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Beyhadh 5th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aryan angrily storms into Maya’s cabin and says he worked on the project for 2 months, how can she hire new employees and dismiss him. Maya says his job is safe and he should go and enjoy his holiday with his family. Arjun walks out fuming at new joinees. Saanjh calls him and asks if she should book a hotel in some place. He says Lonavla. She says he did not want to go there. He says now he wants to and asks to book hotel there. Maya hears his conversation and smirks, thinking of following them. Arjun messages her to enjoy her shoot.

Saanjh gets ready for Lonavla trip. Suman forcefully applies her lipstick and makeup and says she wants her daughter to look beautiful and not bro-type to Arjun. Prem says whoever cannot see his daughter’s beauty is blind. Vandana enters

and says yes, their Saanjh is very beautiful.

Arjun waits for Saanjh on his jeep. He and Ayan horn. Saanjh’s brother joins them. Saanjh comes later and first goes to pray god. Maya happily prays god in her home and thinks she will get Arjun today. She calls her driver and orders to leave her black car, she will drive today. Jahnvi says Lonavla’s route is very dangerous with lots of curves, she should take driver. Maya says she likes curves in life now and leaves. Ashwin with his live-in partner Shipra see Maya getting into car and leaving. Shipra asks Ashwin that he did not extra money from his bank/Jahnvi and should get some now. Ashwin says he will loot whole bank today.

Arjun speeds his jeep. Ayan and Saanjh’s brother ask him to slow down. Arjun says he is enjoying speed in his life. Maya follows them in her car. Someone calls her and asks whom to shoot. She says she will tell later. She overtakes Arjun’s car spontaneously and speeds up. Arjun rams his car to a tree. Saanjh panics and sits for a long time, reminiscing how car overtook them. Arjun yells at car driver and gets Saanjh back in jeep and start driving again.

Jahnvi hears door bell, checks via hole and sees a bouquet. She opens door, picks bouquet and sorry card in it and gets back to her apartment. She hears Ashwin’s voice and gets tensed seeing him standing behind her.

Arjun asks Saanjh not to think much about that accident and says they already reached Lonavla and let us enjoy. Arjun messages Maya where is her shoot. She messages Lonavla. He asks where. She replies Tiger point.

Precap: Saanh waits for Arjun. She gets afraid seeing someone walking with a knife towards her. On hot air balloon, Maya shows diamond ring to Arjun and says I love you Arjun.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. wow waiting 4 2mmorows episode precap is just splendid

  2. Shalini Senthil

    Waiting for tommrrow episode…

  3. Prashant kumar

    I m waiting eagerly for tomorrow episode… ???

  4. Santanu Dandapat

    very very nice job by Maya

  5. Top show. Honestly it keeps you to the edge of your seat. All of the actors are doing an amazing job. It is interesting to see what Saanjh is going to do when arjun accepts maya’s proposal.

    1. Esther

      Yup,,that’s true,,,no filler epis/lagging,,,,,most of the eps are thrilling

  6. Dying for tomorrow episode!! Maya please get rid of saanjh for us she’s irritating..hope you get Arjun

    1. Ya she is irritating..I hate saanjh and her mom too.. annoying ppl…

  7. Angelk1

    So maya stalks arjun and trick him to go to lonav to confess and propose to him. While she probably hire a person to keep saanj busy or trick her. Either way the eps was short, could have been better like maya book a hotel near them, ruin their activity plan. She sneaks in saanj room and ties her up, then calls arjun the next day to propose.

  8. Wow awesome episode ?

  9. O my god saanjh do some thing you are the one hope to save arjun , maya is too dangerous.

  10. Maya is so scary, who would really want her – she looks a physic-path.

  11. Wow Jennifer superb acting as Maya. Apart from you all others do too much of overacting especially saanjh, Arjun and saanjh mother. If saanjh really loves arjun she shd express her feelings with Arjun and should know if Arjun too loves her or not, but all think saanjh is perfect for him but nobody dont even try to ask him whether he loves saanjh or not. And in real life no one dares to talk rude to boss as the way they show in serial ha ha ha. At last just a request to director please change saanjh character , jennifer is so beautiful n Aneri is nothing in front of her looks n acting .

    1. Shalini Senthil

      I agree with u shivani….saanjha family and arjun mom doing to much

    2. Kushaal is nt doing any overacting,kkk….he z perfect as Arjun….and all others are acting acc to the script and I think Beyhadh has the perfect cast…

    3. Esther

      They are all doing well,,,,none is overacting,,,all actors/actresses are perfect for their role,,,,May it be Arjun/Saanjh/Ayaan/any other,,,,,even Ashwin,,Jhanvi,,,,all are perfect in their roles,,,,u can’t simply degrade them

  12. Every one is overacting reallyy if in that case only maya should be there in the serial and everyone should leave the serial . I just dono why people hate aneri , she is doing great but people want comment. Stupid and aneri i like they way you answerd to that girl .

    1. Yep,,,every one is acting very well as per their role…Maya’s role is such that she can’t act bubbly lyk Arjun….they are all doing good job….Arjun’ character is lyk that….smart n witty,,..n he z doing it very well…ppl want every one to act lyk Maya,.while each character has their own specialities.,…

    2. Esther

      Most ppl hate Saanjh, not Anehri,,,,coz she z the main obstacle in Arya love story,,,,,bt it’s irritating to see cmnts against Anehri for the role she z playing,,,,,Maya is doing a brilliant job,,,no doubt in that,,,,bt all others are doing great,,,,if this is overacting,,what to say abt characters of sme illogical dramas running in other channels

  13. beyhadh Latest Episode

    Awesome serial. I love it . Watch maya ki aasmani ishq promo #beyhadh @

  14. Wat de hell is wrong with uh pple saanjh is doing grt nd dis maya very mad nd as for saanjh haters plz stop it wid ur hatred saanjh is de best so is maya buh i think saanjh is de actress

  15. Hi all beyhadh fans…

    I hate Saanj and also her much irritating..Hope Arjun accept Maya’s propusal..waitting for tomorrow’s episode…..

  16. Esther


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