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Beyhadh 4th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Inspector wakes up Arjun and says he is arresting him for murdering his wife. Arjun says he did not kill his wife. Inspector shows Maya’s dead boy and asks what is then. Arjun reminisces Maya’s words. Saanjh enters with Ayan and is shocked to see Maya’s dead body. She asks Arjun if he killed Maya. Arjun says he does not remember anything. Constable brings Jahnvi from her room and says someone had locked her in room. Jahnvi presses buzzer seeing Maya’s dead body. Inspector slaps Arjun. A woman enters and shouts at Arjun he really killed Maya. She met Maya last night and she was very upset and said Arjun will kill her, told Arjun wanted child and now he will kill her. Saanjh asks who is she, she did not see her till now. Woman says how can she see her, she always looks at Arjun. She says

she is Maya’s neighbor since 4 years and has seen Arjun torturing Maya repeatedly. Even last night, he had come heavily inebriated and clashed with her in lift. She then heard him shouting at Maya that he will kill her.

Woman continues alleging Arjun and holds his collar. Constable stops her. Watchman entes and says Swati madam is telling truth and tells last night Maya anxiously informed him not to let anyone in, not even Arjun. Arjun came heavily inebriated and tried to walk in and when he stopped him, he broke his hand. Ayan says his brother is innocent and Maya can do anything. Another inspector comes and says he has a proof against Arjun and shows Arjun’s passport, some money and jewelry and says Arjun wanted to fly out of India. Ayan continues that his brother is innocent. Inspector asks to seal this place and drags Arjun out.

Forensic team collects evidence and sends Maya’s dead body for postmortem. Doctor examines her dead body and says she is strangulated and there are a lot of injures on whole body. She is then kept in morgue ice box. Tujhe pyar karte karte…song…plays in the background.. Arjun is dragged out by police. Reporters throng him and ask why did he kill his wife. Saanjh comes to his rescue and says he did not. Reporter asks if her profession to protect culprits like she protected Ayan. Saanjh says Ayan did not rape Maya. Reporter says just like Arjun did not kill Maya. Arjun is taken to police station. Ayan continues that his brother is innocent and Maya must have planned all this. Arjun reminisces beating Maya and says his brother has killed Maya and she made him a murderer. He continues panicking that Maya told she will not leave him even after death and she is continuing her revenge and made him a murderer. At hospital, ice box is opened and Maya’s dead body is shown. Tujhe pyar karte karte…song…continues..

Precap: Saanjh asks Arjun why did he kill Maya when she gave him promise not to. Arjun says Maya was counting all her sins and even threatened to kill Ayan and Saanjh. Saanjh thinks Maya was provoking him to kill her, there is some big secret behind this.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. How can a dead person come back? I wish that was real in real life as well.

  2. Wow now maya has crossed allll her limits …….she has been acting crucial but now ……seriously accuaing your own husband for killing u……..she was f***ing b*t*h but now we have prof that she is. Arjun’s biggest mistake was to marry that psycho and know he is baadlyyyy regrating …………

  3. Actually i hope this maya was dead but CVS dont want this …………. pooor arjun , his whole life is destroyed……….
    The statement is all right which says” love is blind” but here love is dumb, blind, deaf even psycho

  4. I think this is not maya somebody else.some secret behind sure maya will not die she is the life of the story.

  5. lovely episode.

