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Arjun fights with Saanjh and says she is jealous of his success and does not want him to go up in life. Saanjh angrily walks from there. Maya watches CCTV footage and smirks. Vandana and Suman consult a pandit who checks Saanjh’s kundali and then Arjun’s kundali and says Arjun has success, money, fame in life but his love life will be very difficulty and Saanjh’s kundali does not match with him. They both get tensed and hope Panditji’s words don’t come true. Saanjh reaches home fuming. They both ask if she fought with duffer again. Saanjh says she will see how Arjun will come out of his problems now and walks into her room.

Maya sees Arjun walking out of his cabin. She stops him and asks where is he going. He says for tea. He goes to a roadside

tea shop. She follows him and asks what is in this shop that he did not find in her company’s cafeteria. He says this place is special and asks her to try tea her. She sees dirty bench but sits on it on his insistence. He orders 2 tea and tells tea has half water, half milk, tea powder and most important tea maker’s sweat. Maya sees tea maker wiping his sweat and sweat falling into utensil and feels yuck. She takes tea later and says it is not that bad. Arjun teaches her how to enjoy biscuit. She enjoys it looking at Arjun’s expressions till 9 p.m., ordering cups of tea repeatedly. Vendor says tea is finished and even biscuits. Arjun gives his tea and wiggles his hair. Maya gives a full heart smile for the first time. Arjun says it is already 9 p.m. and they should go. They both leave for home.

Ashwin angrily throws dart on Maya’s photo. His live-in partner Shipra asks why is he so disturbed after coming from his wife’s house . Ashwin says he felt something different today in Jahnvi’s fear. Maya left her alone even though Jahnvi is the only family to her. Someone is trying to fill color in Maya baby’s colorless life and he needs to find out who is it.

Arjun goes to terrace and sees Saanjh there with teary eyes. He starts conversation and consoles her in his unique way. She laughs. He says let us go and have ice cream. Maya calls him and he asks why did she call at this time. She says she is not getting sleep as her sleeping pills ran out. He asks her to have her favorite ice cream, she will get nice sleep. She says ice cream is not at home as mom is diabetic. He says he will bring her favorite ice cream there. She says no. He says he is her employee and it is his duty to fulfill her demands. She says okay. He says he will be there in 15 min with her favorite ice cream. Saanjh hears his conversation and gets teary eyed again.

Arjun reaches Maya’s house and gives favorite ice cream box and says she can have only one and he will have 2. She asks him to come in. He says at this time in a girl’s house. She asks if he is afraid. He says no and gets in. Door locks and she says he cannot go out without her permission now.

Precap: Arjun gives magazines to Maya for referral and says they will discuss points in the afternoon after lunch. She asks why after lunch. He says he is going for lunch with dusky. She fumes in jealousy. She later asks secretary to send Arjun to her cabin.

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  1. Wow superb arya ??…maya smile??…superb.

  2. Nice epi

  3. Wandering soul

    Arya scenes! ❤ why is Saanjh so irritating like everyday??

  4. Angelk1

    So arjun love life will be difficult … Honestly. Anyone could have predicted that. Especially with the way things are going. Also saanj just let him do his thing, your his voice of reasoning, but arjun needs to grow and learn for himself. So let him solve his own problem.

    Lastly, pandit are not always right, ive seen many in indian movies and drama shows to know this. So lets see, but nice eps today. Hopefully the story progress more

  5. Roby wolverine

    See… Some said Maya only want Arjun not love him… She’s trying to adjust.. She’s trying to change for him.. To drink and eat those he liked.. She has love to in the obsession.. Every traumatized child doesn’t come off it easily nor they forget.. It affects their behavior even if they age.. It’s just the way Maya loves.. I loved the episode of course except the saanjh and superstitious pandit ji and horoscopes.. I mean.. Really….! Pandit ji isn’t fate himself… Vandana and suman react as if God himself announced the future of Arjun.. Each write their own destiny.. It’s in our hands not on some horoscope nor on pandit ji’s words..

    1. Astrology and palmistry are different branches of knowledge which not only the panditji follows but it also attracted many westerners to rack their brains in it. CHeiro is one of the most famous palmists. And several other are there. Each write their own destiny is what you say and that is absolutely correct. That is called ‘karma’. And it is not just of this life, but also of past life. (cycle of life and death). And just an attempt is made by applying the knowledge of astrology & palmistry to predict the future & look into the past as well as present. Again, it’s in our hands is what u said, and that is correct. By our strong will power & good conduct we can steer through various difficulties of life. Suppose the panditji predicts (a learned one), that u shall meet a terrible accident and lose ur leg. But if ur conduct is very good, u will still meet with an accident but only have a fracture of leg instead of losing it. However these days there are many fakes in all fields..similarly, there may be panditjis who hardly have any knowledge and give wrong predictions. But that in no way prooves the astrology or palmistry field as nonsense. Any arguments, most welcome.

