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Beyhadh 6th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Arjun messages Maya if she reached Lonavla and where is her shooting. She replies tiger point. He thinks let us go then. Maya thinks she will propose Arjun today and makes him hers forever. Arjun gets ready and tries to leave hotel, but Saanjh stops him and says she needs to talk to him important and wants to take him somewhere. He says she can think, he will come in a moment. Vase falls and breaks. She says even vase broke as inauspiciousness, he should noot go. He says he is planning a surprise for her and needs to go. She gets excited and asks what surprise. He says she has to wait and gets into his jeep. She asks if he will come soon. He says he has slipped form her hands now and will not get back to her. She feels weird. Something breaks again and she thinks what is it.


reaches tiger point in his jeep and finds whole place empty. He thinks to save his job, what else he has to do. He turns and sees a serious looking man and says he cannot be Maya as he is not much frightening like Maya. He asks where is shooting. Man says on that mountainn and leaves. Arjun calls Maya, but she does not pick call. Saanjh in hotel room gets excited reminiscing Vandana and Suman’s comments that she should look best in front of Arjun and propose her. She picks Arjun’s binocular gift fom her suiticase and thinks how to gift wrap it, searches something to wrap gift. Someone is seen holding a knife and looking at her. Arjun reaches cliff and sees nobody there. He sees a hot air balloon nearby. He walks near balloon and sees Fashion and the City label on it, thinks shooting was going here and already finished. He hears a puppy sound inside it and gets into it to rescue it, murmuring that they both are Maya’s victims.

Saanch continues to search a paper to gift wrap and someone walks towareds her holding knife. Saanjh turns and shouts in fear seeing knife. Somone blindfolds Arjun, hand cuffs him and cuts balloon rope. It starts flying. Arjun asks what joke is this, leave my hand. It is Maya who is doing this. She remoes Arjun’s blind fold and says she does not hold hand to leave. Arjun is surprised to see her and flying in air. He pleads to get him down. Maya says he has to get habituated to heights as his place is in heights.

Saanjh realizes it is Ayan and her brother who walked withh knife. They both taunt her. Ayan asks if binocular is for him. Saanjh says it is for Arjun and not him.

Jahnvi gets tensed seeing Ashwin and reminisces Maya’s warning not to meet him. She asks what is he doing here. He asks if Maya ransacked her for someone else, he pity on her. Jahnvi falls into his trap again.

Maya gets closer to Arjun and Arjun asks what is she doing. She holds diamond ring and says I love you Arjun. He is suprised and says she is his boss and their relationship is professional. She says she wants him to be hers forever. He says again he is his employee and she is his boss, if she knows what he means. She asks if he is ignoring her. He says no..she is very good, but he did not see her as a girlfriend. Maya says love changes everything. He asks what if he does not want to. She walks behind and switches off balloon’s air. Balloon starts falling down Arjun asks if she is crazy, he was just joking. She switches on balloon. Arjun relaxes and says he was joking. She says even she was joking. Arjun realizes her posssessive for him. She says if her love can take him to the heights, it can burn him also. Balloon starts shaking and Maya drops diamond ring. They both hug while trying to balance each other. Arjun says it was not precious than her life. She says he is her life now. He says he needs time to think. She rolls his hands on her cheek and asks if he is not ignoring her. He says he is not and needs some time to come to the terms. She says from today all her time is his.

Ayan watches Arjjun and Maya’s romance via binoccular and gets sad. Saanjh asks what happened, watches it via binocular and shatters. Binocular falls down and breaks. Ayan tries to console her, but she says nobody will come behind her. She walks in the middle of road reminiscing Arjun telling her that he has slipped from her hands and will not be back to her, when she tells that Maya loves him, he jokes. She continues thinking same. A car is about to ram her when Arjun pulls her and asks if she has gone mad. She says yes, his dusky is dead. She asks what happened. She says they came for a picnic, but he planned something else. He went to get her a suprise, what happened to that. He says Dusky, dusky. She says she is Saanjh and asks how was his photo shoot on hot air balloon. Arjun says Maya shot him, she loves him and proposed him, she stood in front of him holding ring.

Precap: Maya happily tells Jahnvi that she proposed Arjun. Jahnvi asks what did he say. She says Arjun will say yes once the shadow/Saanjh around her vanishes. Saanjh and Arjun part ways. Maya watches them enjoying ice cream.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Omg terrifying episode…?????
    What will arjun gonna do???

  2. Shalini Senthil

    Wow amazing episode …today arya looks toghter very cute …beautiful pair…i love maya and arjun jodi alot??????