  6. Maya mare nahi acting kar rahe hai

  7. Sirf ek pagal ladki ki wajha se ek hasta khelta ghar barbad ho gya. Kaash Maya or Arjun kabhi ek dusre se mile hi nhi hote. Maya tb tak hi achi thi jab wo ek business tycoon thi. Khair pyaar to wo khud se bhi nahi karti thi to arjun se kya hi karti. Arjun se milne se pehle maya ne hi apni maa se kaha tha ki jab pyar tum par haavi hone lage to usko khatam kar do. Or yaha maya ne arjun ko hi khatam kar diya. Mujhe ye samajh nhi aata ki yaha kuch log ab bhi maya ko sahi kaise maan sakte hai?
    Maya ne apne obsession k chalte sabse pehle us pandit ko mara. Bechare pandit ki kya galti thi. Fir ashwin ko mara. Chalo wo to baap kehlane ke layak hi nahi tha. Fir bhi maya ne apne haath khoon se range or apni shadi ki shuruaat kisi ki maut se ki. Wo shaadi kaiss safal ho pati?
    Chalo sab sahi. Arjun or Maya ko pyaar hua or shadi karne ka socha. Ab shadi ke baad agar maya chahti to pyaar or vishwas se vandana or baaki sab ko apna bana sakti thi. Agar wo sach me thik hona chahti to vandana khud usko maa ka pyaar deti. Sab yaha vandana ko bolte hai. Ek maa ki nazar se dekho. Kon si maa apne bete ki shadi ek khooni se karegi? Or maya to pagal bhi hai.
    Upar se khud hi tantrums dikha k arjun ko 3 saal apne hi parivaar se dur rakha. Apni maa se, apni best friend se, apne bhai se milne nahi diya. Or har jagah cameras laga diye jisse ki admi ka dam hi ghut jaye. Kaun se pyaar me aisa hota hai? Kya pyaar me 24hrs geedh ki nazar rakhi jaati hai? Pyaar hai to matlab ap apni maa or bhai tak se mil nahi sakte? Jo ladki apni maa tak ki nahi huyi wo kisi or ki kya hogi.
    Or samay k sath mil kar ayaan pe rape jaise ghinone crime ka ilzaam bhi laga diya. Kis liye? Sirf arjun ko apne paas rakhne k liye? Or uski maa ko bhi mar diya? Galti maya ki thi. Na wo ayaan ko marti or na hi uska baccha marta. Ayaan ko sab pehle se hi pata tha k maya kabhi thik nai jo sakti kyunki wo khud thik nahi hona chahti.
    Guys, ap sab please is baat ko samjho. I am not pointing on Jennifer. She is my favorite actress. I want you not to support maya. Because asli maya jo thi wo shadi se pehle thi. Ab jo maya hai wo aurat hone ke naam pe dhabba hai. Jo laws rape victims k liye banaye jate hain unka maya ne galat use kiya. Ek ke baad ek murders kiye. Kuch bhi ho, kisi ki jaan lene ka haq sirf bhagwan ko hai. Kisi insaan ko nahi.
    Sabko ye baat samajhni chahiye. And I hope yaha mere sabhi friends is baat ko samjhenge. Pyaar khel nahi hota. Or ispe obsession nahi karte. Balki pyaar nibhate hai. Jo maya ne nahi kiya.

  8. Emotional episode ☹ …
    “Pyaar ussi se karo jisse control kar sako agar pyaar aapko control karne lage toh use barbaad kardo ”
    Arjun trapped badly ☹ …&what we saw will not be true until cvs shown full truth with even watchman drama…so im waiting for big twist behind arjun arrest drama..why Maya provoked Arjun to kill her?how they put maya body in ice box like real dead body?..waiting for further story..
    & Arjun dialogue with saanjh -Mey khooni nai tha lekin maya ne mje khoni bana dya(Maya made me a killer.I was not like this)..
    “arjun sharma ji thats what maya wanted to say as well people made her like that even you.”
    &Saanjh to shruti(maya friend)-who r u?Tumhe yahan pehle kabi nahi dekha
    Shruti to saanjh -tumhe Arjun k elawa aur kuch dikhta hai kya???
    any way waiting for next episode ?
    My Maya will come back and make a new history.?
    Love u maya?♥?.

    1. People made her? Chalo thik hai maan liya duniya hi kharab hai bas ek maya sahi hai.
      Fir zara ye bataiye. Prem ne maya ko bura banne me kaise majbur kiya?
      Or Mauritius me wo pandit? Usne kaise bura banaya?

