Beyhadh 3rd January 2017 Written Episode Update

Beyhadh 3rd January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Arjun sails boat back to shore while Maya rests on his lap. Arjun thinks to gain something, one has to row something, he will even if he has to row the boat. Saachi while rushing towards airport with Prem calls Arjun’s number, but it is not reachable. Riya calls Saanjh and informs that she got a call form Mauritius and Arjun is safe now. She thanks Riya and tells Prem that Arun is safe. Prem says he head it and asks her to go and get back Arjun and this is her last chance. Saanjh asks not to inform Ayan and Vandana as she wants to give surprise to Arjun. Saanjh smiles excitedly.

Maya wakes up and reminisces Arjun bringing her to her room and Arjun’s dialogues, pampering her, lifting her till room and make her sleep on bed. She then reads Arjun’s bouquet and note

that she should not let time flow and should come to beach soon, etc.. She jumps in happiness and looks at herself in a mirror.

Saanjh reaches Mauritius and excitedly thinking of surprising Arjun. She thinks she has to do ISD for the first time for Arjun. She calls Arjun. Arjun starts speaking and does not let her speak at all. He says after coming here, he realized his love was very near to him, hope he had realized earlier. Phone disconnects due to connectivity failure. Saanjh thinks Arjun gave her a surprise instead. She reaches hotel and reminisces Prem giving her a ring and tells Suman had ordered it for her son and now Arjun will be their another son, Saanjh should bring their son back.

Maya is seen walking in hotel searching Arjun. She clashes with a waiter and drops flower bouquet and note. Saanjh tries to enter hotel, but guard stops her and says she cannot enter without booking. Saanjh says her friend Arjun is staying here. Guard takes her to reception and says receptionist will help her. He goes out and finds Arjun’s bouquet and note on floor and gives it to Saanjh. Saanjh gets very happy thinking it is for her and rushes towards beach.

Maya goes to beach and reads Arjun’s note on sand with flower and balloon around. A man from balloon decorated boat calls her and tells this boat is for her. She gets into boat and leaves enjoying cool breeze. Balloon flies from her hand to shore. Saanjh holds it and thinks Arjun is surprising her a lot today, earlier flowers, notes and now balloon. She reads Arjun’s note on sand and thinks arun is right, their feeling is from childhood. She then finds a boat and thinks duffer did not hire a driver for her and left a boat, not to worry she will row boat till destiny. She starts rowing. Maya sees another decorated boat in the middle of sea and gets on it happily. Saanjh rows boat singing Tere pyar me kya kya sitam chalaye, chappu chalaye, chappu chalaye. Maya finds a bottle with a note inside, reads it and smiles.

Saanjh ges tired rowing boat, but looks at her locket and thiks if she tries, she will not lose. Maya finds an oxygen mask onn boat and gets into water. She excitedly looks at fishes in water. Saanjh sees decorated boat and gets excited that duffer has made her Saanjh from Dusky…shouts Duffer, she has arrived.. She gets on boat and looking at decoration thinks duffer’s treasure hunt is awsome, where is next clue. She findsd bottle with a note and thinks where did Arjun hid his romantic side, thinks how will she enter sea.

Maya searches Arjun. Arjun comes from behind wearing oxygen mask and holds her hands. Saanjh thinks Arjun told trust is first condition of love and she will do anything for duffer. she steps on water and retracts back feeling cold water. She prays god to handle everything and gets into water. She sees Arjun and then Maya near him and feels shattered seeing Arjun holding Maya’s had and giving her a diamond rig. She is shocked and gets on shore and then goes back into water and sees again Maya holding diamond ring and Arjun dorning it inn Maya’s finger kneeling down and making heart shape from his hand.

Precap: Maya tells Arjun that their destiny is same. She sees Saanjh and fumes in jealousy.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Wow wonderful ArYa scenes..but at the end sad…precap is wrong written??…Pandit Ji scenes came early ?? precap ArYa went temple while they both are praying Pandit Ji interfere and he said problems will come for Arjun whoever will not happy with this relation.omg what’s this disgusting.

