Beyhadh 6th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Beyhadh 6th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Arjun tells Mayat that his bestfriend Saanjh is superb. Maya gets jealous. They all 3 head for airport. In aiport, Arjun tells Saanjh that Maya has booked business

class tickets for them and walks into business class section of flight. Saanjh enters economy class section and sits sadly. After settling down, Arjun tells Maya if

he can go and sit in economy class with Saanjh. Maya gets more jealous, but nods okay. Saanjh sits wearing eye mask. Arjun comes and tells Maya’s next seat man if

he would like to exchange seat. Man says no. Arjun says business class. Man excitedly informs others that he got business class and leaves. Arjun sits next to

Saanjh, holds her hand, and says sweetheart, he could not travel with her to Mauritius, he can travel to Mumbai

at least. Maya comes and exchanges her ticket with

Arjun’s neighbor. Arjun asks if she wants to sit in economy class. Maya says wherever he is, she will be there. Saanjh feels sad.

In Mumbai, Suman decorates house for Arjun and Saanjh’s welcome and scolds her son and assigns him work. Prem asks her to relax. She scolds even him and asks to do

some work. She says Arjun and Saanjh will come and give a good news. Arjun and Saanjh enter. Suman excitedly greets them and asks Arjun when is marriage. Arjun

asks Saanjh why she told aunty so early. Suman says she knew from before. Prem does not see ring in Arjun’s finger or Saanjh’s neck and takes Saanjh in. Saanjh

asks him to stop mom. Prem asks where is the ring. She says she lost it and says Arjun loves Maya and not him. He asks what. She says Arjun does not love him, but

she has not stopped loving him, so he should go and stop mom. Suman continues surprising Arjun. Arjun tells aunty knows about his feelings even before him. Saanjh comes out with Prem. Prem tells Arjun that Saanjh knew from before that Arjun will eventually fall for Maya. Suman is shocked hearing this. Prem tells Arjun that he should go and inform this good news to Vandana first. Arjun says yes and leaves. Saanjh shatters and tells Suman that she saw Arjun proposing Maya from her own yes and she could not handle it.

Arjun goes out and tells Maya that he will let her meet maa today and maa will like her calling maa. Maya holds his hand and says let us go and meet maa then. Arjun knocks door. Ayan asks him to give password. Arjun says he got a big password, bhaaaaabhi. Vandana excitedly tells she knew Saanjh will propose in Mauritius. Ayan opens door and excitedly says they will take family selfie and fixes his mobile to selfie stick and says come bhabi. Maya comes and Vandana/Ayan are shocked to see Maya.

Precap: Maya tells Vandana that she is part of her family now. Vandana fumes in anger. Maya reaches home and Jahnvi tells her that Ashwin has returned and they have decided to stay together again. Maya is shocked.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Maanu13

    Nice episode….Maya is soooo cute while feeling jealous…?????she is very cute in colour dresses…suman is overreacting on everything…saanjh is very similar to her mom suman….but today saanjh behave so well…no crying ….and release the feelings of arjun and try to control her feelings…today I like saanjh a lot….but while the last part seeing vandana’s fave I burst out of laugh…she just see Maya as a ghost or something like….very funny….precap is horrible..ashwin gonna live wit Maya and her mom…omg plz save Maya from her devil father….

    1. First comment and perfect one,,,agree with u

    2. Ya maanu13…i too laughed to see ayaan,vandana shocking faces while selfie ??? ha ha?

      1. Me too KS I was laughing looking at them.

  2. Wow ArYa scenes superb today??…and OMG what jhanvi did…how she trusts again ashwin…??…this both of vajase my maya going to face problems again.??…ashwin is not loving jhanvi..if he loves her..he can’t feeds sweets forcedly to jhanvi,even he knew she is diabetic.this much blind love.waiting for next episode eagerly….

