Beyhadh 4th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Beyhadh 4th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Saanjh reads Vandana’s message on bottle gourd skin that Arjun’s life is in danger. She further reads that Maya tortures herself and blames Arjun. Saanjh reminisces incident. Saanjh further reads Maya must have trapped Ayan similarly, she gets messages from someone and got a message that work is done. She reads Arjun is in danger and to save him.

Maya also reads help written on bottle gourd skin and reminsces Vandana and Saanjh’s drama. She thinks whom Vadnana wants help from, she is Vandana’s good bahu. She burns skin and watches Vandana on CCTV camera and smirks.

Vandana holding gift box thinks she has to send message to Saanjh somehow. Maya enters and asks if she can help. Vandana gets nervous. Maya says her hand is injured, so she can hep eat. Vandana

says she thinks she was too harsh on Saanjh. Maya says she does not think so. Vandana says she wants to send this gift to Saanjh. Maya says Saanjh called her neighbor and she threw garbage on her, so there is no guilt in it. She holds her and says she just some time ago injured her hand, she does not need any more games, so she should relax.. Vandana says she is just.. Maya says she is Maya’s mother-in-law and has a standard, so she should not meet unnecessary people. Arjun enters. Vandana says she wants tto attend Saanjh’s engagement, what is Suman’s fault in it. Arjun asks why she is provoking tigress Maya. Maya asks Arjun to go for breakfast, she will bring maa. Arjun leaves.

Maya gets Samay’s call. She asks Vandana to rest and leaves her room nervously. Vandana thiks something is wrong, she gets disturbed when her phone rings, who calls her. Maya enters her room and warns Samay not to call her. Samay standing undder shower cries tha the loves truly, then how can he connect with anyone else, he does not want to betray her. Maya says he is betraying Saanjh and not her. Samay says he canot do that. Maya asks his love is so short, he told he can do anything for her. Vandana peeps from door and thinks if Maya is having an affair, she cannot as she is behind Arjun. Samay cries if he marries Saanjh, he iwll do. Maya asks if he will leave her alone. Samay says his happiness is in her happiness. Maay asks to do what she says. He says he will get engaged to Saanjh for Maya’s happiness and does not know till when he will hide his love for her. Maya says he has to until they are successful. She hears sound and turns. Vandana leaves by then. She comes out and checks and finds no one. Vandana hides behind wall and recites hanuman chalisa. Maya warns Samay not to call her again and disconnects call. Samay says I love you Maya. Vandana relaxes thinking Maya has gone, but Maya comes from other side. Vandana shouts in fear. Maya shuts her mouth and asks if she is Sherlock and wants to play detective. Arjun comes and even Maya hides. Arjun leaves. Maya asks Vandana if does not like peace, why she wants to separate her and Arjun when she knows what she can do. She pleads she does not want to become bad by harming her and continues. Vandana leaves.

Vandana goes to her room and thinks there is someone whom Maya speaks repeatedly, must be same person whose messages she read, how to inform Saanjh that someone is helping Maya.

Samay looking at his finger thinks how can he wear someone else’s ring than Maya’s, he cannot betray Maya. His whole heart, body, soul everything belongs to Maya. He cuts his finger shouting Maya…and falls on floor in a pool f blood repeating Maya. He takes out his mobile and sent his cut fingered hand to Maya. Maya watches it.

Precap: Arjun and Maya get ready for Saanjh and Samay’s engagement.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. like maya, now someone else is gonna join the mental asylum…….what the hell was that in this episode.,…. im really starting to think that b*t*h has superpowers………whenever there’s something good going on she shows up like every other devil and now samay has joined her freaking road………you know what he may be a dude but hes still a b*t*h…….

  2. I love you Mayaaaaaaa ????? Episode was amazing.

  3. Maya has passed her illness to Samay now loooool

  4. This serial should be shut down..boycott it everyone

    1. Resonance1290

      It should only be shut down if it continues to portray that people with mental illnesses are vile people with vile intentions, otherwise if they show a redemption track its all good! I agree though the gore and actions related are a bit OTT

  5. This serial is so traumatic… should be shut down and boycotted by people

  6. Resonance1290

    Ouch! That was brutal

    On a MUCH lighter note great news maya lovers!
    Kavita Ghai (jhanvi) recently posted on social media that the killer in previous instances is NOT any of the melhotras, neither jhanvi or MAYA. You heard right, maya is NOT the killer.
    Look forward to future updates and episodes

    1. Yes yes ??? very happy…Maya hasn’t killed Ashwin #confirmed #beyhadh.(.Jennifer also told before Maya is not killer..but got scared to see confused scenes),but now im happy its confirmed.??? you Maya more ?❤?

