Beyhadh 4th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Beyhadh 4th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maya wakes up in the morning and does not see Arjun. She checks all CCTV cameras fixed in home, but does not find Arjun and panics. Arjun comes and hugs her from behind. She asks where was he, he took her breath out. He says he was testing her. She asks to lift her and take to bed. He does. She silently messages Samay to meet him. Samay receives message and gets very happy. Saanjh says he seems very happy. He says his meeting with client is fixed, he was waiting for the meeting since 8 years. She asks if he knows route. He says one determined to reach destiny will find route automatically. Once he leaves, Saanjh calls Ayan and says they are going somewhere.

Saanjh takes Ayan to a hotel. He jokes that he is better looking than Samay and is tolerating her since childhood. She says shut

up. Arjun is already waiting for them and thanks Maya for calling Ayan here. Saanjh reminisces confronting Arjun yesterday night that he is not happy. He says he is. She shows drawing of Maya as witch and hanging her and asks then what is this. Ayan shouts she brought him for this. His and Arjun’s argument starts. Saanjh pushes them in swimming pool.

Maya meets Samay at a restaurant. Samay requests her to return to him as Arjun does not care about her at all. She asks why did he come to Arjun’s office. He says it is her office. She says she is Arjun’s, everything is his. He continues trying to convince her. She walks out. He walks behind her. She kicks him in his groin and pushes him in her car dickie and speeds car away. He pleads to stop car.

Ayan and Arjun’s fight starts in swimming pool. Ayan punches Arjun and Arjun tears his t-shirt. Saanjh says go to hell and leaves. Ayan informs Arjun about the incident when he/Maya threw all the gifts and refused to meet him and mom. Arjun takes blame on him and says he was angry and apologizes. They patch up. Saanjh brings vada pav for them and says they are vada pav and she is chutney, without her, they are tasteless. Arjun jokes she comes for free. They all 3 laugh.

Samay jumps out of car dickie. Maya rash drives car around him and he tries to save himself. She gets out of car and points gun on him.

Precap: Maya in flight calls Arjun and asks where is he. He says is busy in work. Ayan speaks. Arjun shuts his mouth and tells Maya that he cannot hear anything, she should call after her journey. Maya fumes hearing Ayan’s voice.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. The Dark Hunter

    Sorry maya lovers today I’m keeping my post short I’d rather not hurt my hand everyday.

    Maya looked stunning today really nice to see shades of her stronger, confident self.
    Her loyalty towards Arjun was just amazing, samay must have been just as shocked by it Piyush is good at relaying his emotions through his expressions I liked his acting.
    It seems maya is adamantly clear that no-one can come between her and Arjun, such determination was inspiring, though we cannot call her a killer just as she has a gun, Jhanvi also had a gun and went to kill Ashwin but she didn’t, so please let’s not start throwing around that card, she is just protecting her love, but I don’t think she will shoot lol otherwise piyush’s stay will be much shorter than we thought haha.

    Loved maya and today was no different Jennifer brought out the best in her once again. I will not be analysing the episode today I’ll leave it to you other saanjh and maya lovers to fill in the gaps 🙂

    Many thanks and love maya always ??

    1. Yes ,kadoos maya is to see her.?? ? u Maya ?

  2. Angelk1

    Why is maya harming samaya ? I need to know the history soon. And I’m glad saanj unite the brother. Next is vandana

    1. Maya don’t want samay between her & arjun.The epi was nice

      1. Prads

        May be you are right that Maya don’t want anyone in between her & Arjun just as she has planned & done against his own family & friends. But, In my mind one more thing is going on. We all known that Maya has hiding some of her past story with Arjun as her mother has also asked her whether she told everything to Arjun or not. So, there is some story behind in relation to Samay which she never told to Arjun. Nowadays, Arjun desires to keep away from Maya & Maya loves him so passionetly that she doesn’t want Samay to come in front of Arjun & Arjun may know the relation between them in the past. That’s why She is trying to freighten Samay.

        Let’s see what the CV has planned.

  3. Arjun always tries to take the blame on himself in-order to protect Maya’s wrong deeds. Please Maya, leave Arjun free for few days…… Family bonding is missing in this serial because of Maya’s control.

  4. Ks What Is Your Prediction & Comment Now?

  5. love their pair.saajun.maya leave him.he is a free bird. anyway my exam is going on plz pray for me.

