Beyhadh 6th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Beyhadh 6th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ayan, Saanjh and her wait for Arjun to perform Vandana’s last right. Saanjh gets call from Malkani that he could not bail out Arjun. Ayan says maa wanted both sons to perform her last rights. Saanjh says son and daughter will perform last rights. In jail, Arjun reminisces Vandana and cries. Inspector Ranveer Singh enters to interrogate him and starts verbally abusing him. Saanjh enters and says they cannot force his client in her absence. Inspector says he knew she would come, so he has kept a chair for her. She says again he does not have proof that Arjun killed Maya. Inspector says he got Maya’s letter and shows it to Saanjh and says it is clearly written that Maya’s life is danger and Arjun may kill her. Saanjh says nobody writes letter in this age of e-mails and messages. Inspector says

they can if there is a risk of deleting mails.

Peons look at Maya’s dead body and discuss that nobody is there to perform Maya’s last rights. She has mother though who is disabled.

Inspector continues and says Maya’s neighbor Shruti has given statement that Arjun used to torture Maya daily after getting heavily inebriated. He asks Arjun why did he send his wife to mental asylum. Saanjh says Maya herself got admitted. Inspector reminisces Shruti telling that Arjun never went to meet Maya in mental asylum once and when she went to meet Maya, Maya told that Arjun is planning to leave her for his girlfriend Saanjh who acts as his best friend. Saanjh says this is wrong. Inspector says Arjun killed Maya for her insurance money and asks if he knows what is his wife’s insurance worth. Arjun says maybe 50 lakhs. Inspector says 15 crores, so Arjun killed Maya.

Inspector further says that Arjun and Saanjh booked ticket tighter to elope and shows tickets. Arjun says he did not book any tickets. Inspector says what about Arjun’s bag and his clothes and money. Arjun says Saanjh that Maya as told planned everything in detail since long as she knew he would leave her some day. Maya is seen writing letter and smirking, then acting in front of Shruti that Arjun tortures her, etc. Maya’s dead body is shown and her telling that she will not leave Arjun even after she dies and will make arrangements to call him to her. Tujhe pyar karte karte…music plays in the background.

Precap: Saanjh searches proof in Maya’s house to prove Arjun innocent. Inspector enters and says Saanjh herself gathered proof against Arjun and Arjun will rotten in jail now.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. guys just read this article. It’s very suitable for Maya’s character.

  2. What a physic – but superb acting by Maya.

  3. The story line is matching with the storyline of The Gone Girl.

  4. Awesome episode ?..maya plan is epic?,i was angry on maya,when arjun said I pretend to act loving Maya?, i thought still pagal Maya is mad for stupid I understood she planned from 6 months.she knew Arjun love is fake..
    Arjun showed Fake Love on Maya to have his bandhar and Maya is now teaching him what FAKING really is,Maya was not a fool Arjun! She knew everything.
    Maya dialogues –
    * Mera pyar meri taqat hai kamzori nahi,agr kamzori bana to mein khud ko mita dungi,aur ek aisi kahani kahungi jo sach se sacchi hog
    *Agar mein tum se pehle mar gayi tume apni pass bulaane ka poora bandhobasth karke jaungi..!
    Poor arjun every time Saanjh se dosti nibha raha tha pagal biwi ko bhul kar.
    &Full copy gone girl,dairy,insurance etc.
    Anyway waiting for next episode.
    Love you Maya ?❤

    1. bhaijaan, tumhe waqai ilaaj ki zarurar hai. Kisi ko follow karne me itnw bhi mashgul na ho jao ki insaan se haiwaan ban jao. Ek baar maya k fan na ho kar insaan bann k socho ki jo maya ne kiya wo kaha tak theek tha.
      Tum to aise keh rahe ho jaise arjun ko kabhi mohabbat thi hi nahi. Koi ladka apni ammi or bhai ko 3 saal tak apne se dur rakh sakta hai kya? Arjun ne dur rakha sirf maya ke liye. Or maya ne kya kiya? Ayaan ko rapist karar karne ke liye usne ek paraye mard se apne aap ko chune ko kaha. Tum bas is baat ka jawab de do.

