Beyhadh 5th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Beyhadh 5th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maya points gun at Samay and tells Arjun is her life and nobody can dare to badmouth about him, it is only him in her life now and nobody else. Samay reaches home injured. Suman applies medicine to his forehead injury and asks for which girl he fought and got trashed. He says there is one for whom he can even consume poison, reminiscing Maya. Everyone look in a shock. He changes tone and says it is Saanjh.

Maya travels towards airport for London business trip. She calls Arjun and asks when is he coming. He says he is stuck in work and will join her directly in flight. Maya boards flight and calls Arjun repeatedly.

Saanjh’s family continues enjoying when Ayan starts dancing on Arey o janeman…aaj jumma hai..He drags his fiance and dances. Samay joins and he dances with Saanjh. Whole

family joins. Vandana gets happy seeing Ayan dancing with bahu. Arjun enters and starts dancing in front of Vandana. She gets very emotional but gives him a tight slap. He falls down. Vandana hugs him tightly and cries that her son returned home. Whole family hugs them. Samay fumes standing aside. Vandana asks where is Maya. Arjun says Maya went far away from them, 3 days to London. Samay thinks he came here for Maya, how can she go away from him.

Maya calls Arjun repeatedly. Vadana says his phone is ringing. He goes aside. Maya nervously waits for Arjun to pick call. Arjun picks and Maya asks where is he. He says where he has to be, he means office, sorry he could not come and he is sure she will handle shoot well. Ayan comes calling bhai.. Arjun shuts his mouth and says happy journey. Maya panics hearing Ayan’s voice. Air hostess ask Maya to keep her phone as flight is taking off. She shouts she will not go without Arjun. They forcefully take her phone. She fumes sitting, reminiscing Arjun with Ayan. Ayan asks Arjun what if bhabhi will know. He says she has gone to London for 3 days.

Arjun joins back family and asks Vandana to serve him aloo paranthas, he is very hungry. Vandana prepares paranthas happily looking at Arjun. Whole family enjoys.

Arjun and Ayan go to their favorite spot, terrace and continue their party. Ayan gets old liquor bottle. Arjun says he has kept it since 3 years. Ayan says Simmi and he drink here hiding from mom, Simmi is big bevdi. Arjun says Simmi will get along well with their family. Ayan says this is his place and he is with his people, so he can pour his heart out. Arjun starts that he hit his legs on axe himself. He loved Maya and knew she will never leave. She is so possessive that she took him away from his family, spies him wherever he goes, does not spare even in bathroom and he is afraid even to pee. He continues pouring his heart out and Ayan continues listening silently.

Precap: Arjun with family rushes out hearing emergency siren. Saanjh says police siren, who is VIP in our house. Nurses open ambulance door and everyone are shocked to see Maya on stretcher with oxygen mask on.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. is arjun good or bad?

    1. Arjun is good never bad. His only problem is his immaturity.

    2. Arjun is good,but he is selfish person,he will think about only himself ,he will not be loyal to any relation if it comes to his wish &freedom.

      1. maya is not selfish ??? lol she used evryone and then kill even god

      2. Lol…Sam first read comment,then give respond.ishrath asked about Arjun.when normal people behaving like selfish person,why Maya will not to

      3. Ha haha sam??..when normal people behaves like selfish,maya also has right to do.

      4. yes ishrath u gave ur point i commented my view on ur comment understand wer i gaev reply lmao

    3. Arjun has always been good. He has never hit Maya, she actually hurts herself and says that he hurts her because whenever he says that he doesn’t love her he is hurting Maya emotionally so she hurts herself physically. Then she says Arjun “hurts” her because if he would’ve said he loved her/agreed with her then she wouldn’t have gotten hurt.

      Arjun is just really immature, selfish and at times insensitive to those around him. He is flawed like every other person but not a bad person. He doesn’t wish anything bad on another person.

    4. Actually it’s hard to tell who is good and who is bad in this story. Everyone have their dark side and flaws.

  2. Nice episode,chumma dance scene nice..&i hate u Arjun,you hurts my Maya more,When maya first time committed suicide,you should have to understood her mental illness.but you dying every time for ur freedom& lying with her.because of arjun my maya health become more bechari Maya???? ,she is hurting herself more for arjun love.?? love you Maya ? waiting for next episode ?

    1. not mental illness she is making others mad become ill. obsivlsy he will lie coz she is irriating him coz of her he is alone no family nothing his whole familysuffering why cant she change for his happiness maya is selfish she diesnt want arjun happiness

      1. Oh sam watch again episode,arjun is more happy for getting freedom than reunite wit family,you didn’t listen,how he shouted on shanti spot.he is more selfish to enjoy himself.he deserved maya possessiveness because of his hidden doings and lies.his behaviour vajase maya health turns bad.

