Beyhadh 8th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Beyhadh 8th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Saanjh gets disheartened seeing Arjun dancing with baraat. She thinks Arjun is so egoistic that he is not missing her at all. Maya wearing bridal attire thins today Arjun will give his 7th promise. Jahnvi comes and asks if she is ready. Maya says today Arjun will give his 7th promise and after that even Arjun cannot snatch himself from her. Arjun asks Prem and Suman where is Saanjh, he will not marry without her. He calls her. She gets very happy that her duffer called, but then Ayan asks Arjun to get on horse as people are waiting, he will speak to Saanjh. Arjun gets on horse. Saanjh looks from window and gets disheartened again. Arjun thinks Saanjh is very egoistic, let her go to hell.

Jahnvi asks Saanjh to stop crying and get ready. Maya goes in. Jahnvi picks gun and thinks if Ashwin

tries to spoil Maya’s happiness, she will shoot Arjun. In marriage hall, Jahnvi searches Ashwin from balcony holding gun. Prem tells Suman that he cannot act and see his daughter’s happiness ggoing to someone else.

Vandana walks with baraat and over phone informs panditji that she will bring remaining items on the way. Ashwin gets out of car, kidnaps her and takes her to a store room. He removes mask. Vandana asks what is all this, why did he kidnap her. He tries to speak. She runs towards shutter and shouts for help. Ashwin holds her mouth and says she has to listen for her son’s sake. He says Maya injured his leg when she was 9 years old and is mad. Vandana shouts save me…help… Ashwin shouts she should save her son from psycho Maya. Vandana hits his head and runs out. She then reminisces Ashwin limping and holding his leg, Panditji’s words that Maya is very possessive and can harm Arjun, Arjun telling about Maya’s 6 promises, etc.. She thinks why did not she listen to Ashwin, she has to save her son at any cost.

Maya gets ready completely in bridal dress with jewelry, make up, etc..and looks herself into mirror. She reminisces Ashwin’s warning that he needs 50% of property share and thinks nobody can take away her happiness, she then reminisces Jahnvi’s words nobody can snatch her happiness, not even Ashwin. Jahnvi comes and asks her to come out. Someone tells baraat has come. Jahnvi tells Maya that she cannot see baraat and to stay in. Arjun with baraat walks in and asks Jahnvi where is Maya. She asks him to be patient. Ayan calls Vandana and her phone is not reachable. Suman says Vandana got panditji’s call, so she may have gone to meet him and takes him in.

Vadana goes back to store room and searches Ashwin. She calls Saanjh and says they have to stop this marriage. Saanjh asks what happened. Vandana tells Maya is psycho, when she can injure her father when she was 9, she can harm Arjun more. Today, Saanjh will take 7th promise from Arjun and don’t know what she will ask.

Pandit starts mantras and asks to call bride. Maya comes down. Jahnvi hugs her and she goes and stands next to Arjun. Saanjh thinks she will not let anyone spoil her duffer’s marriage, even if it is Maya.

Precap: Vandana asks Arjun to get up from mantap, this marriage will not happen. Maya slits her hand and thinks she had to finish this work years ago.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. This Vandana is the real pagal here. Hate her. How could she believe in that vile Ashwin? She seems to have no brains at all.

    1. I agree! Shouldn’t she have asked Ashwin what he did to get such a reaction? The truth is Vandana wants to stop this marriage at any rate so she’s agreeing blindly to whatever Ashwin is telling her she wanted saanjh as her bahu from beginning. But stupid woman doesn’t realise that Arjun won’t be happy with saanjh as he is with Maya

  2. Dominik Lengyel

    Story is better and better. I love 2 last episodes. So much drama, so much action. I love show and i am curious what will happen next. Finally show looks like a thriller. I am curious what really happend in past with Maya and her father. It looks like that Maya will kill her father.

  3. Vandana doesn’t even think for once that why a 9 year old child would stab her own father? Not even once does she think it might be self defence or maybe Ashwin assaulted her. Everyone in this serial jumps to believe any random dude. Didn’t she hear what torture and abuse Maya went can people be so cold and insensitive towards Maya? Saanjh has finally grown up thank god! It took her a while to show her maturity. Finally jhanvi has grown a spine, maa bane ka waqt aaya hai

    1. exactly my thoughts. a 9 year old just doesnt stab her own father just like that. and who knows if hes not making all this up and ofcourse vandana wanted sanjh as her bahu to begin with so she will do anything to stop this marriage,

    2. AmCee

      A 9 year old child is too innocent to do something cold blooded. And that Ashwin drummed it into her head that her act of self defence (I am sure it is) was an act of crime. And he forged the papers because an underage person never gets 20-25 years in prison. He/she is tried in the juvenile court.

  4. Very nice episode…&i felt bad for Maya,she is searching for her happiness with Arjun,evil ashwin try to spoil..pagal vandana trusted ashwin..but this stupid ashwin said Maya stabbed him only but he didn’t not said why Maya attacked on him.(he throttle jhanvi neck,maya stabbed him.)..any way waiting for next episode

  5. wooow beatiful mother. villanious father…psycho daughter…beautiful storyline.. amidst my darling arjun is stuck…well done writers..

  6. Angelk1

    Interesting, but i read somewhere that saanj will drag arjun and get the two married. Also jhanvi is a bad ass mother holding that gun in last eps. But poor saan shes stuck between helping vandana and making sure arjun is happy. Which one will she choose.

  7. Wat is this stupid logic how can a phsyco be a successful industrialist

  8. Finally Vandana did a good job. I hate maya….. she can kill any one.

    1. me tooooooo

  9. Any child can harm a person who is troubling her if a child hits other child if the person was troublesome to him/her it doesn’t matter
    But in this case what if maya stabs ashwin @ 9 he always tortured her at that age , vandana is making a scene about it rediculous and disgusting this vandana is
    I hate vandana to core
    Love u maya

  10. THRILLER! with twist.Good Comment AmCee.

    1. AmCee

      Thanks PRNTSH

  11. Mariyam Tabassum

    Marriage will happen, and then starts the possessive avatar of Maya, kinda psycho,, love, passion, possessiveness, thrill, action, pain, everything together on your way, Grey shade or whatever Jennifer is a versatile actress Jenny is and gonna rock

  12. Shalinisenthil

    What nonsense if a 9 year old child stabbed this own father ….that stupid vandana doesnt think y …directly thinking negative abt maya…..

    1. Vandana is not thinking negative about Maya…. She is concerning for his Son only…

  13. AmCee

    All ArYa lovers, Maya lovers, our Maya is going through lots of trials and tribulations. But let’s all hope that when Beyhadh ends everything will be fine.

    1. Hai guys,New entry is coming ..Zee TV’s Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani fame Ajay Arya entry ,his character is police.let’s see

  14. Ayesha22

    great ek maa ka dimagh thk hua to 2ri ka kharab ho gaya.maya has a reason to behave weird and her behavior is totally justified,but what about all the ohers? (vandana,ashwin,saanjh,jhanvi)they are no less lunatic than maya,infact they are much more mad than her.

  15. Ks did u mean new entry in behadh? If yes then plzz tell more clearly all about it


      1. Shalinisenthil

        Whatever new entry comes in behyadh i just want no one hurt my maya baby

  16. Ks do u mean new entry in beyhadh?
    If yes then explain it more clearly plzzzzz


    Maya lovers and saanjh haters love u gyes a lottttt!!!!!!!!

  17. Ks plzz reply soon!!!!

    Maya lovers and saanjh haters love u gyes a lottttt!!!!!!!!

  18. Y my commenda r posted doubled dont know

  19. At least Jahnavi is way better then Vandana.

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