      1. Bhaijan..Ek he vishay par baar baar bahas karane mein koy dilachaspi nahin hi. Tum pahale se hy is baare mein kuchh tay kar chuke hain,tum sahamat nahin ho sakate hain.chill

      2. SEE zenat when maya fans dont have an answer they talk this type of nonsense

      3. It’s your blind assume ashika.carry on,i was told already in before episodes comment section,my answers anytime same.. if you want answer go back,you can read again,not interested to argue again again on same matter.chill

      4. KS is just pointing out that Maya was never stupid in love . . . even though she was crazy in love.

        And just because a person likes potatoes doesn’t mean he/she is a potato. Similarly, if we like a dark character doesn’t make us dark or evil. At the end of the day, we all know that this is a serial – a work of fiction – and a bit illogical if seen in real life context because I am sure there is no one as dumb as Arjun irl. And not all abused children are criminals. We KNOW all that already so stop preaching and enjoy.

        Love Maya ??❤

      5. I don’t think arjun ever loved Maya. Maybe in the early episodes. But after marriage he completely changed. I think he was with Maya only for her money. He sure was not acting like someone who loves his wife.

        Let’s just start from the beginning about Arjun who befits his nickname, Arjun who’s the most spineless and fickle character in the show. First of all he just waltz into Maya’s life, gives colour to her dark heart and be there for her when she’s alone in fighting her demons. What to say more, she fell head over heels in love with him. Because upto that point in her life everyone she came across was trying to take advantage of her with the exception of Arjun. She felt like he was the one for her, the ray of sunshine in her dark life. So she tried to hold on to him tightly. But even after proposing to him never even once did she forced him to have a relationship with her. It was Arjun who proposed to her and that too without a slight pressure from Maya’s part. He did so with his free will. And everything was fine between them until their sugah raat? if you guys recall, it was after that the misunderstandings began.

        Maya had no problem with arjun but lo and behold suddenly Arjun got problems with Maya’s rules. She was not even allowing him to breathe in peace. And so our poor hero is going to spend time with his best friend on the night of knowing his wife’s (fake)pregnancy and getting wasted in a restaurant when his wife prepared a romantic dinner just for the two of them to celebrate this moment of happiness in their lives. But it just didn’t end here. In a moment of clarity while drinking he’s having an epiphany and it’s the fact that he loves his best friend and no, not in a friend like way but more like a life partner kinda way. Because he himself begins it by saying that he’s going to say something for the first time. If that ily was meant for a best friend he’s already said that to his dusky on his wedding day after untying the ganth bandhan and going after her leaving his soon to-be wife alone in the mandap. So now at the restaurant the meaning was different and it was also evident from the so-called just best friends’ expressions. And from here starts Arjun’s two timing. He’s got the girl and he’s got her money too. So now why care for at all. The hell with her romantic dinner and celebrations for becoming a father-to-be. He also conveniently forgets his promise to Maya about not drinking ever again.Yep you’re every girl’s dream husband?

        And in s2 Arjun is shown suffering from Maya’s beyhadh pyaar which is simply suffocating unlike the love she had for him 3 years before. Well I’ll say arjun himself brought this upon him. He knew Maya is very insecure and is possessive about him. Since she believes vandana and saanjh were trying to separate them and the world itself is against her she’s extra cautious now. She thinks if she’s not careful she’ll lose arjun. So she’s acting like this; watching his every step and not leaving his side even for a short time. I’m not insisting that what she was doing was right. It was wrong, no one want a partner to be acting this way. All I’m trying to say is this is the reason why she was acting this way. So being the sane one in this relationship and knowing Maya’s insecurities he should’ve talked with her instead of her mom and reassured her of his love for her and thus tried to soothe her pain and panic. Then never in a million years Maya would’ve acted like this. But arjun being the duffer didn’t even think of it. Instead he obstinately confronted Maya saying he’s fed up of this and he no longer loves her. He even goes to the extent of leaving her but never once tried to understand her problems and find a solution to it. And the pathetic loser couldn’t even follow through the decision of leaving her because of her threats of trying to commit suicide if he is to do so. Here it isn’t rocket science to realize that suicide tendency and the tendency to hurt oneself at the times of distress is not normal. It means the person is suffering from some serious mental problems. So if faced with such a situation an ordinary person will try to get medical help for the ill. But our arjun being the considerate husband ignores all these symptoms and lives with his suffocating wife for the sake of her not committing suicide by sacrificing his life and his freedom and thereby successfully pushes Maya further into the state of mental imbalance. Wow arjun, you must’ve been really in love with Maya for not helping to cure her illness but also for damaging her furthermore.

