Beyhadh 3rd February 2017 Written Episode Update

Beyhadh 3rd February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maya holds knife and thinks she will not spare Ashwin. She sees someone outside her window and walks with knife. She opens window. Man pushes her and enters in. She says she will stab him. They both fall down and he says he is ready to die again from her hand. Maya is surprised to see Arjun and says she thought it was Ashwin.

Ashwin in his live-in partner Shipra’s apartment gulps glasses of liquor. Shipra shouts alcohol will not change his fate. Jahnvi enters and says she warned him not to use his dirty trick, else she will call police. He will go to jail this time. Shipra shouts why did she come here. Jahnvi pushes her aside. Ashwin acts as pleading to spare him and shows her a file and then says he is ready to go to jail for 5 years and may mend his ways or not, but with this proof

Maya will go to jail for 20-25 years. Jahnvi burns file. Ashwin tries to pick it, but Jahnvi stops him. Ashwin strangulates her neck and shouts. Jahnvi picks vase and hits on his head and says she warned him not to harm her or Maya,else she will not spare him. She walks out and Shipra taunts Ashwin.

Vandana shows Arjun and Maya’s kundali and says earlier pandit took bribe and lied that kundalis match. Pandit says whoever told it is right, all 36 characteristics are matching. Maya loves Arjun so much that she can even harm Arjun to control him. Vandana says she wants to stop this marriage. Pandit says nobody can stop this marriage and Arjun has to go through Maya’s love.

Arjun sees blood on Maya’s kurta cuff and sees his name’s tattoo inscribed on her hand. He asks why did she do this. She says she wants him to be only hers. He says he is hers forever. She goes and locks door, gets tattoo inscriber and unbuttons his kurta. He holds her hand, but she pushes his hand and inscribes her name on his chest. He feels pain and pleasure. Rasiya…badal si preet mori,…plays in the background. Their romance starts. Maya repeats song’s dialogues and continues inscribing her name on Arjun’s chest. Arjun then looks at her and smiles and says from today, between them, it will be only her. She asks to promise that from today, he will be only hers. He takes her in front of god and says from today nobody can separate them and even god has to take his permission to separate her from him. She hugs him and gets emotional.

Arjun reaches home speaking to Maya over phone that he reached home. Vandana scolds him if he does not want to follow rituals, why he is marrying. He says he will marry at any cost. She sees blood on his kurta and asks what happened. She forcefully checks his chest and sees Maya’s tattoo. Arjun says Maya inscribed it. Vandana reminisces pandit’s words that Maya can even end Arjun’s life to control him.

Precap: Vandana meets Saanjh outside apartment building and says Maya is not fit for Arjun, this marriage has to stop. Maya in her car thinks, Vandana should can die but cannot stop marriage. She speeds car towards Vandana and Saanjh.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Hey where r Maya’s fans see ur Maya baby

  2. Arya chemistry again. Very sensuous scenes today. Some portions from the instagram videos were edited though. Liked Jhanvi’s act today. I feel she has come to her senses now and is no longer the dumb woman. It is Vandana who is becoming dumber and dumber. What kind of a mother is she? Can’t she see the limitless love Arjun has for Maya. Instead she is believing in superstitions. It was lovely not to see Saanjh for two consecutive episodes. Beyhadh is a finite series so even though there may be twists and turns of events in the end it will be a happily ever after ending for Arya. Just like Saraswatichandra where the story was a deviation from the novel and it was a happy ending. Always love Arya together with their limitless love and sizzling chemistry

    1. AmCee Right ? ..and our Maya and Arjun beyhadh love is superb..Maya stopped tattooing name to see Arjun pain but Arjun taken her hand asked to write it.awesome scene ArYa?? ,pandith said Maya will give peace to Arjun and also pain to pain is she wrote tattoo and peace is she given kiss on tattoo pain.&end maximum tragedy for Maya.if cvs shows happy end we will be happy?.love u Maya ?

      1. So true. Maya truly loves Arjun so she doesn’t want to see him in pain. It was Arjun who guided her hand to continue. And that dumb Vandana cannot understand true love. When two people love one another the parents understand and agree to their marriage. They don’t refer kundlis. I really hate her and that moron Saanjh. These two are the insane people, not Arya and not we the Arya lovers. Their love is passionate and limitless, not insane.

      2. Yes AmCee,vandana is very disgusting,she remembered only Maya love will give pain but she forget all pandith said best prefect pair,he said i didn’t saw like this best pair ever..maya will give all love and her life to Arjun.that love will blow up to sky.,vandana sees only tattoo pain but she didn’t see Arjun happy face.

