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Beyhadh 4th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maya asks her mom who was on door. Jahnvi says guard and nervously asks her to call biryani wala, it is already late. Mala goes in.

Saanjh waits for Arjun’s call eagerly. Brother suggests her to calm down and wait for his call. She says if she lets him go, he will leave forever. He says they both are waiting for each other’s call, whoever calls first will lose. Saanjh says Arjun must be playing game. Arjun is seen playing game on his mobile. Saanjh calls. He rejects it and says why should he pick.

Jahnvi looking at Ashwin’s gifted sari gets happy that Ashwin still loves her and wants to get back to her. Maya comes and ass if it is new sari. Jahnvi says old one. Maya tears and burns it and says she knows she does not like old things, she can keep it as

cleaning cloth. Jahnvi yells that she cannot get Ashwin away from her. Maya says she knows how Ashwin is, she will not let him near her. Jahnvi says he wants to come back and go far away with her. Maya says she will finish everything related to Ashwin. Jahnvi says she is big evidence of Ashwin and should kill herself first. Maya is shocked. Jahnvi says she proved that she is Ashwin’s daughter and his blood runs in her body, she cannot get rid of him at all. Maya gets panic attack. She walks into her room with a wobbly gait and immerses herself into bathtub reminiscing Jahnvi’s words. She gets up calling maaa and searches her everywhere, but does not see her. She walks outside her apartment and goes near Ashwin’s apartment and with great difficulty rings bell. Ashwin’s live-in partner asks him to go and open door. He says why he always and walks towards door. Maya panics more hearing his footsteps and hides. Ashwin opens door and sees around. Live-in partner asks if his Jahnvi came. He says she talks rubbish. Maya leaves in lift. He walks towards lift.

Saanjh hiding under blanket calls Arjun repeatedly and nervously repeats Arjun pick up phone. Her brother removes blanket and says he will not pick call. She says Vandana aunty told Arjun got promotion and she did not congratulate him yet. He says even boy’s family came and left after accepting her, Arjun did not call her. Arjun is chindi chor and is saving call money. She cotinues waiting for his call.

Maya gets into her car and starts searches her mom via GPS. She reminisces Jahnvi’s words while driving and panics. She finally finds her in chowpati having corn. She gets out of car stumbling and walks towards her with wobbly gait reminiscing her words. She is shocked to see Arjun with Jahnvi. Arjun sees Maya and calls her name. Jahnvi looks at Maya and gets afraid. Arjun asks her to calm down and walks towards Maya. Jahnvi tells Maya that she called Arjun, it is not his mistake. Arjun asks Maya to take care of mom and not frighten her much, else she will get high BP and will fly away. Maya walks towards car and asks Jahnvi to get in. Arjun asks if she cannot see her mom is really tensed. She shouts he does not have mom, that does not mean he can make other’s mom as his. She angrily gets into car. Arjun holds door. She pushes him and closes door. He stands in front of car. She wrooms car and speeds it. Car hits Arjun’s right leg and he shouts in pain and says psycho… if father has lashed her, she would not have been like this.

Maya speeds car. Jahnvi pleads to slow down, let us forget everything. Slow down, accident may happen. Maya smiles. Jahnvi sees blood oozing from Maya’s hand and pleads her to stop. Maya smiles at her and reminisces cutting her wrist.

Precap: Jahnvi gets Maya out of car and pleads for help. Maya says she wanted her to erase herself, so she is erasing herself.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. WHat? This maya is psycho. Poor saanjh. She deserves better than Arjun. Hope she realizes before breaking her heart. I really dont care even if maya dies after this episode. Idk why..

    1. yeah she is psycho…but she was supposed to be only that..storyline it is…so we better expect this.

    2. I don’t think this is a love story… I think Maya will eventually end up dead, Arjun will become a mental patient and Saanjh will be the one left to deal with it all. I guess this is more of a thriller…

  2. QueenB


  3. QueenB


    1. Mona146

      seemingly yes

    2. I thought this first…but I don’t think Indian show will feature such bold concepts…they might face controversy ..

  4. This was supposed to be a different story.. do they write a story before starting a serial ya bas ek din mood hua nd thy decide. No story.. itne din se bakwas.. leaving it ab..