        And also when he knows Maya is pregnant for the second time he’s seen crying in front of God saying that it’s not good for the kid and why’d He bless them with a child now. He reveals why he was not confronting Maya for her bad deeds because he knew his wife is mental. Well again I’ve to say, if an ordinary person is faced with such a situation and he knew his wife is mental the first thing he’ll do is get her medical help. And he should try to talk with her saying he’ll be with her through all this difficulties and they’ll together deal with her demons and there’s no need to get scared because he’ll never leave her alone in this hardships. Atleast that’s what I think a loving partner should do. You guys can agree with me or not. But our arjun is saying all these things like mental illness is the end of the world. I didn’t say anything to her because my wife is mental. Period. No more discussions after that. He’s not showing half the maturity of Maya who’s mentally unstable. (In my opinion Maya is the most matured character in the show but that’s a different story.)

        Even after the death of Samay it was Maya who took the initiative to get admitted in the mental asylum. He was ready to leave his pregnant wife in that deserted place without even sparing a thought to his child. So Maya got admitted in the asylum.

        But I think what Maya needed was not a mental asylum but the love and care of others along with medical help. Instead of admitting her in the asylum if arjun took her home and helped with her treatment none of this would be happening. Maya stopped her medication because she was having hallucinations. So if arjun was with her he would’ve noticed this sooner or later. And rather than accusing her of not wanting to change he could’ve asked her the reason for doing so. He could’ve discussed with the doctor about these side effects and solved the problem with his help. And it was very likely that Maya would’ve got better in these 6 months. But what happened was entirely different. Maya spent 6 lonely months in the asylum with no one to talk to or share her problems. And to top it all she missed her medication. Obviously her condition became worse. If only arjun became a little thoughtful and took her home! And I think he would’ve done it if he really loved Maya and wanted her to be cured.

        And now after knowing she’s dead and he’s reason behind it arjun accuses Maya for provoking him to do this. He says that he was not a murderer but Maya made him so. But did he ever think that Maya was also not like this but others made her so. If Maya who’s mentally unstable says someone provoked her into doing these mistakes everyone is ready to criticise her saying no-one can make somebody bad. But when arjun, who’s sane and of sound mind says Maya provoked him into doing this crime then it’s totally Maya’s mistake. Gosh! What a double standard.

      6. Don’t forget the fact that even if she tried to make misunderstandings between them, after going to Maya’s house following the fight with vandana and ayaan Maya suggested arjun to go back to sharma house. Do you guys remember his response to that? His exact words to Maya were “are you mad?” He then said who’ll go back to that small house after getting an opportunity to live in such a luxury. If he was really sad about getting separated from his family, he sure was not acting like that. He was the one who refused to go back owing to less facilities and reduced standard of living. He was simply not ready to go back to his middle class life even if that meant separation from his beloved family. If this doesn’t make him a gold-digger I don’t know what else would. So don’t say Maya is the only one responsible for this separation and arjun was sacrificing everything for his love. If anything, he was sacrificing everything for his love for money. So stop portraying arjun as a saint and Maya as the sole reason for everything. Everyone of the character is responsible in their own way.

      7. Guys there is a roumer ,the dairy is related to ArYa 3years married life,so i hope 3 years details will reveal in future episodes while court drama.let’s see

    2. Ks you should know moe thing very important … As per my understanding even Ashwini was not torturing her nit abusing her… The way she acts we can now understand that she was acting when she was telling about the Ashwin as well… how she is acting infront of others that Arjun is torturing her… Ashwin also normal father but Maya would have framed that he is torturing her may be because Ashwin loves other lady more than Maya…
      She is not scared of ashwin its just acting… Jhanvi is real mother even though Ashwin is good and Maya is bad as a mother she was protecting her.
      Please don’t support Maya.. it will make you the real psycopath in real life…u like maya’s beauty, maya’s acting but not maya’s character.. its my humble request.. please understand what’s good and what’s bad… even maya knows that she is wrong…

      1. Exactly swapna i too was trying to say that

      2. Oh swapna,ashwin time jhanvi did not supported ashwin,she supported maya,and now she is supporting arjun against maya,because maya went wrong way to be with arjun.even jhanvi burns proofs which ashwin shown.wakeup,don’t be over think about me..first think about yourself,i hope you are not psycho,so stay away.

      3. Ashika I have clarity about my views,no need to say.chill

      4. So Maya was acting as scared even in the first episode? In front of ashwin when nobody was around to see her acting? Again she was acting as crying in front of God when there also nobody was around to see that? Oh yes! maybe she was practising acting then.

