Beyhadh 5th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Beyhadh 5th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vandana gives gift box to Arjun and says she wants to give this gift to Saanjh as her engagement gift. He says she knows Maya would not like it. She says she scolded Saanjh as she was angry on her, but their relationship is so old, Saanjh will forgive her seeing this gift. She does not want to go and Arjun can give that gift to Saanjh. Arjun kisses her hand and asks how is her hand pain. She says it is fine, what about his pain. He says it will vanish once his loved one/Maya gets well. She leaves reminiscing writing a letter for Saanjh and hiding it under ganesh idol and packing it as gift. Arjun keeps gift box on table.

Maya enters and notices gift box on table. Once Arjun leaves, she opens wrapper and checks it carefully. She opens box and searches it and does not find anything in. She

picks Ganesh idol. Arjun enters and says it is mom’s gift for Saanjh. Maya says she knows and wants maa to give better gift for Saanjh. Arjun nods yes. She repacks gift. He says he will go and give it to mom. She holds his hand and says when someone troubles to find it and destroy. Arjun says he will give it to deriver to give it to Saanjh, leaves. Maya gets Samay’s blood note and gets irked.

Saanjh gets ready for her engagement sadly. Suman enters with sweet curd and asks why she is sad. Saanjh says in happiness, all dear ones to be together, it would have been good if Vandana, Arjun and Ayan would be here. Suman says even Maya’s inauspicious shadow would have entered and she does not want any inauspicious during her daughter’s marriage. Samay and Prem enter wearing sherwanis.

Arjun asks driver to give gift box to Saanjh. Maya says he will not. Vandana gets tensed. Maya says they will go and give this gift personally.

Saanjh and her family start dancing and sing Nachdene saare miljhulke…song…happily. Samay watches and thinks he cannot get engaged too Saanjh as he loves Maya. He walks away says no and seeing Maya coming cries that he loves her and does not to get engaged to Saanjh, he cut even his finger to escape. Maya says if he loves her, then he should learn to sacrifice also, she should leave Arjun and get back to him. Maya says she wants to give Arjun one more chance and if he loses chance, then she is all hers, so he should get engaged to Saanjh for the time being. He agrees and says I love you. She hesitantly smiles and says she knew he would not let their love lose. She gets tensed seeing Arjun walking in. Arjunwalks in, holds her, and asks who would not let her lose. She says samay, means time, with time their love will be more itense. Arjun sees show lights stuck to her and removes them hugging her. She starts her philosophy. Samay watches everything hiding. Arjun asks to tell truth, why she came here. Maya says if she had not come here, Saanjh’s engagement would not have happened. He asks what she means. She says Samay did not want to get engaged. He nods what.. She says Arjun’s love is so intense, it is difficult to escape from it, Saanjh loves Arjun a lot and would not have engaged today, so she had to come explain Saanjh that one should not run behind other’s belongings. She walks with Samay looking at Samay hiding.

Saanjh searches Samay and asks where is he. Shubh jokes he must have escaped seeing her dance. Saanjh says she is serious. Samay enters delivering heavy dialogue and hugs her. Arjun enters with Maya. Saanjh gets happy, but Suman yells unwanted guests enter everywhere. Shubh tells Arjun only invitees can enter, does he have invitation. Arjun says Maya let us go. Saanjh holds his hand and says wherever she is, her duffer is needed always. Maya looks fuming.

Precap: Arjun gives Vandana’s gift to Saanjh. Saanjh reads Vandana’s message that Maya’s CCTV cameras are all around the house. She calls Vandana and asks to start her job, she will handle Maya. Maya comments from behind it is impossible to handle her.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. WORST WORST WORST SERIAL EVER….nd d worst character is Maya…

  2. Im feeling bad that this show has nothing much to offer now. im scared id need to discontinue watching it now coz its not stimulating my brain nor heart… Arjun is being utterly wasted poor guy now im wondering if hes the main lead or samay… beyhadh is loosing its charm. first we lost a good villan ashwin then jhanvi became a prop in the background, ayans no where coz hes in jail.. arjun makes guest appearance.. vandy is gonna die.. maya n samay is all we have n a little bit of saanj… seems like even the characters itself are distancing that case wat r we.. dumb spectators after all…