  3. From this episode, I understood dat everyone in beyhadh are out of mind .Arjun is close to both of dem n leaves Maya for Saanjh .and when Maya is back he is romancing her and he doesn’t realise what the ladies are speaking nor Y Saanjh would travel al the way just to see them in love .They din settle forever it’s just 2 days trip and Saanjh n her family reacting as if Arjun cheated on her.Ultimate would be Jhanvi reuniting with Ashwin..Guess she is being blackmailed by him..

    Loved Maya for being Mature n adjusting even if she doesn’t like’s normal to get jealous when someone leaves like dat . So finally among these silly ppl Maya is acting normal now ??? and let’s ignore the Pandit’s death …def Maya not the killer

  4. Ab ashwin hee maya ko akkal de

  5. The first thing is,,,the update is not clear and is confusing,,,anyways thanx for the update…Love part and friendship part,,both were good,,,

    1. What the hell is wrong with Jhanvi that she decided to live with Ashwin!!!

  6. woow…I luv 2day episode…arjun luv u

    1. I too love today episode..Arjun given first kiss to Maya ..ArYa?? scenes superb ?

  7. Ks and Maanu 🙂 last scene in which Jhanvi appeared wasn’t her hands n legs tied ??? Maya din even listen to her .Do u think Ashwin is blackmailing Jhanvi or she is so stupid to love the one who tried to kill her

    1. Yes nandhana…i too felt same …how jhanvi accepted suddenly..after this much…may be he blackmailed jhanvi..if she didn’t accept it..he may given warning to her to spoil Maya love life fears to accept it..or otherwise jhanvi loves more ashwin what ever he did she loves to forgiven him so easily.

      1. Maanu13

        Ya may b..ashwin can do anything using the fear of Maya ….jhanvi is loving her daughter for her she try to maintain a relationship wit ashwin…
        And I’m eagerly waiting for the truth which is not revealed yet…

  8. Everyone except Maya and Arjun are insane. Firstly Suman is reaching new heights of over acting what kind of mother is she? Didn’t she see saanjh’s tears or heart broken face. Only prem is the realistic one..I don’t get why Arjun keeps chanting saanjh in front of Maya he knows how jealous she gets is he doing it on purpose. Arjun and Maya’s Mom are dumb! Vandana is getting a rich,beautiful,mature and successful woman as a bahu and yet she wants a stubborn immature girl as a daughter in law. These people say they love Arjun so why can’t they be happy seeing Arjun happy what kind of dysfunctional family is this? Everyone is selfish and fake!
    Today jhanvi pissed me seriously she got back with the man who abused and tortured their daughter, he ruined her life and yet this woman is all happy with Ashwin. Disgusting weak willed mother I knew she never loved Maya she was just putting on a show. Ashwin says a few sweet words and she’s running after him like a dog where’s her self respect!

    1. SaanjhdeservesArjun

      Stubborn immature girl? Id rather like the immature saanjh soo full of life and enjoying rather than your so called mature and boring maya. Also, beauty lies inside and not outside cuz look fade away but a beautiful heart stays (like saanjhs). And clearly Arjuns heart is with saanjh but he is being distracted by maya becuase in the end he always wants to go to saanjh! Yesssss im back! Saanjh deserves Arjun! Ofcouse they all love Arjun and thus know whats RIGHT for him and so want him to be with Saanjh UNLIKE someeeeeeeone whos acting stupid xp. If theres one thing i agree with you on, it is that jhanvi is a disgusting weak will mother.

      1. Yes he goes back to saanjh because she is his best friend and he himself says clearly that just because he has found his love doesn’t mean he’ll forget his friend..he cares for saanjh and still sees her as a friend nothing more don’t assume things. What’s right for him? That’s where they and you are going wrong he’s not a child let him be and he can handle things himself. His family is very judgemental they don’t even know Maya’s past but believe me once they get to know they’ll accept Maya with open arms

      2. Archana Pathak

        Its clear that Maya had laid a trap to make Arjun propose her.