        And sure ashwin who contemplated whom he should kill to destroy his daughter’s happiness, who tried to kill arjun knowing it will hurt Maya the most is “good”. Well nice observation. So you’re saying while trying to persuade jaanvi to commit suicide by jumping into water and trying to kill her by giving chocolates to her ashwin was doing a good thing. Literally you’re justifying ashwin for plotting murder of his wife for money and his future son-in-law. And you go on to call the others psychopath. Well I really don’t have anything to say to that.

        And jaanvi knew ashwin is good and Maya is bad. So what about her monologue about ashwin trying to make her daughter’s life hell and that she will not allow this to continue. After all she was also ready to kill ashwin and had even gone to his place to execute her plan.

        If you think Maya is evil and you hate her character that’s purely your choice. No-one has a say in that. But for that matter don’t say ashwin who’s an abusive father and husband is good and was tricked by Maya. Before painting him as a victim please see the earlier episodes and understand his character.

      5. I think ks u need to be chill ok na i was saying to swapna not to u har baar bolna acha nhi hota u say chill to evrybody but apply that to urself understand

      6. Dreamyeyes,nice comments,but they will not understand&,there is no surprise,if they says like in godown ashwin didn’t dragged child maya,and didn’t drown her in water drum,didn’t thrown colours on her,Maya herself did it.she blamed him,maya herself hidden in dark room.maya herself smeard cake on her face,now for them ashwin is very very very good.our Maya is bad,but still I love Maya ❤? than all..

      7. Oh cool ashika, she mentioned my name,you gave respond like “i too was trying to say that” with which person you prefer to say this,wit your self? gave respond related on my comment,.&im not going to fight with anyone,people coming to fight with me,chill is not a bad word,,so I’m using chill

    3. They didn’t show the ashwini is good till now because they don’t want to show other side of the story.. They will reveal slowly.. They showed the other side of the story of arjun who didn’t do all these things so we are understanding she trapped arjun… Same way they will show about Ashwini.. Jhanvi was saving maya because she is her daughter…

  5. Ex maya's fan

    Aj maya meri nazar se gir gayi or ab mai bhi uski fan nahi hu. Shitt maya yar. Aisi bhi kya pagalpanti beakkal aurat. kaash season one ki maya waps aajati or serial dhamakedaar banati. Ye maya to total pagal hai.
    Gone girl se thoda bhut plot liya gaya hai. Usme Nick ka affair tha kisi ladki se. but yaha arjun ka kisi ke sath koi affair nahi hai tab bhi maya ne arjun ke sath aisa kiya. Kyun maya kyun……
    Achi khasi life chalti. tu tera arjun or tera baccha. Or naani, chacha chachi. or dadi bhi. sab khushi se rehte or serial ispe hi end ho jata. Isko kehte hai beyhadh pyaar. Dictionary muh pe fenkne ka mann kar raha hai mera maya ko. Itni selfish hai maya. Chee chee. I wish mere dushman ko bhi maya jaisi koi na mile

    1. They would’ve never lived happy because when Maya tried to be nice to Vandy, she didn’t accept her. When she again came from Mental hospital, she was again triggered by Ayaan. Agar Ayaan Maya ko kuch bolta nahi toh Maya Khushi se apne andar ke andhere se ladti Aur Aaj ArYa ka bacha zinda Hota. Its not just Maya’s fault.

      Its everyone’s fault. No one is perfect in this serial, its just that Maya is too dark but the darkness has been triggered inside her by others – people who were close to her – like Ashwin, Janvi, Vandy, Saanjh, Arjun, Ayan… everyone. Sab Ki thodi Bohot galti hai. Sirf Maya ko doshi tehrana Aur Uske point of view ko na samajhna IGNORANCE hai. ?

      1. It is not that who ever dint accept her she shd kill them. She spoiled ayan life by sending jail in wrong fake case. Ayan had a full rights to say ‘cos she is the one Who destroyed his life, carrier, love every thing. His intention to show arjun how evil
        Maya is. Poor guy again trapped in maya and fallen ill.
        Mental hospital is the only way where she can trap
        Arjun again so that he will not leave her.
        I’ll accept all are not correct but it is not that she can kill anyone whom she doesnt like. no one had a right to kill other person…
        coming to love : she never loved arjun. If she loved him she won’t portrait arjun image so low in front of watch man and Neighbour.
        She is planning to destroy arjun since marraige ?
        Even she wantedly fallen from steps & killed her own child
        She is Shane to woman.
        She didn’t even love her mother n her own child also.

