Beyhadh 6th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Beyhadh 6th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vandana gets worried for Aryan seeing Maya’s obsession and Panditji’s warning that Maya can harm Aryan to control him. She waits for Saanjh outside apartment building. Saanjh comes. Vandana requests her to save her duffer from Saanjh. Saanjh says he is not her duffer now and she cannot save him. Vandana says how can she tell that, Maya is marrying Arjun to show her possessiveness and control him, she will harm Arjun, so Saanjh should stop this marriage and save Arjun. Maya in her car hears their conversation and thinks marriage will stop only if Vandana can reach marriage venue. She speeds car towards Saanjh and Vandana but stops seeing Arjun coming out. Arjun asks Ayan to come fast and tells Vadana that he is going for a party with Ayan. Saanjh looks at him silently. Arjun fumes that Saanjh

is so egoistic and leaves in his jeep with Ayan. Vandana tells Saanjh that Arjun has changed, he did not even look at her. Saanjh asks her to relax, Arjun and Maya love each other and Arjun is safe, now she shold go and rest as she has her son’s marriage tomorrow.

In a club, foreign girls surround Arjun. Arjun starts his jokergiri and calls Ayan to save him. Ayan with friends says this is his bachelor party and he should enjoy. Arjun starts dancing with them and sees Maya around. Ayan says it is his imagination and ask too continue partying. They all start partying again.

Jahnvi in her reminisces Ashwin trying to shoot Arjun, then telling he has proof against Maya, etc…She thinks it is time to become a mother and protect her daughter. Ashwin gets ready. His Live-in partner asks if he is going for a marriage. Ashwin says as a bride’s father, he has to greet guests. Shipra says Maya and Jahnvi will not give him a penny. Ashwin says he knows how to get money from his wife and daughter.

Arjun continues dancing with dancers and his friends on song…Laila mai Laila….song…He repeatedly imagines Maya around and gets heavily inebriated. After dance, he boasts about himself that he is Fashion and the City CEO and climbed ladder within 6 months, they have to learn from him how to lure a rich girl and grab her wealth, now Maya revolves around her and is eager to marry him. Ayan asks if he really loves Maya. Arjun says whatever is his is Maya’s and vice versa. He sees Maya again sitting in front of him.

Precap: Ashwin thinks tomorrow Maya’s truth will be out in front of whole world. Jahnvi picks gun and thinks if Ashwin tries to harm Maya, she will kill him.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Gosh the errors making it diffficult

  2. Maya’s love is really crossing it’s limits. Now she tried to harm Vandana which sane person would do that?? Saanjh really loves Arjun and is selflessly sacrificing her love ? for Arjun’s happiness people who criticize her don’t u see what Maya is doing she wants to kill Arjun’s family to get him and she will willingly kill Arjun to control and possess him if she has to. Its true that Maya had a dark past and is traumatized but it doesn’t give her the licence to harm people,Aswhin was wrong and he will be punished but Maya cannot harm innocent people. The pandit was saying the truth Maya should deal with her inner demons and dark past herself she should not pull Arjun in it. I am not saying that Arjun should marry Saanjh but he should not be dumb and see the truth

    1. How you are saying saanjh is sacrificing her love..i mean if Arjun also loves saanjh still if saanjh tried do arjun marriage with someone its sacrifice.but Arjun is not loving saanjh na.he is getting marry with his we can’t call sacrifice.

      1. Shalinisenthil

        Yes here sacrification does not comes as ks said if arjun to love saanjh then only this word should used….in this world no any couples are there who are not having problem after marriage and nobody couples live with happily forever problems are normal in love and marriage…but this vandana is overreacting…?

