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Beyhadh 5th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Arjun reminisces Maya’s words to kill her, nobody can love him like her. He love bonding will be with him forever and if their bonding breaks, it will strangulate him. Saanjh enters and slaps him and asks why did he kill Maya when he promised he will not kill Maya. He says Maya described all her sins and reminisces Maya describing how she killed Vandana and how Vandana pleaded to spare her, etc. He continues that Maya was looking in peace and maybe it happened to him for not trusting his brother. He reminisces Maya describing how Ayan came rescue Arjun and how she injected Arjun and tied him to bed and then alleged Ayan in rape case. She further describes how Ayan did not budge after returning from jail and threatened her to expose her, so she crushed Ayan repeatedly under car and tried to kill him.

Saanjh says he was so blindfolded in Maya’s love that he did not listen to her at all. Arjun further reveals how Maya revealed that Saanjh got proof against her and sent it to Prem, Arjun and Samay. She deleted Arjun’s video. Arjun reminisces not trusting Saanjh and deleting all mails. Maya continues that she got Prem killed via Samay and challenging Arjun if he spares her now, she will kill Saanjh and Ayan.

Saanjh cries hearing all this. Arjun continues that Maya faked her pregnancy and did not let Arjun go closer to Saanjh. She continues that she even killed Ashwin as he was coming between her and Arjun’s love. She loves her mother a lot, but even tried to kill her when she came in their way by throwing her from her old godown’s window, but she survived and became paralytic . She then saw Arjun giving Saanjh so much love when Prem uncle died, so she thought if her mother is dead, Arjun will love her more. She tried to kill Jahnvi again by drowning her in bathtub, but Arjun saved her again. She continues that she killed so many of them to get Arjun’s love. Arjun then strangulates Maya and says she killed them all to get his love, he will not kill her and let her suffer without his love. He walks away. She stops him and asks to tell at least once that he loves her. He says he hates her a lot and walks pushing her again. She says if he spares her now, she will kill Ayan and Saanjh.

Arjun continues reminiscing slapping Maya and telling she is right, he cannot leave her. It is better he kills her before she kills Ayan and Saanjh. He strangulates her neck and pushes her reminiscing all her words. He slips on marble and falls on ground unconscious. Maya falls on table and bleeds.

Out of flashback, Arjun says he has to repent for his mistake for long time. Saanjh says Maya provoked him to kill her, there is a big conspiracy behind it.

Precap: Inspector tells Saanjh that he has proof that Arjun killed Maya, she has left a letter that she is afraid Arjun will kill her.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. An entire episode to list out Maya’s crimes……gosh she z so evil….hate her more…. Feeling bad for Arjun that he fell in love with the wrong person and had to pay big price for his ignorance and duffer lyk behaviour

  2. Boring episode…all knew maya bad deeds for stupid arjun,cvs revealed like a suspense.anyway i am glad MAYA confessed everything!! now come back my tigress asap.
    Arjun says The one who(maya) fought the world for my pain is now giving me pain ..oh did the same with maya from marriage,She kept fighting for you and you went on behaving shit wid her.Arjun justifying his actions like maya did in past.bcoz of marble both got hurt,but maya herself was bleeding badly yet was still concerned for stupid Arjun…anyway
    Eagerly waiting Arya’s face off after maya gets back.
    ArYa forever ?
    Love u Maya ?

    1. Oh come on dude, even at this point you’re justifying Maya’s actions by blaming Arjun. He behaved shit with her? Sure, if leaving his own family and blindly trusting his wife to get his brother arrested is behaving shit with her then slow claps for you. Maya was concerned for Arjun? Well, if killing her husband’s family, falsely letting the world believe that he hit her and at last planting way too many evidences against him to prove he killed her is her “concern”, then big applaud for your definition. Anyway, it’s high time you come to the conclusion that Maya is pure negative and evil character (which the show makers have made very obvious but for some reason you ain’t accepting that). Your reasoning and justification has lost its meaning now and honestly makes no sense.