  7. So much blood from 1 finger…

    1. i lost my finger in the door.. yes it does bleed that much… coz main artery is cut…

      1. The Dark Hunter

        Omg @sajni I’m so sorry to hear that I can’t imagine how that must have been for you?
        How are you handling yourself now without it? Everything still manageable?
        This must have been difficult for you to see on Tv I hope you’re ok ?

      2. im fine.. byt yes its really disguisting to watch it on tv atleast i lost it by accident but showing someone cut it off by their own will .makes me sick… i think beyhadh is going out of hand now

      3. Hey dear, I read its all okay and I’m glad. Beyhadh makers are going to sick and vile ways just to show that their characters are obsessed. This is really getting nowhere now 🙁

  8. If samay’s number is saved by his name in maya’s cell den obvsly wen he msgd maya his name shld display too…but only his num was shown…Samay is literally mad wer maya is fun to watch evn wid her madness Samay is a curse to watch….Maya seriously has super powers she can read sumone’s eyes face nd heart too…Standing behind vandy she understood d signals passed by vandy to sanjh…Keen observer she is…She is stunning in her acting nd luks too…Luv jenny

  9. Saanjh is a hormonally imbalanced b*t*h maya is not a b*t*h ok!!!!!!! Maya is a human not a b*t*h going after other men ok!!!! Piyush said in his recent interview that sanjh now also wants arjun and likely can do anythink to get him. Seee she can never ever changer homewercke b*t*h

    For ur kind info samara

    1. The Dark Hunter

      Yeah seriously! As soon as she hears Arjun is having difficulty she is ready to come in and swoop him off his feet again! It’s horrible, selfless love would mean she helps Arjun in their marriage. I’m not talking about now she has reason to dislike maya, but before when meeting at the club and Arjun coming to meet them at home, did she ever think of helping Arya? No she was jealous of Maya and Ajun dancing together in the pub?! I mean what? Plus the “selfless” love of singing a sad song and tying the dupatta between theirs and making Arjun leave the marriage and say ILU to saanjh, srsly what kind of friendship is this? I understand deeply she must have been hurt, but don’t openly express your emotions to the extent he gets guilty marrying someone else, it was unfair on both maya and him that day! Even then maya wanted saanjh to be her friend and help her become a part of their family and happiness, and while saanjh initially had great respect from me through her understanding her limits, it quickly went away after what she did with Arjun later on! No wonder maya was wanting saajun to break a normal wife wouldn’t want such a relationship that is potentially damaging their marital relation, much less this constantly betrayed and hurt women that is Maya!
      Piously only affirmed my disgust! Even though she knows Maya is “pagal”, that is not an excuse to fight her at every turn! She needs medical help and support she’s even begging VM to accept and help her be good again, why couldn’t VM message that among her peels? Of course not she is always prejudiced towards a mentally ill person and she always will be she reflects the general disgusting mentality of society today! Protecting your son is one thing but not wanting to even help this ill person get better? I mean srsly Arjun was happy with her and she wasn’t doing anything to separate them or make her worried but even then she didn’t think of supporting her in such a time? If not as a bahu then at least as Arjun’s wife she should have respected the relation and tried to make her better. Even Mad people can get better with stepping stones of love and support then eventually other treatment, and maya was far from mad at that stage, yet VM still decided to take judgement into her own hands and now look what fate has become of her, she is the primary responsible individual, not the Cause but the perpetrator of all problems now.

      Saanjh though I have no words, still after Arjun even after knowing he’s started patching up with maya, that he can only ever love her and that he wants to heal her, she is still trying to prove she’s mad to Arjun so he can leave her and fall into her waiting arms?! What rubbish! Arjun knows everything maya is and is capable of, and he still loves her and wants her and his happiness! Granted I’m not sure what he’ll do once he finds out Maya’s framing of Ayan but at least before that he’ll get perspective from understanding her past and Samay’s betrayal and he will know why she goes to such lengths to protect Arya, you never know if he loves her enough he may even forgive her!

      Saanjh has been wanting maya away from Arjun since her dinner with maya season 1 NO-ONE can deny that! I wouldn’t call her a home wrecker or any of this other weird terms people are using for her, but she is definitely obsessed, to an extent selfish and oblivious to the Fact that Arya is there to stay, she can’t break them up no matter what she does! Hell if even Suman and Prem can see she’s obsessed with Arjun, why can’t the audience?

      As I said in a post long before, Obsession and selflessness have been blurred by both characters, there is no-one on extreme of either end nor is anyone but SUMAN and PREM and SHUBH considerable as white characters. Maya has shown her selflessness time and time again, and saanjh has shown her obsessiveness many times too, they a not separate entities they are intertwined! I hope the CVs and audience remember this, else this show is heading to more disaster than it is already!