  3. I can see why in the next week episode maya holds vandana and saanjh at gunpoint. Those idiots are digging they’re own graves! This saanjh still flirting with arjun even at her own engagement! Thank god at least maya is faithful to the person she loves! What I don’t get is why does vandana want to search maya’s room?? Does she think maya has left behind clues on how to bail out ayan?? Anyways if saanjh and vandana do die they deserve it. Thought only vandana dies as per sources. Maya herself has continuously warned vandana about not irking her. Let arjun find out on his own.. anyways I’m rooting for Samaya!!! They look awesome together both are obsessed and deserve each other. Maya looks s*xier and hotter in each episode. Glad that they found an actor like Piyush who can match Jenny’s acting
    standard brilliant performance by him
    After seeing the kidnapping promo there are 2 ways for this show now:
    1) Arjun will start a revenge drama after
    finding out that maya has killed his mother and will side with saanjh to finally put an end to maya thus in the end showing saanjun as end game
    2) Arjun will finally have the guts and leave maya. And maya being maya will use Samay again to make arjun jealous

    1. guess wat! I thought i was the only one who felt it samaya looked hot together!! seriously they have the same intensity in them… im no more praying that arjun falls in love with maya.. but im pining that maya falls for samay.. both will be so deeply in love n theyre would be so much fire.. also maya nor samay wont behave so obsessed n insecure /negative coz either of them would make each other their world….wow!

    2. saanjh is not flirting and maya is not faithful to arjun are you blind or what how can you just say maya faithfull she wanteldy made samay bite her and she is using him .

      saanjh is not using anyone for her she is doing that for ayyan

    3. You are absolutely right stefan..stupid saanjh will never change her stoop behave..her dialogues to Arjun as a friend can make any wife or girlfriend insecure…saanjh is irritating and she will be irritating. saanj is a dumb girl.her attitude created more troubled, if she maintains decent distance with Arjun after marriage situation might have been different.saanjh will talk only big talks but nothing in doings. She is the root cause of Maya’s insecurity. Maya turns possessive of Arjun due to the people in her life who all the time want to separate Arjun from Maya.

  4. How on the earth can a women be shown going down to this extent? Maya is such a waste of anyone’s life and I don’t know why her character is being framed this way…JW is doing an amazing job (no doubt about it!!) but the character ‘Maya’ is someone who cannot be in existence..she deserves to die…I feel they should end this serial by killing her (she should kill herself) and that should be the end of it!!

  5. i dont understand dat y this vm is behind maya if i wud b der at vm plac i wud try to understand d person emotion n y dat person is behaving like but vm she is just making her more miserabl poor girl is telling help me out to b gud i dont want to b bad i luv u sasuma dn too she just want to find proof she is so dumb she herself say maya is so intelligent so how can she think she vl leav any proof dat too in her bedroom whr arjun leav hahaha so arjun hate her if he find it vm is just to great i think all r mad in d show excluding maya if u c d show frm d start i find maya faithful in work in love in madness in evilness in reveng i think she deserve bettr dn arjun n samay bcz she too loyal to arjun but arjun was not loyal to her as v seen in seasn1 n today also she said she want to giv arjun 1mor chanc i think arjun had done something in past so d reasn she is at dz level bz whn arjun left evry1 for her so she was so happy dat der is no1 to interfere dn who came between them in 3yrs dat she becam lik this think about it no1 is bad ppl make good person bad n dat bad person is asking vm to help her to becom gud dn too no1 is supporting so gud if maya is geting evil n ruining dyr life i love jenny but i lov more maya for being maya n being so brave after such a traumatic childhood love u :*

    1. VM is only there to get evidence to free Ayaan, why should she sacrifice her son for Maya? Do you think that falsifying rape is fine? Only Ayaan is VMs son, Arjun must be miserable forever.

      1. Resonance1290

        You are actually correct @Kalika
        VM shouldn’t have to sacrifice her son like this, maya was wrong in this only a fool can deny it, but i still empathise with her fear of losing her life and soul that people always tried to take away from her, that and her mental makeup makes her do adverse things in different ways that mostly end up making things worse regrettably, and I feel sorry for her for that reason, even if she is wrong.