      1. Zeenat chod dena yaar.
        Yeh pagal Maya ka fans will enjoy each N every moment of her especially killing walls scene.
        Yeh pagal ladki kisiko bhi murder karega aur uska fans support karegi. This forum had became the uglisht forum

      2. Exactly Piya, This is the only reason I am not commenting on this forum page because most of the people is supporting the negativity nature.

      3. choosed what u want,then why are u asking me.
        Mauritius Pandit kaise bura banaya?
        Some person Riya asked me(,lately i saw her comment) 21st century u believe curse coming true ..then how or why you guys trusting Mauritius Pandit
        I told Na you guys want to hear what you want,after finish.then why argue still.stay cool

    2. Yeah,I too enjoyed that sruthi’ s dialogues yaar mainly about that chipkali saanj?.though it’s showing some negativity,I’m really enjoying this.It’s having many twists and turns.I think now also saanj is reacting like a oversmart person.and this duffer completed forgot his vandy now?.they are crying here but vandy’s deadbody is at home.waiting for another twist.

  9. i cant belive some ppl are supportin maya even after all crimes…surely dis was a planned drama by maya as she got sympathy all over.
    So many murders she did but not once arrest

  10. So many twists. It seems that Maya was never dead and it sounds like the movie Race where Saif’s character also pretends to die but he wasn’t dead in reality. But pretended to be with the help of a friend (Shruti in this case)

    Anyway, amazing episode. Finally the track is thrilling and exciting. ? ?

  11. Maya planned to destroy Arjun right from the beginning, she used to injure herself and make people believe Arjun was abusive she created this Arjun. Ashwin might have been good at one point and his psychotic daughter and clingy wife drove him nuts. Can’t wait for them to unravel Maya’s whole I was abused as a child story was fake too then what will the Maya fans say cause some of them harp on and on and on that people make Maya do bad things – Maya does bad things people don’t make her do shit, just like guns don’t kill people; people kill people. The only justified ending would be Jhanvi taking Maya out herself. Without Maya Samay will kill himself, unfortunately I think Arjun is going to end up insane.

    1. Omg yes thank you for bringing that up! I had said very earlier too that the whole story of Maya hitting herself and making it look like Arjun hits her is just so messed up and makes us question her so called “love”. All these Maya fans ignore such a crucial point and keep saying that Maya loves Arjun blah blah. She never loved Arjun, for whatever the reason may be. At this point I definitely don’t believe her childhood story is true. I feel like just like Arjun, Ashwin was also trapped by Maya’s fake victim game and twisted manipulation. Maybe that’s why he later on went nuts and wanted to take revenge on her. Because let’s be honest, even if Maya was abused by Ashwin in childhood, if she was a normal child, she would’ve been depressed and had anxiety or post traumatic stress disorder. But she had enough money and facilities to get treated and she had been running a business. That would’ve very well brought her back to normal. These things don’t make you play dirty games and destroy and kill other lives.

    2. Thanks For that. Your entire analysis makes so much sense. I’ve been fighting off nonsesical justification for Maya’s behavior with some of her fans on Twitter. It’s ridiculous how people support such evil. People also forget that Maya can endure a lot of pain. I won’t be surprised if she’s the one in that mortuary. She’s capable, in order to get fully satisfied. It was obvious from the moment she began to wipe off traces of her presence in vandana’s house that she had a big plan. Maya is fully aware of her actions. She makes her own choices, no one pushes her to kill anyone. How can she say she ran over Ayan coz he said some “words” to her? What nonsense. If people don’t endure verbal rudeness, half of the world’s population may be dead by now. Kudos to you too Sonia