    1. The Dark Hunter

      While I disapprove of saajun and ship Arya all the way, that does not deter me from wishing you well for your exam however.
      Best of luck!

    2. All the best Tania for your exams. May God bless you.

  6. Antara

    Is samay related 2 maya’s past? but how wat is his secret? samay loves maya but maya loves arjun kya maya loves samay b4 arjun enter her life

    1. actually its not love its desire…. samay want maya but maya want arjun ….i think samay should win ….lets see how maya feels when she is captured like a bird

  7. It was an interesting episode today. Jenifer looked breathtakingly beautiful in her baby pink attire. Maya is do loyal to Arjun that she would not tolerate the slightest of criticisms about her husband whom she loves more than herself. Her action really shook the daylights out of Samay. Another thing almost evident from today’s episode is that Samay is obsessed with Maya. He even had the temerity to ask Maya to leave Arjun for him. But Maya will have none of this. Let the coming episodes reveal what happened between Maya and Samay. And the reason for Maya being in the flight will also come to light tomorrow. Awesome acting by Jennifer today also. TDH you are right, we cannot presume anything just because Maya is pointing a gun at Samay. Love ❤ you Maya and being a loyal ArYa supporter I will continue to hope for them being together in the end.

    1. Jennifer said,upcoming episodes is unpredictable to found.we can’t say who is suspect person.but it wil be interesting to watch..( and upcoming track is Ayaan in jail with saanjh as lawyer.don’t know what happened.let’s see ).

      1. The Dark Hunter

        Wow ayan is in jail again! That guy can’t stay faithful to a girl or even the right girl for that matter he is always getting jailed haha ?
        Oh we’ll saanjh will come as a knight in shining armour and save him and VM will praise her till the moon etc. whereas when maya did it she didn’t even give a thanks, typical VM…
        Oh we’ll hope for the best it seems Arjun is drifting from her further now poor maya will be hurt bad by that after all those passionate words that her everything belongs to Arjun, he’s going to put that nail in the coffin that she’s nothing to him any more, that will hurt real bad. Oh well lets hope she bounces back and has someone to help her through, I would hate to se her depressed and alone.

        Love maya and hope for a good ending always. ❤❤

        P.s apologies again Maya forever I can’t believe I used your username haha copy and paste is a pain indeed, also I forgot to ask your permission before commenting but we’ll cross that bridge once I post it lol.

        Many thanks

  8. Awesome episode..maya rocked it ,love to see her kadoos.??…SaMaya scene superb?..Samay seems male version Maya,same passion&dialogues like maya.,nice to see his happiness when he gets message from Maya,how happily he kissed his phone.he is dying for Maya,and nice to see Arjun hidden Maya wrong deed from his brother,both ArYa is not letting image bad each other infront of anyone.? ..&dont know when this track will end,i cant see maya running back arjun like a weak girl..& waiting for next episode u Maya ?

    1. The Dark Hunter

      Agreed Ks Arjun or not is rapidly becoming the question that I am dutifully ignoring. However push come to shove I would rather maya leave him and become alone but strong and cold, rather than this heartbreakingly vulnerable little girl crying and begging for Arjun not to leave her its a shadow of the maya I fell in love with and a pale imitataion of even the Saas Bahu maya who was so genuinely loving yet firm simultaneously. My heart goes out to her as she is like this due to her fears and her loss, but I hope they move this track smoothly forward so that Maya at least realises that Arjun doesn’t love her like she has deluded herself to believe, and so either teaches him a lesson or leaves him and let’s Arjun pick ûp the pieces, and hopefully begins to regret leaving maya and will understand her worth and her love, that would be ideal owing the way they are trying to separate Arya Atm 🙁

      Am always hoping for Arya but Maya’s happiness is foremost I will not accept any other relation or ending unless they prove they are comparable or compatible to the current chemistry and zeal of Arya which until now is unrivalled. I see a chance for saajun which I would truthfully hate, no peace can be achieved by building on the ruins of another’s dreams, so Arjun better return to maya one way or another. Moreover, Maya’s devotion to Arjun today was outstanding, showing her love over her obsession by saying her everything BELONGS to Arjun, not that Arjun belongs to her and that Samay cannot take him away. She will be loyal to a fault it’s clear, so Samaya I feel is a far-fetched but not an impossible idea.