      Maya always ?????

      P.s @hellsaanjh your vigilance is inspiring but a few less negative connotations/words will be appreciated and go a long way 🙂
      Many thanks dear ?

      1. The Dark Hunter

        “Piyush”not piously honestly Indian words and autocorrect (smh)

  10. To my Maya lovers..Jennifer posted

    Wit promo,she wrote this ?
    “from #ShadesOfGrey she fades to #BLACK …. or will she? With #MAYA you’ll never know …?until you find out on #BEYHADH.

    So With us, Even Maya too don’t know what going to happened ?..she is grey or wil turn black find out in beyhadh.

    1. And Arjun death is not true,script changed,they changed attempt to kill.&vandy saanjh will pay cost for their spy thing…and will maya also cost for her deadly plans….and maya outs arjuns life is risk and she knows this,so she keeps eye on him 24hours and protective about their relation….and samay also planning arjun murder.interesting episodes ahead,stay u Maya ?

      1. Your face u b*t*h like maya character you love jenny ok but not maya you pscho she didnot kill ashwin but she did more than that all bad

        Samay maya can never be yours you jyst kill her and yourself ?

      2. Mirchi lagi mirchi lagi ??..jorse lagi jorse lagi??…Lol..sunil why r u saying ur name…i know ur name is b*t*h…no need to say with different ids..ha haha ???…funny person..just get lost..if you don’t like it..don’t u have sense,disgust person came to say what Maya did.??..she is much better than you Maya more ?? Maya..Maya you Maya more..❤❤?

      3. @sunill.. u say maya is a b*t*h fine… but how can u abuse a commentor here on a personal level.. she has the right to her opinions… in that case u r worst than maya isnt it… abusing a commentor in such a indignifed way who has not done any bad to u… mind ur language dude .. we have never come across any commentor like u in this forum so far… so mind it… and btw wat the hell are these moderators doing… if u guys encourage such behaviour in this forum well boycott ur site…

  11. Boycott this serial

  12. It seems people lost their mental balance,vandy rejected Maya for killing ashwin,but she didn’t gave chance,unnecessarly pagal vandy and saanjh trying to break ArYa still..because of them Maya did bad deeds..Sunil turned big psycho,u need asap treatment,consult doctor soon,u r saying ur name repeatedly b*t*h ,psycho…???…..they are assuming their own others wish too..???…oh god save this people…??? lol…give sense? ,i knw they don’t had mind.??Lol..hahaha…stoop person.


      And now we know maya DIDN’T kill ashwin! See what your prejudice and unfairness towards a DIL wanting a happy life has caused you!


        I’m talking about VM not you @ks ??

  13. yes the show is posssesing with beyhadh evillness.and Ks ………cool down ur mind . everyone love jenny but hate mayaa because of her black side.plz dont get engage with fight with anyone .its a showcase afterall.

    1. I’m always cool baby..?..don’t’s just entertainment for me even fight also,so chill..?? if you love only jenny I don’t care it..but i love only Maya,so don’t think ur own my wish too.i love Maya only ..❤?

  14. I feel they somehow whave changed the script writer in season 2.. coz the script doesnt seem seasoned.. I bet theyve made some teenage guy as the substitute writer coz firstly the script lacks maturity n depth. Also seems like this guy has written this script playing some blood shed fight game simultaneously….. next teenage level of IQ used, example samays phone working in bathroom and samay number doesnt display to vandy but to maya etc….

    1. The Dark Hunter

      Season 1 was so much better written! It wasn’t fast paced but it was consistent and the thrill was not OTT. Plus the characters were a lot more well defined especially maya, and her GREYNESS mentioned so often was actually at its best! Best for me however was her obsession, then her care and genuine love/compassion and finally Arya and their moments after, they actually fulfilled the romance quota as well, whereas now its ONLY a psychological thriller with a good looking couple at its helm. Maya’s character was best and most well laid out in season 1, showing manipulation and cunning but also compassion and remorse, this made her grey and a sociopath that they initially envisioned, whereas now by degrading her to doing such vulgar deeds completely in a league separate from anything before they are trying to stupidly make her fully psycho, whilst throwing in small scenes of remorse to confuse us over and over grrrrr! This upcoming track is unhealthy to say the least, plus once truths start coming out the show will be ugly real fast and it will be a bit much for many to witness, especially the amount of self-harm and anger they’ve shown maya to have, whereas before she was calm and collected and only harmed herself to protect her mother or others, I mean seriously such a drastic change requires sufficient FB’s/justification to make sense!!