        VM is right in wanting to expose her, only that she should be more tactful with saanjh, especially knowing how intelligent maya is! Saanjh however only wants to show Arjun what he already knows, that maya is mad and he should leave her, which Arjun despite that doesn’t want to as he loves her, I respect him for that reason alone.
        Saanjh is also wrong here but only in her intention. VM is right in intention, but actual unfair prejudice from before towards maya makes most fans against VM even now unfortunately, we have to understand why though 🙂

        Thanks for your opinion, but please could I ask you to just tone it down a little and please not get personal with anybody. If you have anger at the show plz let it out, but leave commenters out of it I implore you, let’s try and have some peace in these pages just agree or disagree with others no insults necessary else unnecessary stupid fights start for no reason.

        Thanks sister ?


    2. agree with @Kalika. If you were in vm’s place, I bet you wouldn’t be being all considerate of maya at the stake of your own son’s life. Vm has her two sons to worry about and Maya being the cause of their problems, vm has no reason to empathize or ‘help’ Maya because she first needs to help herself instead.

  6. normally v say if sum1 leaves u so forget n leav her/she bcz she/he was never yours but i just love maya dialogue wat she said if any1 leaves u n go then find out dat person n destroy them for leaving u hahaha but maya u can do it bcz u r so rich n powerful but v normal ppl cant n i agree wid ur thought bcz evn i think d same ;)n i wish i cud also do dat love u maya always go ahead with u always

  7. First of all my apology to all members of tellyupdates for me there was a war zone created yestarday . “Samara ” one of the member used the word b*t*h aginst maya in her comends i lost my cool and was forced to use such a word against and i was forced to be rude in my commends i am really sorrry gyes

    So lets make it simple neither i nor any of the foram members to used such word against any charecter plzz itsa very humble request. Plzz gyes lets keep it clean.
    As i love maya any such words against her i wount accept soo u dont use such word against maya i promose i wwill not use but if u use such word than plzz be ready for a very harsh and rude reply from maya lover (atleast me) .

    So gyes u noticed or not maya said to arjun that ” samay ka pakar kithna bhi mazbooth ho mera arjun mujha bacha lega “”samay chaha mujha kithnahi picha kich ta raha ma age barti rahungii tumhare pyaar k liya ” these hints towards season 3 arjun rescues maya from samay this hints something like this!!!!!!! And yeh maya is as always looking queen bae.
    And to specially mention khushal looked really s*xy in floral jacket only he looks sooo hot in floral his fasion scense is great but if only his expresions were as great as his fasion.

    1. Yes hell saanjh..i too don’t want to use such a words but girayi log make me to use.what to do.they are not changing,how many times we told don’t behave stoop for fiction..but Fallen people do the same. I think it’s fun to know that ,they likes to behave low class.

      1. Oh KS, how low class your mother must have been to have given birth to you….

      2. my god kalika… ur taking a fictional mothers, vandanas support.. but putting down others mothers… how can stoop to this level…. ks has not even mentioned ur name in the comment then y such attutitde? im sure she was referring to a commentor called Sunil from yestersays forum….y get commentors parents in all this….? i think they should take our jennifer and put u in her place… i think u dont even have to act everythin will come out naturally coz ur an antagonist in real life .. im sure some character like u only was the inspiration behind mayas character… get a life n stop acting like a frustrated old mother in law.. act ur age….

      3. Oh kalika its mean you accepted u r low class guy ??…i will not blame ur mom,i will pity on…kalika stupid guy …?? low class people like you see this is ur status..?? haha…stoop guy..chal hut…girayi person.?? ?girayi face..?? ?

      4. oh wait I expressed my feelings even ks and other so called maya lovers called saanjh badly . i told i hate maya not jenny .

        i just wanted to know how you are supported that type of character this know how you will be in real life

      5. Oh sunil don’t talk about real life,it’s not suits u ,u attacked unknown person in real life for fiction..first maintain ur real life good way,then give lectures.we scolded only fiction character not like u guys.we did not expressed feelings like u and ur stoop way.Lol…??

      6. oh really i attacked unknow then wat you are doing u are attacking know saanjh character fictional .i dont like maya i told then you guys keep msg about maya then just stop dont talk too much just check your previuos comments how sttoop u kept

      7. Oh really im not,u can read my comment clearly ..its use for u,its my wish to talk about fictional character..i will scold saanjh .that’s my wish,i didn’t attacked in real life like u stoop.i don’t know why you r confusing between real&reel…any way enjoy it

    2. And I like today episode..ArYa scene cute..?..maya dialogues awesome like every time..? cutely maya told truth to Arjun indirectly.? ..i heard season 1 ArYa scenes, we will get in season 3.let’s wait and see,those Maya dialogues giving indirect hint whoever can’t separate our ArYa.?.love u maya?