  12. KS I also remembered that dialogue of Maya yesterday.. But in Mayas world there is no police or not everybody helps her this is injustice ha????corruption everywhere??Without postmortem how can somebody put Body into Mortuary???Jhanvi tried to write something by help of wheelchair poor lady always helpless, there is no chance of a mask because Maya’s body was naked on table nobody recognized it,after all this if she comeback u pop have to accept that she is not a human being????that’s all urowner

  13. yashika sharma

    jab maya kissi ka muder krti h , tab koi police case nahi hota , nd jab dusare kuch na bhi krein tab police unko arrest kr leti h , nd judge sazza bhi suna deta h… wow great.. maya ne 4 murder kiye kissi ne usse nahi pakda , ayaan ne maya ke saath kuch bhi nahi kiya phir bhi usko rape case mein sazza ho gaye , maya ne apna hi muder plan kiya nd arjun ko fansa diya , nd ab usko fansi hogi…wow i think writers had gone mad , making audience crazy fo showing such stupidity.. beyhadh has now lost its charm.. ye ab wo beyhadh nahi h jo ek strong business tycoon maya ke saath shuru hua tha.. iss beyhadh mein ab sirf murder hi hote hain… nd bechare log phans jaate hain.. hey guys koi agar naya spoliler h to plz link send kr do..

    1. The makers should watch some episodes of crime patrol.?

  14. OMG …we get it we can’t see Arya anymore and fans have accepted it also…but at least can we expect maya mehrotra to heal., Get her set of punishment and again be a business tycoon…. And be single and independent forever !

  15. Agree all of u except maya fans still tere r some pagal people who r supporting so called maya baby maya traped her own husband shameful maya she shud be hanged wid all her maya fans why maya provoked arjun to kill her. Saanjh said rite that there must be some big reason behind this. Maya is still not fully exposed yet nd i know she vl be exposed in the end of the serial… can’t believe that maya who loved her husband limitless is traping him nd avenging him wid out any reason. No doubt this serial is becoming more interesting nd thrilling but maya can’t change give her all love nd support but in return she vl give u nafrat nothing else becoz she can’t change for maya fans only maya is gud the whole world is bad becoz they made her bad foolish logic anyways keep supporting psycho maya u psycho maya fans

    Waiting for next episode ??

    1. In the last spoiler she trapped him so he won’t unite with Saanjh, he will either get life imprisonment and be separated physically from Saanjh or get hanged and be separated this world altogether. The kicker is Saanjh will find a way to lessen Arjun’s sentence so Maya will have to make her comeback…

    2. Why are you forgot your before comment lines,why are you breaking your words..uff psycho haters cool…don’t be double mind or two faced person.chill

      1. Relax kiddo ? nd when i forgot my before comment lines nd when i break my words pls explain me kiddo im not double minded person mind ur words kiddo ??

      2. Relax kiddo ? nd when i forgot my before comment lines nd when i break my words pls explain me kiddo im not double minded person mind ur words kiddo ??

      3. Lamoa…here only I was commented to support maya,you are scolding maya fans unnecessarily,you told everyone had right to share view don’t fight,then how u pointed maya fans to fight with us,its obviously double face.kiddo nice play,mind ur words what u talked kiddo,dont forgot.any way chill??? uff

    3. See i dont wanna fight nd yes i didnt mention any particular maya fan name nd yes i agree that i also told people that everyone had rite to share view but i also told dont support wrong thingS u love maya fine ok i also love maya but not her evil deeds maya fans love that also take a chill pill nice play to u too kiddo

      1. My view,my wish,&same to you kiddo…

  16. Maya wanted everyone else to change for her…..It’s lyk…all shud change for me but I will be Maya and will not change…..Evil woman,,,can’t find a single reason to support her deeds….not even that childhood story……It will be crazy if cvs shows Maya taking revenge from Arjun……coz till now it was all Maya’s plan and Maya succeeded in every way in destroying Arjun’s family…..not interested in further more murders for stupid reasons

  17. Ab jaakar achchi Jodi bana hai. Saanjh Arjun. n Maya Samaya

  18. Ks don’t you know karma is a boomerang

    1. Karma will face all even with you ?.

  19. Indira chatterjee

    What nonsense,after postmortem koi jinda raha sakta hai kya so Maya phir se Kaise next episode main aa tapkegi ?

