Beyhadh 3rd July 2017 Written Episode Update

Beyhadh 3rd July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maya tells Jahnvi that their togetherness was only till now as her Arjun is coming to kill his Maya. She packs her bags and takes shower and says her love is final, but not complete. She changes dress and walks holing her bag. Arjun stops her and asks where are you going my life. Maya says he calls her life and also asking her to go away, he frightened her. Why did he go away when he wanted to return. He says he had to return, else she would have gone far away, looking at her bag. Maya says how can a soul go out of body. She pour liquor in glass and serving him says like always Arjun’s love will not let her go. They are 2 faces of a coin and cannot breathe without each other. Arjun throws glass. Glass strand hits Maya’s cheek. She removes strand and says what is the use of anger, his T-shirt

is spoilt unnecessarily. He twists her hand and says she spoilt his life and has to pay for it now. He pushes her into bedroom and pulls waist belt from cupboard. Maya says injuries will not fade with another injury. She shows her injury marks and says she is trying to clear them since childhood. If he wants to hit his wife. Arjun says he will kill his Maya. She says kill her then if he feels happy by killing her.

Maya continues and says if voice goes out, people will blame him that he killed his wife. She touches him and says he should tell once that he loves her. Arjun says I hate you, I only hate you. Maya says if he loved immensely/beyhad, he should also hate immensely. Mujhe pyar karte in the background..Arjun says not more than the hatred he has for her. She says heart can burst with hatred as he does not know when Maya’s hatred starts. Does he know why she killed Vandana maa, because of himself told to do whatever makes her happy, her happiness was in killing the murderer of her baby. That baby was a bond between them and Vandana broke that bond. Imagine how much pain their Bandar would have felt, she wanted to give same pain to Vandana. Arjun imagines Vadnanas smiling face and slaps her. She says at least with hatred, he touched her. He has decided to kill her today, so she will reveal each secret. He slaps her twice. She starts revealing secret. He imagines Saanjh and holds her neck. Maya says kill her, only her love can be beyhadh in this world. He should punish her for her sin, he is her biggest sin. He says he told mistake itself is a mistake and she is his mistake. She says let us die together then, there is nothing left in this world for them.

Arjun pushes her by her neck and she falls on glass table. Her head bleeds. Tujhe pyar karte karte…plays. Blood falls on floor. She reminisces Arjun telling they will never separate, him proposing her, their romance, etc. Blood continues dropping on floor. She closes her eyes. Teears roll down her eyes.

Maya sitting on swinger says I love you Arjun Sharma, you changed my love, one can take life in love and can give life also. Polce comes holding handcuffs and wakes up Arjun. Arjun asks why. Inspector says he killed his wife. Arjun says he did not. Inspector shows Maya’s dead body and asks what is this then. Arjun sits in a shock.

Precap: Ayan pleads inspector that his brother did not anything. Arjun says he killed his wife and Maya made him a murderer. Inspector asks if he accepts he murdered his wife. Saanjh says Arjun did not. Arjun says this is truth, he does not know how he made this mistake, but he made.

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  1. KAINA

    hi guys does any1 watch aarambh here??????????

    1. Yes I watch arambh it’s a great show

  2. some gadbad is there as arjun was shown unconscious…surely some plan

    1. Its confirm Arjun didn’t pushed maya, he slipped because of stones on floor (someone is there or its maya trap to punish Arjun or if its maya trap, why she tried to wakeup him,Maya closes her eyes says Arjun name and remember old good times)any way.let’s see

    2. Plan???
      Maya must be alive and I think her beyhadh hating and revenge pick up line starts here from now.

      Bechara arjun or should I say bewaqoof arjun

  3. Antara


  4. Amazing & heart broken episode ??…Season 1 charm came back with ArYa focus and white queenb is back??…I’m waiting to see my Maya Mehrotra again. ..&Maya asks arjun to hate her passionately if he ever loved her madly..☹ ..Maya says today I wil say everything to u before dieing.. She says her crimes she did..arjun beats her harder???
    Maya dialogue with arjun:-Meri sabsi badi ghalti tum ho arjun,mujhe uski saza do(my biggest mistake which is you,Punish me for all my mistakes).??
    &i know its trap.. But for me,Maya arjun sharma has to die to get back my Maya mehrotra ?.
    I love this ArYa song-”
    Tujhe pyaar karte karte
    Teri nind tak uda du
    Aau jo apni zid pe
    Tujhe kya se kya banaa du.
    Waiting for last phase 3….Arjun vs Maya hate track..&
    Guys October 9th is beyhadh last episode fixed.
    Anyway waiting for next episode?
    Love you Maya ❤?