      1. The Dark Hunter

        If god can bow down in the face of love, how does time stand a chance?
        So true maya was hinting season 3 so well there hats off for dialogues even if CVs have cut down on trackspeed and romance the wirds are most on point!

        Im not doing a long analysis like usual as ive seen a big thing todays episode which is VERY symbolic of many things, but i’ll leave it for you guys to decipher. Hint: ganpati

        Maya ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    3. Oh Lord it’s still breathing, why Lord why did you create such a brainless moronic creature like this hellsaanjh who thinks that breaking peoples hands in doorways, falsifying rape charges, and being and all round miserable wretch is fine, I really want to know who this trash that calls itself Hellsaanjh is, you deserve all the misery the world has to offer because you Hellsaanjh, not some fictional character but you are a worthless, disgusting, Neanderthalic piece of crap just go slit your wrists or something. You must be so unwanted to attach yourself to a fictional character so passionately. You are nothing but a psychotic female ?

      1. god almighty.. ur more psychiotic than maya… wats wrong with u…ur agaisnt maya for the same kind of behaviour that u are portraying is it? isnt it an irony? or watching maya reminds u od ur state of mind is that the reason ur getting so hyper?

      2. @kalika… hellsanjh is supporting fictional character called maya thats ok shes not hurting anyone.. but since ur being a dignified citizen of india i suppose… so in that case is it ok for u to not just get so personal with commentors but even abusing their mothers n family… is it ok for speaking so negative like
        go slit ur wrist only for empathizing with a fictional character? wat does it speak about u? all that justifiable is it.? i feel the moderator should block this female…since their not doing a good job of keeping track of blocking inappropriate comments they can atleast block this troll completely

      3. There’s no need to block her, she our forums very own Maya. If we can empathise with a fictional character than we wanna exercise this attitude in real life too…. u can only nullify negativity with positivity.. let her vent out her frustrations here on this forum.. else god knows whose life shell screw up in real..

  8. hw can ppl support maya who is so cruel? poor vandana will die

    1. The Dark Hunter

      True I wish death upon no one!
      However we are not sure if its maya yet, besides the promo is too forward-portraying and showing maya to be a murderer. The promo is usually never that direct, beyhadh has a knack of being misleading/symbolic, lets hope this is the same.

  9. ppl saying saanj it is maya who have affair affter marrige.and flirting with both arjun and is husbend and other is lover .saanj just want her frnd attend her they do everything together.

    hate u samay u r ruinnig saanj life. for so called love.

  10. maya is extra ordinary….really…her love is shown through her act..thats it…..


      Her junoon, her zeal despite her sorrows are incredible! She speaks through actions and only words of love or philosophy escape those lips lol. Her moral compass needs to be bent back into shape, otherwise…

  11. Ayesha22

    agree with @ks and @hellsaanjh, season 3 would have happiness for maya and arya lovers.i still don’t think that maya could kill vandy,because if she had to she would have done it long way back and would not have waited all this long.they are just confusing us by portraying maya as bad because in the end it would be someone else.I AM DAMN SURE ABOUT THIS AND LAST BUT NOT THE LEAST

    1. Resonance1290

      I feel the promo theyre showing is more symbolic than anything, that theyre paying the price of betraying maya and that they should never meet maya in any lifetime, that doesnt necessarily mean maya is the one who kills! It could mean that because of samay and his killer instincts that no-one should mess with maya!

      Plus it has been confirmed by Kavita Ghai that ALL previous murders/attempts have NOT been done by MAYA, so we may still have hope yet!

      Thanks maya lovers here im glad we’re all taking this in a mature manner!
      Thanks @hellsaanjh for apologising i really hate it when sensible people stoop down to such a level we are better than that and you showed it
      today kudos to you ??

      Maya haters and lovers out there, always you are free to your opinion but anyone who calls others negatively has no reason or right and so i please ask everyone just please stick to comment on the show and nothing else, thats all i ask.