        When Arjun tells he wants to do the shoot today, she calls up and tells what has to happen tomorrow should happen today, nothing should go wrong. This implies she already planned to go and pursue arjun on that island and reveal her feelings in the most dramatic way which would make Arjun fall for her. She knew Arjun would be mesmerized by the beauty of the island and will insist on staying back.

        Another reason to doubt her is just before the incident when she was lying down on the rocks writing down Arjun’s name, she says “Aj ke baad tum mere hojaoge” how was she so sure, its clear that she framed the plan. Liking a character is one thing and looking clearly her reality is some other. Maya fans might not agree with me telling that as if she knew Arjun would insist upon staying on the island but the other reason clarifies her plan. As the serial moves ahead it will be revealed. Dont u think so it was a trap, SaanjhdeservesArjun.

    2. why vandana wants saanjh as her daughter in law, I couldn’t support her but if ur saying that becoz of money, fame and sucess she should choose Maya then its wrong. We all know that apart from loving Arjun, Maya can never be good wife, daughter, daughter in law or not even
      good bhabhi to Ayan. If tomorrow she gets
      married to Arjun nobody is aware of her pyscho behaviour and if somethg Ayan or vandana says anythg to her, in anger she can kill them like pandit ji. More of all she can never stay happy in Arjun place and want Arjun to come and stay with her in her posh flat. There is a reason for vandana not to like Maya becoz she has seen jealous, revenge , obess everythg in Maya eyes when saanjh and Arjun were dancing together. From that time she has a different feeling for Maya. Mother can always sense dangers around her son and want to be protective. If vandana is doing this its nothing wrong. Yes in case of saanjh she is wrong she knows both are best friends and is aware about saanjh feelings towards Arjun so she is thinking Arjun couldn’t get a better girl than saanjh as she knows him from childhood but yes she shd hv known Arjun feelings too

      1. Angelk1

        Honestly i dont understand why arjun wants to marry so fast. I can understand the family reason , but marrying someone you dont know that well. Its a no no in my book. They never went on a date until the trip after he propose, he doesnt even know much about maya like that. He only knows she has a tough past similar to his.

        Other then that what? What ever happend to the classic ask a girl out , go on a date, spend time with her an then think about marriage. I guess no one does that anymore. Also the writers instead of getting them married should make them live together.

        Thats a good way to find out if the person is worth it or crazy. People are doing that now a days lol. But not on dramas i guess .

        But back to my review, arjun miss his friend an disides to sit with her …cute, thats reassuring saanj that even though he has a girlfriend, shes still important in his life. Saanj take what you get for now . also vandana reaction is natural. Parents dont really have to like a girl their son brings. Many parents are like that, after all first impression is everything.

        Maya gets jealous seeing arjun talk about saanj, she shouldnt because she won. When saanj got jealous, shes disturbing them, shes evil, shes annoying. But maya get jealous majority of the time. Shes cute, she wouldnt be like this if saanj didnt bother them. She has every right to be jealous. Contradicting much, but like i said maya won arjun, she shouldnt be jealous unless she feels threaten by saanj an a little insecure.

        But love Jenny look today eps.

    3. SilentReader

      Vandana won’t accept Maya so easily,,,,coz she z still confused,,all she knows is that Maya is rich,beautiful,successfull and Arjun’s Boss,,,that doesn’t make her the best for Vandana,,,,

      Jhanvi knows Arjun is the best for Maya,why?? because Arjun was friendly with her and they spent time together before,,,she knows that Arjun is genuine,,think abt their 1st meeting where Arjun climbed up 14 floors to get a sign from Maya,,so she has a good 1st impression about him,,,
      bt Maya-Vandana’s 1st meet was somewhat weird,,and she got a bad 1st imprsn…that glass breaking incident and then Maya left without speaking a word and then the 2nd meet they had breakfast together bt nthng spl happened,Maya as usual said smthng which confused her agn…Arjun said that Maya is the one who changed him but Vandana don’t knw how,,,no one except Suman-Prem saw Arjun- Maya’s closeness that day…then saving Ayaan,,,in all these incidents ,Maya was nowhere and popped up suddenly and helped them,,,,so they r confused …..Arjun never shared anything with Vandana but Saanjh used to share everythng,,even what happened in that dinner,,,so she hs got a weird feeling abt Maya and that’s quite natural…