      However, god brought Arjun into Maya’s life for a reason, fate destined them to end up together and the astrologers etc. all state they are intertwined. Someone like samay who is equally obsessed/crazy cannot help maya, whereas someone like Arjun can give her all the shades of love, help her see her mistakes and redeem herself, if only he tries to help her and give her a chance, not run away when she actually needs him most, else she will never be able to get better and get the love she rightfully deserves, and in turn appreciate and give the kind of love that Arjun in turn desires.

      Always hoping for Arya in the end they are the most prominent on-screen couple I’ve scene and their intense scenes up until this track have been nothing short of magic for me and a real soother on my heart and eyes. I hope This is oly a phase where Arya is dismantled, but in the end their love survives all these struggles, both are healed and forge a stronger bond than ever before, so much symbolism and beauty has gone into their relation, it better be that they end it with them, or alone but happy, else Ashwin will truly win in the end and Maya will fall into darkness, which they just cannot do.

      Love maya always ❤❤❤

      Lol I said I wouldn’t make a big post today how hypocritical of me :p

      1. It’s ok dear,samay is not worthy to my Maya love…i think he cheated my yesterday police beaten samaya while Maya dialog is “When a person is at risk of becoming a person, he becomes unfaithful, and when a work is threatened, the person becomes a thief”You have got the punishment of theft, you will be samay maybe helped to ashwin,so my maya dont like samay,so now let’s hope for ArYa? happy end..&arjun lied again ,maya will punish himd,he is hurting my maya every time with maya also turning more abnormal bcoz of his unstable mind,don’t know what will happen next.eagerly waiting ?

  9. Beyhadh 3rd February Ki Bohut Eeyad Arahahi Hai?

  10. According To Beyhadh 3rd February Maya’s Love For Arjun Is Beyhadh.But What Will Be Ultimate End ,there Is Not Clue.

  11. Jennifer + beyhadh fan

    Jennifer always looks beautiful. .I lyk her each n every outfits..she nails maya always..no1 can tell that she is of 31-32..
    Bt I dnt 9..y trp hasn’t increased yaar? She deserves awards for playing maya….beyhadh shines nly bcoz of Jennifer’s samay has really acted well also

    Today..I lyk tht arjun-ayan reunite. .thnx dusky for knowing ur duffer so well

    N now for sometimes, samay should obess maya..bcoz of tht ..may b ..maya vll realize tht its nt right to controll n obessed vth one..n may be.bcoz of which, arjun gets jealous n thn arya vll understand eachother n again v cn see arya scenes. by arjun

    N if it endup vth smaya..thn also it vll samay is another maya..who loves her so may be he will nvr hurt her..n shower vth his love…n thn saajun vll all r happy. .bt its too early to we don’t know abt samaya history


      Hey J+B fan thanks for your comment.
      Yes it would be nice if everyone was happy in the end, but none deserve it more than maya, and so I hope regardless of whom she ends up with or whether she ends up alone, that she heals, is happy and free of her demons, though truthfully I’m still pining for Arya and for Arjun like Samay to realise the extent and worth of her love after he leaves her or vice-versa.

      This is my reply to your last comment on the page yesterday if you haven’t read it, hopefully you will understand my POV, and I really thank you for understanding my comments yesterday I really appreciate your new understanding of us Maya lovers 😀

      Many thanks and love maya always ??
      Btw I will be posting an analysis of the episode and maya soon stay tuned!


      I agree with you J+B.
      During the early periods ie. glass breaking, inviting saanjh etc. it was an obsession not love, a want to spend time with him and a time to warn others to back off, especially apparent in her invite to saanjh and her threats. But also i feel it linked to a fear that finally someone had defended and cared for her and she didn’t want him to slip away, it was more of a necessity, a yearning for protection, care and physical attraction than actual deep emotive connections.

      However, i think overtime especially after her proposal, she began to develop actual love for him. Yes the deliberate handbrake was obsessive, but when he helped her and held her as she cried for her mother when she was hospitalised, i feel it was a mix of obsession when she saw saanjh and smirked possessively at her, but also love as someone was finally there for her to hold and comfort her in her time of pain. The obsessiveness only then existed in her response towards others, especially saanjh as she was her rival so to speak, but i feel especially after the proposal and Ayan’s bail actual love started to blossom, a selfless kind that overtook her obsession, shown especially through her kindness and friendship when Arjun was at his worst. She didn’t manipulate any events into gifting her the dress and the resulting argument, nor the godown scene as she hated the place and was scared and crying that Arjun would leave her, something even jhanvi saw was genuine heartbreak and sorrow within her daughter’s eyes. it was all fate’s way of bringing them closer and Maya was starting to love selflessly.