      Thanks guys



      Besides when has a promo for any episode or event especially one as big as this ever been directly on face value and totally obvious to the audience… It doesn’t seem right theyre telling us through a promo, i mean everytime theyve showed a scene where arjun was beating maya in promos it was herself… It may again all just be a MAYA(illusion) if so then a big relief for us all!
      Lets hope so

      1. The Dark Hunter

        True! Might just be another MAYA 🙂

  12. SMH at the comments. Looks like this serial is affecting a lot of people’s mental ability to think. Instead of sympathising with someone like Maya people are passing derogatory comments to those who do. We never say a shit about Saanjh lovers. Then why do you do that to us?

    If you guys support Saanjh at least act like her. Humble. Oops. I forgot. Saanjh ain’t humble at all. At least Maya acts sweetly to her even though she hates her. Keep your hate to yourself.

    1. The Dark Hunter

      Exactly! Sympathising with a tortured soul like her isnt wrong at all, its human! she does everything no matter what it is solely for love and acceptance, but the way she has been raised makes her take the wrong path to do something right, thus making it wrong as well, plus whenever she has tried to be good she’s only been given grief and hate in return, it’s not hard to see her plight!

      You are correct, even Piyush Sahdev confirmed in interview Saanjh despite thinking Samay loves her still wants Arjun to come back to her it’s pathetic! If this is true friendship in real life I don’t want such a friend! I want a friend who can respect my choices, respect my boundaries and respect that I can love and care for other people in the world! Maya is different, she is so possessive as she HAS NO ONE ELSE in the world, and the world never gave her a chance for her to be part of their family! Saanjh has a loving family with sanskari parents and yet she behaves in this way still! No wonder her parents on-screen and most audience think she’s shameless and the real obsessed one! People who justify maya do injustice to her by saying her badness is right, it only makes her worse. People who understand, empathise and want her to get better however are mature people who believe even such fallen people deserve a second chance especially if she is now acknowledging and BEGGING them to help her heal her dark side! VM has always represented this stupid part of society focusing on abshaguns before the tears of her DIL who wanted to change and have a happy life but was mercilessly beaten down and disheartened. This is not to say maya is the only one, millions have this problem and it goes to show how this society needs to change! Yes she heard maya is mad, but she heard it from a child-beater who kidnapped her! Plus she ignored all good things pundits said about Arya relation instead focusing on the beyhadh love problem, which is fine when considering protecting your son but not when considering being cruel to a DIL who was never antagonising her in any way.

      Maya is not just a result of herself, the world has contributed A LOT to her current distress and psychosis. Psychosis NEVER develops unless significant trauma Is dealt, and both her childhood/the worlds cruelty would have pushed anyone to snapping point, so how can we blame her? We can only love her for this, that she still had compassion and willingness to selflessly love despite her evils, and her determination in love and changing herself was what we admired most alongside her courage and passion, but also vulnerability and softer side. Now they’re showing her significantly darker, but like she said only Arjun and his TRUE love can help her, plus that whenever time captures her, Arjun’s love will save her (season 3 spoiler!)

      I only wish the best for all people out there including myself who have even suffered a fraction of what Maya has shown to. We have our faults, our problems, but our hopes for a brighter tomorrow keep us going; love and support is not the only thing needed, but it is NECESSARY! Only then can we start on the road to recovery once again. I’m a clinical sociopath, but I’m slowly starting to love myself again after so long, and appreciate the beauty of the life I’ve been given, regardless of the pain I’ve felt before. I’ve paid for my misdeeds in previous lives, now its my time to atone and make better my lives to come 🙂

      Love u guys for your support and kindness

      Love maya ❤❤❤

      1. IKR. Like we’re on forums to express our positive opinion about Maya and a few people are here only to show us apparently how “low class” and what other shit we are. Saw Piyush’s interview and its giving me huge hope. Even in a film called “GUPT” an innocent character turned out as the culprit and because Beyhadh is a thriller, showing Maya as the murderer wont be THRILLING at all because people already expect her to be the murderer. Anyway, hopefully Maya tides over this phase of pagalpan and emerges as the winner and stays in a bubble of happiness forever.

        Love Maya always and forever ❤??

  13. Maya, loved her dialogues in this. Arjun beta laakh karle tu inkaar saajna, you only love our Maya baby ??

    I think in S3 Saanjh will become black and will be shown the murderer. That’ll be a nice twist tbh ?