    2. Dude she has no other option other than sacrificing her love..your acting as if it’s a big thing yes it’s hard seeing the one you love marry someone else but what other choice does she have? He does not reciprocate her feelings the story ends their all you saanjh lovers stop sympathetising with her she’s not some angel ok..saanjh tried to portray Maya as bad in front of Arjun remember

      1. I thought the weekend will give you more sense Stefan. But your nonsense is beyhadh again. Maya is bad. Stop saying Saanjh is trying to portray Maya as bad. How do you portray someone who is already evil as evil?
        I’m pretty sure you support Maya who was about to kill Vandana and Saanjh. Is it worth taking someone’s life just because they don’t like you?
        When you support rubbish like this, I feel it’s that you want such nonsense in your life.
        Imagine someone killing your mother in their obsession for you. Like I say everyday, don’t be stupid

      2. Daisy Maya is not evil her character has some shades of grey! If she was evil she would have blackmailed Arjun to say yes and killed his family. Being manipulative and cunning does not make you evil. Tell me one evil villain who will wait for their love without forcing them? Obviously I don’t support killing someone for their dislike for you but it’s Maya she’s mentally ill not crazy but I think she is bipolar she literally loses her mind when she thinks of losing Arjun. Watch all the episodes again and you will get your definition of evil. I would call Maya dangerously obsessed or even paranoid but not evil. Which evil person is ready to give their life to the one they love? Lastly if Maya was evil everyone in this show would be dead long ago

    3. Correction she has already got Arjun. And she never tried to harm anyone before but now Vandana is plotting against her so she has to take action..agreed it’s dangerous but hearing vandana trying to stop their marriage made her angry.

      1. STOP JUSTIFYING EVIL STEFAN. since he has Arjun, she should be secure in her love. It’s that simple.

    4. Angelk1

      We cant do anything about arjun idiot , but the way he was bragging about hitting the jackpot which was maya is mest up. Maya will end up harming him, thats why ibagree maya should fix herself first before getting in a relationship.she shouldnt drag people along.

  3. Awesome episode,&Arjun every time don’t you how to cut call after talk,Maya listened vandana talk via Arjun she went arjun apartment..&like maya,saanjh finally who ever girl will not get Arjun like husband/lover…all characters are beyhadh behaviour.offoo ..but I love Maya only..? waiting for next episode ?

    1. Today Arjun talk look like ashwin talk.

  4. Angelk1

    Whatever, this eps just shows how maya is a stalker. Why was she even there watching saanj an vandana? Arjun seeing maya at the clubs? Was he imagining it or was maya following him. Arjun is selfish, his engage an yet his dancing with those girls an even boasting about him becoming rich in 6mobth.

    It makes one wonder if he actually loves maya or if his just pretending. If he had a conscious he wouldnt be talking like that. And I’m proud of saanj telling vandana arjun is in love with maya. Let arjun go girl.

    Lastly , maya had an instict to harm them but stop when she saw arjun, I’m not really surprise .

    1. Forget Maya being a stalker. I’m freaking out about Arjun! I hope he’s not like Ashwin

      1. I too hope so. And Maya was only speeding the car towards Vandana. She might just have zoomed past them. Who will not get angry when someone tells the one she loves bad things about him/her. It’s not right to kill anyone but Vandana is becoming disgusting day by day. She needs someone to drum sense into her stupid and silly mind. But Arjun’s words in drunken stupor gave me a shock. I simply adore ArYa as a couple.

    2. Yes AmCee…im also shocked to listen Arjun talk.stupid Arjun.if his friends teased him,how he can talk like this,his friend’s& even Ayaan also shocked after here Arjun talk.Ayaan asked are you really loves Maya or not,and also Arjun left Maya alone on mandap for stop saanjh and he said I love you to saanjh,ha we know Arjun said love u as a best friend,but my Maya will effect on this..she will hurt he left his wife for friend,it’s beyhadh friend ship but its intolerance for as a wife of maya.

      1. AmCee

        Well said ks.

      2. Obviously whatever Arjun told is correct… Arya pair is super but when did they actually loved… When Arjun got time to feel love.. He just got time to understand what he will get if he loves and marries Maya… There is no reason for him to say NO to Maya but he didn’t really loves Maya… Maya should have waited to understand whether he really loves him or not.. Any can do promises but standing on them is difficult… If he can leave Saanjh for Maya.. he can leave Maya for someone else…. May be bit difficult bec Maya is not Saanjh.. She will not let him go but she cannot hold him also…

        How ppl are mad abut Maya.. Please love the acting of Maya not the character of Maya… Any mother will overreact if they got to know from someone that her son is in danger… For one regret Maya has to kill Vandana means Saanjh should kill arjun daily..