    2. samay is correct for maya she does everything like dog forgod sake maya levae arjun n go to samay

      1. Maya will not leave arjun,it’s Maya&ArYa samay,soon Arjun also will realize what he did with Maya.

      2. No sam, Samay is obsessed with Maya and it’s better for her to avoid him. Arjun is much better for Maya.

    3. Maya’s character is definitely flawed. I have a love/hate relationship with her character. She is hurting Arjun a lot more than he is hurting her. He is actually starting to go crazy because of how she keeps track of everything he does and how she wants only her to have importance in his life.

      1. Naira..I hope u r watching serial from ArYa marriage?,if you observed arjun behaviour,u will understand why Maya puts CCTV camera every where.after marriage too he didn’t behaves like immature behaviour.he deserved.because of him,Maya turns more possessive.

  3. Maya is never gonna leave Arjun happily even for a single fraction of a minute. If she feels that he is around other people and making some fun, she will do whatever she can to destroy that. The day Arjun decided to Marry Maya is the worst day for him, and the decision is even worse.
    Until Maya gets cured from her mental illness this couple will never be happy.

    1. yes she is selfish

  4. Maya is so adamant . I hate Maya.

  5. this serial so many flash bk secrets.
    who’s aswine murder.
    samay Maya relationship
    why arjun hates Maya
    real story of Maya childhoods incidents
    maya heroin r villain
    I have so many ques doutes
    guys plz tell me

    1. Ashwin’s murder is supposed to be a secret. That is going to come out with time. We know that Jaanvi knows but no one else does and she’s obviously in no condition to say something to someone.

      Samay and Maya’s relationship will be revealed over time. He is basically as insane in love with her and she is with Arjun. XD

      Arjun hates Maya because over the three years he has seen how she keeps tabs on every single thing he does. She keeps CCTV cameras on him all the time. Any time he is not in front of her she needs to know. She even got him a necklace on his birthday that has a recorder in it so that she hear what he is saying all the time. That is not love, that is insanity. Arjun has realized it over the years and he hates her now because he realizes that Vandana was right when she said that everyone is looking at Maya’s tears but no one is looking at her insanity.

      When Maya was younger her mother was in an abusive relationship with her father. But Jaanvi was so in love with Ashwin that she couldn’t see that he was a bad man. He began lashing out at Maya when she was a younger girl and would beat her up as well. That’s why she is so scared of him and is just generally traumatized.

      Maya is an antihero. Basically she’s a main character driven by her power and possessiveness. She grew up going against love completely and when she fell in love with Arjun she lost her mind to THAT. These days obviously the things she does because of that love are not good.

      1. thnq naira for ur commands. now I m clearly understand for my all doubts.
        this beyhadh serial telecast in Tamil dupped.serial name is Maya. today Tamil epi maya in hospital and saanji going to Bangalore and her fmly send off to airport. I m so excited this serial so I m continuely reading written episode in feb month. sometimes watch YouTube . once again thnq for written epi. and I love some hindhi serials
        thapki pyar ki
        suhani Si ak ladki
        I love Chandra nandini
        parades main hai mera dil.
        I m not understand Hindi language only watch this lol and read written episode.ha ha ha

  6. I love u Maya.u r so possessive with arjun .but that love was so cute ,fabulous


    1. The Dark Hunter

      They did not need to degrade her to such an extent before him. It was great seeing her approach to samay, she will not take crap from him or anybody who gets between her and Arjun, and I love her love towards him being so deep, that she time and time again says her everything belongs to Arjun not vice-versa. It hurts deeply to see that her only weakness, pain and love is in Arjun. She used to get firm around him even when he was with her, and that maya needs to return, not this sad, hurting maya who before didn’t degrade herself to such an extent, was strong and confident, but equally insecure and weak for her mother, even attempting suicide but only to remove ashwin from her life, something SELFLESS in nature, but wrong in approach. However now she is shown suiciding for love which is unfortunately a dteriment to her character integrity, as never before would she even show such characteristics, yet now they are amplifying it making us Empathise with Arjun even more and drift away from our beloved maya, as it seems her psyche is reaching the point of no return poor maya ?
      It is good they showed a little more in flashback, but they need to show full episodes of years between leap to give us the best perspective.

      Speaking of perspective, after hearing Arjun’s story, Ayan and company will defend him only now and gang up on maya like I feared. They like always will never care or want to listen to MAYA’s side of the story, maybe even an explanation of why she did such things, she did hint at an element of disloyalty a few episodes ago, but as she loves him beyhadh she cannot leave him despite that, thus justifying her actions. During the entire murder saga when maya was wanting to be good and genuinely trying to be pptimistic for a happy future and family, VM tried to make her bad or reveal her bad side, and even before Arya VM and others were against the thought of Maya and Arjun, even when she used to do good for them, and now will conveniently forget all that because of Arjun’s tearful tale, that with which I can sympathise but I also can’t until Maya’s side of the story is also revealed. Never have they accepted maya as their own, and I doubt they ever will, it was especially bad when VM took gifts to their house, but hadn’t come for maya the MOTHER instead only coming for Arjun and his child, which I found disgusting. Ayan however was an exception, he was always on Maya’s side and I was hurt when maya gave tit-for-tat to VM, but Ayan became collateral damage that maya too regretted as a consequence.