    1. Shalini Senthil

      You are right ks accepting more romantic arya scences ….this idiot pandit put bhag in rang….what is this nonscences we all know pandit scences will come but this is to fast..just now we are all enjoying some romantic arya movement suddenly this idiot pandit put bomb…..end of episode fell happy to see arjun propose maya after seen precape mood totally get spoil….???

      1. Yes pandith Ji scene came early ..our And maya happiness spoiled because of Pandit Ji words……any way …beyhadh real story started now based on precap… let’s see

  2. Angelk1

    So much misunderstanding going on, poor saanj. After this i hope she listen to her dad, an remove arjun from her heart for the mean time. But even if she stays friends with arjun, she will have to hear about maya. Poor thing. Hopefully maya doesnt try to remove her from arjun life , or try kidnapping her. People tend to do that in dramas now a days specially the crazy ones.

  3. Wow wow wow episode was so cute & awesome. I can’t express my feelings how I am feeling now. I will watch serial by sitting on sofa daily but today i couldn’t control my excitement & jumped on bed with happiness. Finally maya got her love & happiness that she had lost in these years. I am so happy to see her happiness. I wish she shoild be happy like this ever. For the first time i am feeling sorry for you saanjh really so sad. Hope you can handle your feelings. Love u maya & arjun. Saanjh u should have guessed it yar that arjun doesn’t know that you are here right then how can you think that he is proposing you? But please be strong saanjh. Lastly this is such a lovely episode. Eagerly waiting for next episode.

  4. WOW wat a super shot duffer underwater for maya so sweet look at her smile & blushing she is on cloud nine so arjun doesn’t have any feeling on saanjh he sees her as a friend wat will saanjh do? her heart will break into pieces becoz she is witnessing arjun & maya ‘s love

  5. Seriously love does change people! Seeing Maya completely utterly and hopelessly in love was wonderful it warmed my heart..finally Arjun realised his love for Maya..they look so good together!! They complete each other..Maya love you!! You deserve Arjun and every happiness in the world..actually saanjh ka naam duffer hona chahiye Arjun ka nai. Blindly she follows her heart so irritating. Anyways arjun’s proposal was soooo dreamy! I didn’t know that duffer could become prince charming❤ Love you arya!!

    1. Haha Stefan you won’t believe that’s what exactly crossed my mind when she was standing inside the boat and blabbering!!!

  6. Shalini Senthil

    Nice episode but precap was little bit dispointed accept more arya romantic scences but suddenly that pandit dialouges makes romantic mood spoil…

    1. Ya me too felt bad..

  7. yeaaaahhh!!!! Love their couple. So cute they were looking. Arjun looked soooooooooooo cute making te shape of heart. At last he understood his love for maya..!!

  8. Saanjh ??

  9. Priya9876

    1st of all I want to clap for u makers….
    There is the Height of stupidities…….my god…

    – Maya…..Arjun…..boat,, steamer, etc…. sab kuch aise chala rahe hai jaise wo log kitne trained – ho….waoooo….

    – Maya, arjun ko Island se wapsas bacha kar le aayi…thts good very good….but MAya too uss Island pe kavi gayi hi nhi….nd bina kisi k help k ek beach se nikal kar samundar ki LEhro ko cross karte hue wo Arjun tak paunch gayi….jaise ki wo samundar nhi mumbai ki road ho aur bech beech me raste pe koi Adress bata raha ho……
    samundar me maya ko kaha jana hai,, kidhar jana h sab kuch pata tha….waoooooooo

    – ” ye le beta MAURITIUS ki ticket le ” like really….????? hahahahahhaahahaaaaa
    this is d really JOKE OF THE YEAR……
    1st ek middle class family k liye MAURITIUS ki ticket arrange karna its very much quite difficult….wo v itni jaldi….. Sanjh ka papa too bas U gaye, ar U ticket le aaye…….

    – sanjh ko ye pata tha Arjun kaun se hOTEL me hai,, jab ki uski koi baat nhi hui Arjun se iss bare me….. clap…clap……

    – this is the last one….
    Sanjh to humari BEAR GRYLUS se v badi nikli…baap re baap….
    pani me eyes khule rakhna kitna mushkil hota hai maker ye pata v aapko?????????
    matlab kuch v bakwass dikhaye jaoo ………….dikhaye jaoo ……….aur veiwers ko ullu banaye jao banye jao…….

    i know this is a Fictional Story but fir v aisi stupidity????????