    1. The Dark Hunter

      Well maya is definitely NOT the murder of anyone before Kavita ghai confirmed 🙂 that would be an astronomical twist though hahaha 😀
      Maya is more innocent than we may think. Aside the framing Ayan which she deserves reprimands and punsihment for, hurting VM she revealed is part of her blank-minded psychosis she has no control over when she fears Arjun’s loss, and she expressed her guilt and want to redeem to Jhanvi and wanted her mother/Arjun/VM to support her, truly a heartbreaking and inspiring scene. Soon we will see maya being tipped over the edge, but that Samay actually gains killer intent, according to a new guy at beyhadh directive he says the blame will fall on Maya for all new abshaguns/bad events including the KILLING OF ARJUN, but she will not be responsible. (Phew) but a BIG twist is coming soon be prepared. I’m not sure about VM and Saanjh kidnapping track yet but let’s hope for the best 🙂

      Love maya always ????

      1. If VM is really going to die then no one would be calling Maya abshaguni and crap because no one’s that superstitious. ?

        Lets hope twists are in favor of Maya getting back to her grey scale and not just in her favour of turning more dark. I want Maya to be happy at the cost of her redemption and punishment for framing fake rape case against Ayaan because I think that thing was only OTT in the show.

  14. Thanks gyes for accepting my apology and as i said i love maya so lets play it maya style whatever ppl say maya is the heroine with grey shades she is the jaan of beyhadh and saanjh is a supporting charecter so lets not give her importance focus on arya and only and only maya. Want a blissfull arya in season 3

    Ooo god kalika why the hell on this world u have to be personall to insult others come onnn have a level dont just drop sooo low nd show ur level i mean seriously u insulted ks mother i mean u calll ur self sensible plzz check it first that if u r a proper mannerd human then comes question of sensibility and plzz if u think u r mahan by supporting a charecter like sanjh then plzz go get a life!!!!! Its ur choise whom to support or not ur noone to tell us who we r? Where to go? What to do? And finally u r absolute no one to insult some one parents! Watch ur words kalika other wise we maya lovers very well know how to answere such nonsense ppl in a perfect way! Bcz maya always love to b perfect in every damm thing. Kalika i pray for u to almighty god to give u a matured brain for gods sake stop it plzz instead of insulting u only get insulted humble suggestion for u kalika plzz apolozige to ks atleast being a human. Plzz

    1. The Dark Hunter

      Respect @hellsaanjh appreciate your humbleness but plz @kalika isn’t worth it 🙂

  15. Any idea whens season 3 starting from?

    1. The Dark Hunter

      June/early July @sannia
      Thanks dear 🙂

  16. Nowadays I don’t like the serial.but I like the comments. So many script writers are there. ☺.psychiatrist are there. Counsellor are interesting to read na

    1. and some good for nothin prople also here…

  17. What a waste of time, seriously no one is an actual human being in the whole show, and maya and samay really need medical attention asap coz their gruesome acts are now not watchable anymore, television is for entertainment and a bit of social message and this show lacks both.

  18. One thing more dark hunter I have been reading your comments and although you seem to empathise with maya coz of some personal reasons I guess, probably you have had a similar childhood but look at the way you handled your life quite bravely I feel and that is what the maya haters too would have appreciated if they had a chance to explore the positivity of maya changing everything and everyone around her, hope I have not offended anybody here.

    1. The Dark Hunter

      That’s why I’m really disliking the CVS and their attitude towards showing a mentally ill person! By showing her trying to make difference it would have a good social message and be inspiring rather than a expression of dogust by viewers, plus it puts to shame people like that by saying they have the potential to become someone like maya and so are dangerous!
      They showed it post-marriage which is why that track I liked more than most as it showed her trying to change and be good which I liked to see immensely. Now however dragging her down with so much self-degradation and manipulation it’s almost impossible to see the character they created in season 1 that won hearts of most people through her vulnerability and sorrows. Aside recent scenes of er gilt they’re trying to paint her in the darkest shade and its sad to see 🙁

      Thanks for your opinion friend 🙂 I wish a good ending/redemption track for maya purely because it will be the right idea to show it, viewers despite seeing a thrill shouldn’t get angsty about a particular group of people through showing such an thing, plus the character they showed till now had those lighter qualities and removing them removes the character which they put the effort into making for so long, so I hope that’s the case for the future.