      I sincerely hope to god this upcoming scene of Ayan’s jailing is not Maya’s hand, otherwise the respect and love I have built up over the months will begin to shatter, and it will make me hate the CV’s for this, that they are destroying Maya’s character and our love for her only for the thrill. Besides say it is her, how would it make any sense of being able to get Ajun back? Arjun would hate her more if she blamed Ayan for everything and would know immediately she is manipulating things so there would be no benefit to her doing anything against ayan, which I do hope is not the case as she cared for Ayan a lot.

      Suicide is not justifiable regardless of its purpose, especially if selfish in intent and so I actually condemn those actions of hers, her love is beyhadh and that is her reason that if she loses him, she completely loses herself, something which I soon need to see disappear, as it undervalues and hurts the character they’ve made us love over the past 6 months for her passion, determination and love but also sadness, heartbreak and torment. This maya is a stage worse and it will only prove harmful to both the show and our perception towards her which for so long has been built upon love and sympathy for her. She is psycho, but worthy of redemption and love, they better give her a chance to be happy, it’s the only justice left for her.

      Love maya always❤❤❤

      1. Only saying the truth

        Couldn’t agree with u more

      2. The dark hunter even I thought that after listening to arjun’s sob story Vandana and Ayan will side with him but I read somewhere that maya will go to Vandana and beg for forgiveness, she’ll also tell Vandana that Arjun tortured her in the 3 years and hearing this Vandana will agree that Arjun is not a good husband and that she has seen how much he troubles Maya on the news, so Vandana and Ayan will side with maya…don’t know how true this is but hopefully Maya gets some support

      3. The Dark Hunter

        While I like the thought of maya getting support, I’ll rather it not be the case.
        If any of them then find out later that Arjun was all correct and maya is lying about her torture, or that she says that Arjun hurts herself when she is the one doing it, and Arjun brings it to light, then VM and even Ayan would leave Maya’s side and never return to her side, and maya will be left even more alone. I would want that Maya opens up her insecurities, fears and past to VM and Ayan, and for them to support her for that, I want it to be that they support a Truth rather than a lie, as truth always comes out sooner or later and if a lie, the consequences will be so much more dire than I can bear to see maya have to bear, she deserves so much more 🙁
        I would much rather they are against her for the moment, than with her only to betray her later on, that will be so much more painful to watch.

        Hope you understand my pov.

        Many thanks

  8. Angelk1

    Maya cause another drama next time. I think samaya told maya where arjun is. Poor guy, he can never get away from maya. Maya is like a bee that wont leave you alone until it gets its honey. This is definetly not love from her part. This is what i call desperate and petty.

  9. I never hated Arjun and I am sure he married Maya because of his love for het. If he was after her money he would gave said yes to her when she proposed in the hot air balloon. He loved her and he married her. He said that he knew her love was Beyhadh but it didn’t bother him. But in these three years he became frustrated because this Beyhadh love turned to excessive obsession. Still he is unable to leave her because she harms herself when he asks her to let him go. That means deep down he still cares for her. Felt bad for Arjun today. His only problem is he is not mature enough to handle this and help Maya understand his problems. And Maya truly loves him. Her problem is that her love becomes obsessive. And that Samay looks a sleazy character whose obsession is greater than even Maya’s. Loved it when Maya told him to stay within his limits. But I don’t think he will listen. He will always try this obsession on Maya. This will make Maya realise her obsession for Arjun. Hopefully things will turn out good for ArYa.


      Yes Amcee I agree with you

      Maya has unfortunately become the punching bag of the CV’s once again. Showing her suicide flashback and Arjun’s tale only increase animosity towards her and in turn the Sharma’s will once again be against her. Why the world is always against her I will never understand, she didn’t ask for such a fate, and yet it is so cruel.
      Maya’s love is so strong for him that unfortunately it has become her biggest weakness, just as the pundit said. Around samay, we saw shades of the maya we fell in love with from day 1, whereas around or without Arjun all that is lost, and gives way for something far worse and depressing. She cannot spend a minute without him, she always wants her eyes on him and his gaze on hers, shown through the pictures and the CCTV. It’s horrible to see her cry, beg and then try to kill herself as she cannot live without him, Arjun after seeing this the first time should’ve been mature enough to understand and help her, rather than shun her and distance himself more, that will only make her yearn for him even more and create a vicious repetitive cycle.

      I definitely do not hate Arjun, at least not anymore as they’ve shown his pain to be quite deep and justified. However at the same time his actions and response have been far from garnering my sympathy. He drinks excessively; when he knows maya had a history of violence and abuse he still roughly handles her; when she told him not to lie to her and he sees how his lies affect her, he continues to do it anyway; when she hurts at his absence he doesn’t even calm her or confide in her that he will be safe and she shouldn’t worry, instead going about his business silently, which any wife would be sceptical of not just her; when maya hurts herself or tires to suicide he doesn’t get her help or try to understand and care for her fear and insecurity, to reassure her through love or at least husband duties that he will be faithful and care for her when she needs him, not falsely praise her and then want to kill her the next minute, these attitudes and responses are all wrong, even if the circumstances are such.

