Beyhadh 5th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Maya Saves Arohi

Beyhadh 5th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maya disguised as nurse wearing mask pass in front of Arjun. Arjun asks her to stop. She gets tensed. He asks how is Arohi. Jahnvi and Saanjh ask same. Another nurse opens IU door and asks her to come in. She walks in. Doctor tells senrior doctor that medicines are not working on Arohi, there is no hope. Senior doctor says until Arohi is breathing, they cannot lose hope. He asks nurse to prepare injectionn. Arohi gets short of breath. Doc asks to hold Arohi’s legs first. Maya silently exchanges injection and gives it to doctor. Arjun looks at time and Suman prays god to protect her Arohi. Doctor injects Maya’s given injection in saline bottle. Arohi’s condtition worsens. Doctor asks nurse which injection she gave, patient’s conditino is worsening. Arohi stops breathing.


goes out. Arjun and family asks how is Arohi. Doctor says they tried their best and could not find what poison was given, so they culd not give antidote, smiles and says by god’s grace, patient is out of danger. He reminisces Arohi stopping breath and he giving defibrillator shock to her. Arjun thanks her and Saanjh asks if they an meet Arohi. Doctor says of course one she is shifted ward. Family walks into ward. Ayan holds Arohi’s hand emotionally. Arohi opens eyes and asks why they are all crying, if someone died. Ayan asks not to say that. Arohi asks Saanjh to smile now as she is fine. She asks duffer/Arjun to come to her. Arjun reminisces Ayan confronting. Suman asks him to come. Arjun pampers Arohi. Arohi says she is superstrong, has 2 papa and 3 mummy. Maya peeping from outside thinks only she had Arohi’s antidote, Maya cannot kill any child, she remembers losing her child, whatver happene to Arohi is just a beginning, just like Arjun snatched her happiness, she will snatch Arjun’s happiness. Arjun himself will inclue her in his life, he himself will all her home.

Arjun asks Ayan to relax, he will not let anyone harm Arohi. Ayan says Arjun let Maya free an he cannot take risk. He picks bag and calls Arohi. Arohi requsts Saanjh that she does not want to go. Saanjh pleads not to take Arohi away. Ayan drags Arohi away while family pleas to leave Arohi. Saanjh pleads they all will die if he takes Arohi away. Ayan says if he keeps Arohi here, Arohi will die. Arohi hugs Saanjh and says she will not leave dusky and duffer. Arjun says Ayan that he will not let anything happen to Arohi, she is also his daughter. Ayan says Arohi is only his daughter, until Arohi is attached to Arjun, Maya’s fear will hover them. Arohi asks if it is same Maya. Arjun asks Arohi not to worry until her duffer is with her. He promises Ayan again. Ayan asks similar promise he made during his mom’s time, his Maya killed mom, he killed mom. Arjun slaps Ayan. Ayan drags Arohi and Saanjh holds other hand but then leaves. Arohi asks why did she leave her hand. Saanjh says she cannot see her in pain and hugs. Ayan says Arohi if she is done, let us go. Arjun stops Ayan again. Ayan gives Arohi’s promise and asks not to stop him. He leaves house with Arohi.

Saanjh goes to her room and angrily breaks things. Arjun tries to calm her down. Saanjh says Maya told she will snatch their happiness and she did; Ayan is right,everything is because of Arjun, why did he bring Maya in their lives. Arjun thinks he did a big mistake, Maya yas to pay for Arohi and Saanjh’s tears.

Precap: Detective tells Arjun that he found Maya, his man saw her in closed factory’s window. Arjun with team enters factory and sees Maya there.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Who says Maya doesn’t have emotions but she is hurted in love, nothing is more painful than an incomplete love….Maya love u so much. This is the reason that everyone ? love Maya she saved the life of arohi….kill tat Saanjh problem solved jhavi too….Only Maya saves the life of aarohi not arjun not sanjih not ayan and not all the doctors…. Love pain caused by Arjun Saanjh b*t*h still wants to save child

  2. Sanjh is crying cause Ayan’s daughter is leaving..when Arya died, Maya was devastated and her husband left her

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