Beyhadh 6th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Beyhadh 6th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Arjun heavily inebriated continues pouring his heart out in front Ayan. He describes how psycho Maya controls his life completely and spies him even in washroom. Vandana comes with Saanjh. Arjun hides bottle and says he wanted to leave alcohol, but Ayan forced him today. Vandana beats them both. Arjun asks her to let it be. Ayan asks if he is changed like he did 3 years ago, he threw their gifts, etc. Ayan says me, then says it is an old incident. Vadana says she knew her son did not. He hugs her and says wherever his mother is, he cannot be alone. Ayan says he has to return to Maya anyways. Arjun says not at least for 3 days as she has gone to London.

They hear emergency siren. Saanjh says who is VIP here that they are hearing police siren. Ambulance comes and doctor over mic announces

Arjun to come down wherever he is. They all go down. Doc says Maya got inured in flight and did not let any men touch her, not even doc, she is afraid that her husband does not like it. He scolds Arjun what kind of a man he is to torture his wife so much, what if something happens to Maya. Ayan says let her die. Arjun says he has to go now. Ayan says he will not let him go. Arjun says he has to and gets into ambulance and closes door. Ambulance starts. Ayan says he will not spare Maya today and will bring back bhai and leaves on his bike. Samay thinks he will not let anyone harm Maya, says he will go behind Ayan and leaves on his bike.

Maya gets up once ambulance moves and reminisces how she forcefully tried to get her lugguage out and self-inflected injury on her forehead and acted as collapsing. Arjun is shocked and asks driver to stop vehicle. Maya yells he cannot go back to Saanjh ditching her. He says he went to attend Ayan’s engagement and not meet Saanjh. His love for Maya has vanished in 3 years, insists to stop ambulance. Maya says without her permission it will not stop and asks driver to continue. Arjun insists. She gives him injection and he collapses. She panics and cries sorry baby, orders driver to take van to her home. Ayan follows van.

Maya takes Arjun home on stretcher. Jahnvi is shocked seeing it. Maya orders peons to drop Arjun on his bed. Jahnvi presses alarm. Maya shouts why she presses siren all the time, if she cannot sit silently, can’t she see Arjun is sleeping. She continues yelling at Jahnvi, gets emotional, then shouts again and pushes her into her room.

Ayan reaches outside Maya’s apartment. Saanjh calls him and asks where is he. He says outside Maya’s apartment, he will do something now that Maya will not raise her head again.

Precap: Ayan tells Saanjh that today he will do something that Maya will not raise her eyes again. He tears Maya’s clothes.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. The faith people have for Maya….. She killed her father who we can say deserved all that, but throwing your mother from height to get your self clean is next level shit.
    As for Arjun, she interferes with his career, does not even let him eat what he wants and basically blackmails him all the time. Today she made him faint and confessed that his Hatred for her has connected them.
    Now people who show no empathy to Aayan or the mother, you are completely forgetting that Arjun was raised with them, with love. That love helped him become tolerant to Maya even if she is mentally challenged.
    Have some empathy people. Running over with love on a psycho girl because she was successful ? She has hurt her mother and Arjun whom she claims to love.
    Would you be willing to bring such a girl home as your brothers wife? I think we got the answer of how much you love Maya now.
    On the positive side almost all seem to agree that She has to undergo psychological treatment.
    Remember love does not bind you from living freely, dictatorship does.

    1. Anaika_18

      CORRECTION, it hasn’t been shown that Maya killed her father or made Jahnvi jump off the terrace. In fact, if you’d closely watched today’s episode; Maya had injected the syringe in Arjun’s back using her right hand whilst the murderer was right-handed. So, even if Maya is supposed to be killer, its exactly the reciprocal of her love towards Arjun i.e. NIL.

      And how can one empathize with Vandana who has been nothing but a superstitious lady and Ayaan who’s trying to molest Maya so that his brother gets rid of Maya. Who will support a family who valued their ego more than relations? Even if Maya’s love has been excess even for her mother … even if it has been toxic to her, she had truly loved her. So much that she can even give up on her life.