      Same with maya; she is not bad, her circumstances and her mentality through her past have made her act towards things passionately and with zeal, and with good intentions a majority of the time, but the actions themselves are wrong in bringing about her desired outcome, but are also many-a-time forced as she will never give up, whether by hook or crook she does what she does for her eventual aim of security and happiness in live just like all others, though through her actions it creates further insecurity and consequentially destroys the happiness of those around her, even if she never wanted that to happen, which is really sad to see.

      Her happiness and her strength is the only way that her love can win in the end, else Ashwin will reign victorious and Maya will fall, which the CVs CANT allow to happen. I have faith even if that faith is crumbling day by day that Arya or most importantly Maya and her happiness is the outcome, and they better start bringing the track towards her self realisation of her mistakes through whatever medium or means required, and that she leaves Arjun willingly for their happiness but they both after healing reconcile with each other once more that would be best 😀

      Love maya ❤?❤

  10. You all c only one side of maya… but she can be normal woman once if she gets arjun’s true love.. arjun was gud before his luv with her.. he needs everything from her but not maya. What a selfish crap..?
    Anyway no 1 can understand maya’s beyhadh unless ur beyhadh enough in ur luv

    1. Yes chaki, you are right,if Arjun handles maya with love,she will behave like normal before she tried to behave like good bahu wit support of his Arjun is not able to handle her,maya health turns bad more day by day because of his feeling sad for my maya?? baby.


      Yes Chaki
      Under all this they are showing, Maya is still that young frightened child yearning for love and happiness which unlike most other people she never received, nor the love and proper guidance to be a good part of society, thus forcing her to construct herself based on the torments and hate of the world, fighting against the world to survive, but unfortunately also having a psychotic tendency triggered through Ashwin and his poison’s spread throughout her past and present in many forms all to destroy her happiness and leave her alone. (Ashwin, VM, Saanjh, Arjun, Samay etc.).

      Yes she is many a part responsible for herself, but she only does what she has always had to do to survive:control. She needs genuine love and affection, but especially a family and elders to guide her properly, not vindictive elders like VM who put her down, or mad elders like Jhanvi who would run after her torturer and not care for her daughter’s pain. A good parent is one like Prem, who tries to eliminate the cause of a child’s suffering, not just be a shoulder to cry on. Hopefully she will receive such guidance and love that she can have faith in herself that she can change and be good and in turn receive goodness.

      If I was taught through pain that to survive I have to be evil, its human nature I will adapt to what I need to survive, thus becoming ruthless. Maya actually tried to go against her grey nature built up through torment but that simultaneously melted seeing Arjun and his happiness and love for her. For arjun’s happiness, she loves him so much she was willing to be good and sanskari to win love and trust genuinely. If I had always gotten my way through being controlling and selfish, but tried to be good, selfless for another as I loved them and i wanted to be happy, but then only got pain in return? I think I would lose too all faith in being good and I too would resort to being bad, as that is only way I would see the world to work in my favour.
      Somebody(Arjun) needs to break his immature spell and vision of her, and embrace without hatred the real Maya that she so heartbreakingly has mentioned that no-one can ever love. If they show that even the real Maya can be loved, hope can shine for her character and for the show’s positivity in its message.

      Maya is good, possibly better than all the others (save Ayan and Saanjh’s parents/shubh), but the world has never given her a chance to be happy through goodness, as she never has received live, support and care. Only when such things are complete and unconditional, can she begin to improve, just as she was trying to during her Saas Bahu avatar. She needs inspiration that goodness is its own reward, and simultaneously needs someone to understand her and show her her mistakes in love, so that she can improve and love selflessly again.

      Hope for the best always maya now and forever ❤❤?❤

      1. Only saying the truth

        You said that very well , I agree

  11. sunshine forever

    if maya want to be happy with arjun forever she has to give all his happiness like family and frnds back to him then he’ll understand she really loves him and forget whatever she’s done to him. she ‘ll not get arjun by this psychopathetic love.


      Her love is pure and endless, but her inner demons are preventing this love from blossoming and giving fragrance. Her innate insecurity and pain alongside elements of selfishness and want, amplified by the loss of her mother and no friends makes her life revolve around Arjun and equally expects the same, which is love in essence but its fragrance has become a poisonous odour, as her love is too strong and thus difficult to understand and handle. I hope Arjun instead of turning away from her after receiving his family and friends back actually tries to help her more than before, that the world doesn’t just turn against her again and they collectively try to help her battle her demons and help her become selfless and good in love again by showing her the right path. They better not hate her and reject her again that will only make poor maya fall even further, make her yearning and obsession worse and make her more toxic, they need to understand this and thus act on it to help her, not remove her, as she and Arjun’s fates are now intertwined, so they’ll have to work together to break her jaal but also help her for the better. This is what I hope to see 🙂