      In mauritius she did say that she would run his life, but then her love overtook obsession when arjun was trapped. I dont feel she planned it, as no-one else was on the island when his boat was taken away by the sea, and he chose to stay more than the crew allowed, she couldnt have planned all that. Especially the traumatised manner she emotively reacted when rescuing him, i dont feel that was planned at all, she was genuinely terrified.

      It started as an obsession most definitely, but i felt in ended in love, and her possessiveness now is a testament to that, she will die without him and her love is such that she wants to be his everything as much as he is her everything, which is difficult for Arjun as his love does not run that intensely, thus being suffocating.

      Maya isnt pure or good, but she has tried time and time again to make up for it in the name of love and happiness, even willingly risking her life for her loved ones and fighting against anyone who hurts her love, that i feel has bypassed the obsession boundary and has become love, I just hope it survives the test of time.

      Just what i think 😀

      Many thanks and love maya always


    Hi guys
    Sorry I’m not contributing today, so I’m just re-uploading a comment I made yesterday in case anybody missed it, as it is dutifully relevant. I apologise to Amcee and maya forever as they have both commented on it already, but I thought it would be good If anyone else overlooked it is important I feel to our understanding of the characters.
    Many thanks for your support maya lovers i will start analysing again from tomorrow. Until then, we will continue loving maya all the way and hope she gets all the happiness she deserves in the end!

    Love maya ❤❤


    Selflessness and obsession have been blurred all too often with both women, and yet the entire story plot revolves around them being separate entities?!
    Maya has been extremely selfless many a times, whereas saanjh has been selfish many a time as well. Therefore perspectives of obsession and selflessness should not rest with Maya and Saanjh alone respectively, as that maligns Maya’s character and makes all good things she does conceptualised as just a part of her bigger evil plan, and in turn justifies everything saanjh does as good and pure of heart, which it isn’t.

    They better start turning maya around, her khudoos avatar seems to be returning which is great, but I want Arjun after being away from her to realise her love and loyalty and miss her. Moreover, i want phase 3 to be that Arjun has left maya and now regrets leaving her and pines to win her back and that maya rejects his love due to enough delusions and betrayal, maybe even having a fling with samay much to Arjun’s jealousy/chagrin.

    I hope like many though in the end that Arya are endgame, as they are the life, face and soul of beyhadh’s love story, but most of all maya better be happy in the end regardless.

    Love maya always ❤

    1. The Dark Hunter

      Oops I made a big mistake I just copied one of maya forever’s comments to upload alongside my own and I put his name into my name box shit!
      Sorry Maya forever!
      Oh well at least you’ll have the honour of displaying my glorious comment to the world haha.


        Wtf The Dark hunter how did you…What…?!
        Lol no worries my friend its all ok besides I’ve just read that comment again, and its really good. I really feel every character has faults, and that both maya and saanjh share their respective domains with one another, selfless and obsession Is definitely NOT exclusive to either of them.
        Will upload my analysis as promised in some time, but till then hope you are doing well 🙂
        Seriously though how did you upload my name into the name box?!
        Interesting how it gives the same symbol besides the name when you and I both posted under my name. Is it name sensitive?

        Anyway it’s ok and sorry guys for this weird confusion me and TDH are very much different, though we both love Arya that much I know 🙂

        Love u maya forever and always ❤❤❤

    2. Jennifer + beyhadh fan

      Hm..thnx for post..u r ryt totally..both hv some fault n both hv many good things..
      Bt I lv sanjh character more

      N is It ur post or TDH? will always be confusing..v cn nt go by the name shown in comment. .lol..tomorrow may b som1 else cn use my happens always on social its nyc tht.after doing, its clarified

      N my.xams r also coming. .so I won’t comment..