  3. Awesome episode.. ArYa scenes?? superb &,finally this pandith said positively about ArYa relation,pandith said best match.,but arjun wil face pain.we know hadh se jyada kuch bhi tik nay..Arjun is Maya weakness..she loves more.,&wow jhanvi you burn file for Maya safe??… love it,,don’t know what’s the matter in that file.&precap mey my Maya will not hurt them.all are against Maya bechari maya baby.?..i felt bad for my maya,all are try to stop her happiness..any way..waiting for next episode..?

    1. So true ks. Why is everyone after her? May be those papers in the file are false documents created by Ashwin to befool Jhanvi and Maya for a crime committed by him. How can Maya get 20-25 years for a crime supposedly committed when she was nine years old? She was underage then.

  4. NandhanaN

    Waited so much days to get a conclusion of all confusions .. So tatoo scene proves dat Arjun will willingly take pain for Maya and it’s his beyhadh love dat ll make him do sacrifice . Maya has no mental disorder nor crime history .. The flashbacks which show that Ashwin telling continously dat Maya is pagal and her bad childhood has made her depressed and herself believing dat she has problems .. btw, any of us can be depressed for few days months or even years and finally if Maya cannot kill Ashwin she can kill none ..the precap is def misleading .. every Friday has interesting precaps n misleading scenes ..

    Analysing the Pandit’s words, Arjun will face pain to either protect Maya or to prove his love eventually Maya will let go of her insecurities and her bad past ..

    Btw, the question of the hour !! Who is the killer , if Ashwin’s death rumours are true … What will happen to Saanjh ..

    Loved reading all your comments all these days

  5. Vandana is getting on my nerves? Tattoo kiya hai yaar that too his own fiancé’s name no sin in that! Why is she shown so old school and narrow minded??? And Arjun said clearly that we both tattooed each other’s name that doesn’t mean Maya forcefully tattooed her name on him so there is no need to the precap Maya is shown trying to overrun Vandana and saanjh I want her to succeed even though she won’t cause Vandana is showing what a bad mother she is. And before people start defending her just know that a real mother will be happy if her child is happy she won’t do such drama. Vandana just for once woman let Arjun fight his own battles and take decisions you can’t always be there for him!!

  6. Yes wr r noy yet dead dipi and u see ur saanjh the cry baby ok

    God seriously so s*xy scene i just loved it just arya forever our arya rocks
    And who ever comes to stop the marrage maya will just nail them all

    And this vandana should surely die what blo*dy women is she
    And she went to saanjh for help god this two god plzz maya should knock them both with her car

    Their r somuch twist and turns in their marrage but i am very sure that marrage will happen at last only maya and arjun .
    Though their r so many twist by these vinny little complainers saanjh and vandana maya will leave no stones unturn to get arjun she will either get arjun or will destroy their whole family .
    and this pandit i dont no what actually he meant he really spoke good but he spoke truth.
    And this saanjh again on her jasusgiri butthis time if maya comes to know about her she will make sure that saanjh iss bar khoon ki asu rooya maya na saanjh ko iss bar nahi choragi dekh lena

    And spolier saanjh will kill ashwin to get arjun and will blame maya but maya will prove her innosence and will teach her good lesson this time

  7. Roby wolverine

    Is it true that Arjun will be married to Saanjh as some sites are saying……? I don’t know and i can’t take this or watch this guys…. It would have been better if Arjun fall in love with saanjh and broke up the marriage or broke up with maya because of knowing Maya’s truth.. Anything is better than this… I can’t see him married to saanjh also in love with Maya… If that happens.. This is going to be the usual story of mangalsutra vs love and i won’t be able to watch this two time thing…. Haven’t those vows meant nothing to Arjun that he left her because of vandana..? I am so disappointed and upset with this… See you guys…

    1. Oh u’s unique story..mandap mey so much drama cvs will show it but at the end ArYa marriage will happen.there is no doubt.actually two upcoming source revealed one source scenes ashwin died,but in another source scenes ashwin still we can’t say what will happen next until marriage.let’s see

    2. Shalinisenthil

      No roby this cannot happen till the end of serial arya only one pair ….arjun if know truth or hate maya whatever but he will never marry saanjh or love saanjh he will end up alone in this kind of situvation but never he hold another girl hand but if in this show they show like that marriage one girl love with one girl sure its a bakwass serial i stop watching beyhadh….