      Maya ❤❤❤

      1. Do u remember this dialogue where arjun tells VM.. maya is beemar n needs help.. and vm says maya beemaar nahi buri hai… i think thats where the CVS message is.. now theyre not confusing audience by giving any emotional touch n mental illness angle… theyre shaping mayas character into pure evil entity… since im a neutral viewer its a boon for me coz i can enjoy this show without any emotional baggage…. but i guess mayas lovers should accept this fact that this is where they’re heading to.. n stop having hopes.. maybe im wrong.. hope i am.. sorry if my pov hurt ur feelings….

      2. The Dark Hunter

        @sannia well maya was deemed kala saaya and murderer by VM whereas its been confirmed that maya didnt murder anyone, so they may show her predictions may be wrong about maya. Plus the pundit said Arya are destined and they are a perfect match, so i feel Arjun will be able to drag her away from that path if she walks it, plus maya’s dialogues of Arjun saving her from time… I feel that is more than just metaphoric.

        Anyway thx and i agree that they are doing severe injustice to maya as a charcater especially the way she was shaped season 1, lets hope they have a turnaround planned soon.


  19. Hey guys..till now we felt Maya using samay,we thought he is controlled by maya..but it’s not..maya trapped in samay plan..upcoming news will give hell shock to us.stay tune ?…love you Maya more ? ?❤

    1. Really? ?? That’s nice ?? Thanks KS! Hopefully its true. Love Maya ??

      1. Yes,this time its true ?..i came to know about samay deeds,i want to share it,but u guys will miss suspense stay tune.? our Maya is good&bad but she can’t be u Maya always ?

    2. Resonance1290

      Its sad though 🙁 maya is always perceived as evil even before she did any wrongs. She’s never been given a chance to be a good person and so through receiving hatred and fear she became the thing of people’s hatred and fears its truly sad. even VM envisioned Maya stabbing her and then tried to stab maya, i mean if this can happen to a “normal” person (cough cough BS) imagine how a tortured soul without friends or love and care who has only been labelled mad, sidelined and hated, what would happen to her psyche? Just to be accepted as “something” by people, she would become bad too its SICK to see how the CVS are portraying such a strong character from season 1 becoming so weak kust to prive superstitions and baseless assumptions correct. I mean its unfair on mentally ill people to show them in such a way! I hope phase 3 shows a redemption track, or at least that she selflessly does something just like on Valentines day and the track after which they stupidly showed her good side to make us believe in her, only to destroy all that so quickly?! people will have to accept maya in the end and give her peace after all her pain whether she dies(horrible) or lives(best) else i have only one word to describe the CVS; SICK!!

    3. The Dark Hunter

      Srsly @ks you are the shining star of this forum I bow to you for your omniscience and for giving maya lovers hope the CVS haven’t yet royally f***** up! Can’t wait now! Thanks dear 🙂

  20. Thank you sajni&thank u guys,and
    hell saanjh,no need her stoop sorry like TDH told that guy is not worth..&i don’t mind girayi people& their low class leavel talk.they r wild creature..&.?i love my Maya ? enjoying ?..??

    1. Advise to u ks… i think its better to ignore those who troll u completely… just stick to expressing ur point of view.. lets maintain peace n channalize our opinions in a dignified way on this forum now on….. without geting personal… Everyone has the right to exercise their fredom of speech but without hurting others sentiments…
      Good luck!!

  21. Ohhh god ks maya is trapped really!!! Never thought about it but maya cannot get evil only grey!

    1. The Dark Hunter

      Lol they signed up beyhadh from day 1 as a GREY character so its not too big a surprise. Besides greyness is what people wanted to see more than black villainy and anti-heros are always loved greatly, even though maya has done worse things than normal anti-heros…

    2. The Dark Hunter

      @hellsaanjh lol sorry I thought I was responding to @hellmaya lol I read you’re title wrong, which may be why I sound a bit more condescending haha ? yeah it better be true especially as it is confirmed all the murders were not maya and so that gives us some hope she’s not actually a gone case, that the post-marriage maya may surface agin later 🙂 lets hope so!
      I really want to know Maya’s perspective about the 3 years though, why she is this untrusting and saying Arjun has betrayed her before… What’s her understanding and reasoning to her possessiveness, that even Arjun may not be admitting?!