      Love maya always may she get the happiness she deserves ❤❤❤

  12. I’m happy that Arjun has reunited with his family but the sad part is now that Vandana will brainwash him into marrying saanjh..Vandana will make Arjun hate Maya more than he already does I think they’re going to show saanjun love now just to please the minority saanjh fans. Very emotional episode but BORING as hell..why is Arjun bad mouthing about Maya?! Now even Ayan who loved his bhabhi will hate her now..hate that the makers are making Maya into this only problem is this Arjun character even saanjh is bearable but arjun is fact he’s the one who is ruining Maya’s life he’s still a selfish immature child who does not know the meaning or sacrifice required in a marriage! blo*dy hell he couldn’t even make his marriage last 3 years all we’ve seen him do is cry about how maya ruined his life. The problem is Arjun never had a role model or parent who could teach him responsibility his mother died when he was a child then his father then for the rest of his life he spent hating his step one to teach him important life lessons..and now his step mother who spoils him and pampers him so much thinks he is a poor little lamb when in fact he himself is the manipulator and two timer, blo*dy liar playing with the feelings of the girls

    1. The Dark Hunter

      It is unfortunate indeed. 6 months they have spent making maya go through so many shades, but then giving us her story to be such that so many love and empathise with her no matter what happens. By moulding her into an eventual villain they are demeaning her very character and why we appreciate her, this is not acceptable.
      Her love is true, as she was willing to let go of fears of ashwin, colours and her past. Her innate fears of loss and isolation however are crippling her love by turning it into obsession, which in turn is unknowingly creating the very thing she fears, its a painful and neve ending cycle that she has to be guided to break out of, or through some means find the realisation that yes her love is good and genuine, but the way she has been loving is not working, and she should try to be trusting and good, even though I completely understand her reluctance as the way they have shown VM and Arjun Pre-leap shows betrayal of maya’s trust through Arjun’s escapades with other women, and demoralisation of her goodness through VM’s hatred, thus making her feel neither will work in making her happy.

      Hope for the best she deserves it all after all she has suffered. She needs to come to this realisation one way or another and try to mend things in the right way, and Arjun needs to get over his animosity and immaturity(hopefully saanjh will help him realise maya’s truth and pain), and see her true self, but then still love her/care for her to help her improve, else there is no road for her aside darkness and Ashwin will have the last laugh in the end 🙁

      Love maya always


  13. I will never love anyone that much beyhadh that he/she will curse me for ruining his/her happiness. Love should make each other feel comfortable not burden.

  14. Only saying the truth

    I’d like to say that although Maya created rifts btwn Arjun , sanjh & his family she never told Arjun verbally not to stay in touch with his fam that was his own choice , so how can he blame Maya for not letting him stay in touch with his family ? I’m sure if he was straightforward with Maya she would have no objection with him meeting up with his fam. Maya wants him to b straightforward with her but unfortunately Arjun fails to understand that. They were suppose to b going to London together how can he just ditch her like that ? I’m feeling really sad seeing Maya’s plight wonder how she must have felt ??????


      Truthfully I feel the only rift she actually tried to create was between Arjun and Saanjh.
      VM created the rift herself through her verbal abuse/mistrust, and Arjun as a devout husband saw this pain but brashly chose to sever ties with her for maya, which wasn’t Maya’s intention, but was definitely a benefit for her in the end.
      Ayan was collateral damage, even maya spoke so, and she regretted separating him from Arjun, but her intentional hand hurt was to get Saanjh and Ayan’s support in forcing VM to forgive her, not to separate Ayan from Arjun, that happened through Ayan’s own loyalty and Arjun’s immaturity.
      Saajun separation was part staged through her insecurities and seeing her husband break her trust the days before holi, and the disregard he had for her even when she was the one injured not saanjh, that would have hurt a person like her real deep.
      The bhaang was intentional, but the miscarriage wasn’t, I feel she tried to malign saajun before the world to prevent them meeting in public or something, but it was a step up in the worst way possible when maya fell and lost the baby. Whenever she prayed to Ganesh for something he always took something back in exchange this was no different.

      Sadly she has given god away, and that is among the causes for her current situation; that god is no longer there to guide her, be a friend or give her good fortune, its all blown away in the arid desert wind.

      Maya deserves a second chance, to right her wrongs and also show everyone their place in relations as well as try to make them understand her insecurities, her fears and her love, otherwise she will be left all alone again and I cannot bear to see that.

      Love u maya ❤❤


        Throwing the gifts was also to get back at VM for her misdeeds and to show her discontent that VM didn’t care for her only for Arjun even when she was the mother of VM’s grandchild, Ayan and his gifts were again just unfortunate collateral damage she never meant any harm to him as he had always supported her.

        When she was shocked hearing Ayan’s voice I don’t think she was mad because Arjun was with Ayan, she was mad that he was back with the sharma’s especially VM and saanjh after all the pain they had caused her (saanjh did support her yes and maya did see her as a friend, but made her lose her trust through saanjh’s actions with Arjun as well pre-leap)

        Many thanks.

