Beyhadh 5th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Beyhadh 5th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Arjun is surprised to see Saanjh in Mauritius, hugs her and asks how did she come here. Saanjh does not reciprocate and says she lost her way and came here. Maya speaks her witty dialogue. Saanjh hugs her and cries vigorously, wipes her tears and smiles. Arjun says he is very happy today as his bestfriend and his love are both with him. Saanjh says she knew what he was up to. Arjun excitedly tells her how he proposed Maya in detail. Saanjh already has seen it herself. Arjun invites her for dinner. Saanjh sees Maya’s earring missing and asks where is it. She says must have fell somewhere.

Arjun waits for Saanjh in hotel restaurant at night. Saanjh messages him to meet her near beach immediately. He goes and sees her in his gifted red dress. She says she has arranged dinner

date for him and takes him to the venue holding his hand. He says that is so pretty, usually boy takes girl on a date, but in their case, it is opposite. Maya says their love is unique and says she decorated the place herself and wants to make the moment special. He asks he is not rich and not of her standards, then why did she choose him. She says he stood for her against Ashwin, she realized he is different and then on hot air balloon when she proposed, he did not reject her, she realized he will take time, but will eventually agree. He says where does she learn these heavy dialogues from, to give her writer’s number, he may fall in love with her. She says he is made for only her. Dancers start dancing around them. They both hug each other and dance. Saanjh reaches there and cries seeing their intimacy.

In the morning, Saanjh goes to temple and sees its door closed. She confronts god that he took leave and left her alone with her problem, till when he will hide, she will get answers to her questions at any cost. She sees a passerby and asks why temple is closed. Man says temple’s panditji is dead, so they are mourning for 2-3 days. She walks and Maya’s ear ring strikes her foot. She picks it and reminisces telling Maya that her earring is missing. Maya says must have fell somewhere.

Arjun with Maya sitting near swimming pool waits for dusky/Saanjh and says why she is not picking call. Saanh comes. He asks where she was. She says she had been to temple. He says she did not spare god even here, what did she ask god for him. She says he already has what he needs. Maya hears that. Saanjh says temple panditji died yesterday. Arjun says he met him just yesterday. Saanjh asks him to enjoy and tries to leave. Arjun forces her to sit and says he will not spare her easily. Maya says friendship and love have their own place and cannot be exchanged. Arjun asks what are her plans. Saanjh says she is returning home via tonight’s flight and says she will go and pack her bag. Maya says to do it well as she may lose something. Saanjh gives her earring and says she does not know about her, but Maya’s earring is lost. She tells she found it near temple and says she should keep it carefully, else if she finds it, she will not return it.

Precap: Arjun tells Ayan that he has brought bhabhi for her. Vandana gets excited that Arjun is talking about Saanjh. Ayan takes his, Arjun, and Vandana’s family selfie and says come bhabhi. Maya joins. Ayan and Vandana are shocked.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. I was waiting for this track when maya kills someone and I’m not at all surprised with everyone’s reactions here. The writer planned Maya as a negative character as she can cross all hadhs (limit)..but it’s different for us ,we have set a limit – she is grey and she cannot kill because that’s how we want it (that doesn’t include me). So here’s the plan guys, we’ll boycott the show because its not the way we want it to be, after all everyone wants a sappy cute and lovely looking pair’s guy gets girl ending. Oh they both look so good together and these stupid makers want Maya to be negative so by boycotting the show, trps will hit rock bottom and poor writers will succumb to that and will show us what we want to see. Good plan isn’t it? Ah that irritating saanjh, we don’t like her character so actress aneri vajani’s Twitter handle will be flooded by our hatred and obscene language. Clap..Clap. That’s how we work guys. We like it or not. I expected that pundit’s going to die as angelk said we can pretty much figure it out by observing Maya. Saying who killed pundit is a bit early but my hand is up for Maya and still I love her irrespective of how her character shapes out. The so called positive and irrational shows are there on other channels. But try this sometime. Even shahrukh killed people in darr and baazigar but hell we loved those thrillers and they’re classics. Aren’t they ? Who remembers the positive heroes in those movies, that inspector in baazigar and sunny deol in a pretty role in darr? Negativity is a state of art in itself and we all know life is no bed of roses. A pretty face may hide dark secrets and Maya’s disturbed psychology is a tragic reality.