      1. Slow claps for you too??…I think you did not understand my comment,where i scolded him that much badly?,i was just saying,he is also reason for past things,actually there is no surprise for me,i knew you guys had habitat,I mean you guys like to enjoy Maya suffer time with same those people,after u people wil came to support when same people turns victim by Maya to point her,like same you guys scolded arjun before when he is with maya,now supporting him,.nice carry on ?

      2. @ks – I have no idea what you’re saying. Your English is mind boggling.

      3. So sonia,you accepted its your blind respond on my comment.chil

      4. KS accept the fact ur english is little mind boggling as said by sonia sometimes i don’t understand ur english but its sometimes rare cases u know.chill.

      5. Oh really EVIL..still don’t know how you responded on my comments blindly.chill

    2. Maanu13


    3. It is better to say “she kept killing people for you ” instead of she kept fighting for you. ?

      1. ?? ha ha..with out action reaction will not come.?

    4. Actually KS I pretty much want to see you suffer, don’t care for Maya she is just a fictional character, you on the other hand are real, deluded and inspired by Maya. Who knows how many filthy crimes you have committed but in your psycho little mind you blame the world. Like guns don’t kill people; people kill people. Maybe we’ll get lucky and some person with a gun will kill you.

      1. Ha haha ?,kalika reflects same to you.&it seems you effected more than me by goons or gun ppl,?

    5. who behaved shit tell me wat arjun did?

      maya justifying her actions and u do same that b*t*h made his life hell wen gng to toilet also she should see him kept all cams made his brother life hell no frnds nothing u r calling him stupid really she killed his brother mom and u wanted him to make love with her

      seriously u guys r out of mind

    6. i want for all maya fans (all means not who love her but they who see her evil actions ans support) really want someone like maya in ur life and make ur life hell and they i will want how many behave like arjun or be her kutta

  3. stupid maya made arjun life hell . she abused herself and made worls know arjun bet her she made worst his life i hope maya dies in the end for all her bad deeds she does all wronng and feel like dng good idiot b*t*h

  4. wow every word of hers is a plan..every action of hers is made out of intention…she purposely made the marbles fall on the floor… she wrote letter saying she is scared that Arjun may kill her…all of a sudden her neighbor comes into picture supporting Maya…arey yaar!!! aur kitna ??? bas bhi karo…audience have got super frustrated with your deeds and words…really felt sad for Arjun today but he is really stupid that he could not see the negative shade of Maya when he was with her inspite of knowing about her…..but so many lives have gone just because of Maya and her love Arjun..actually not Maya..Arjun was in beyhadh love with her that he could not believe her evil doings time and again but now he finally opens his eyes after Maya confessing to him. And poor him she is again playing him as per her tunes even this death drama!!! I think Jhanvi ji knows what happened as she was trying to talk to Arjun in front of the police but Arjun didn’t even realize that nor looked at her..

    This soap is getting really greasy now…they should it wash it off and end it!!

  5. I can’t still understand why people are blaming arjun, they hate him because he cared for his family, friendship, and his love (Maya) who made him blind and stupid? balancing love, family and professional life is very important, should we leave everything for love? There are lots of people in real life who face the same insecurity (as maya felt), but should they go for killing everyone? Atleast viewers should not be judging character because they love the character rather they should be judging characters based on their role.

    1. In this forum Maya fans likes arjun to be her Maya ka kutta. If arjun shows any concern to his family and friend they will starts saying they troubled maya… blah blah.

      1. In all serials husband loves only their wife with understanding&support &care,they like to spend time with wife only than anything&even fought with family for love sometimes but in that serials they did not gave kutta name or mentioned to husband.its minimum responsibility’s as husband,but here cvs gave kutta name for husband responsibility’s.