    1. Resonance1290

      Notice there were three marbles not four where maya was bleeding. The number of people she ‘killed’ has decreased by one, proof of samay’s return. Subtle but smart decision by CVS. Today was an actual episode to enjoy none of that pathetic stupid saanjh to interfere in Arya and cause mixed emotional havoc, finally it was just an Arya episode and it was good.

      1. Yes they showed 3marbles..maybe it’s sign of samay return.&
        yes I enjoyed fully to watch only ArYa scenes ??.ArYa forever ?

      2. Yes resonance1290 there were 3 marbles i must say gud observation…..i dont understand why people r saying saanjh is annoying nd i think that she a very gud character not like that evil maya

      3. We don’t like who acted like good people when they are it’s annoying for us.chill all likes will not be same.

      4. @Resonance1290 if it weren’t for you I wouldn’t have noticed the change in the number of marbles. It really was a good observation. Now waiting for Samay’s return. And so happy to not to see the pathetic excuse for a lawyer saanjh.Here I agree with @ks about not liking people who’re acting like good when they’re not. I think saanjh is either villain or utterly stupid who gets intelligent at rare occasions. Like she was super fast in figuring out Maya was behind ayaan’s accident but totally failed to even think about the possibility of Maya following vandana to kill her even after her feeling somebody’s presence throughout that night. And cvs have some ‘splainin’ to do about people returning from the grave. Anyway waiting for the future episodes to see my baby back.Maya Mehrotra ???

    2. Resonance1290

      Heartbreaking for Arya fans but a new beginning for maya fans lets see what they do next. For the first time in 3 months I am interested in the track

      1. Ya right ? .keep watch dear?

    3. Yes ks its a trap by maya nd tgat duffer arjun was shocked to see maya’s dead body seriously….. nd yes i too love that song.
      October 9th is last episode of beyhadh ????so sadddd

      1. He did not killed maya,so obviously he will be shocked..and yes dear,&I love two ArYa songs
        “Tujhe pyaar karte karte” & “Sajna hai mujhe”?❤?

  5. Angelk1

    Once more maya is a step ahead of arjun. She made him unconsious and drank something to put her to sleep. Now she will come for revenge lol, the girl is delusional

  6. very excited episode

  7. Okay let me start off by saying this show is really crazy lol. Seeing the blood dropping on the floor made me cringe and when the police came the blood on the floor looked pink. Totally unbelievable.

    I don’t know where to start. Maya is not dead like we all know. I think the CVs are trying to tell us the Maya who loved Arjun is dead and the best way for that love to die is to be killed by the person you love (We don’t know who killed her yet). Maya know she is done. By killing Vandana, she had avenged her bandar and exposed herself to Arjun. She knows he will know it was her. There was no way she was ever going to get out of it. Clearly she needed a way out fast. First she knew he was going to come to her. She already planned to fake her death. She exposed all her mistakes to him and obviously knowing he was going to be super pissed. Arjun unknowingly fall into her trap. She wanted him to get mad at her and act on that anger. She was pushing him to make a mistake and boy did he. A big one. Arjun could have slipped and pulled her with him, or Maya could have injected him with a syringe while they were walking backwards. I don’t think Arjun is capable of killing anyone. OR someone outside could have probably done something to him or gave him something before he came to see her. Maya reminiscing about the past had me in tears. I miss them so much.

    For someone who’s mother got killed by his wife, Arjun sure didn’t look like he was mourning anyone. Is that how yoire supposed to act in the presence of your step mothers murderer? He even had the audacity to say “where are you going My darling” as he leaned on the wall like his mother wasn’t dead. He wasted time exchanging words and not going crazy like any normal person would have in the presence of their parents killer. Arjun literally acted like Vandana just got her arm broken by Maya and not killed. Wow, CVs you could have done better.

    Anyway, I read somewhere that someone think there is a double Maya which could not be possible because that would be crazy and no one would like that. Certainly not me. But if it were true, have y’all seen pretty little liars and do you know how Alex Drake sometimes acted like she was Spencer? The same could be happening with the Maya twins. Maybe there is good Maya and evil Maya. All those bad deeds were done by evil Maya who was pretending to be the Maya Arjun fell in love with in S1. Probably evil Maya took control over the good Mayas life sometime s2. Anyway, evil Maya fell in love with Arjun herself and the one we have seen died could be the evil Maya. And the good Maya will come back and seem revenge on her twin. Doesn’t make sense, does it?