    3. No Roby this is wrong..where did you read all this?? Saanjh and Arjun won’t get married..go on YouTube and watch the new promos and leaks of the story..on the wedding day vandana will force Arjun to leave the marriage and take him with her but then it will be saanjh who brings him back to the mandap..Arjun has made all those promises to Maya his love for Maya is true he won’t betray her by marrying saanjh that’s outrageous. Arya will take the saat pheras around Ashwin’s burning body

    4. Super saiyan

      Vandhana will interrupt the marriage and say that if arjun marries maya he will see dead face of his mother but then saanjh will come in between and tie the knots of arjun nd maya nd mistakenly her knot will also be tied….
      But yes finally the marriage will happen and saanjh will sing channa mereya…
      Gun will be present in the mandap but it is still not clear for what it will be used for..maybe for ashwin or maybe for blackmailing vandana and saanjh by arjun

  8. Shalinisenthil

    I love arya very much ….this vandana is so discusting now she is going to take saanjh help to seprate my maya baby from arjun life….but they cannot arya will be toghther forever….this vandana pulling unwantely saanjh in this already she is in pain….

  9. Today’s episide was good but I feel saw for saanjh?

  10. Vandana ?

  11. Nandini missed u a lot these day u analyse it very well. Stefan i also want maya to succeed this mad women vandana can do nothing . We know it,arjun will get married only to maya at any cost and any blo*dy cost these vandana again saanjh and her bahu bhala drama god theyvtwo should also brun in ashwins chita dont know that is going to happen

  12. Day by day beyhadh is more interesting ,lets see who will marry Arjun

  13. Hey bubbies
    I had seen in youtybe that during marriage vandana stops arjun and takes him away from getting married ti maya
    Immediately then maya runs from there in grief while
    Saanjh is snatching arjun that today this marriage will be done with her instead of maya
    Here in this serial maya is hero and arjun is heroine whils saanjh is a villain
    What problem does groom have if marriage is stopped bride is affected
    This saanjh is making over drama in shaadi mantap that she will marry arjun for society sake
    Really this saanjh and vandana should go to hell vandana is a real sauteli mom
    Disgusting saanjh and vandana
    Love u arya
    if i was maya i won’t spare this saanjh vandana and ashwin till now i would have killed them long back

    1. Hey mallu! I saw the same video and I’m confused about the part where saanjh brings Arjun back to the I don’t know if she brought him back to marry him and Maya or force him to marry her.. it’ll be pathetic if she tells him
      To marry her instead of Maya

      1. Super saiyan

        Hello stefan…
        She will bring arjun back for marrying maya and will give his hands in the hands of maya and yes tie the knots of both but by mistake three knots will get tied….
        But finaaly arya will be married nd saanjh will sing a song channa mereya…

  14. Angelk1

    Arjun will have to go through maya love lol. He deserve the crazyness to come. He has fallin to deep in maya love. Right now his all , i will do anything for you like an idiot, but once he actually lives with her he will come running to his mom for help.

    Maya has this urge to kill someone for the sake of her love. But she wont do it until someone actually pushes her to her limit like arjun. If arjun leaves her then she will not hold back. She already showed her urge to kill when she held the knife in yesterday eps, and also in the precap.

    Once more she was earsdropping on vandana an saanj conversation. Thats what. All the characters tend to do. But vandana should leave saanj alone, dont involve her in arjun mess. She cant move on like this.

    1. Angelk you’re the only neutral fan I’ve come across. Justifying everything for the love of your character is as Looney as you can imagine. Cursing vandana because she cares for arjun. She has seen Maya’s obsession from time to time. It is no small a thing. Ashwin says that Maya’s secret can imprison her for atleast 25 years. Just depression! Who are you kidding?
      P.S. I’m a Maya fan myself but not a blind one. I enjoy negativity in characters as well.

  15. Thank you Angelk1. You’re the only sensible person on this platform.
    Can she not mind her own business for once in her useless life?
    I don’t even feel pity for her anymore and her condition and I’m a Psychologist.

    1. She has to eavesdrop because people like saanjh and Vandana are plotting against her! Her own father is already driving her mad and now her future mother in law and that idiot saanjh are adding to the burden! Everyone in this serial is scheming against her so she has to eavesdrop to be a step ahead

      1. Can you hear yourself? So in other words, Saanjh can eavesdrop as well because Maya has been plotting against her and Arjun’s friendship as well?
        Stop with your double standards please. It’s disgusting yaar

    2. If saanjh and Vandana can have double standards than why not us?? Vandana was never happy with this marriage yet she puts on a fake smile to fool everyone she could have told her son instead of doing such drama. And when she drags Arjun away from the mandap what will she say? Besides being double standard is better than being a person who blindly believes in a piece of paper and the saying of some pandit! Everyone sees the wrongs maya is doing but why do you ignore what Vandana and saanjh are doing? They’re not saints they’re equally bad

    3. Why can’t vandana mind her own business?! Her son is getting married he’s old enough to take his own decisions! She’s being this paranoid over protective mother who will lose her son again. What about the time when saanjh eavesdropped on Arjun and Maya in the office? When Vandana eavesdropped on Arjun and Maya in the mehendi? That’s ok according to you na because they’re “protecting” Arjun..I feel pity for Maya not because I’m a Maya lover but because she deserves much better than this thankfully arjun loves her unconditionally

    4. Roby wolverine

      You’re a psychologist…? and yet you don’t feel pity for her…? Wow… How could you not feel pity for an abused child…? Not everyone can born with the so called normal conditions… Every mental disorder person should be treated with care and understanding… And yet you call yourself a physcologist..