    1. I must applaud the Indian mentality the same mentality that would support Maya’s character even though she committed murder also supports the mass molestation that occurred on new year’s Eve. This is sick. You want to flood an actress’s Twitter handle with hate because you don’t like the way CVs have depicted her character? If you can’t differentiate between real life and fiction I suggest getting some rope or a sharp blade or may some cyanide because the world does not need your mentality.

      Comment edited.

      1. Kalika .

        Mind your language … How dare you talk about Indians like this … Who asked you to watch Indian show .. Vaaya muditu po… Indians pathi karutha unta ippo yarum kekala … Vanthuta …perusa pesarthu … Thu…. Aprom. Edhavathu sollituven pathuka asingama …

      2. Kalika…ya it’s wrong to commented in aneri twitter with hate..but don’t mention nation name..if you hate some people’s then mention it like some people..why because which you talked the way,that people’s also talking same.then there is no difference between to you and those peoples..i mean saanjh is reel but they commented hate words in her twitter…and you are hating those persons but you mentioned nation it will reflect to you which you used those words.

      3. if 1 s lyk dis means u cannot blame all d INDIANS …..hw d hell u cn speak lyk dis….if u r speaking bad abt INDIANS means why u r watching these daily soaps….dare not 2 speak bad abt INDIANS evn n ur drm….

      4. First of all KALIKA the above was a personal view…YOU CANNOT GENERALISE FOR WHOLE INDIAN VIEWERS.
        Secondly when it will come to flooding some psychopaths will only do that not all the 5 million viewers of BEYHADH…
        So next time dont generalise

      5. im surprised the moderator didnt delete kalika’s comment. its very rude

      6. Kalika keep it subtle here. If you want to say something then don’t lash out. Categorizing Indians is wrong. Aneri’s character is disliked ,everyone knows but don’t mix fiction and reality. If I were to do this then I’d be living somewhere in Surreal world. Blaming Indians isn’t right, not everyone is same. I know it’s heart wrenching but accusing everyone is wrong.

      7. Shalini Senthil

        Don’t talk like this u have no rights to blame indians this is just a serial y u making this as a nation issue..

      8. Sonadi

        I knew from day one what Maya’s charecter will be. You guys are expecting differently.She is possessive,cruel and will do anything to achieve her motive. That is her charecter.You guys took her for regular heroine.I like Saanjh charecter. She is simple,intelligent and smart. Only problem with her was expression of her love.This is what Ashwin was telling that he will reveal her secret with proof.She was not honest with Arjun because she is a psycho.
        What happens to Sharukh in those movies Jog your memories a little bit. That is what going to happen to Maya.Arjun will realize the truth but it will be too late .Sanjhnwill be there to rescue him.

      9. Sonadi

        This forum is to analyze and comment on the show. I do not from which country you are from.You can not talk like this . The way you are writing we can understand that you yourself is sick.

      10. Watch your words kallika. If u dont know how to deal with others,keep quiet rather than posting something stupid????

      11. SilentReader

        @Kalika,,,,Ankit never asked to do all these things,,,,he was being sarcastic,,,didn’t u get it,,,,that surely shows how dumb u are,,,,,also,how u r soo sure that he is an Indian,,,attention seeker,,,,u r trying hard to create a fight here by posting idiotic comments

      12. SilentReader

        well if Aneri was treated that way,,,it’s extremely shamefull ,some retards might have done that but that doesn’t give you the license to insult the whole India,,,,,

      13. Kalika its wrong to bash aneri or any other actress tooo im agree….but why u are abusing indians….its better for u tooo if u will dnt talk about indians badly….if u dnt like then dont watch indian shows….u have no right to talk badly about indians….u are saying its wrong to abuse a actor in social media….then what u think is it right what u are doing….first look at ur self then talk about others

      14. Yup,,,,,,,TU edited Kalika’s comment and removed inappropriate content,,,Thank you TU

    2. Angelk1

      Ankit your sarcasam is funny but sadly thats what majority of fans do, harrassing and bullying. Its common

      1. First of all I don’t think it is right, to mix tv show with reality. how can you campare a tv series with what happened in Banglore. these two things are completely deferent senerios. I’m a woman too and what happened in new years eve is shameful ( On what basis you assumed that we supported it and how can you think everyone is same)
        Secondly- People who send Aneri hate comments are mindless idiots. she’s just playing her role in show but Saanjh in Beyhadh isn’t a role model either it is not okey to pine after a guy who isn’t interested in you, upset your parents and live miserable lifr. many of us had one sided love in our life. but we have to move on eventually, that’s part of life and It isn’t proved yet that Maya killed pandit ji

    3. Shivani Singh

      Mr. Ankit ye just ek serial hai fiction tv serial
      Its not bad and its gud also that u like a character its a great achievement for an actor if anybody limes their character
      But just to get the show as per your wishes , u cant just do this

      “”, we don’t like her character so actress aneri vajani’s Twitter handle will be flooded by our hatred and obscene language.””