    1. Good decision ..

  5. oh God wat is this? jhanvi can’t do this she has 2 be with her daughter in all circumstances otherwise maya will be dangerous 4 all especially for herself she will become psychopath excellent & natural acting by maya as usual waiting 2 see wat happns nxt

    1. Mona146

      exactly how can she support her husband? That too she knows about what he did? Maya is like this because of her mom primarily.

  6. r a ds maya is a mad???

  7. I like this serial most…i like more jenny…her acting is superb ??..eagerly waiting for Monday episode ?

  8. this saanjh irritates a lot,doesn’t she?

  9. really this saanjh irritates alot always do bak bak……maya’s acting is superb…she is suffering since her childhood thats why she become like this… a disgusting father,a careless mother who is alwayz in her own self begging for her cheater husband thats why maya become like this…she need care attention love affection protection but she has nothing….feeling sad for her.

    1. Mona146

      yes true i too feel sad for her.

  10. Shalini Senthil

    Poor maya she love her mother behyaadh so she done like that …what she will do after loving arjun behyaadh …waiting to see

  11. Maya u are really pyscho man

  12. Jenny u r just superb.superb acting , so beautiful

  13. I always said saanjh is irritating Maya ka acting weird a bit too much ho gaya serial makers should know when to draw line the story demands we give sympathy to s but she is so irritating who would like a girl who keeps on calling and pestering Maya OK had a bad past but enough is enough

  14. How Maya’s ma still believes his hubby… Poor Maya.

  15. i want arjun must support maya till end if in future he falls for maya then he must have to support maya at the end of the show it doesnt matter if she is psycho or normal but the fact is she is love of his life n saanjh is his frnd only its not look good if they show maya become psycho then arjun turns to saanjh….i have seen a movie like this Gupt….there also 2 actress are fighting for 1 guy…1 is his love other is his friend but the guy always likes his ladylove n other is always be his frnd only till the end.

  16. Jenny is excellent….oh god such incredibly she performed!!!

  17. actuallyMaya had such a terriblechildhood…it’s nt possible to be general after tolerating such happenings….unlike all who have normal and happy one…

  18. Nice ep

  19. I am surprised with some comments here….some want to quit d show nd some says Maya is a psycho!!!Are u out of ur minds??Understand her character b4 passing on judgements….She has gone thru a lot in her childhood, still she managed to make a company of her own nd became successful….She has only one relation, her mom & she also didnt understand her..what will she do then???And anyways show was always supposed to be of xtreme ways of Maya with d person she loves…..I think Arjun is d worst&insensible character in this serial…He thinks as he is prince charming….I dont want either Saanjh or Maya with him…becoz he doesnt deserve any one….Saanjh understand Maya better….Arjun without even understanding Maya bak bak kar raha hai….Badtameez tho vho duffer hai!!!

    1. Totally agree with you, this is a thriller. If anyone is hoping for a successful MaRjun they’re going to be left severely disappointed. Maya will more than likely end up dead – the ultimate peace, Arjun will end up mental – he will end up being damaged by Maya and Saanjh will be left dealing with the aftermath mostly because all these incidents will help her grow up. I think Saanjh will end up going through with her arranged marriage.

    2. Well said Ajay…maya is not a psycho..she behaved like this because of her father..if you saw all episode clearly she didn’t punish anyone with out reason.she punished correctly.her doings is correct.she is suffering alone.but she didn’t showed it that torture on other people’ u cant call her like spycho.and jenny is main female lead. her character will not end with death.I hope it.

  20. Devga

    I am not agreeing with many f u al …. y want maya to die ? Already she is half dead due to her fear of tht moron …. and y soooo much grudge on maya. ….SHE EXPERIENCED SUCH TORTURE IN CHILDHOOD and STIL SHE FLOUSIHED IN HER BUSINESS ….. APRECIATE HER BUSINESS ….. DUE TO CHILHOD TORTURE SHE JUST SHOWS ALL emotions to the extreme ….


    B happy atleast this is out of the saas bahuuu daggers …..

    This was not opposing just said my view…. no negativity in this …..

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