      N yes..kalika..if the reason behind ayan’s procecution will be maya…then its really disgusting. .n Its nt anyways pure love..earlier, ayan always respected v should wait for next episode. .it may b smthng else also..its early to predict


        Lol I don’t know what happened today with the comments J+B its happened before but then before someone wasn’t plagiarising my work too! ?
        I’m just kidding its ok that TDH wanted to share my work, but he should be more careful next time, but this time I am definitely MAYA FOREVER 🙂

        As for the jailing, Jennifer said in an interview on shoot that the next few episodes and especially the culprit behind Ayan jailing will be unpredictable, so I hope that it isn’t maya, otherwise yes I will start to lose my respect for her a little. If it was VM or someone I would almost be saying that’s solemn judgement for all the verbal abuse and whatnot she had dealt to maya being almost single handed in cause for family breakup, whereas its Ayan who always loved and supported his Babi evenwanting to leave his mother which he hadn’t done since he was born! I will be saddened by this if maya has done it, they shouldn’t destroy her character’s goodness to the extent there is no justification of her left, or no goodness to counteract it as shown so many times in pre-leap episodes and marriage period.

        Lets hope for the best am awaiting the next episode 🙂

        Love Maya forever and Always ❤❤❤


    apparently it’s not name sensitive, I put my name in and email address and we now have the same logo?! It’s happened before as well with other people’s logos and my own.
    is it a bug?

  14. So Maya will put Ayaan in jail to blackmail Arjun, what wonderful love when you can’t let a brother hang with his brother. Will be so upset if Maya doesn’t end up dead… Maya is probably going somewhere with Samay to torture little animals like psychopaths do

  15. thnxx a lot ‘The dark hunter’ but I m also a maya fan. jenny’s acting is awsome.

  16. Ayesha22

    I am seriously getting irked with this samay guy,what does he want yaar??which language will help him to understand that he cannot have maya back after so many years.i mean come on she has a life of her own where u do not fit in now so better back off now or maya will definitely cause serious harm to you unintentionally to get rid of you.well its good that arjun is getting his family back but i think he should confide in maya and share his feelings,emotions and needs with her because this is all she matter what I LOVE YOU MAYA AND WILL ALWAYS KEEP ON LOVING YOU.u r my sweetheart,i wish you would get all the happiness,love and care in the world. And Jennifer+Beyhadh fan i can totally understand ur and saanjh’s feelings as i m also suffering from this one-sided love disease with my bestfriend. i totally understand how it feels when u love someone but the other cannot reciprocate your feelings its almost 12-13 years since i am on this track that leads to nowhere.i have tried each and every trick to end this madness but nothing has helped has lead me to start writing poetry so when i am overwhelmed with emotions i just simply write down a few verses to express my feelings which helps me in catharsis and makes me light-hearted.i pray that no one would fell in this pit of one-sided love as it is horrible to be on this track alone.

    1. Roby wolverine

      I know yaar… Move on Ayesha 22… Your life is so precious… I hope and wish you too have a happy life…

    2. Yes dear, it seems samay will not take step back.he wants Maya at any cost,.SaMaya pair looks good but he cheated our if my Maya don’t like,i too don’t like him.i too love Maya more ?..and as roby said,move have bright future ahead ?? keep smiling ? dear

    3. Take care Ayesha 22. Yeah moving on would help you find happiness. As for Samay he is obsessed with Maya and at the same time he is posing as Saanjh’s boyfriend even though he does not love her. That makers him a two timer.

    4. Jennifer + beyhadh fan

      Ya dear..its yuck feeling. .it kills every affectd my study also..its jst cnt describe. .I pray to god nvr grow onesided feeling in any1…n thts y many tym I understood maya concern n her pain…if v normal ppl cnt forget easily, thn she has got the love first tym…bt unknowingly bcoz of her insecurities. .she cnt give happiness to arjun..
      I jst wonder tht hw some ppl cn easily moveon..I pray to god give strength to us to MoveOn. ..
      Bt dear..12-13 yrs r horrible. ..I m in this since 2 yrs nly..
      N ayesha…god has planned perfect always…actually I also rejected many nyc proposal of boys..bcz I cnt forget him …bt v hv to moveon..v should b vth ppl who love us …may b he doesn’t deserve us or v dont deserve them…jst try to go ahead, I 9..its nt easy even for me, bt v cnt bcoz of .this destroy r lyf..may be som1 far better thm him, waiting for us n vll come in lyf…keep trust in god..I really dnt ready to pass from dis for 12-13 yrs…n be loyal always r partner. .bcoz wht v cnt get, vill nvr come wwho lv us really, nly deserve our love, loyalty. .