      Its not a way to oppose anyone’s characte

      And Ms. kalika neither you nor me have the write to applaud or scale anyone’s mentality
      No one’s mentality is same
      U too are not doing good by suggesting have rope or cyanide because in this “world” means you here
      Plus how can u relate a new year’s eve incident and Mr. Ankit’s comment
      Its like kahi ka gussa aap kahi par niksl rahe ho
      And if u dont like anything u say things but plz in a polite way , and wen its necessary then u can say it your way

      Dont mind it plz
      I dont want to hurt anyone’s feeling

      And please if you guys don’t like anyone’s character then do something sensible to oppose it
      Not like filling that actirs twitter handle with craps n all

      And this is a tv serial yrr , anything can happen in a tv serial
      So y so much fuss over it

      By the way
      HAppY NEw YeaR to all

      1. You got it all wrong girl. It was sarcasm. I said about aneri thing because it happened some weeks ago and I was unhappy about that. She is a human being and I was not saying people to do that but I was taking a sarcastic dig at those people who in their personal hatred lash it out on the actors which is wrong. I should better never write something sarcastic here because people don’t get it.

  2. Arjun is so clear about his relationship with Saanjh..and even after dat she doesn seem to realise Maya talks to her without any grudge ..Saanjh dialogues are like a villian.loved the portion when Arjun was squeezing Saanjh’s cheeks and said dat she is his friend n carassing Maya’s cheeks so’s so evident that he is so much in love ..The most dreaded murder scene – Maya neither freaked out hearing the news nor when she got her ear ring back.. but I guess she is definitely not the murderer .she seems to have come to good terms with Saanjh or else she would ve fumed seeing her in Mauritius. If Maya doesn’t kill Saanjh, she can never kill anybody ..what kinda dialogue from Saanjh at the end’s ArYa forever

  3. Asammi

    I think at the end Maya will leave Arjun behind. Eventually she will realise it’s not her love for Arjun but she is obsessed with him. Right now she only thinks that Arjun is a free-spirited guy and he stood up again her father
    And when he really starts going against maya for his family that day maya herself will leave Arjun

    1. Such a spellbound episode was this…………. From the very first advertise I’m eagerly waiting 4 the this episode…………………………..

  4. Kya baat hai aaj mujhe pehli baar saanjh k liye bhura laga..keep it up saanjh less crying and more speaking! I loved both Maya’s and saanjh’s witty dialogues both were testing each other while Arjun had a blank expression ?
    I start grinning like an idiot seeing Maya happy. This show is all about her and she has got us madly in love with her..Maya ki khushi sab kuch hai if she’s happy then I’m happy:) Maya’s obsession has just started can’t wait for more possessive dialogues.
    Btw sab saanjh lovers kaha gaye?? Especially saanjhdeservesarjun:p

    1. Every time she speaks she is trying to say that Maya snatched him or Arjun cheated her .If she was so innocent and true friend,she should have realised dat Arjun loves ly Maya and he loves Saanjh even more as a friend or atleast vented out her anger to him .She is just double timing .Being nice to Arjun and provoking Maya indirectly

      1. saanjh stands in dark while Arjun Maya hug each other looks like devil with that bgm..our ArYa pair nazar lagy..??

    2. Haha Stefan u r funny, even I felt bad for Saanjh today..

  5. Arjun is an idiot. You can see that Maya her love is not real, is obsession love. Saanj don’t give so easy for your lover. Go for it

    1. Saanjh deserves much better yar

  6. Wow awesome superb episode…ArYa scenes superb..,? ?….today they didn’t showed about murder clue….☹ …&k I don’t think vandana will not accept Maya as her bahu…let’s see ..waiting for next episode ?