    Putting that theory aside, Maya Arjun Sharma died today. You could tell by the flashbacks of Arya that was shown through Mayas thoughts. And then reborn Maya Mehrotra who will seek revenge.

    Being a diehard fan of Arya, I accepted that they will never be together. I will live with that. I’m jus so happy Maya won’t be after Arjun like a desperate woman. Finally it will be interesting to see them both hating each other.

    Beyhadh might start getting good minus Saanjh and Ayans scenes. They are both so annoying and I’m not saying that cause I’m Mayas fan.

    1. Yes how cutely Arjun called maya..” meri jaan”? anger also he called her ” meri wife”,..?…&something hits Arjun head while fallen &then he became unconscious,because after wakeup he holds his head.&ya I too felt sometimes Maya is twins,becoz ashwin murder time ashwin tried to escape via door but Maya already near door.&after at maya home in vandy room,maya closed door but Maya sits vandy back.& in pub Maya wit Arjun,at home also with different attair.. anyway don’t know it’s unpredictable to say..maybe its just for thriller feel cvs shown.let’s see

      1. And guys i think Shraddha jaiswal scenes we will see from tonight.her role is very important& small cameo(based on spoiler she is Maya’s childhood friend).&with out maya 3 days I can’t watch ???..any way let’s see ☹

    2. @zee that’s an amazing theory. I too have often felt like there are two of them. And it actually makes sense if we think about that. And then there’s Ashwin’s trump card- “Maya’s truth” which is yet to be revealed. But like @ks said maybe they were showing it for dramatical purpose. Anyway let’s wait and see.

  8. Maya’s revenge track !!!!! Maya already spoilt Arjun’s life… what’s the need of a revenge track actly….!!!!!! Poor Arjun

  9. I dont think saanjh is annoying she is much important character as maya.

    Anyways come back to maya’s death guys do u really think a person who is bleeding severely will survive???? Nd yes i also agree arjun was acting if his mother is alive nd yes he was saying so heavy dialogues he didn’t do anything to maya until she told him all the truth then he slapped her hard nd yes i was literally enjoying that scene finalllyyyy our maya is dead but….

    For some time she vl return wid more revenge more dark character everrr nd yes obviously she vl team up wid sammy yes excited to see piyush backk on beyhadh he was the only one who can match the acting level of Jennifer nd the one who can control maya

    Why is arjun so shocked to see maya’s dead body he only killed maya nd his dialogue to saanjh was – maya ne meri bachhi zindagi bhi barabaad kar di.. wht does that mean???? Arjun went there to kill maya nd now saying this nd CVS pls show some practical things in serial arjun is killing maya nd she is delivering heavy dialogues literally that was looking very cheap

    Anyways waiting for future episodes
    Love maya nd beyhadh??

  10. today’s episode was amazing

  11. Serial is stupid Samay died no police no arrest Ayan got run over no police no arrest prem died no police vandana died no police Maya definitely isn’t dead police comes!!!!!!! Arrests arjun death sentence what rubbish.

  12. CVs gone Mad,it was a duffer episode, question is Maya will hate Arjun n revenge track for what? ????????in case of Arjun there is a lot reasons for hating her but for her?? ????I can’t understand it dragging… Pink blood, unconscious Arjun bla bla again those policemen without consulting they r sure about death no postmortem n All all blunders she will comeback bakwas….

  13. Amina raheel

    I think this was Maya s trap she planned everything. She knew Arjun is coming to kill her. She is Alive will be coming to take revenge soon. She wasnt killed its a fake blood around her. Im sure she is alive just doing drama.. lets see in the coming episodes!!!!

  14. hi
    vadana she is such healthy personality and maya is just got out of the bed. Why Vadana is scared of maya and howcome maya is able to push her to death, I don’t understand

  15. Boring episode.tired of seeing maya’s beyhadh dialogues to Arjun.ugh,teach some acting to kushal yaar.he even doesn’t know how to react in mother’s death.and guys,ek aur Maya!!!!???already both Maya and saanj are competing for this useless person.if a another girl joins in this race,I’ll definitely break the tv.anyway waiting for today’s episode.

    1. Agree teju hahaha LOL……

  16. I too agree with Aashika. Saanjh is good and good at character also. There is no need for her to act like a good person. Looking for next episode.

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