      I agree RN, Maya is shown reckless and cold and psycho but we all love the Maya who has been slightly manipulative but wanted to change.

      At the end of the day, we all want Maya to get her due of share because her life had been so tormenting … so much, that anyone would’ve given up on her life. Abusive father, weak-willed mother, lover’s betrayal (Samay is theories are right), etc. She deserves happiness.

      Love Maya forever and always ❤ ❤ ❤

      1. It has not been shown directly ??
        Maya asks her mum for forgiveness, doesn’t she in her typical psyco avatar when her mum gets paralyzed and further takes care and gets angry when she does get well.
        Killing her father would be justified by the scene where the police officer says hats off to the person who did this and Maya passes by.
        Everything is not explicit sister, try and read between the lines.
        Expecting others (maya) to be happy is the best thing a human can ask for, but at the same time you show the opposite reaction for a family who lost a loved member. Their love made Arjun strong enough to tolerate Maya.
        That sister in law thing went unanswered though! Seriously hoped some Maya supporter would argue with me on it.

  2. reshma begum

    Welcome u luna .
    guys I don’t understand that y u supporting Maya is she is doing right. Maya is wrong I already explain u that Maya take arjun happiness For love is it good and actually it’s just a serial.

  3. Amanda u r correct, this is real fact

  4. Amanda u r correct, this is real fact

  5. I’ll kill this dare he enter into other couples life though Arjun is his brother.and this stupid Arjun,he have to think that Maya is his wife before blaming and hurting her.we have to agree that vandana and saanj aren’t good to that strongly she blamed Maya before and this hell saanj.we can’t believe her now also.she may change and again will start to love Arjun. But,mere Maya how dearly,she loves Arjun.she is afraid of that stupid family.because they may try to separate arya.and I love samay,whatever his past is,now he is trying to save Maya from this pagal family.but my sad,Maya will not love anyone other than Arjun.?

  6. Hey guys I did some research since the show never mention anything about May’s condition. I think Maya is suffering from OCD ( Obsessive Cumpulsive Disorder) in which a person becomes obsessed with something. In May’s case it’s Arjun. OCD is not common and often misunderstood by society. But the show over exaggerate things a bit

  7. indira chatterjee

    The tittle of the serial absolutely right, Beyhad. Had se jiyada koi bhi achhi nahi hai everyone must be know the limit, either he or she runined everything. Luna thanks for your comment, both Maya and Arjun cross their limit. Arjun hates Maya limitless and Maya’s love? She ignored her mother for Arjun. She will be finish her career,life for beyhad mohabbat.

  8. No sane people can live with this girl, Maya. She is so destructive even to self as well. Now I think she does not even love Arjun she only wants him. Arjun left everyone for her earlier and she made him dog. She tortured Arjun a lot that now he also believes that this girl is not the one he used to love. Arjun left everyone for her before then now it’s her time to do some sacrifices. She is becoming like a monster now

  9. This show is deplorable.

  10. This show is deplorable. How do people watch this shit

  11. Anaika_18

    The height of Maya’s delusion and obsession is too much to handle right now. But still, I’ll like to know why the hell doesn’t Arjun take her for counselling or treatment. Did he really love her ever? I doubt. If he would’ve returned 0.1% of Maya’s Beyhadh love in return, I bet ArYa would’ve been #couplegoals right now. But he thinks apparently “alcohol” and best-friend (who loves you in a not so platonic way) is more important than your wife and your baby. That’s what ruined them.
    Arjun says Maya is ruining him. But he ruined Maya. And now, his brother who was the only relatable, cute character in this show is also showing off the immaturity in his blood just like Arjun.
    I hate Arjun. I hate Ayan rn. But I can’t hate Maya even if she’s irrational, psycho … because her pain has etched deep marks on my heart. I hope Samay helps her in healing and redemption and the show better gets over the shitty thing that Maya is supposed to be shown evil so that end game is Saajun.

    Honestly, IDC about the end game- Saajun or ArYa, I just want my Maya to be happy and most importantly, “fixed” either by herself or Samay.