      Also Vandana would be able to accept Maya only if Saanjh moves on,,coz Saanjh is the one who was with her in her tough times so she won’t leave Saanjh so soon,,,also she did mistk by giving false hopes to Saanjh…so she might feel guilty for that and will try to support Saanjh,,

      ALso as Nandhana said above maybe Ashwin might be blackmailing Jhanvi,,,maybe that’s why she is behaving weird

  9. The only solution is that maya and Arjun should elope and settle down far far away from their idiotic families??

    1. Pls let the director see ur comment

    2. So that one day maya gets angry and kills arjun? Dont be stupid.

      1. Lol Anu s you did not read my comment clearly. I meant Maya and Arjun should run away

      2. Lol so true , Maya can never be normal, even if she does 1000 therapies , whatever happens when you are young stays with you whole life, she never had good upbringing , even when you build a house you need good foundation , same with humans .
        I love her acting, she is awesome

    3. And that is exactly what i read. I also meant that Maya will get angry at arjun for something and kill him being the pyscopath she is.

      1. Anu s ..maya character is sociopath…but you said phsychopath..there is small difference between sociopath and phsychopath….sociopath will not kill any one.

      2. Excuse me, she killed the pandit.

    4. why should they ?? …Family is also important

    5. SilentReader

      They can’t,,,because it’s not a simple love story

    6. Archana Pathak

      Guys, Its clear that Maya had laid a trap to make Arjun propose her.

      When Arjun tells he wants to do the shoot today, she calls up and tells what has to happen tomorrow should happen today, nothing should go wrong. This implies she already planned to go and puruse arjun on that island and reveal her feelings in the most dramatic way which would make Arjun fall for her. She knew Arjun would be mesmerized by the beauty of the island.

      Another reason to doubt her is just before the incident when she was lying down on the rocks writing down Arjun’s name, she says “Aj ke baad tum mere hojaoge” how was she so sure, its clear that she framed the plan. Liking a character is one thing and looking clearly her reality is some other. Maya fans might not agree with me telling that as if she knew Arjun would insist upon staying on the island but the other reason clarifies her plan. As the serial moves ahead it will be revealed.

  10. Wow if maya feel jealous she is cute but if saanjh feel jealous she is immature, cry baby wow wat a thought.
    And yeah saanjh is very strong we love you saanjh

  11. Shalini Senthil

    How jhanvi is again and again trusting ashwin …she is totally fool …ashwin came back to jhanvi and Maya life sure he is going to play a big game…something evil he is thinking…I think he will blackmail Maya or try to break arjun Maya relationship..poor Maya few days before she is look like living like normal girl life but problem or all going to start now I’m worried abt Maya…

  12. The only two sane people in this story r prem and arjun the two young brothers r OK too the rest all r crazy. Jhanvi for taking Ashwin back vandana for not being happy abt getting son but being crazy to think she can decide his life Suman instead of getting sanjh to think reasonably pushing her daughter to go run after arjun and Maya and sanjh we all know how crazy they are serial ka naam should have been pagalpan

  13. The only mature person here is Maya.As for Ashwin and wife,here in South Africa we call padding.When storyline is weak.Saanjh needs to grow up and move on.

    1. Where from south africa are you? Johannesburg?

  14. Waiting for the day MaRjun dies

  15. what the? ashwin back? ok this is interesting.

  16. i aslo think ashwin is blackmailing jhanvi is it?
    why the heck would a newly engaged man go sit next to his “best friend” on their way home. i would be pissed too. hello im your fiance not your “best friend”.

    why wouldnt arjun question why did sanjh fly all the way to mauritius? like seriously.