  20. Postmortem not done yet he checked n put body in mortuary great forensic surgeon ????

  21. I desperately want to see Maya suffering rather than always getting away from her crimes. At least for once! Writers should know that it’s getting boring to watch the same heaviness from the one villain. Arjun should also be making the lunatic maya feel the achy heart. Beyhadh is a bad influence as a show.

  22. We want to see Maya suffering rather than always getting away from her crimes. At least for once! Writers should know that it’s getting boring to watch the heaviness from same person. Arjun should also be making the lunatic maya feel that achy heart. Beyhadh is a bad influence as a show.

  23. My dear ks,thnks fr clling me some u must remember tht i nvr qstned u about pandit..zeenat asked u..if u dnt hv answer thn tl directly yaar..why trapping others??i nvr thought u r this much insensible yaar!!!grow was u who strted vandana cursed maya thts why she loose child..i jst asked u do u really blv tht or not..thts it dear ks!!

    1. I was pointed on your question,not on you dear,you can read my comment,i was just used your question.grow up whatever our trust in real life is not related to fiction..k.its fiction..story,so im saying cvs showing curse&Pandit words turning true in this story,you guys talking about only pandit or Maya doings ,leaving curse person.that’s what im saying.every one had flaws’.chill

  24. I don’t know why you guys bothering me for loving or support Maya..uff.. you guys saying every time this serial is full negative or maya full negative,once read your comments your own from starting,im seeing full negative in real than serial.stay safe from pressure or frustration guys…im enjoying story,you guys every time frustration.this serial is going to end,but you guys comments stil negative..take chil pil..stay cool ?

    1. We comment negative give me a break!!!! yes this serial is full of negative do u evr see the story how is it going or u just see ur maya baby all time LOL.killing people is positive??? This show is basically for adults who can tolerate all this stupid drama dont forget that there was a moment where all people started hating this serial nd maya becoz evrytime evil wins over gud i too enjoy the story. Ya the serial is going to end but still 3 months r left 3 months r not less nd we comment still negative wht positive is left in show u too take a chill pill nd u too read ur comments from starting wid storyline LOL

    2. Ishika Bhatnagar

      bhai tu hindi me hi bol le. english me bolta hai na to tera koi comment samajh me aata hai na teri english. Hindi me bol jisse sabko samajh aye

      1. Ishika bhatnagar can u pls tell whom u r referring too???? Coz i fully agree wid evil maya

      2. Then stop bothering? ? ? ..who ever not forcing.

  25. Ishika Bhatnagar

    Acha hua mar gayi maya warna ab tk director ko bhi mar dalti

  26. Ishika Bhatnagar

    aashika i was referring to Ks.
    i agree with u. ye maya to dhinchak pooja ki amma lagti hai. Ab to beyhadh k khatam hone ka intezar hai

  27. ppl who r saying dont take negativity dont frustate are the ppl not seeing the truth and dont support truth they just like all negativity from maya baby and they love her lol and talking about positivity

    i asked many questions to maya fans then they will disappear no response

    they like her cant accpet her truth were were u all wen she her killed her mom if u like these kind also its a crime and no words to describe u ppl

  28. Shrishti bhattacharya

    All Maya haters don’t u see how powerful Jennifer winget s acting is. It has made so many people gather here and comment sum r positive n sum r negative. U can stop watching the show but u r incapable of doing that why coz u can love it or hate it but cannot ignore it. No one z supporting her crimes but it was a clear case of child abuse which didn’t get the proper attention and medical supervision required which she didn’t receive at the right’s a gud example for many instances

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