  7. Shalini Senthil

    Love u Maya …today look hot in red dress

    1. Yes shalini senthil…i too love know Maya won best actress award..?…and our ArYa got famous…and Ashwin won best villain award.some viewers still did not realize it to see this,Maya is not villain..her character was created with negative shades for thriller story to entertain viewers with her love story.any way we loves Maya always.let’s see

  8. i still dont believe it was maya who killed the pandit. her earrings could have fallen when her and arjun went there. its just too easy- how sanjh notices maya’s earrings are not there and ofcourse she goes to the very same temple and finds it there. ironic isnt it? its just too obvious.

    1. Yes fan usa…?…it is a suspense thriller show anything can happen…we should not come to any conclusion until the actual fact is shown…i think cv’s are showing all this things only to misguide us…definitely after all this incidents sanjh will completely believe what ashwin says..but the actual truth might be different…the way pandit behaved with maya was so rude.i believe this.let see

  9. I dont know why so much hate for Saanjh.
    The plot of this drama is clear from day 1 that Maya will be possesive lover who can cross all limits in love.But yaa Maya left Saanjh alive ?.But I love both Saanjh and Maya because I love these two in real lifee ?.Honestly I watch this serial more for these two leading ladies and less for arjun. No harsh feelings.

    1. Completely agree with you. Like your thoughts. You talk like mature person. ???

    2. we dont hate saanjh.its just we get angry when she behaves in a stupid way and over reacts.otherwise she is cute.

  10. saanjh still best. Atleast she is pure hearted. People who fall in true love they only understand saanjh feelings. And arjun does not love maya. He is still impressed with maya money and show up. Arjun is more comfortable with saanjh than maya. Arjun can not live his life in his way with maya. And story writer really doing good. I like the flow of the story. ???

    1. Hey,the moment Arjun fell in love all he reminisced was the happy moments with her and the love Maya has for him .He made clear to Maya itself dat Money and Luxuries cannot make him fall in love with her

    2. Shalini Senthil

      Excuse me u r totally wrong unknown arjun is not a guy to love Maya by seeing money name or fame if he is like that on hot air balloon when Maya proposed arjun he said OK but he didn’t say OK…one more thing he return all gifts which Maya sent to his home..and he shouted also that u cannot buy me …Maya also know that very well arjun is not like that guy…saanjh as u say pure love True love and all but she never tell or proposed arjun …how arjun know her feelings ..poor arjun know Maya feelings after Maya proposed her..

      1. Maya can never have normal life she is psychotic , even if she does therapies , I like the flow of story the way it’s going , so far it’s the best show, Maya has negative role and she plays it so well.
        In end even these 3 characters are alone , so what it’s just a show.
        It’s not necessarily Maya and Arjun should end up with happy relationship. This is fiction.
        The writers are doing great job.

  11. thanks for the clarification.

  12. Angelk1

    Saanj obviously is trying to be happy for arjun when he told her about how he propose to her. She was even gonna leave them alone but arjun stops her an invited her. Clearly maya didnt want her around why else she said do it well as she may loose something. Its the way she said it that says your disturbing us.

    Also in the precap, i think arjun was just joking. Because he wouldnt just marry maya without his family. He propose yes…so his thinking soon they will be married.

    Saanj expect more to come, maya will replace you to get you out the picture. All you can do is warn arjun. I’m happy you responded back to maya at the end. Warning her before leaving.

    Anyway jennifer looked really pretty in the red dress.

    1. SilentReader

      yup agreed,,,,but I dnt think that ‘Saanjh warning Arjun’ will work,,,,,wonder what Saanjh will do next

      1. Angelk1

        I agree, i think she should get proof cause the way i see things arjun wont believe her an will think she feels his leaving her behind after he gets married to maya.

  13. Ankit Verma and Stefan ,we know you guys love Maya and you guys want Maya and arjun Jodi even we also want same think coz we want saanjh to get a good life not with that stupid arjun . Ankit we also love our actor like ambrish Puri , glushan Grover , etc they are also famous but it doesn’t mean that we want that kind of villain in our life , so think and then talk.
    Kalika please don’t tell anything bad about country it’s just serial

    1. Pari first of all its reel life here. I like realistic shows but experimental storylines are good too. And believe me I don’t want arjun-Maya pair. I don’t think about it. I’ll move with the story because I like unexpected things. And let me tell I think alot before writing anything. I just don’t go out and watch random soaps. My favourite shows aren’t soaps but malgudi days and Sarabhai vs Sarabhai. Beyhadh was something which interested me after a long time so hooked on it. I don’t love Maya for her looks and romance like everyone here. I like her for her acting and character. A strong character can be of any essence. A romantic thriller won’t take you to familiar rides. I love saanjh as well. Wish her character was made equally strong.