  17. Maya is good except when it comes to Arjun. I feel bad for her when it comes to her father. I think she is a great boss and super powerful and classy. I dislike her approach in obtaining Arjun’s affections. She is manipulative and gets what she wants whether it is pushing Saanj out or getting Arjun all to herself. Her dislike for saanj and craze for Arjun is bringing out her bad side.Arjun may have fallen for her actual good qualities but he is bringing out her bad qualities.

  18. Super excited for the new track that will be starting. I cannot wait to see Maya’s truth. She’s lied to Arjun and he thinks he’s in love with Maya but when her truth comes out, let’s see if it’ll remain the same. If it was true love, she would have said the entire truth and let Arjun really see who she is.
    But now we know she’s a probable murderer. Even if we are not sure that she killed the pandit ji, I will never forget she held a knife to Saanjh’s throat.
    And the statement I like the most so far is from Pari. If Saanjh pulled the stunt today of disrupting Arjun & Maya, you guys would insult her but Maya did it, it was reasonable. Stop double standards in all your dealings.

  19. I remember last time also when Maya sent jhanvi for saanjh dinner she ate chocolates and hospitalised for diabetes. This time too when she played tricks for Arjun in Mauritius and pandit ji scene happened, after reaching home jhanvi is giving news that they both decided to stay together. His mom is stupid or forced by Ashwin not sure but I observed that whenever Maya is not honest with Arjun, her actions are equally reciprocating every time. If she is giving surprises and hurting some one she has to be ready to bear the same too. Last time in hospital Maya was crying saying sorry and praying to punish her for her sins not her mom. If maya has really killed pandit ji that too in temple then Maya has to definitely pay for it. Ashwin is a bad person but he is the only one person with whom Maya is scared and cant play her witty tricks easily.

    1. Angelk1

      I agree shivani. Every physco killer have someone their afraid of and maya is ashwins.

    2. Shivani..Saanjh ko jab bulaya tab kuch nehi kia maya ne..abi bi maya kuch nehi Kia ..ashwin Ki vajase peedith hy maya maa

  20. Well maya’s complete truth is not being revealed yet…remember wen jhanvi asked maya that she told the complete truth to arjun so she replied that the truth will depend on a persons uunderstanding.. moreover ashwin also said that arjun will know maya’s truth with may b arjun will leave maya n she will turn out to b dangerous..

  21. Bakwas episode… bewakoof serial.

  22. The episode was just amazing.Maya was looking soo much stunning in coloured clothes…..I too think that jhanvi is forced by ashwin…that’s why she is behaving like that….but let’s see what happens next…very exited to see the next episode…. I think arjun should not get married to Maya soo fast…they should spend time together and try to understand each other properly. …that will be beneficial for their relationship… it will be soo disgusting that arjun leave a Maya after knowing her truth later…soo its better they should date each other for sometime…till the past few episode Maya was arjuns boss..there was a gap between them as a boss and an employee..but by giving time to each other they can take this relationship to a next level with positivity and love…??

    1. Yes Dinesh…Arjun didn’t want to get married so soon..he said to suman like still he is in baby will take time to settle for marriage..Arjun know clear vision to take own decisions..there is no confusion.and yes like every serials separation track will happen between Maya and Arjun..but im sure after too Arjun will not forget Maya…he wil not leav’s proved in today episode last ArYa part..?