      2. Only saying the truth

        @Maya forever …Couldn’t have said any better myself ?????? thanks for explaining it so beautifully .

    2. Only saying the truth..? Very nice observation..without action reflection will not Maya possessiveness is wrong towards him,as same arjun behaviour also wrong towards maya.Arjun every time immature and irresponsible person.his behaviour driving maya possessiveness peak stage.feeling sad for my Maya ??

      1. Only saying the truth

        Thank you ks , but you , the dark hunter , may forever & roby have great sense of observation I’m just a learner yet 🙂

  15. The Dark Hunter

    Wow I’ve just been reading India forums there are some really good posts!

    Maya lovers and others please follow the link below and scroll down till the long comment by MistyDawn, its so true in its own weird way, and describes this episode and scenario from a non-superficial perspective. Though a bit brash and inelegant, the point he makes however more than makes up for it!
    Go check it out!
    Love maya Always ❤❤❤

    1. The Dark Hunter

      Also this amazing post by Sweetshruti.
      These are a must read!

      1. Only saying the truth

        Thank you so much for this link 🙂

      2. The dark hunter…thank you for sharing link…,some how my doubts got cleared because of sweet shruti excellent observation post….arjun is such a selfish, careless and irresponsible husband.he did not tried to understand my Maya to solve.and alcohol makes arjun to speak the truth, Arjun shared his secrets to Ayan,so like before he was in drunk ,he shared Arjun got marry Maya for money and for his dream.Arjun always loved Saanjh as friend even when he was married to Maya…i just hate’s proved,his stupid behaviour.and few people supporting arjun for reunite family ..he is not loving his family,he loves only himself& Arjun worried about only his jeep ,he didn’t cares Ayaan talk struggle for money.that much selfish person is Maya selected wrong person like her mother again.?? love u Maya ? you have to punish full support with u.

      3. The Dark Hunter

        Manchester my friend 🙂

      4. Only saying the truth

        That’s cool , a great city .

    2. 4 am?XD The old insomniac Maya into you?? Lol even I was up till 4

      1. The Dark Hunter

        No my friend I live in UK
        Time is 4.5hrs behind here, so it was just passiing 11:30pm for me 🙂
        Am Indian though and proud, am also planning to return back to my true home after my university has finished here 🙂

        Many thanks

      2. Only saying the truth

        Hi Dark Hunter if u don’t mind may I ask where u frm UK ? as I also live in UK just curious to knw 🙂

    3. Roby wolverine

      Thank you for the post link Dark hunter… your comments are a delight to read… And I agree with all those who had written in that post.. Can’t explain any more beautifully and clearly than them..

  16. Roby wolverine

    Even though we are living in a modern century and no matter how the technology had evolved, people (not all) still are prejudiced and ignorant… These so called normal people filled society will never accept anyone different… it’s the problem with the surroundings they’ve grown into, i guess… From where i live, people think if a person has mental illness then they’re mental and pack them to asylum… Even if their parents somehow understood the child and didn’t want to send heir child to asylum, this society will never let them live in peace.. Man… I hate this kind of people… No matter the century we’re in, there are still people who doesn’t accept homos*xuals, mentally unstable children, hell they even frown upon Atheists… I guess you just have to be yourself and shouldn’t care about these people…

    There is no one in this serial who took notice of Maya’s behavior and showered love to her, understanding her and took her to an psychiatrist…

    Her father, the abuser…

    her mother, the weak willed person who didn’t stand up to her husband…

    her neighborhood, who never gave a glance to a poor child abusing under their nose..

    her teachers, who never took notice of a child suffering..

    Her friends, no one really cared enough to befriend her..

    Her lover, who never saw beyond her beauty and fame… A husband who only cared for his freedom and worry about her torture if she said not to drink..

    Her mother in law, who knew she’s dangerous yet still only worried for her son and didn’t care an ounce for her..

    Her brother in law, who abandoned her by taking his mother’s side.. He should have kept contact with her.. All they worried is how Arjun is…

    No one really asked her or worried about her how is she..?

    No one really cared enough to make her understand the basic feelings of human… No ounce of kindness was shown to the real Maya by the world… so she’s doing right in her own twisted way…

    She’s wrong yet she’s correct in her own… She want to possess and even in delusion that Arjun is still loving her… She wants to keep him but not really understanding that she’s suffocating him… The world did nothing to her so she can do anything to the world…

    It’s not that i hate saanjh or Arjun, it’s just they pale in comparison to Maya… A boring episode.. They’re like tiny stars in front of sun..

    *Sigh* A character with so many sides and faults and her obsession and the need to possess the one person in her life and keep it with him… uff… I am in love with this character… A horrific and also an admirable character…

    Love Maya always….

    And hey ks, did you read the fiction i suggested..?

    1. Yes Roby,it was nice fiction,want to see same story in real episode like Maya left arjun.after his realization for Maya.

      1. Roby wolverine

        Yeah… Me too… Arjun didn’t even look remotely sad after seeing Maya in ambulance… He just doesn’t care or love her anymore.. I don’t think Arjun will ever accept her.. I just want my Maya to have a happy ending even if it’s not with Arjun… Is it too much to hope for..