  3. Wow amazing thriller and arya love ❤ episode ? superb waiting for next episode ?

  4. Omg best proposal ever!!! Tooo bad her ring fell maya your eyes speak volumes! Maya you’re everything

  5. Sad for ंंsanjh

  6. When Maya says – ‘mai bhi mazak kar rahi thi.’ It killed me there and then. A scary episode indeed if you imagine yourself in a hot air balloon high in the sky.

  7. Very sad for saanjh

  8. Angelk1

    Poor arjun. He had no choice but to say yes because she was going to kill them both in the hot air balloon. Yup thats definetly love lol . more like a mest up relationship. poor saanj , just give him time. Arjun rejected maya but had to change his mind after she turn the balloon off. Now he will probably have to find a way to get out of maya trap.

  9. Superb finally sanjh is out,Arjun cant get better than Maya he has to say yes

  10. That stupid Maya. I don’t like her. Saanjh is the best woman for arjun

    1. I too like sanjh

  11. WOW SUCH A fantastic episode i think first time in television industry hot air balloon proposal super WILL ARJUN SAY YES? EAGERLY WAITING 4 NXT

  12. Geeta i agree with you. And love is pure. Maya’s love is not love, it’s obsession, it’s forcing someone to be with you, it’s desperate and its disgusting. Atleast saanjh was just going to tell Arjunan how she feels and deal with his answer but Maya wants to kill for love, why doesn’t she just kill herself then because she’s got no right to play god with anyone elses life except her own

  13. I hate maya to de core juz kill her saanj s perfect fr arjun not maya she s a piece of shit she dont even knw wat luv s blo*dy b*t*h am not offending anyone sry if it hurts am juz sayng my pt of view

  14. A very gud episode,it is obsession.Very very deep indeed,bt a gud change frm normal soapies.Very complicated girl Maya.

  15. Oh great it’s already team saanjh vs team maya

  16. maya is mad her mentality is nt good bcs of that she is behaving like that

  17. Maya never had any bad intentions for anyone its just her past made her like that, she never got love and pamper from any one and when she saw Arjun she sharted realizing all this, yup I agree what maya is doing to get Arjun is not at all correct , but neither saanjh is perfect for arjun. she spend everyday with Arjun but not finding time to express her feelings atleast Maya putting her fforts to make Arjun feel but saanjh never did. Friendship should have importance in personal life not professional life. Every time saanjh just keep on calling Arjun whole day , if he is in office n won’t pick up the call she wil directly drop into his office. If its not Maya even a male boss is there , I am sure he too won’t like saanjh.I personally feel neither Maya nor Saanjh are correct with their feelings. Now its shd be left with Arjun whether he chooses Maya, Saanjh or someone else?

    1. Angelk1

      I agree to disagree shivani. Yes maya past is bad and its reflecting who she is, and i agree shes bold to admit her feelings. Maya showers arjun with things she can afford like a watch, while saanj tries to give him support. The only time may actually shows arjun she loves him to his face is today eps . other then that shes just been hinting it like saanj.

      Second, jennifer acting is truely good and she was looking stunning just like saanj was. You said saanj dont have time to show her feelings, she tried, but arjun always interrupts her or someone else. Yes at first she was content, but shes been doing her best with small gesture, even though it wasnt big like mayas.

      Anyway, She’s been his best friend for years , so if she calls him, go to his work place. And surprises him. Thats because its something their both use too. Arjun isnt complaining so why does it matter.

      But like you said its arjun choice. Just hope when he does choose people dont start drama and saying bad stuff. Hope people will just enjoy the show that was written long before it was aired, and know that once its approve it cant be changed.

      1. Angelk there is no difference between saanjh or maya …Maya is obsessive if Arjun wont accept her she wil kill jim as well as herself..then what is saanjh up to..As soon as she saw Arjun n Maya together she lost her mind n about to kill herself..Arjun saved her ..Just wanna say here nobody thought about Arjun feelings just they are sad thinking abt them only. Even saanjh dad says Arjun shd get married to saanjh or else saanjh shd not hang out with him if Arjun does not have same feelings for saanjh this is some thg they want Arjun to make up his mind to marry saanjh…becoz she is her best frd n she loves him…huh…
        Yess I agree both are childhood friends n they spent most of time together if saanjh directly drops into office that too daily its not correct …Arjun might not hv problem but saanjh shd think that disturbing all others is not good just to meet Arjun for no reason..She always think without her Arjun cant do anythg..I know this is just serial and honestly I just want to talk about characters not actors..In real life if we love somebody we shd expect same from him especially if he is best friend to us..let him to make his decision ..If he wont loves us ok let us remain good frds not like saanjh before knowing Arjun feelings she said ur dusky is dead. U say angelk saanjh is arjun best frd n she knows everythg what he wants but till now she couldnt able to know whom Arjun loves. …..