      2. Cvs didn’t gave kutta name for husband’s responsiblity arjun is kutta coz maya ne jahan bola arjun kutte ki traha apni poonch hilata rha maya ne kaha baitho arjun baith gya maya ne kaha apna ghar chod do arjun ne woh bhi kar diya isse kutta nhi tw aur kya bolenge dear ks

      3. Evil, you remembered only what you want,so carry on

  6. Maya didn’t confess about Pandit and that employee. Which probably means she hasn’t killed them. Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost. ???

    But the makers shouldn’t show SaJun, their scenes are so cringeworthy I swear. Please makers, DON’T SHOW THEIR FRIENDSHIP BLOOMING INTO LOVE.

    Anyway, waiting to know Maya’s plan to avenge her fake death. ???

    1. Avenge track will start from Monday,this todays they wil show vandy funeral&arjun case drama.

  7. Finally murderer Maya exposed all her deeds infront of arjun.. except few.
    Shame on her she fake her pregnancy, now her death & she wants arjun to be in bars…
    She never loved anyone… neither arjun nor anyone.
    Sammy is perfect for her. Alike personalities.
    Shameless Maya.

    1. What hasn’t she confessed yet? I guess she did all except for her faking death

  8. Who ever is loving maya role and saying she is rt…i wish they also have maya type person in their lifes then they will know

  9. Hai frnds u ppL r fed up of Maya lovers here then go n read all those YouTube comments.They r passing foul language there even girls,if somebody support Arjun family n Sajun they will throw garbage on them really feels pity on those ppl,its sure that this show affected youth mentality so negatively,Show is going on a wrong track again Maya’s revenge on god for what?????total mess????

    1. they are really cheap all negativtiy and talk big words idiots

      only jhanvi can save arjun and kill that b*t*h maya

  10. Maya revenge on what ???
    spoiling one happy family??
    Killing her own mother??
    Creating fake pregnancy??
    Using her beauty to attract & use him to kill people??
    Killing in-law, brother -in-law, father , prem uncle, Sammy, own mother ,
    Prest, her employee ??
    For what she want to take revenge??
    She can kill any one her fans will support her..
    what kind of people are you guys.


      Ironically the sharmas werent happy even b4 maya came. arjun had a estranged hate relation with his mum and this put strain on his relation with ayan too. It wasnt a happy family. Maya may have now done the damage, but she was also the only one to be able to unite them too. The only lives she has actually hurt are the mathurs especially shubh and suman. First unfairly accused of taking arjun from saanjh but was then accepted, but the death of prem was unfair to them all. I do not pity saanjh though her closeness with arjun even after marriage was more than any woman can bear and this is the abused heavily overprotective and insecure maya we’re talking about, so bad things were bound to happen.

      1. Well,,Saanjh was about to leave them(to Singapore or smwhere),,,and Arjun is the one who stopped her ….then she was appointed in Maya’s office,,,,,and yes sharmas weren’t happy but atleast Vandana was alive….

        BTW Where z today’s epi

      2. Saanjh was insulted by arjun many times… & Maya she undressed in front of Sammy to attract him with her beauty.
        Even tough sharma family health condition was good.
        Vandana was alive. Ayan cannot even walk.

      3. Saaya just reminded me of one excellent point. Saanjh was never crossing her boundaries since Arjun and Maya got together. Like she was ready to move to Singapore but Arjun stopped her. Then she maintained her distance but Maya hired her in her office (that too without her permission) and Saanjh even denied that strongly, but Maya didn’t leave any option for her and convinced her to stay. If you see those episodes again, you’ll notice how Maya never wanted Saanjh to be out of her sight which was very very strange. It’d be normal of Maya to just simply keep Saanjh away from Arjun but she played games by first dragging Saanjh in (when she wanted to stay away), and then kicking her out of their lives. Why play such twisted game when you can simply get the work done?

  11. its silly that maya alone lifted vandana and make sleep on bed lol

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