    2. Hi, even I am also Ex fan of Maya. I use to like her dark shade. But latter she changed darkness to murderer. What ever she does I use to say to myself those all are because of her childhood. But I lost respect on her when she tried to kill her mom ? Using Sammy ?N she is planning to ruin arjun since marraige ?
      This is not maya when I like and love her a lot…

  6. Going same like Gone girl except obsession,frIendship Etc… Let’s watch

  7. Maya oh maya she played a very big game against arjun means she was planning this all from past 6 months i was shocked when maya was screaming outside the house but later she picked the key nd entered in the house omgggg still people justifying her actions like she did rite fake love etc blah blah…… i think in the precap saanjh was burning proof against arjun then police came poor saanjh…… i bet u guys in the end maya vl die or vl suicide that dialogue was really funny when peon said pehle maya sabki zindagi jala rhi thi aur ab use hi koi jala ne wala nhi h ???

  8. My mum said she’s seen two Maya’s in saas bahu Sazish/betyan , one in mortuary laying down dead and the other one standing next to her alive. Has anyone else seen this ?

  9. Do u guys evn think before posting a comment or just post it without reading twice?how could u say arjun nvr loved maya?after all arjun dod fr maya still u say this?and i really dnt thnk u hv watched s1 properly,otherwise u must hv remembered tht parachuit scene,where maya took arjun to confess love and evn threatened to jump if he says no was maya who fell for arjun.and is there any evidence depending upon which u said tht arjun lovd not maya but her money?arjun may was confused frst bt thn he totallh strted loving her.if not thn he shouldnt hv beared all the pain given to him by maya.a boy who left his family,frnd,freedom fr a girl how cn u say he nvr loved her?he cared fr her,fought with whole world,his own people fr maya,still u say that?

  10. Even I feel that Maya had put a body double. She went hiding somewhere when Arjun lost his sense. This is Maya’s game and Arjun is her victim. I really wish beyhadh must end now. It started off with a hear, not here they are.

  11. Maya nvr gave arjun tht type hint tht her insecurity is so severe,still arjhn obeyed her almost every how much can a love survive in a suffocated situation,still he tried.woh bhi insaan hai yaar,patience ka limit hota hai.still he cared.most importantly,though he knew mayas character,he nvr accused maya,bt everybody others.and u said he nvr tried to talk to maya,dnt u remember tht scenes whenever arjun tried to confront her how badly she injured herself to make arjun guilty,and make him shut.then what u think arjun could do more?let maya injure her more or to let her die?& fr ur kind information arjun nvr told maya to go to asylum.maya took decision herself cz fr the frsr time her wrong deed was exposed to arjun so just to show her good will to arjun,maya went to asylum.

  12. And if maya really wanted to be cured,she must hv tried not acted before him.and about baby,i think u must hv remembered the chnge of mayas facial expression ehn arjun told maya tht he loves his bsndar more thn her.arjun knew mayas condition still he pampered her,tooke care of her wasnt tht love?i dnt knw whether u r a boy or girl,bt i think u understand wht is a heartbreak?and how it feels?after knowing samay and mayas truth arjuns condition was how u expect him fo recover tht soon and forgibe maya?still he cated fr his child.whts wrong with that?if he really wasin love with mayas money,thn he should hv killex maya and taken her property after knowing wht maya did to he nvr did such type,cz he genuinely loved maya i.jured him continuously with lies.she didnt evn thought about him.which type of love this is yaar?

  13. Ab chalo man liya,mayas love was love,not arjuns.thn tl me which husband loving wife plans fr her husbands life long impfisonment by faking her own murder?maybe arjun was sometimes disgusted by maya,thy had fight still he nvr thought fr a second to harm maya or maya neto yaar fullproof plan bana liya usko murdered karar dena ka!!if its love to u thn i really dnt hv words yaar!!6 months se planning bhi bana liya us love ko kbatam karne ka jiske liye itne bade bade lectures deti thi!!great!!only she can ne adarsh wife fr any guy yaar!!hats off!!

  14. kanchana mala

    All things goes to in favor of maya. Will maya never exposed. What about the crimes she did. Wont she get punished. It is really boring to see every time maya is the winner. Show some positivism.

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