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Beyhadh 8th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Suman sees Saanjh tensed and if she does not trust herself. She says she does not trust MAya’s wickedness and Arjun’s innocence. Maya at her home picks thorns from rose and makes Saanjh’s name from it and grins like an usual psychopath.

Saanjh does not get sleep thinking about Arjun’s words that Maya shocked him by proposing her and he did not and he will handle the situation, to trust him. Vandana comes. Saanjh gets up and asks how come she came at this time. Vandana tells her Arjun’s childhood incident when she got married to Arjun’s father when Arjun was 6 year old, Arjun left home for 1 month and stayed in Saanjh’s house. Saanjh says he convinced Arjun to get back home and kicked him out. Vandana says she has to do same even now and get him

out of Maya jaal/trap. Saanjh says Arjun does not need her help and he promised he will handle situation himself.

In the morning, Vandana prepares breakfast for Ayan and Arjun. Arjun comes out of his room getting ready for office. Vandana angrily tells Ayan to tell his brother that she does not want anyone to hurt Saanjh. Arjun says nobody can come between him and Saanjh and Saanjh is only hers.

Arjun reaches office and after a bit of witty chat with peon sees his desk missing. He asks eveveryone. Peon says Maya madam asked to remove his desk. Arjun starts cribbing. Maya takes him to a big cabin with full of flower bouquet and asks him if he liked his new cabin, Fashion and the City’s senior photgapher. Everyone clap for him. Arjun is surprised. Maya shows him rose and says she removed all thorns from it except one. Arjun sees Sanjh standing, ignores Maya, goes and hugs Saanjh excitedly. Maya fumes in jealousy. Arjun takes Saanjh and says this is his new cabin. Maya dismisses all staff members and walks out with them. Saanjh tells Arjun that Maya loves him, so she is doing all these favors. Maya enters and says wrong, she promoted Arjun due to his talent and nothing else.

Once Maya leaves, Arjun shows his new printer, desk, etc., to Saanjh and asks her to click his pics. She asks if he has gone mad, Maya is building a web of luxuries around him to trap him completely. He shouts Maya is ver professional and does not mingle personal and professional life. Argument starts. Arjun shouts that Saanjh is jealous of his progress.

Precap: Maya asks Arjun what is special in roadside tea. He asks to sit. She sees dirty chair and hesitantly sits with Arjun and enjoys tea. Ashwin thinks someone is trying to fill colors in Maya’s colorless life.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Very interesting episode waiting for next episode ?

  2. Saanjh jealousy has blinded please go away you’re ruining our favourite arya scenes

  3. So boring because of sanjh, we want only Maya Arjun scene not sanjh . If Maya Arjun loves each other what, her problem Arjun is really stupid because he’s not saying yes to Maya.

    1. Maya is psycho , and showering expensive gifts to Arjun , their relationship will never work out, Arjun is better off with normal person that’s is Sanj

      1. Roby wolverine

        Saanjh is normal..? what is normal actually..? who defines the word normal..? Everyone is unique and have their own faults and hood things.. Saanjh is irritating to me but normal to you.. it varies in the person’s view

    2. Angelk1

      It never said arjun loves maya. And even if he did saanj would have understood if he told her…sure she would be heart broken, but would have understood. But in this case, arjun bever claim to love or have feelings towards maya , so she had hope. If he did end up with maya saanj will still be in his life and maya wont be satisfied until shes completely gone.

  4. i think he will end up with sanjh. i like the maya and arjun pairing but the way maya character is going..they made her into this obsessive persona. sucks

    1. well,,,,the thread of the story itself is Maya’s obssession,,,,it’s already fixed…nothing new

  5. Shalini Senthil

    This arjun stepmother when ever i see her i want to kick her…irriating too much..this ashwin is really devil ..oh god he is trying to ruin maya life..maya father and arjun stepmother i wanna do ????????

  6. Mrs Christine Pillay.

    U cannot fall in luv with ure best friend.No chemistry there.He wud actually b like a brother to u.

  7. I love saanj and arjun??

  8. Saanjh is irritating and Maya is scary,,,,,Arjun tho gayii,,,,both are crazy abt him,,,,,bt Maya is superior,,she z super crazy

  9. Just bcoz u ppl love Arya doesn’t means u will get Arya scenes for 24 hrs…..It’s not about Arya,,,,It’s about MAYA,,,,,Maya and Maya only,,,,,Maya and her obssession,,,,,she z the only main lead…..don’t knw why ppl are getting irritated seeing other’s scenes,,,,all characters are part of the story

  10. Arjun shud either say yes/no to Maya,,,He shud nt give her false hopes fr her money,,,,he shud take a decision soon,else he will be in trouble,,,,,he dnt knw how much Maya is obsessed wid him,,,,, he z nt at all bothered abt giving an answer to Maya,,,,He z nt at all interested in love ,his ultimate aim is to get richer,,,,,He maybe a professional bt still is immature,,,,,He was so mean to Saanjh,,,why will she get jealous of him,,,She did a lot for him and was always wid him in his up’s and down’s ,bt he forgot all that in one moment,,,Arjun’s behaviour will invite more and more troubles to him,,,,,,,BTW what is Saanjh doing in Arjun’s office,,,,,she dnt hv any other job that she z always at his office,,

  11. Depends on the story writers whims if they want saanj to get arjun they will paint Maya black she will start doing evil things if they want Maya to get arjun they will show arjun getting irritated with sanjh and getting drawn towards Maya and her pblms to my mind calling a guy duffer and expecting him to b romantic towards u is not possible

    1. The story is already fixed and have a thread based on which the story will develpo unlike some of those stupid shows in other channels which are running without story line

      1. Angelk1

        I know like kum kum for example . stupid show is going no where.