      1. maya went there,It will reveal on Monday episode..okay wait are asking about next episode before air’s nice to see ur excitement.have patience.

  16. Is Jennifer Winget born in Africa ? She has a back tattoo “Hakuna Matata” means no problem , it’s Swahili language from East Africa

    1. No, she’s Indian that tattoo was done with Karan when she went on a holiday and celebrated his birthday in some place I don’t remember, but it was with Karan

  17. Please Maya lovers let her act don’t interfere to story to make it as ur wish…..this serial is something different don’t make it like same silly romance n all,some ppl here repeatedly posting comments like kill all of others(vandana,saanjh) etc …very disgusting, admin u should check them first before posting it,Indian youth r going mad for a silly serial what a pity…….shameful

  18. Jennifer Winget has “hakuna matata” tattoo at the back , is she from Africa , that’s Swahili word

    1. Hakuna matata is a popular phrase here,though it is a Swahili phrase. Thanks to the lion king. It doesn’t make Jennifer African

  19. Daisy double standards really man
    Saanjh cannot be even compared to maya it would be disgrace for maya so in similar situation things r more different inthem than heaven and hell so their is nothing of double standards because we maya supporters cannot even consider saanjh any standards


  20. Hey Mallu i also saw video but i didnot saw saanjh telling arjun to marry her. She is shame less how can she tell her best friend to marry her if his wedding is with someone else. This girl no maya should kill her i would really happy


    Remya plzz dont fell pity for us!!!!!!
    Its just a serial we all know and we just comment here to express ur wish our view and ur felling we a r republic and we have certain rights

    Fell pity for saanjh because what maya is going to do to her will be destructive




    1. you know some people only come to fought with us to read our comments..its very feeling very pitty on haha ??? they are really mad to follow us.??? ha haha

  22. Maya has too much hair colour in her hair , I don’t like Maya now , she was much better dressed and makeup too , when she was wearing only white , after starting to wear coloured clothes , I don’t like her hair style or her make up, plus she has bags under her eyes which she can’t cover even with make up


  24. The best scene by far.Such passion.Real hardcore.

  25. Ayesha22

    i think the only reason behind saanjh’s pain is vandana.y cant she just let them (ArYa) be in peace and let saanjh move on?why is she always after saanjh dragging her between arjun and maya.let her move on woman,arjun is not a toddler whom you have to take care by roaming after him all the time and maya will not eat him she loves him try to understand that,yeah u promised his parents to take care of him but now he is quite sensible and mature so he can take care of him and u cannot change whatever is there in his will come to him at any cost whether pain or happiness,success or failure.he cannot run from his stop being nosy all the time.

    1. Right Ayesha,and you know all serials couple faced so many problems,and still facing lot,but in that serials they didn’t mentioned fate or horoscope pandith,but here in this serial cvs mentioned this ArYa couple will face problems,means Arjun will face it more because of love, like same another serials ishqbaaz anika,jaana Na dil se door atharv,they went near death for love.matter is same but direction&screen play is different,i mean problem’s will come who ever can’t run away from their fate.

    2. AmCee

      Vandana is the worst person right now. Even Saanjh’s parents have accepted ArYa love. She is acting as a real step mother now. Before Saanjh used to nag Arjun now this Vandana. Horrible character.

      1. Shalinisenthil

        U r right amcee

  26. Gud every one has different views some says maya is villain, some has problem with vandana and saanjh, even some say that saanjh is the main villain and even sje killed pandit ji, well end of the day writers will decide the end of the story and one thing is clear in this serial Maya is the heroine as well as villain. Beyhadh is all about Maya, only she has the lead character. Arjun, saanjh, vandana, ashwin, jhanvi and others just are in supporting characters for Maya. Hope all will enjoy the serial.

  27. Loveyoujenny


  28. indira chatterjee

    behad justified with all charaters like Saanjh innocent loving real love for Arjun and also Vandana, she is step mother but always want to save Arjun like real mother.At last Janhavi who is the actress? I don’t know but she is beautiful and gorgeous. After a long time Sony give us suspense thriller.

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