    2. Only saying the truth

      Hi Roby , you’ve written so well each n every word of yours is so true & I can relate to awl that coz i come frm a broken home with a abusive father , my childhood my physical/mental health , education my life has been ruined due to the abuse but I thank God a million times that I got treated by medicine psychotherapy help n support frm all around me …. my mental health does suffer at times but it could’ve have been much worse had I not got the treatment in time . so I’d like to say that if maya had got the right treatment at the right time she would have been a diff person 2day n please do excuse me if I haven’t explained properly .. Not good with writing things downs coz of low intellectual 🙂

  17. Guys Upcoming track is maya will lose memory and only remember samay,and samay will take Maya to London for ever.

    (im very happy for this news,i can’t see my Maya attempt suicide& hurting herself more times for selfish arjun,I will be really happy if arjun removes from her memory forever.This arjun don’t deserves to be a part of mayas life.)

    1. Oh guys don’t know this track is true or not..i heard about this,so I shared it.let’s see ..?

      1. ks….
        You are just a blind maya lover..
        just imagine if ur partner is too much obsessed with you so that he keep camera everywhere you go n torture with his soo called love in which no other person can love you even if it is your mom or best frnd.
        I wud like to know ur age… i think u r a teenager who lives in dream world not yet started a real family life.
        i think no one can live a life just with a company of their partner only…that also too much cntrolling partner.. we with us only…b happy if all our family members ar

      2. Oh re…i think u r big blindness person..when you r correct,who will keep camera on u to trace u…lol..u r wasting ur time to watch this serial,so enjoy that time with ur family instead of watching.when you are not honest with ur partner don’t expect any partner in ur life for soo called love..don’t live in dreams just give importance to only ur family ,stay single be happy with ur family till ur life end.(first do ur self,then give suggestion to others).enjoy it

    2. Omg yay!!! But I think this is another one of Maya’s master plan! But whatevemakes my maya baby happy:) if her happiness is with samay th I’m happy it’s about time she left that pathetic excuse of a husband arjun

  18. What r u saying ks r u sure i mean literally i am danceing

    Maya deserves much more than this family of hypocrate

    Ooo god i really dont want a arya ending now
    Ks this news to true plzzzz

    I just love samaya

    1. Don’t know dear,let’s see,if it happens we will be happy ?..

  19. Ooooooooooooooo ghosh that means after this friday episode we will crave for monday to come as fast as possible i want to see some scenes of samaya i just them what inttensity both share they r just fav

    Afterseeing yestarday episode i was upset that arjun is doing tjis allll

    But if this twist turns to be true than cvs u r doing fab work fan and maya fans r just loving u gyes just loving i mean my maya is hurt again for arjun nd arjun is still now lying nd this hypocrate vandana what to say when because of maya arjun came close to her she was sooo not happy to see maya as she thought she will spoil life of her goldrusher son baby manupulated easily arjun and now when saanjh does the same she is inhaven saanjh is some kinda fairy for her god how what a sudden change or what a great hypocrasy
    And ayan is ok what ever he is told he will belive because he does not really know the truth so ayan reactions r justified to me but eager to see this track samaya track my most loved track tilll now

    Lets hope it happens!!!!!!!!

  20. I am always for ArYa happy ending. I don’t want Maya and Samay to be together so I don;t want this amnesia track which is too cliched for a show like Beyhadh which is so much different from other mundane serials especially the saas-bahu ones. From whatever has been shown of Samay he looks like a two timer with his fake love for Saanjh and obsession for Maya. I will always want Maya to treat Samay like she did in this episode and continue to show him his limits. Apart from his immaturity Arjun is a clean hearted person and hopefully he will turn out to be mature and strong and help Maya to heal and redeem.


      He is NOT strong enough to face challenges my apologies 🙂


    Watching old episodes makes my heart feel heavy.
    I’m missing the old maya and Arya more and more, it’s especially bad when i hear their music which is so haunting yet intoxicating simultaneously, I miss them a lot 🙁

    Here’s a link so you can understand and feel the nostalgia and happiness, but simultaneously sadness that its all coming to an end as of current.
    I hope and pray that such Maya and Arya moments and music return in the future, its what I loved about the show more than anything else.

    Love u maya forever and Always ❤❤❤


    Besides Ks any idea what is happening regarding Ayan and the jailing?

    1. No idea dear,just I saw pic in sumit Instagram.


    Goodness me I’m making this so confusing copy and pasting is such a pain :p
    Sorry guys

    This is a repost of my comment. I misspelt my email address and so it may not show my original comment, so if it doesn’t p,ease don’t think I’m crazily talking to myself and if it does show my original comment kindly ignore this one.

    Many thanks and love all you maya Lovers out there! Let’s keep hoping for her happiness and dreams fulfilled that’s all that matters! Maya all the way!