  23. I cnt controle my laugh after reading all ur comments….common guyz if sanjh gets jealousy with maya its horriable… But if maya gets jelousy with sanjh its cute….common guyz open ur eyes dnt be partial….im not saying maya is wrong or sanjh is right….both are right in their places…maya loves arjun so she gets jelousy seeing sanjh with arjun….ans sanjh….plsss give some time to sanjh guyz…she is just heart brokened now….it will take some time to her to be normal….
    And dntknow what will happen in future episodes…its just unpredictable…and i told before also in this page now im saying again…plsss note guyz…dnt expect any couple from this show or happyy ending from this show…its already knows the show name is beyhadh….so mayas love for arjun is beyhadh…so mayas beyhadh love will become biggest enymy in both her and arjuns life….somehow sanjh will be also effected by this
    Anyways just enjoy the show guyz….jennifer is doing fab job as maya…aneri also good

    1. SilentReader

      Yup,,,You are rite,,,

  24. Nice epi

  25. Hi to all
    Why guys , always some one support Maya is saanch
    In that serial one thing is clear
    Friendship and love both separate
    And arjun also saw that way only
    Some are saying Maya not maintain good relationship with any one
    According to her childhood problem she don’t share any thing with any one. Guys are y remember one time Maya mom taking and company with arjun . She behave rude ly with arjun
    That’s why Maya feels jelouse over saanch
    Yesterday arjun teaches her how to behave yourself vandana aunty not mom
    In that time Maya expression priceless immediately said Maa
    And one thing is clear she has a fear on arjun because her past any one take advantage
    Pandit killed or died we don’t know how all are saying that is Maya
    If murder means polices are nor found
    In saanch version
    I agree with her she love arjun
    But one thing is not understand childhood on words arjun depends upon saanch
    Once he get a job he earns money means taking own decisions she cont digest
    She always thinks arjun not handle not situation
    Now it seems she not said her feelings to arjun how could he understand
    Arjun version
    He was loveing Maya means
    Maya praposal time arjun said to saanch he saw love in Maya eyes
    But he never saw same love in saanch eyes
    That’s why he never think saanch love him
    Why saanch family over reacting
    Arjun said he love saanch
    And any rule there are best friends only marriage to geather
    Vandana also behave like childish
    Saanch propose means immediately he accepted a
    Ashwin full time villain in serial

  26. bta b do ab k Maya ka past kya hai?suspense se jaan loge kya??

  27. Guys it’s upcoming twist… Arjun loves Maya matter revealed in his family ..Ayaan felt happy to see his brother happiness..and after slowly Ayaan developing his love towards saanjh…he is not able to control those feelings..while being close to her.??

    1. SilentReader

      Reallyy!!!!! twist pe twist

    2. Reallyyy ayan loves sanjh….ohh what a twist…i didnt expected this….dntknow what will happen next….i know in love age diesnt matters….then also asking is sanjh is not older than ayan

  28. O please writers don’t do this , ayan and saanjh hold a good relationship please don’t spoil that .

  29. Vandana’s reactions are natural and it cannot be blamed. She’s sane compared to Maya and saanjh’s mothers. If ayan develops any feelings for saanjh as per sources say then also I feel saanjh won’t reciprocate to his love, firstly because their is an age difference and they share a different bond and he is arjun’s little brother. Saanjh is going through a really tough time and she has handled it well recently. Suman acts immature and prem looks the only wise and mature person in their house.

  30. Many things are happening in this show. I don’t think that Ayan/Saanjh track is good cause Saanjh sees Ayan only as Arjun’s younger brother and there is a age difference too.
    Vandana’s worry about Arjun is natural every mother worry about her children.

  31. Guys it’s upcoming story…ashwin jhanvi got married…to see this Maya felt depressed..maya went to jump in river for suicide i think..?

    1. Esther

      They are already married na???????

      1. Again jhanvi married with precap jhanvi wears sindoor ,mangal sutra like a bride.

      2. I think they’re remarrying but I Don’t think Ashwin and Jahnvi are legally divorced

      3. Priya no they’re separated not divorced..Ashwin wouldn’t allow jhanvi to divorce him since he wouldn’t be able to extort money from her then and also jhanvi is still in love with him so she wouldn’t agree to divorce

  32. Yha ek dialogues kuch kuch hota hai ka copy hai.. “Sanju said Mera pehla pyar adhura reh gya” etc same dialogue Anjali said about Rahul… I loved this episode.. must say..

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