  6. Roby wolverine

    And if anyone interested in fiction stories of beyhadh.. My friend created a new page.. you can go and like

    Beyhadh fan fiction by Nandhu on Facebook..

  7. Based on pandith ji words arjun will not get marry anyone..he will end up alone at last…show announced time promo mey some pandith ji said same like today pandith ji.. maya got angry burns pandith ji hut…now its repeated today episode it means its true.arjun will end up alone at last.

    1. Yea,,,,,I too remember that promo,,,that was my fav one,,,,,

  8. Shalini Senthil

    Roadside tea shop seen awesome ..Maya looks to happy she smile its soo cute love jenny acting and her lovely expressions in tea stall…

  9. wowwww sanjh is really not match for arjun

  10. Sometimes Arjun really sound stupid , He knows well that Maya loves him, still he is pretending that Maya is just his boss and after knowing feelings of Maya still he doesn’t hesitate to give icecream to her at midnight , so actually saanjh its not the problem of Maya , its Arjun , he himself doesn’t want to come out of Maya comfort zone and still he didnt say no to Maya, so instead of thinking about Arjun I think Saanjh should think about her future. Let him make his own decision, atleast he is not cheating saanjh for maya becoz till now he is not aware that saanjh loves him and Arjun just thinks her as a best friend at present. True friendship doesn’t mean that Arjun is completely dependent on saanjh and without her he cannot make any decision. If Maya is wrong let himself realize his own deeds if he loves Saanjh he himself will come back to her , he is not a kid so before making up his mind better saanjh needs to be mature up.

    1. Yea ,,,that’s true,,,,actly he z nt a kid bt he really is acting lyk a kid,,,,,he knw about Maya’s obssession for him,,,still he z not at all bothered,,when will he give a reply to her!!!!,,,there was not a single scene lyk Arjun thinking abt Maya’s proposal seriously….he z nt at all bothered abt giving an answer to her…He z pretending that Maya is his boss and stating fake reasons lyk Maya won’t mixup personal lyf wid professional lyf e.t.c e.t.c just bcoz he don’t wanna loose all those luxuries Maya is offering,,,,,He dnt wanna loose Saanjh’s frndship bcoz she z always there for him,,,,,,,she just chants ‘Arjun arjun arjun ‘ 24 hrs,,,,He dnt wanna loose both Maya and Saanjh ,,,,,N I too thinks that Saanjh shud think abt her future,,,,,,She just thinks abt Arjun 24 hrs,,,,,,guess she dnt hv any other aim in her lyf

      1. Ya right arjun is like to enjoy life with luxureis ..only enjoyement is his total concentration.thats y he is not thinking about others thoughts.actually problem is in arjun life based on pandith ji talks..he will end up alone atlast like before” ek hasina thi” serial.thriller story.

    2. Angelk1

      I agree with half of what you said. Instead of arjun being dependent and saanj getting him out of situation , he should experience it and try to get out of it himself. So he can learn an grow from it.

      1. I don’t understand why saanjh and others telling Arjun that Maya is using him, just think what maya wants from Arjun money she has, she can get more handsome n rich boys than Arjun , Maya truly loves Arjun so just behind him . For him she started changing her lifestyle, started smiling, even sat with Arjun family to hv breakfast. Mayan can be obsessive in love if Arjun rejects her or else If Arjun loves her she think to harm him or hurt him or kill him. So Maya is just wrong in only one way. So why saanjh is trying to tell Arjun that Maya is using him, even Arjun and saanjh mom thinking Maya dangerous for Arjun . But imagine if Arjun says yes to Maya then their attitude, thinking, dreams are similar so they can be actual perfect couple. And if saanjh loves Arjun instead of winging about maya she should express her feelings, like Maya who is smartly acting before Arjun by talking sweet to saanjh. But saanjh always keep on telling bad about maya definitely Arjun wil get angry.

    3. Shalini Senthil

      I agree with u …shivani its true whatever u written…

    4. Lord, what you MaRjun fans don’t get is that Maya would kill Arjun’s entire family just to have him to herself. She wants to cage Arjun for herself. Her love is toxic and will only result in devastation. Saanjh deserves far better that Arjun, that guy she met in the coffee shop would be a very good match for her. Arjun deserves whatever happens to him, he is playing with fire so let him get burnt

  11. Stupid maya.her love is not true love.saanj and arjun are best couple?

  12. Arjun will love only maya..he cant love saanjh r cant marry her.. She is only his best friend..Based on pandith ji words..he will end up single at waiting to see arya love moments.?ashwin is going to kill maya end mey..beyhadh love story.different love story.superb?

  13. Oh silly sweet Saanjh, let Maya have Arjun. Don’t know why girls have to obsess for 1 guy…. Lots of them in the world, I am sure Saanjh will find someone far better than Arjun. Arjun is using Maya’s inclination towards him to advance his career, basically she’s his stepping stone. Arjun can’t love him own sweet mom how can he love a partner? I hope Maya destroys Arjun and by the time he takes his shattered self to Saanjh she would have moved on and Arjun will become like Maya.

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