  12. Mounika

    Nice episode i love maya while smiling she is looking cute. And saanjh u are telling arjun that maya is lieing him about love by wearing fake mask of friendship then what are u doing? U also cheating him right. He is treating u as best friend but u are cheating him by loving him. Infact maya is better she said that she loves him but u are just pretending to be a friend so cheap. When maya proposed arjun he doesn’t get hurt but when u will propse him he will hurt badly.

    1. That’s true,,,, (y)

    2. *Agree wid uu ,,

    3. Angelk1

      I disagree , we dont really know how she came to love arjun, but that doesnt mean loving him is cheating him. Its just call a one sided love for now, just like mayas…well until he actually speak his mind. What saanj said was correct. Maya is showering him with her love by the promotions, the fency gifts and ect. People would call that courting like they did back then.

      If it was maya from the begining before she fell for arjun, she would have gave him a promotion and be on her way, she wouldnt go to an extent like now.

      I’m sure arjun will get with maya as the story progress, but that obviously wont satisfied her as long as saanj is friends with him. Thats not right at all.

    4. Right mounika??

    5. Right mounika?well said?

  13. Roby wolverine

    I don’t know about pandit ji being anything other than superstitious beliefs.. Didn’t he know about Sachin Tendulkar or Rajni or some other famed people being happy with family. Why did he say those who have power, name will be single..? And being ambitious is not a crime or a bad trait you know, for some job is everything, for some family is everything, etc.. Its based on their opinion. So what even if Maya presented everything to Arjun because of love..? So what if it’s expensive.? Don’t we all buy gifts to our loved ones which they like and want..? And saanjh said if a women loved truly they’ll wait for him.. It doesn’t work all the time.. Most of the time it’s called cowardice and fear of being rejection. I hate saanjh and her family members including Arjun’s family members. They’re bunch of hypocrites..

  14. Can anyone say…what pandith ji said about saanjh arjun life….i heared like saanjh will face problems…and arjun will get all but he will stay alone…is it right i heard???

    1. Pandit ji!!!!???? which pandit ji,,,,,plz reply,just to knw whether I missed any epi

      1. In yester day episode mey…suman and vandana went pandith ji to know about saanjh and arjun future…he said something..i missed to hear…so thats why im asking…can any one say???

      2. SilentReader

        Thnk yew KS,,,so it’s not in the update,,.that’s why the update is short,,

      3. Roby wolverine

        Saanjh’s mom want to show Saanjh and Arjun’s future so Saanj’s mom and Arjun’s step mom ask the pandit ji whom they called home.

        he will look into saanjh’s horoscope and the pandit ji will say she had an easy life but now she has to fight for what’s most precious in her life.

        then he will look into Arjun and say he has everything name, fame, money.. but usually people who have those name fame and money remains single in life

      4. Thank you Roby wolverine?..i heared but i got confused..if arjun live single then what about thats y i want to confirm about it.thanq

  15. Why all are said Maya has a mental problem. No she was perfectly all right
    , Childhood problem impact on her behaviour that only. Saanh shouted on arjun her angry become cooled but but Maya can’t do like this
    Maya happy to arjun not acceptance
    In this incidence she believes he not love her property.
    And she waiting for his and because she believes her love
    But saanh like arjun as friend ,she want that friendship lifelong that why she love her,but Maya saw his good and caring nature loves arjun
    What is the problem of arjun step mom ,she like saanh means Maya not bad .she wants saanh daughter I’ll to house means do marriage with ayan

    1. Ya right devika maya is not mad person…her character is insomaniac sociopath…insomaniac means she can’t sleep night time..and sociopath means she cant trust any one easily..if she trust she dont want to lose that person in her life…she is matured girl..but her past is effecting on her future.and arjun mother said to saanjh throw out maya in arjun life like same child hood mey she throwed arjun for his father got marriage 2nd time,he got angry went saanjh home.but vandana did not understands arjun still he did not accepted like his mother..he dont want to give mother love to vandana..if they throwed forcely ,they cant change arjun likes r thoughts.its his wish.

  16. I hope the writers give a positive angle to Maya’s character and make Arjun fall in love with Maya.. their chemistry is really sizzling.. Arjun and Saanjh look terrible together..

  17. Ayesha Naeem

    yar ye Saanjh or Arjun k ghar walon ka problem kya hai?ok fine Maya is not normal to uska ese react krna bnta b hai, because she does not love Arjun but is obsessed with him.but what about saanjh and her folks?they are so-called “normal” wo ese q behave kar rahe hain?agar waqayi Arjun saanjh se pyaar krta hai to inko(saanjh n company) uske pyaar par bharosa hona chahiye.but no they are scared and are behaving so irritatingly and in a total idiotic way. I so wish to shoot saanjh,her mother and Arjun’s stepmother. Saanjh k paas to puri pulton hai usko pyaar or dekhbhaal krne ko.Maya k paas to sirf uski maa or Arjun hai to uski insecurity or possessiveness is justified.but saanjh is just a stupid and idiot and i soooooo want to break her teeth when she smiles.URGHHHHH!!!!!!!!

  18. Arjun and saanjh are the best…..

  19. Maya outstanding

  20. Maya outstanding niceeee

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