      1. Ankit don’t worry Saanjh is the real villain here that’s the twist of the story!!

      2. You got it wrong we don’t love Maya for her looks or romance or even her money! We love her because firstly she’s Jennifer winget,her dressing sense and attitude are mind blowing,her dialogues are never heard before and obviously her acting..

      3. Angelk1

        Anna what source told you saanj a villian lol

    2. Angelk1

      Nice way of saying it pari

      1. Angel just a wild guess.. I think if Saanjh is the villain plot will get more interesting.

    3. Pari, I totally agree with you, it’s just a show , the characters are just acting according to the script.

      After really really long time I’m hooked up to this show, otherwise the other shows are just not sensible they make dizzy

    4. Pari..which you talked ambrishpuri,is movie related not real.and maya is not real but u r comparing to real life…but what ever persons r character love is love…love will not come to see only few people…it will happen in anyone life..if Arjun loves maya…with his own he realized his love on Maya..they both accepted each other.&it’s Arjun and Maya love story…not for saanjh.saanjh character only for supporting character for story.we loves Maya.

  14. I love Maya’s role , though she is spycopath, she will never have normal life even if she does 1000 therapies, she will end up in asylum. I love the show and Maya’s acting is awesome. This is best Indian show, compare to Ekta Kapoor drama they suck, I feel dizzy watching them.

  15. Hi guys… couldnt stop myself from posting this but I think the table will be tirned now and definetly sanjh is goinf to be the villian. Writers are just diverting audiance mind by showing maya as negetivei but in real its saanjh. She is unable to accept that arjun loves maya and cries everytime seeing them and projecting herself as bechari. But she is not. She is over possisive. Soon its going to be the twist whenin it will be shown that maya did not kill pujari and he may have been killed by saanjh or mayas father

    1. Angelk1

      Monika its not possible. How can saanj kill him when she went to the temple and it was closed. She wasnt even there when arjun an maya were talking to the guy. So i believe your wrong and just because she was heart broken and try warning arjun about maya doesnt make her evil.

      But we will see once the story progress.

  16. Arjun loves Maya period sanjh is just a friend nothing else at the end even if sanjh gets him she will be a compromise she is upset yes but she should have some pride and not moan around them. I fail to understand if she was so heartbroken how she gave so much importance to a small earing truly if my world was in ruins I wouldn’t notice an elephant on the road as my eyes would b full of tears

  17. Angelk1

    Ks you are very committed to this show . every time i read an eps your the first to comment, did you calculate the time they will post an update or something lol.

    1. Angelk1…it’s fun to see your comment like this today my comment was not first….ha ha…?? lol…it’s serial for entertainment…if it’s first r last I don’t care…?? enjoy it

      1. Angelk1

        Like this? My comments are always positive about the show and sometimes about the characters. But like wise. And your right, your not first today lol

      2. Angelk1..don’t get me wrong yaar…?lol.. like this? know it,i love for entertainment there is no need to calculate time? to comment here…..? so ur comment makes me I mentioned like this.nothing else..lite.keep smile ?

  18. Lovely serial. Sanjh says this is the last and she promised her father hope her eyes open. She loves the guy and is ready to believe he is just friends with Maya. It does take a while but when it hits you then it makes you stronger and I hope this happens in Sanjh’s case.

  19. Shrukar

    Nice episode. I appreciate saanjh atleast she is trying to maintain her friendship or else i thought whether she will fight with arjun for not loving her. Coming to show guys still it is not proved that maya killed that pandit so just chill. I liked when maya said to saanjh that she will not take saanjh’s place & she will not let saanjh to take maya’s place. Awesome. Yesterday when these ladies are talking in heavy lines language arjun is just sitting in middle not understanding what they are saying. That was funny. Lastly saanjh said if maya again left her things she will not return again. How mean. It means she is indirectly saying about arjun right. Such a selfish girl saanjh. It seems like she is villain in this serial.

    1. Shrukar Right ???

    2. Hahahaa im not understanding is u are appreciating sanjh or taunting her….

    3. Angelk1

      How is she selfish when her an maya are not even friends. She doesnt have to be faithful to her. If arjun comes crawling to her of course she would let it because arjun is her first love. Besides shes worried now that she thinks maya kill the men shes basically threatening her. I’m proud she got the courage to say that to maya.