  5. Lovely update. Just a little errors here and there. 🙂

  6. It’s said that drunk people and children speak the truth..I hope it isn’t true..cause what Arjun said gave me goosebumps. He sounded like a gold digger and even ayan wasn’t convinced. I mean drunk or not if you truly love a person you would never involve their money Arjun is shown a bit shady..but then again if he was after Maya’s money then he would have said yes to her when she proposed ? Iss show ka villain Arjun hai kya? And Maya looked really scary in the precap..did she hear everything he said? I think true obsession starts now when Maya thinks that Arjun is with her for money

  7. Some of you dont get it. Maya can harm someone yes but that’s when she’s truly not on her mind. She’s mentally ill, and people like that so stuff they don’t know they are doing so you all should stop calling her evil or bad. If you remember, when she nearly throw the lamp during her heldi (i don’t know if that’s how it’s called) she stopped herself and quickly took her med. So you see, she might do something if she’s out of her mind.

    And secondly, Vandana shouldn’t try and ruin the wedding. If she really cared about Arjun’s happiness, she should try and get them married and look for solutions afterwards. And dragging Sanjh into this isnt alright. Thank God Sanjh denied or I would have been so disappointed.

    Thirdly, something tells me Mayas mom will kill Ashwin. Or maybe Vandana will seek Ashwins help and theyd come up with a plan to take his death since they’d both get something out of it; Maya in prison for Ashwin and the wedding cancelled for Vandana. Honestly this would all seem like a good plan.

    I dont want Maya and Arjun separated. I love them. I’m so scared about what might happen to Maya.

    1. You are so right zee. Maya takes pills and may act mad without them. But Arjun always has a calming effect on her. She needs him for her depression to get better. I hate this Vandana. Even the panditji said so many good things about ArYa and their love.

    2. Angelk1

      No one forgot that fact. But maya herself saying shes fine because of arjun love. She should be seeking a doctor instead and getting the help she needs. She only harms when shes not thinking lol, thats even more dangerous when she is thinking.

      And with vandana she cares about his happiness why do you think shes trying to save him. What mother would accept a women that could potentially hurt her son. The only way she would be ressured is if maya gets help. But in this case, since the pandit is involve she wont be ressured.

    3. Yes zee,and also only Maya doings is reasonable for me as a suffering girl.but after all characters with out suffer they behaves like stupid people.they can’t control their u Maya more..?

      1. I don’t know who killed ashwin,but Maya got arrested for ashwin murder,saanjh proved Maya had mental illness,she did this murder as a childhood suffered girl,,jhanvi given all mental illness proofs to saanjh,saanjh asked rather than punishment give treatment to Maya,then Maya admitted in hospital,after Maya escaped from hospital.Arjun filled maya missing case,and he is going to search Maya like madly everywhere.

    4. Saanjh proved Maya had mental illness in court *

      1. We wish you to get a life partner like maya

      2. Pari Thank you&Same to you from ArYa fans.&whoever will not like to have in their life saanjh and Arjun behaviour persons,both are intolerance u Maya ?

  8. Yes,this is also my wish too, I no need arjune and maya are separated .

  9. AmCee

    I really do not know what will happen. If Beyhadh will end in October, it still has eight months to go. So many of us want ArYa to be happily married and a happy ending for this couple. But then the show will have to end right now. So the makers are creating lots of twists and turns to keep the viewers’ interest alive. May be it will be a temporary separation for ArYa and finally in the end they will be together for life. Love Maya and love ArYa.

  10. If Maya goes to jail or asylum, or she won’t rich, I’m not going to watch this blo*dy serial,

  11. Ayesha22

    Stupid arjun and u Maya.

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