  22. diehardbeyhadhfan

    Hi guys im commenting here for the first time… Im so much waiting for season3. Im not a maya lover but i do wish season three has some positivity in it and wish maya gets better n realizes her mistakes n changes her attitude.
    Also i think we should all get united as beyhadh fans n not fight as saanj n maya lovers, because others who don like beyhadh and watch other serials comment on us saying we must be psychos thats y we watch this!!
    Cheers to all beyhadh fans!!

  23. @kalika i just gave an opinion n i said d truth dat vm know maya is intelligent dn y she is finding proof dat to in her room as if she vl keep it der n i think watevr u r telling to maya dosent suits u bcz our maya try to keep evry1 happy but vm n sanjh instigate her to do wrong evn ayaan he came to her house she dint went der n she already told dat whoevr try to take arjun away frm me il destroy dm u shud pray dat atleast she dint kill him he cud get out on bail n he had such a nic gf cud b happy wid her rather dn finding proof i think vm should ask maya for help by saying forgiv me n my son n just free my son ayaan take d case back v vl nevr interfere in ur lyf but wat vm is doing she is finding proof sick n mental ppl vm dosent care about ayaan if she wud dn she wud hav done sam wat i said but she want to bring maya real face in frnt of arjun @kalika c d show carefully dn comment n plz know dont say dat y vm should apologize for wrong so let me say if v luv any1 truly so v go to any extent to save them wat maya is doing for them so she is not mad nor bad her love is beyond think big love u maya always

  24. I feel like this show is wasting a strong character like Maya by engaging her in irrelevant love and family drama. It’d be so cool to see Maya using her intimidating and controlling personality for good, like for a social cause (helping abused children or girls protection etc.?). Basically somehow she’d be this badass strong heroic woman with a brutal past but saving many other innocent people from brutality by her wit and cunning intelligence. Plus she has the looks, money, fame and power to support her so she can actually make positive impact in society and any villains who come along the way and try to mess with her, Maya like shown in this show can tackle them down and ace the mind games by tricking all the bad people.

    But nah Indian tv serials always ruin it by their lovey dovey saas bahu drama

    1. Gyan De Sagar

      True! The potential of her character is so great i mean srsly the resources she has, the intelligence, and most kf all the actual remorse and compassion she had in season 1 could all have been extrapoltaed so well! But no like u said indian TV. Lose one major villian, you have to create another, and thats where this sucks. Unless we get full context what happened these 3 years., i refuse to believe that maya became this possessive and mad immediately after the Holi episode. Plus indian TV is not doing good showing that once again abused becomes abuser, that all her lighter qualities evident in season 1 have been smothered and even her supposed GREY nature we were promised has been severely tested as of recent, i can only wonder what their intentions really were when making a charcater with these many “layers”. Honestly ive only seen either boss maya, vulnerable maya or mad maya, and no’3 is unnecessarily prominent now its making the show difficult to stomach. Anyway hope for the best, i used to love this show and i hope the CVS understand such a track and negativity is not healthy for such a duration, especially to retain an audience.

    2. @sonia yeah but that wont power the trp churning mills.. thats y the cvs are implementing this trial n tested formula of saas bahu saaga… but wat ever ur saying , i seceond that, it would be indeed great if they show a soft side to her . so that audience can empathize with her irrespective of her petty manipulations… maybe she can be a possessive obsessed lover whose too insecure of arjun… but also they can make her a good person otherwise….like i said its not necessary that an obsessed lover should also be highly toxic person aswell… they should draw boundaries to her character n chisel it more finely n not superimpose all the evils existing on this planet onto her…

  25. The only reassuring thing about Monday is that you get to watch Beyhadh and Maya. ??

    Love you Maya ???

    1. The Dark Hunter

      Maya forever and always ❤❤❤ as long as she gets justice for both her goodness and badness in the end that is all I will ever want ? love her and want her love to win in the end!

  26. rienanda Alô

    Maya as a character is a bloddy b*t*h
    Shit on her face

  27. rienanda Alô

    Jennifer we love you…
    But Maya is a cunt


    Haha today on twitter is hilarious!!!
    @beyhadh official posted a pic of maya with her eyes scrunched toght and they said that’s how they feel seeing saanjh looking wistful at Arjun whilst exchanging rings! Haha even the beyhadh team are admitting saanjh is obsessive and shameless, just like her parents on-screen and majority of audience ???

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