      N thnx for reading my comment,..its really nyc tht share here our pain without any fear …bt as my exams come…meet u after it

    5. Jennifer + beyhadh fan

      Ya dear..its yuck feeling. .it kills every affectd my study also..its jst cnt describe. .I pray to god k grow onesided feeling in any1…n thts y many tym I understood maya concern n her pain…if v normal ppl cnt forget easily, thn she has got the love first tym…bt unknowingly bcoz of her insecurities. .she cnt give n get happiness to arjun..
      I jst wonder tht hw some ppl cn easily moveon..I pray to god give strength to us to MoveOn. ..
      Bt dear..12-13 yrs r horrible. ..I m in this since 2 yrs nly..
      N ayesha…god has planned perfect always…actually I also rejected many nyc proposal of boys..bcz I cnt forget him …bt v hv to moveon..v should b vth ppl who love us …may b he doesn’t deserve us or v dont deserve them…jst try to go ahead, I 9..its nt easy even for me, bt v cnt bcoz of .this destroy r lyf..may be som1 far better thm him, waiting for us n vll come in lyf…keep trust in god..I really dnt ready to pass from dis for 12-13 yrs…n be loyal always r partner. .bcoz wht v cnt get, vill nvr come wwho lv us really, nly deserve our love, loyalty. .as maya havr
      N thnx for reading my comment,..its really nyc tht share here our pain without any fear …bt as my exams come…meet u after it

  17. Roby wolverine

    Hey… ks, AmCee, Dark hunter, Maya forever and all… Do you guys read beyhadh fiction..? if so which one is you favourite..? Any suggestions? because I am searching for a good one..

    1. Roby dear,i have no idea.i didn’t found good one related to Maya&ArYa fiction.

      1. Roby wolverine

        oh Ok Ks… By far my favourite is.. I Fell in Love with A Psycho… it’s a very good ArYa fic and a little bit dark… Have you read it..?

      2. No Roby,i didn’t,but I will try once as u r said it’s good.?? so I will read.?

      3. Roby wolverine

        Hey Ks… If you want to read it go to Facebook.. That fic isn’t in indiaforums or tellyupdates… You have to search as “Beyhadh Fan Fiction by Nandhu” Tell me after you read it.. huh..? A very good ArYa fic… so beautiful..

      4. Sure Roby??


      Here’s ne you may have read its on this site and its recent.

      Short fic but related to current phase story.
      This is part 2 part 1 is earlier.

      Many thanks 😉

      1. Roby wolverine

        Oh yeah.. that’s the saras/Maya one? right? Its nice.. Hey, have you read the one i suggested I fell in love with a psycho..? Give it a try…

    3. Roby, I did read something a long while ago.But right now I am not reading anything. So unable to tell.

  18. wow maya said all(she) belongs to arjun.
    saanjh said this samay belongs to her.(one gives all another takes)

    1. Yes poor saanjh when she comes to know about samay intention,her heart will break again.but don’t how saanjh fans pity for samay,after knew he is betrying saanjh wit hidden intention.still they are ready to blame Maya for pointing gun on him.after yesterday episode i started dislike samay based on my Maya dialog,he cheated my he realized his love on Maya and want to get back her at any I love only maya? and ArYa?

      1. Agreed ks.

  19. Belinda

    poor saanj is only not getting te rgt person fr her lyf. Maya always rocking asusual. i think samay is te better choice fr maya becoz he is still loving her aftr 8 years also but arjun is not loyal to her husband

    1. Samay is cheating Saanjh. He is obsessed with Maya and posing as Saanjh’s boyfriend. Arjun is a much better human being than Samay.

      1. agreed

    2. I agree with you Arjun is not loyal to her..but she is didn’t tell him her past. was this how loyal n trustworthy Maya is? I don’t believe
      if a wife is treating his husband like a dog… is obvious that the man needs someone else in his life to make it interesting ….the only thing here is Arjun is hiding the truth from sanjh….he should tell her everything……
      talking about samay…he loves Maya …….n whatever the past maybe he knows how Maya is then too loving her is a good thing….he should convince her to leave arjun

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