no scene. Arjun yu don’t had a brain at all. Yu are really duffer.

  8. Awesome episode,Arjun dialogue was awesome with vandana..” Maya only stabbed her father leg,if im there in her place I would have stabbed in his stomach.” ????.?…(i was laughed to hear this.)..&my Maya baby don’t cry ???…&suspect track… maya,arjun,jhanvi washed their blood hands …eagerly waiting for next episode ?

  9. Angelk1

    All three will be suspected. Jhanvi is the killer, I swear she has no brains at all. Saanj will probably get them married in tomorrow eps

  10. Roby wolverine

    I was very very frustrated with today’s episode… Doesn’t have words for vandana’s stupidity… How could she do that to a girl in front of everyone and maya is a celebrity too..? It was unbelievable.. Just what does she know about Maya that she believed anyone who say something against Maya because she still doesn’t want maya as Arjun’s wife.. She faults a 9 year old girl.? I mean who knows what happened and no child deserves a abusive parent like Ashwin.. Who judges a person by what they did when they’re 9 year old child..? And stop saying her as mental… She has some disorder.. What’s the big deal…? I hate it… Loved when Arjun stood up for her even though he did a little bit late… Ugh…. So frustrated… I couldn’t see her crying like that.. I love you maya… I love you a lot even with your disorder and black past and everything… No one can love Arjun like she does and who’s going to kill Ashwin is still a mystery..

  11. Omg suspense!!! 3 culprits..who could it be?? I’m guessing Arjun

  12. The suspense….who killed Ashwin. I think it is Jhanvi. Ajay Arya will make his entry as a policeman. Loved Arjun’s rejoinders to Vandana. She really overacts. But first let Maya and Arjun get married.

  13. Oooooooohhh myyyy gooodddd what a mind blowing episode… Kept me on the edge .. !!!!! Now 4 suspects n killer can b anyone this is getting real now !! Too good

  14. Antara

    from the beginning vandana didn’t like maya so its obivous she stopped the marriage wow suspense at its peak all 3 with blood who is the real killer of ashwin? jhanvi , maya ,arjun or unknown all r in danger zone its confusing i think its maya baby becoz she is beyhadh*********************************************************************************

    1. Ya I too felt same.. cvs wiil show obviously Maya like murderer,and also new entry Ajay arya is police man,he is going to prove Maya is killer to Arjun..i don’t know how much this true.i just read the source.

    2. I think it’s Arjun. Maya could be too but the poor thing had given up while Arjun is all angry young man but as usual makers will show Maya as murderer they just love to show what an angel saanjh

  15. I just watched the full episode and I have to say I hate Vandana more Than anything now! Despicable woman. Firstly it’s a marriage why did she have to do so much tamasha in front of people. This woman just wants to ruin Maya’s life like Ashwin. She could have pulled Arjun aside and told him without creating a scene. Not once did she think that if this marriage doesn’t happen Maya will commit suicide leaving Arjun miserable and hating his mother! There’s a limit to protecting your son Maya has a mental disorder she’s not some criminal or serial killer..anyways dad to see Maya baby crying but loved arjun’s dialogues amazing husband he is

  16. I’m so glad Arjun stood up to Vandana. I never thought he would do it. How could Vandana judge a nine year old? Didnt she think maybe it was self defense. I think she was just waiting for a reason to stop the wedding. If Sanjh had done something bad as a nine year old, I’m sure Vandana would not react like that.

    Oh wow the precap. I don’t think any of them killed Ashwin. I think someone did or Ashwin killed himself to put Maya in jail. Even if one of them did, I don’t think it would be Maya. We all would be expecting Maya did it. Nah I think someone else did it. I hope so. I can’t wait for ArYa to get married.

  17. It wl b maya.. She wl kill her dad.. Bcoz i read it in spoilers

  18. Arjun love u just love u maya is so lucky she got a behadh lover like u .

    Princess winget dont cry it makes me so so so so saaaad i cant explain

    Oo god this vandana juta uttar k marungi tuja bahuda women bhand bhan k behthi hua ha insensitive ,maya sa jada tu obbessed ha arjun k liya kehe tu hi naa maar dala arjun ko obbession ma
    Maya ko rulaya na tuna gala daba kaar mar dalungi
    arjun love ur diagoles kaal chaku uttha or khob de iss vandana k pat mai usne teri jaan princess maya ko rulaya hai

    Vandana jahar pe or maar ja tu khud dusri shadi kar k aab rob dikha rahi hai soutali maa kahe ki mmmaaaaaaar jaoo plzz vandana

    I wish ashwin jaisa pata jhanvi ko nahi tuja mila hota tab patah chalta kaisa lagtaha samaj ma aata tab sabkuch

    And i really feel the new entry will be obbessed for maya lets seeee

    And aryako jo bhi judah karne ki kousish karaga ussa destroy karke rakh denga. Arya forever

  19. Probably it is true that Arjun is perfect match for Maya. Mayby he is a little bit psycho too like Maya. 😀 Why not?
    It will be more interesting twist than anything else. 🙂

  20. What about that Shipra, Aswin’s live in girlfriend? She wants only money.


    1. PRNTSH.. Ek he mahasusa kiya..&mey adik se adik teen mahiney lagatar karne se pehale kisi bi serial dekh nahi tha..sirf maya keliye.&today one hour waiting eagerly ? ,hope so..aaj shadi track pura ho jayega..

  22. How stupid vandana is
    Once ashwin kidnapped ,she pushed him .
    Ashwin got injury on his forehead
    But 9 years old girl break his leg is not a good she is a mad
    Ho silly if ashwin is good fellow she believes his words
    This is the correct way ashwin behave s vandana. Before marriage only he got a chance a for saving arjun life.
    If saanch is in Mayas place vandha think more time and support saanch only
    Really I hate chandhanagar today
    Y because with out any proof she believes ashwin .If she has a doubt asking jahnavi say the real truth means she open ups.
    I will agree Maya has sevire depression problem but that not justifiy she is mad
    Mad is different from dreprestion
    If any one know about Maya past that much easily not agree to Mary
    Even arjun also, why because he accepted for his knowledge but chandhanagar always do brain washing after some time he also change .
    That’s why Maya hide her truth
    But one main mistake ok Maya is separation of saanch from arjun

  23. Ayesha22

    Maya is not the killer,this will be the twist in the story.if she had to kill him she would have killed him a long ago.she has anger issues and loses control over herself but she is not a killer.seriously,she would have killed him a long ago if she could do that and would not have waited all these years tolerating his is being portrayed that she is the one but she is not the killer.

  24. Rajasekar Deeraj Prasath

    This blo*dy serial is going to dogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!…….

  25. I murder and three culprits. lagat hai ye murder mystery solve karne ke liye C.I.D ko bulana padega

  26. I guess Saanjh killed Ashwin

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