    1. Hahah Priya good observation! Even I was wondering how saanjh knew which hotel Arjun was staying at?Like stalking ki bhi limit hoti if there is only one hotel in Mauritius that she coincidentally landed there! And wtf she didn’t book for a room baap ka hotel hai kya? You can’t just say hey my friend is staying here so gimme a room too! Height of stupidity-.-
      And yeah maya finding the right island on time was also directions no nothing and bang Arjun mil gaya!

      1. Saanjh will come to know from riya…y because she is Maya assistant..she talked with her..and it’s not city for finding address… it’s sea only few ice lands will there …if we think we can get it&some scenes we can’t expect logics in serials.

      2. She knew because she’s in contact with Riya from Arjun’s office. Even if they didn’t show that scene, that’s the most plausible explanation.

      3. agar hum logic dekhe toh parso ke episode mein Maya Ajun ko bachana ke liye, khud boat chala kar layi thi par vapis jaate time vo Arjun ke arms mein thi aur Arjun bhi boat nai chala raha ta to boat chal kaise rahi thi? kya use bhoot chala raha tha ya boat mein auto pilot tha?

      4. hehehe Priya,,,,nice observation

    2. Priya u r so right about everything but this is what we should expect from a Hindi serial. I was thinking the same when Saanjh told Arjun didn’t even send a pic so how was she able to figure out the address of hotel. And when Arjun was proposing Maya why was she surprised because Arjun didn’t know that Saanjh is in Mauritius.

      1. We should feel happy as they are not dragging the scenes like other Hindi serials.
        (Other soaps would hv dragged the proposal track for month together)
        If u expect logic then I’m afraid u can’t watch any of the soaps on TV.???

  10. very nice epi loveeeeee maya arjun ??

  11. Vaishnavi Singh

    Loved d episode… hope to see ArYa together in future scenes…

  12. Finally pandit ji scenes coming on, lets see how maya fans cope up with her doings and their comments here. Its height of craziness that people can see jennifer bit not maya chaaracter but they see saanjh character not aneri, that’s why there is a saying if u like a person one reason is enough but if u dont like a person u can point 100 reasons for her…viewers has to understand that writers has to make good win over bad at end of the day. If they make Arya pair then its the win of obsessed love which won’t happen. Anyways I am sure saanjh wil get married to jeetu as Arjun always treated saanjh as his best frd it doesn’t matter with fact if Arjun loves maya or not but for him saanjh is his best frd, hope saanjh understood now. For maya, it would be sorry end of the day she has to understood pyar wahi pyar hota jo sachche dil se kare, jo pyar jhoot ki naav pe tikti hai wah jaldi doob jaati hai, pyar vishwaas ka doosra naam hota hai but maya there is no vishwaas at all?. I am sure end of serial Arjun wil be alone and they make character of Maya die..sorry if its shocking to fans of Maya even I am too maya fan but I watch the serial with sense of maturity..Bet me guys for 100 crores end of serial wil kill maya…

    1. yeah shivani right..Its so lovely to see romantic pair of Maya n Arjun but that love is totally trap of Maya…I see comments people support Maya becoz of jennifer and really both look beautiful with each other and I too bet if aneri and jennifer swap their characters at that every one will support jennifer aka saanjh.
      Love not just happens with looks or it need a beautiful pair, In love one has to speak only truth with partner not and Maya always trapped Arjun, If she truly loves Arjun also that love will never have any value.
      If people say saanjh never disclosed her feelings with Arjun , I totally agree that she is stupid to go till mauritius without the approval of Arjun, as a friend she can never force Arjun to love her, its his wish.
      But if people say Maya was always honest in expressing her feelings then she is not. she made money speaks more than her heart, she never shared her feelings without the support of money, her power,position and lies. End of the day how much she loves Arjun or how much viewers support her it doesn’t matter. Jaisi karni waisi bharni and her karma will pay for her love.