      Hopes have been going down for this show and for the way they portray mentally ill people, it would have been much better if maya had been shown with a more normal life or just an obsessive love disorder, not that she has mental illness and is abused but is being shown to be an abuser and evil vigilante it sends all the wrong signals to people watching as to what they should expect encountering sociopaths or other ill people, I mean seriously I’ve met clinically determined sociopaths and OCD patients also with a rough childhood and they are soft-spoken good people, just anti-social, fearful and difficult to understand/get intimate with, whereas what they’re showing is a sociopath on the warpath, its despicable!

      Season 1 showed her softness, vulnerability and other more recognisable traits, plus her strength and intelligence in manipulations that’s seemed to achieve goals but without physically or mentally harming others! That maya was one ALL maya lovers fell in love with, and they are doing that character injustice and defiling her mixed traits by showing the rape case or this broken hand, we can’t blame it all on impulsiveness as maya mentioned in her genuine talk to Jhanvi, the whole rape was executed, only the hand thing could be classed as spur of the moment blank-minded psychosis otherwise what she has done is condemnable!

      I have no hopes for the future, especially if they are to show maya turning black that will be my cue to leave. I stayed to watch a grey character from the beginning, and hopefully they showed after all her wrongs greyness in the form of white traits of realisation amongst her anger and impulsiveness would come about and make a change, and that she could defeat the evil within her (ASHWIN) that was the real villain since the start of the show, but I’m not expecting any consistency from them they’ve screwed up in many ways already. People whether supporting maya or not are pining for good to triumph, but people and the CVS should keep in mind maya is NOT the evil, ASHWIN is the ONLY negative character from the get-go and his influence on maya makes her dark, removing that influence and healing her would show the good maya defeat evil maya, as evil maya is the cause of all current problems therefore it is only her battle, not others against her that should determine the show’s end!


      Maya ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

      1. The Dark Hunter

        He’ll even I’m determined as a mild sociopath myself and I haven’t ever thought of hurting others despite me being beaten through childhood. They have to show both sides to maya again, not only this darker avatar which conflicts with so much that she was before. I’m not saying she’s a saint far from it, but others’ actions towards her a large amount of the time constituted her actions, plus her understandable insecurity and fear.

        Maya better have a chance to turn-around, else this show is going nowhere in appreciation but the pits of hell I’m sorry to say! Showing maya on valentine’s wanting to leave Arjun for his happiness, all post-marriage romantic sequences and maya being a genuine good person, showing her anger towards saanjh season 1 but never the direct thought to kill only threaten or scare, and the care she showed Arjun and Ayan and eventually even saanjh, plus the numerous selfless good actions she did for Arjun and his family that I hopefully don’t have to repeatedly reiterate!

  15. Woah whats with people calling each other b*t*hes?
    Common guys!
    Its a fictional show you cant call REAL people names because they dont agree with you about an IMAGINARY character. Grow up!
    Maya is not a b*t*h. She had a terrible terrible childhood. Imagine a poor young girl being threatened and abused by her father. This does not justify her current doings but she is not a b*t*h. She is neither a saint I dont particularly like her current avatar nor am I able to understand how some people are still able to love her. I pity her but love is not a feeling I can feel for her. But she doesnt go about hurting strangers she is doing what she feels she should. She just needs medical help to overcome the traumas of her past and her insecurities.

    Sanjh is again not a b*t*h. She just loves her bestfriend and cares for him a lot. Her only fault is that she is(was?) IN love with Arjun. But is it even a fault.
    And she is by no means a homewrecker. Had she tried to tempt or seduce Arjun I would have agreed but please remember that she she didnt even kiss Arjun when she had the opportunity. And no she never forced Maya to turn into the person she is today. It was all Vandana and Maya herself. And why did she not change in the 3 years? Further I believe that she is not able to let go of her love only because she feels Maya is not right for Arjun. Till the time she felt that Maya was trying to seperate Arjun and her she supported Maya wholeheartedly.
    Both are right but both are wrong too. The circumstances are to blamed not the two females.

  16. Lol…i dont get it at all….who loves whom in this serial…only one point always maya wins….sammy he met maya again coincidentally….before that he accepeted saanjh and now he is soo obseesed with maya….in sony tv serials all characters are typical.. iswari of kpkb

  17. Hope Arjun will be free after his All the best for samay murder plan.

  18. Ayesha22

    why do vandana and saanjh even try when they know they don’t have a chance.both of them are seriously getting on my nerves by continuously interfering between ArYa.i mean what is there problem to interfere in between them if arjun is ok with maya and still love her even now.just let them be cause your poking nose would only angry her and make her do things she did not mean and did not even want to.
    Maya please do not let ashwin win by doing something evil please see who you really are and be back to your old self,please.I LOVE YOU MAYA!

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