    Arjun is immature and egoistic.
    He himself broke his relations after all they were doing to hurt and provoke maya, and yet he blames her for it now? Maturity needs to slap him in the face soon, he has to start taking responsibility for his actions, and face things when the going gets tough. The true strength of his love and loyalty would be if despite everything even now he was still trying to help his wife, not try to leave her at every opportunity that is cowardice and completely immoral, especially as it still implies that he never tried to actually help her or be a dutiful husband through these times, and some type of disloyalty mentioned by maya and seen pre-leap is the cause for her possessiveness. Rather than blaming the consequence like everyone else, he should have matured up to find the cause, but alas it’s costing him now. He dreamt of everything but without thought of actual responsibilities of marriage, something I find very sad to see, as it is the same reason that with a heavy heart I say it, that my family many-a-time has reached the precipice of breaking apart, through one or the others immaturity and unwillingness to stand for what is right or protect the marriage through supporting the other rather than abandoning them, it’s sickening to see how even the first time he wanted out, rather than trying to understand and care for fear and concerns like an actual lover. I have lost respect for Arjun, and the way he is portraying Maya makes it that he is a victim, whereas I feel in many ways he is even more incorrect, but he is egoistic that he cannot see fault or accept fault in himself instead only blaming others and running away, which Maya immediately pointed out to him the first time they talked f their pasts together, he is strong enough to face challenges he can only run away.

    Maya better get the happiness and love she deserves, but also the commitment and willingness of her other to be for her when the times are bad, true love is determined by the willingness to suffer through hardships for your love, not enjoy and romance but abandon them when they need you most, just as maya correctly pointed out to him once before. Maya’s love is so true, she has suffered everything for Arjun, taken abuses, pain and even a miscarriage in her stride, and even willing to sacrifice her life for his love but also due to the pain of loss, which is really melancholic to say the least, she needs to find love in such a person who can give back such love, not take it for granted like Arjun, he may be innocent and good athwart, but he is equally sly, naive and unbearably immature/selfish many-a-times as well. Until Maya’s side of the story is told, and we get perspective as to why she has done as she done, or see Arjun’s truth in a better light, I will never forgive him and will always support Maya.

    Many people a saying this potential amnesia track is going to be a rip-off from other shows and defile Beyhadh’s uniqueness. I feel however it is an opportunity to show all viewers how pure and true Maya’s love really is. By forgetting Arjun, but then through broken memories of love she builds it back overtime and eventually comes back for him, would show that her love is not obsessive, but true to the extent that she remembers her love even after everything, and that her love is only clouded by the demons of her past. Samay is going to be very interesting in the next few weeks especially the way he seems to have a very sinister agenda, though it seems to be for maya not against her, lets hope someone is there for her when she needs someone to have and hold

    Just my thoughts, but I truthfully cannot forgive Arjun nor am I ready to forgive him for a long time for hurting maya, but also blaming her for mistakes that he committed. Its unbelievable Saanjh and VM forgive him so easily after a few tears and words despite him humiliating and physically hurting them, but a maya even after buckets of tears, apologies, attempts at goodness and love will never even get their attention, they are all disgusting in that way, and far from Mahan I hope people understand Maya is not the only grey character on this show, most people are and Maya is better than many of them, if she had a happy past like Saanjh’s I bet she would be the best of them all! Arjun better man up soon, else I and many others will lose all respect we have left for him, he has to stop being babied, accept responsibilities of marriage and love and adhere to them, otherwise he is nothing but a selfish and ambitious child in a man’s body. Maya better get love from one who understands her worth, or through whatever means make Arjun understand so that she can be happy in her love once again.

    Love maya always ❤❤

    1. Only saying the truth



    I have just seen a fragment of 6th April episode, and truly my heart is breaking.
    They’ve taken maya way to far without reason, now they are going to do a court scenario ending in her loss and Arya separation 🙁
    Why have they destroyed so much beauty in both Arya and maya over the past 2 weeks? There was no need to show her going down this badly, it is destroying her chances of redemption day by day which is rubbish, she deserves that much and it would sit well with message they should be portraying, that a person as ill as her can live, love and have a family, not that her bad past and bad circumstances means she will be evil inherently and forever, and thus her only peace is death?! This is unacceptable.

    I have lost faith in the CVs, I will continue to support maya but I will stay off watching future episodes at least for some time after halfway, they better show things turning around for both her and others, as well as acceptance and love for both Arjun and Maya.

    The face of the show and love story is Arya, so they cannot destroy everything beautiful about this show before evn the first half? I hope the CVs have enough of a heart to give her another chance to love and be loved in the right way and with the right people, else they will destroy maya, the show and Arya respect a large majority of us will have for them, as Maya after everything doesn’t deserve to perpetually suffer forever, she needs love and happiness and they better put her on a healing track soon!

    With a heavy heart I’m signing off this forums for a while, I’ll be back occasionally to read updates but I will not watch anymore, I will find happiness seeing all the beautiful Arya and maya from season 1, the Maya I knew and fell in love with and have been loving ever since.

    maya forever and always ❤❤?

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