      2. Well said shaving☺

      3. Well said shivani ☺☺

      4. Shivani…. Why you think that Arjun should love Maya ? Because of Maya is lonely and she deserves love and attention. In that context, till now, we never seen Arjun to have any loving attitute with any of his nearby’s. In any how, if Arjun will fall in to the trap of Maya’s obsession, then he have to face the same things which her mother is facing. He have to stay away with his beloved ones until Maya will not allowed, just like her mother is facing not allowed to go outside even though to meet her friends until Maya not allowed……

      5. Angelk1

        Shivani, not every best friend will tell each other everything lets get that clear. Also as of now arjun dont like anyone, I’ve said this before, both girls are misunderstanding his kindness, but i can understand from saanj part.

        Also its not daily she appears in his office. After all she has a job. Anyway, kill herself? I’m sure thats not what she was planning to do. Her mind was lost and distracted and she was hurt. So of course she wasnt paying attention.

        Many actress has done a scene like this for example the characters from ganga, veera and more. They werent thinking about suicide, they were lost in their thought. But maya on the other hand wasnt. She clearly did it on purpose when arjun rejected her. She didnt care and was ready to die with him.

        Both girls love is different in so many ways.

  18. sanjh you are so cute❤️❤️❤️❤️

  19. I agree with u shivani….&Maya is correct in her way.Arjun did not love anyone still and he did not got married it’s needed to express first their love before lose in other hands..she is going the way is obsessively accepted but Maya love is true.don’t expect common love’s thriller show.they will show like this.understand this..and enjoy to watch thriller drama love fight story.i love arya pair..i hope if it will happen different story..any way its Arjun choice..let’s see

    1. Shalini Senthil

      Im agree with shivani and ks…if there is team between saanjha and maya i always with maya only ..super acting ,talented, jenny is awesome always…saanjh just irriate alot ..arjun think saanjh as a best frd Only. saanjh and saanjh family only behavhing to weird …they r unwantedly pushing saanjh and arjun toghther without knowing what is in arjun mind what he really think abt saanjh..if from childhood they r best frds or in between very good understand it does not mean saanjha and arjun will be toghther as a lover and as a life partner if maya pushing arjun to make her love same saanjh and her family also doing …

      1. Yes right shalini senthil. ..saanjh and saanjh family&Arjun mom also trying to get unite saanjh &Arjun with out his permission.if they are correct then Maya also friends mey if one person felt love feel, its not mean other person also will have love feel on best friend..In yesterday episode mey saanjh also gets frustrated to see both Arjun maya together..she said ur dusky me saanjh.obsession love is not wrong sometimes..some times pure love also will turn obsessive and obsessive love also will turn pure love based on critical r unbearable situation’s.

    2. Shalini Senthil

      I agree with u shivani and ks u guys r correct…

  20. Maya is just obsessed lover…but saanjh is really a true lover. i think saanjh is perfect for Arjun……

  21. SilentReader

    After reading all these ,what I felt is,,,,it’s neither abt Saanjh nor Maya….Arjun…..he z sooo dumb yaa,,,,two girls are after him for his love,,,their families -Jhanvi from Maya’s side and others from Saanjh side- wants him as his SIL,,,,all these fights and issues are about Arjun,,,,bt still.. he z nt aware,,,…LOL,,,,,so many things happening behind his back….He z still lyk a kid,,,,,

    1. There are so may younger boys are in our society life where they are not meant for any love relationships. They are concentrating on their career, particulary about lavishing life and for them all others are like a friend only. Here, Arjun is one of them who doesn’t believe in Love emotions & only wants to concentrating on his future plans….

  22. Super saiyan

    I disagree with u raiyan as maya did not get the love she needed frm her childhood so she is hungry of love….there is a part of a small 9 yr old girl in maya who does not want to share and is afraid of others….she is all the time kept suppressed by her father that her mind wants to rebel and still she is loving someone is a great deal….how can someone expect maya not to be possessive nd even saanjh is more possessive. ..she uses family support emotional torchure of friendship to get arjun away from maya…..and moreover if arjun marries maya 2 persons will have their dreams fulfilled maya of getting arjun and arjun of getting rich so that will be perfect….

  23. blunder!!!!!…..urghh…..!!!!some people here are saying they loved maya and arjun scenes….!!!! that they were “cute”???—-my foot
    not CUTE…..she was TERRIFYING nd COLD…..
    hw can u guyzz say she is bst 4 him
    bt 1 thng…..he actually dont deserve both….stupid monkey face

  24. i agree with you super saiyan without last two line

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