    Love Maya Beyhadh ❤ ❤ ❤

  12. Anaika_18

    Maya ain’t the killer guys. Because she used her right hand but the killer was lefty??

    Still hope for redemption and happiness ??


      I wish so, but the way they are destroying her and setting things up for her downfall her chances at redemption are growing slimmer and slimmer.

      Jennifer said hey won’t change the story, and that sends a sharp pain to my heart that they always intended this and a potentially tragic end with her death/losing everything.

      Why did they give her such a past, such pain? And yet give her goodness, light, hope and happiness in actual real love?
      Why make us love and empathise with a tortured soul if the intention was to let the monster Ashwin prevail in the end? They cannot do this it is completely immoral. Arya Is a long forgotten dream no matter how much I try to hope for it, but Maya cannot lose everything, it removes all things positive about the show and just makes it a stereotype that ill/obsessive love with abusive pasts cannot be healed and bettered and that she cannot have love and happiness? This is completely WRONG.

      They better have the intention of her happiness or at least betterment, else I will lose respect for CVs and their take towards ill people, especially after such a backstory as hers showing a lost girl craving love and affection that she had always wanted but the world never understood or gave her.

      She deserves happiness, they cannot do this injustice to her they just can’t it will be too unfair and rubbish for me to comprehend, understand or ever respect ever again. If they wanted to make her bad they should have never given her goodness or a heart, if they wanted to destroy her they never should have shown such happiness and genuine love, if they wanted darkness they shouldn’t have given her so much light to make us love her and wish for her to heal and escape her darkness, they should have made her evil from the start, and I hate the writers for not doing that.
      So much symbolism for maya, Arya and her betterment has all been overlooked, and I cannot bear to see it all crash and burn, not after they character they’ve created that has touched the hearts of so many people emotive lay through her pain and our understanding through her or even real life counterparts, they have to give the right message, that’s the only way to break this illusion of mentally ill= no happiness. A happy ending will make this show even more different and unique to other shows, as a grey character is given a chance to be happy, loved and have a family, something that all kids like her in the world dream to have, and so it will be inspiring and correct if they show that, not a desolate track leading to her dwinfall, as only Ashwin will win which is disgusting, and a character who has suffered so much for love will get nothing in return, which is cruelty beyond measure

      Hope you guys agree and understand my Ppv.

      Love maya always ❤?❤❤

      1. psyco,pagal,brainless maya

        Hope all Maya,s fan will get the life partner like pagal Maya.

      2. How short comment?

  13. Rajasekar Deeraj Prasath

    Blah, blah, blah. …….

  14. psyco,pagal,brainless maya

    Pagal brainless heart less Maya.u u r using ur mum also to trap Arjun Shameless fans of shameless Maya brainless fan of brainless Maya heart less fan of ………


  15. The Dark Hunter

    I feel maya needs some support or familial cushioning in order to improve
    I’ve been reading about psychological disorders especially ROCD, Attachment disorder etc. that all can resut from childhood neglect and abuse creating insecurity/fear of loss resulting in actions that make any romantic relation toxic and worse.
    This describes maya well, she has been tormented to the extent that she lives in constant fear not peace, obsessive about Arjun to the point of self-harm or suicide and constantly doubting herself and others and their intentions towards her and her relation.
    She has never had another to care and help her understand her mistakes and mentality, I feel they need to show such a happening, that somebody preferably familial or elderly can guide her the right way and show her mistakes so she can realise her truth and more importantly ACCEPT it. Acceptance is key, but the ill and deluded have extremely low chance of coming to self-realisation, there need to be others to support her. This is why I am sad seeing the current track, maya through her fears is creating her very fears unwillingly and needs help to get better. I wish Arjun could see that she is hurting and alone, not just that she is crazy and thus should be left alone, he should realise that hatred and abandonment will only make her more obsessive and dangerous to herself and others. Moreover, he should do his duties as a husband and try to help her, or at least try to reflect what he may have done to trigger these events, as before the leap he asked her if she would spy on him too and she said no as she trusts him completely. He should try and think if he broke her trust to that extent, and if so console her and help her through this phase, even if he loves her no more he has obligations as a husband, he cannot run away and abandon things when they get difficult he has to be there for her, as she does love him, but just as he brought colours into her life he needs to bring different perspectives of live as well, as he is the one she will listen to most, so he has the best chance of at least convincing her to be treated and trust him again.