      If she wants to help arjun she will need to accept an be strong to fight maya. Instead of crying an letting maya win. Lastly maya said many indirect threats to saanj but that doesnt make her evil , it just shows her threatening and warning her because of jealousy.

      1. Shrukar

        Offo angelk1 just relax are u not feeling that saanjh is trying to convert friendship into love forcedly i understood saanjh loves arjun its ok but did u notice that after knowing arjun loving maya then also she is not ready to stop loving arjun & also warning maya is this fair for u. I wonder yar. Seriously

      2. Angelk1

        Shrukar feelings dont just wash away like that. She said she will try but that doesnt mean it will go away. Also your acting like one day she realize she loves him an bam she convert her friendship to love.

        It takes time for that to happen, besides you cant convert love it just happens as time goes. Also warning maya it goes both ways. Maya has done it before. Theirs nothing wrong with saanj reminding maya. Shes hurt an concern at the same time. Its only natural for her to react this way.

        After all arjun was her friend first. To me thats basically saying ok you won, but remember this if you hurt arjun an he comes to me i wont give him back. Anyway, In today eps, she showed her maturity and understanding even though she was hurting.

        When arjun went to economy class she didnt force him. He chose to go to her. Maya follows and she knew arjun was about to talk to saanj, she divert his attention an purposely snake an arm around his. Maya isnt stupid, she knows saanj likes arjun, but saanj was mature about the situation.

        Like i said before saanj just have to leave arjun an he will come to her in time. On his own.

  20. O my god seriously if maya says something it’s always correct but if saanjh says something it’s always wrong. I think director will make saanjh as villain coz they can’t take this kind of strong comments from maya’s fan’s and ankit Verma read your own comment you only said to boycott the show and about hatered msg in Twitter to Aneri wow your seriously beyhaad for us

    1. Exactly pari I wrote that but everyone here knows that it was sarcasm. I wrote that in brackets that it doesn’t include me and just scroll through the reply of angelk on my comment. I stand my ground I won’t boycott the show irrespective of the storyline. Look at the polls on beyhadh forums. People who want to boycott the show if Maya turns negative are more in number. I stating about them. And if you don’t know what sarcasm is then read about it.

      1. Angelk1

        Those people who want to boycot a show are stupid. They should jnow the writers wrote the story long before it was aired. And it was approved. If they dont want to watch the show find something else because the show must go on.

        Their being real immature over a story.

  21. indira chatterjee

    In written episode the name of the charater change, but why? I can’t imagine how it could be possible? Its so disturbing.

  22. SA

    Maya is not a psychotic, she has been tortured alot that’s why she has turned like this, everything that happened in her life was bad till this day and when she finally found love her only happiness sangh is taking away from her as per her perspective but I don’t agree with story line

    Maya always treated bad and saangh good, she had a really bad life and saangh has very good, Maya deserves him not saangh. She has gone through a lot anyways

    1. Angelk1

      Why are you comparing both girls life . its like saying if saanj has a car maya should have a car. The beauty of this story is that both girls life style and character is different. One is full of darkness and secrets an she has luxure and a dysfunctional family while the other have a happy family and an affordable job.

      It shows how each girls came to love arjun in a different setting. Mays deserve arjun because she has a hard past an is suffering . arjun will make her happy, but its the same with saanj. Shes suffering from seeing them two and her world had always evolve around him . so she deserve him just as much even though she wasnt torcherd as a child.

      But at the end its not who deserve him, but who can make him happy. Lets not forget the most important part arjun feelings.

  23. dont worry saanjh Maya knows very to take care of her valuables you dont have to worry for after a long time seen Jennifer in the famous “sauce wala red”.that color truly brings her inner beauty out.she really looks wonderful in red.

  24. Annie i love u for ur twist may it be true my arya should be paired. I love maya and arjun and hate saanjh. This dialogues just dont suit her this heavy only suit maya. The only think suit her is crying u r right all haters of saanjh . She dont even diserves anying u say she deserves better than arjun? How??? And maya wount be sycopath for long ok and accidently dont forget double role of arjun guys!!!!!!!!

  25. This show reminds me kajal baby doel n minisha karola from gupta. Maya is playing rule of kajal psychopath who are obsessed to baby doel and crosses all the limits to get him an kills everyone who say same thing about their relationship

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