      Totally agree with u , it never going to be win of Arjun n maya love here or else the name itself would not be beyhadh( hadh se jyada)

      1. Ha ha yes ur right..If saanjh character was played by divyanka tripathi, Radhika Madan or else dhrashti dhami we would have seen tough competition between maya and saanjh supporters..Here Aneri looks so skinny and her shoulders are just like pencils?? so she is irritating for everyone and all are liking Arjun n Maya…

      2. Angelk1

        I agree with what you both said. I daid this before too. And people say its not about the looks. Then what? Looks is the first thing we see, i asked that if saanj was to play maya role would they have supported her character… Its a no. I love jennifer acting but i hate the maya character .

        If they switch role i would still not like the maya character because shes manipulative an obsess. Yes i feel sorry for her past , but that doesnt mean i support some things she do. Both gorls have their way on getting arjun, but mayas way just says desperate.

        Second i dont think they will kill her off, just send her to rehab to get help.all the stuff she kept to herself will make her crazy. She needs help, theirs so little arjun can help her.

        Third, the obsession just started, it may seem like saanj is the mest up one , but her reaction is understandable. But did anyone see maya eyes in the precap when the guy told them. She look like she was going to hurt someone. She looked evil.

      3. You guys comments make fun….i don’t have any surprise to see your comments why because from starting episode Maya is obsessive character so it’s bad character for u guys.when she didn’t did that much bad thing u didn’t talked positively about Maya.after today episode we(maya fans)will not expect positive’s ur views ur wish.and maya is not sure.her character is insomniac sociopath (sleep less disease&abnormal behaviour).because of Arjun her insomniac (sleep disease) half cured.i hope She will cure totally because of Arjun true love on her.if anyone come to harm us we will fought with them.if whoever come to spoil Arjun&maya relationship,why Maya will stay silent..she is not all serials silent heroine to sit cry for saving her relation.maya will fought with her destiny.she will lose r won..we love Maya always.

      4. Angelk1

        Ks i disagree with your last two statement. In the begining i said positive stuff about maya, but when she started showing some minor stuff i stop supporting her character. My review will go baste on what I’m seeing and what maya is doing , same with arjun an saanj.

    2. Yes..If Maya love is obsessive then same saanjh too..and if Maya love is true then saanjh love is also true..Both want Arjun and they can do anything for them but Saanjh is just sentimental she is not harmful where as Maya is too dangerous for others becoz she cannot think anythg in anger. The truth is that she broke Ashwin leg becoz Ashwin signed on his leg in vandana house. Yes Maya is dangerous for Arjun family becoz first time when maya came to Arjun house and saanjh came with vada pav. Vandana told Maya that saanjh is not less than a family member and without her Arjun is nothing. Maya burned into fumes in her office reminding vandana words. It was her plan to arrest ayan to teach vandana a lesson , then she only came n helped for Ayan bail becoz she knows saanjh cant help at that time so she wanted to show vandana what she can do for her family saanjh can’t do. Keep watching serial there wil be so many twists and it wil revealed that what Maya has done to get Arjun…

    3. Hmm u always cmnt after thinking frm both POV’s,,,agree with u,,,,but I dnt think that Maya will die,,,As Angelk said she needs help and maybe Arjun will help her

  13. Loved the episode. Finally he proposed her. But that pandit ji scene came very early .

  14. Maanu13

    Hi guys,,,, I’m sooooooooo happy that finally arjun proposed Maya…..that proposal was a dream for every girl….such a cute proposal…..I love the episode….but unfortunately saanjh is witnessing the engagement?????lol…I love arya…..hope that arjun won’t mind the bandit words…he should care for Maya….????????

    1. He shd care for maya, he shd leave his family for maya, at last he shd die for Maya. If Maya suffered in past what is the fault of Arjun, Arjun ko kyun faaltu sooli pe chada rahe ho, maya jaisi biwi agar kisi ko mile uski zindagi batbaad ho jaaye..

      1. Harpreet…we can leave our loved one before love knowing like it will effect our life and our family’s…but what if we come to knew about after love accepted r committed..whoever loves truly their loved one, they will not leave selfishly for fears to facing problems.then that’s not true’s better to stay alone when fear to face problem from ur life partner.