    I’m not pining for Arya, but Maya deserves better than what she is getting right now. Her views on love may be incorrect and the resulting actions are wrong, but she does love him. A family’s war,th and care, something she has never had would help her at least come to her understanding, and if not an equally obsessive person like Samay can help her see the consequence of obsessive love.

    Whether she then leaves Arjun or not is questionable, but she should definitely learn to love selflessly again. When she was willing to leave Arjun even on their marriage day as she couldn’t see him in pain, that was true love and I do wish to see that return soon for everyone’s sakes, but especially Maya. She deserves happiness, but someone or circumstances should be such that must help her come to realisation and help her heal medically or through love so that she has a chance to dispel the poisons of ashwin and live freely Arya or not irrelevant maya and her redemption/happiness is all that matters to me now.

    I hope you guys agree, she deserves a good ending despite everything, and I hope with all my heart it comes to be.

    Love maya ❤❤❤

    1. The Dark Hunter

      This is a turn around to the angry posts I put above :p
      I was disturbed by how they’ve affected Maya’s character so badly, and so I reacted a bit OTT I apologise maya lovers and saanjh lovers alike for my brashness.
      Despite that I believe there is still some truth in what I said, there was no need to bring her this low, there better be a chance for her later to rise up again. Her selflessness in love and friendship have been shown many an occasion, and I will be a extremely depressing waste if they forget all that and make her completely delusional and blackened to the core, they have to retain her greyness, her badness in actions and perspective but goodness in her love and intention, and her dreams for happiness and love like any others, despite that dream being warped by her obsessive nature stemming from a terrible abusive past.
      She needs to get courage to believe in her inner strength, not be completely dependent on another else this will only get worse and I cannot bear to see that, she has a lot of inherent goodness despite her flaws and I would really hate to see it all go away unnecessarily for fan demands of increased psychotic behaviour, drama should not hinder character development or destroy it, it should just work around it.

      Love maya ?❤?

  16. The Dark Hunter

    Do u know who I honestly blame for all this anger towards Maya’s psychotic behaviour and Arjun’s hatred, of Arya’s destruction and Maya’s damnation? Not Maya, not Arjun, not VM, not Saanjh, not Ayan, not the Mauritius pundit, partly the CVs but still NO.
    If it was their plan to ruin Arya and make her like this from the beginning, even from after Arya united, why did they make that scene on 3rd feb whilst Maya and Arjun were romancing and deeply in love.
    Why if they knew Arya was to separate and Maya to be destroyed, did they include that Pundit who on the first lines he spoke and I quote,


    Of course he then goes on to speak of Maya’s beyhadh pyar and the challenges they will have to face, but that one question really bugs me…


    if they had never included that scene, nor did Jennifer say that love will win and that maya isn’t bad, I would be like Kalika, Pyschomaya and the others, I would be fully comprehending and understanding that the relation has to go to pieces as there is no other way, that they were destined to fail from the Mauritius pundit onwards.

    But those two things make me still have hope for maya and Arya, and I hate that as they are making it look so bleak atm, it almost looks like they forgot that particular scene amongst others detailing Arya’s perfection in their current progressive story and it is as a result giving me unrest the ways things are rapidly declining. If only the CVs hasn’t done such things, I would not be resting my hopes on Anaya so much. Agreed I will still want her happy ending, but I would at least be able to understand that things were always meant to be destroyed between them, and so have nonchalance about the whole thing, whereas I feel sad and angry as the hope still exists because of such things for Arya but most of all Maya.

    Lets hope they change her for the better sometime soon that will put a lot of our hearts at ease.

    Love maya always❤❤❤

  17. Disgusting , not an ounce of entertainment. With whatever name that SONY has earned will be lost with this show. Unpalatable

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