    2. Hai maanu….ya Arjun will not leave Maya after heard pandith Ji words…he will stay with Maya?….but I felt pandith Ji reacted overly.. &Maya will give punishment to pandith Ji.let’s see

      1. Maanu13

        Ya I hope that..but Maya won’t harm him she may frighten him…she never harm anyone except herself….

  15. Beyhadh is awesome.
    Loved arya

    Maya’s proposal on a hot balloon.
    Arjuns proposal under the sea.
    Loved the episode??

  16. There is no such proposal in history of television,,,, Truly Everything is Beyhadd

  17. Hi to all
    Leave _ve comment s yaar
    And draw backs in episode only enjoy Arya scene s
    But precap is bad now only started happy Ness but immoderately bad news we can’t digest
    May be pandit prediction 50percent correct and remain wrong
    Arjun and Maya love problem by ashwin and arjun mom and saanch is the reason
    Some posts are saying Maya will die
    No that is not a beyhaad
    Any turn will take no probes but we need a happy ending

    1. Ya hai devika..pandith Ji said to Arjun….u can’t live happily with this will die daily for facing’s fire ur family will burn with’s not Maya,problems will come by ashwin..i don’t know about saanjh villain r not.. let’s see how saanjh will hit Maya with rod..maybe ashwin used saanjh indirectly for spoil Maya happiness.Arjun will not leave Maya after heard pandith Ji words…we can watch happily ArYa together scenes.??

      1. Maanu13

        Ya definitely ashwin do some craps for separating Maya and arjun…just now the love had started plz writers wait for some days we ll enjoy arya scenes then u can create prob by ashwin saanjh and whoever…

      2. Ha yes KS Ur right

  18. No maya will not die in d end…arjun make her better wid his beyhadh love…love can change anything… i m sure maya and arjun will nt separate at d end…and saanjh u r cute yar bt arjun loves maya..u r his friend..he never looks to u like d way of lover..

  19. While I think saanjh should accept this truth as she is his best friend and off course time will play a major role here , arjun will know maya’s obsession and if am not wrong saanjh will also become victim here as Maya don’t want to share arjun’s love to anyone . One more thing I agree with Shalini as here most of the people like Jenfer , guys it’s not about Jenny or Aneri it’s about Maya and saanjh and I want arjun to accept saanjh as she is the one who can protect arjun from Maya . Friendship is the basement for love , I think saanjh and arjun gone through the phase.

  20. pandit ne sara mood kharab kar diya.saanjh ka khawab tut gaya hope ab wo sach ko dekhe or haqeeqat me jeena seekh le.I KNOW ITS VERY HARD TO COPE A HEART BREAK WO B JAB AAPNE BACHPAN SE EK E KHAWAB DEKHA HO OR WO EK DAM ACHANAK SE TUT JAYE TO BOHT DARD HOTA best wishes are with you saanjh.jennifer is so cute like a little kid.sirf jennifer is the reason i am watching beyhadh.

  21. comments definitely make fun however u words seems like a saint for maya..I wil say only one thing…just keep watching serial..lets see what ever ur talking that arjun wil change maya, all that chamatkar wil happen or the way ur seems a great fan of maya as everyday u give ur presence with ur comments and really i appreciate for giving all of ur time just for beyhadh????

    1. Oh pleasure?…i too really appreciate you, u given ur time for read my comments& all others daily,great yaar..keep watch and keep going.???

  22. Wani_mehrush

    Dumb saanj

  23. Wani_mehrush

    Dumb saanj thinks dat she ixx nly 1 in wrld

  24. Arjun’s proposal was too damn cute,,,just loved it,,,I never thought that he’ll make it so lovely,,,hmm he is not a duffer as I thought,,,,but felt bad for Saanjh,,,how she assumed that it’s all for her when Arjun don’t even know that she z there,,,She expected sooooo much and all her expectations & dreams broke in one sec,,,,that really hurts and I don’t think that she deserves such a BIG heartbreak

  25. Maya ne pandit ko schi main mar diya ?

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