Beyhadh 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Update

Beyhadh 3rd April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maya gets very happy reading a romantic card and thinking Arjun kep it. She praises that Arjun remembers every small needs of her. Door knocks. She says come in and opens door. She finds gold fish bowl and happily gets it in and thinks both gold fishes are partners for life and one gets away, another dies. This is Arjun’s most previous gift. Arjun in his cabin sees Saanjh, reminsces Maya’s words that he is leaving her as Saanjh came back, and shouts what is she doing here and should get out right away. Maya continues thinking how can Arjun love her so much. Samay enters and if she liked his gifts Maya Mehrotra. Maya drops fish bowl in a shock. Samay picks fishes and drops them in water mug. He says he told her that her Samy will return before samay/time lapses, her Samay has returned now.

He hugs her and says I missed you much, I love you so much, even now 8 year old attraction is still alive, he hopes she liked his gifts. She pushes him and asks to go from there.

Saanjh asks Arjun if he wants her to leave him in pain and says she saw his pain in pub. He says Maya does not like him to be with her again. Samay asks Maya why she cares for a husband who does not care about her. She pushes him and warns to leave. He pleads to meet him once and kneels down. She says fine go now, before I change my decision. He says he will be waiting for her call and leaves smiling. Maya says past’s mistakes cannot break today’s dreams. She drops fishes on floor and says whoever comes in between her and Arjun will suffer like this.

Saanjh confronts Arjun if he is only Maya’s husband, nothing else. She gives him gift and says she brought it from London for him thinking in 3 years everything will change. She congratulates him for becoming father and asks not to just be Maya’s husband. She extends hand. He throws her gift and asks to get out, he does not have time for her speech. He sits on chair and thinks he does not want Maya to see them and harm her, he will not tolerate that. Saanjh picks gift and sees her drawing on a crimpled paper and leaves. Arjun murmurs a whole world changed in 3 years, hope can change his world. He turns and panics seeing Maya, asks what happened. She asks what happened to him, she is having headache and will go home early. He sees Saanjh talking to peon and stops Maya saying he will massage her head and presses legs instead. She asks what is wrong. He kisses her forehead repeatedly and says this is unique way. She if she knew he would get romantic in office, she would come daily. He sees Saanjh leaving and says massage finished, go home now. Maya asks what happened suddenly and leaves. Arjun apologizes Saanjh and says he had to do this to safeguard her.

Saanjh goes out and hugs Samay. Samay asks if she spoke to Arjun. Saanjh says Arjun did not, but he looks very distressed. Samay says it is an attempt to save one self, once mask is out, she will get back her friend and he will get back his love, looking at Maya’s photo in his mobile.

Arjun stands outside Saanjh’s apartment buidling and feels guilty for being rude with her. He thinks whole world changed, but she did not, even now she can read her duffer’s eyes, why did she leave hi, she cannot return though as he will not let in the dirt he is in. Maya spoilt his life, but he will not let her spoil Saanjh’s life. Sanjh senses Arjun’s presence, gets up and peeps from her window and sees his car. Arjun this once upon a time, he had love in one hand and friendship in another, but today both his hands are empty. Saanjh comes and holds his hand.

Maya lets Samay tortured by police on allegation of theft. She says he is punished for theft and he will not reach till betrayal punishment. Samay says he loves her a lot. Maya says only her love can be beyhadh and signals inspector to torture him more.

Precap: Samay meets Maya. She pushes him in dickie and speeds car. He falls from dickie. She points gun on him.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Roby wolverine

    That’s my Maya…. That’s her love…. Beyhadh love… And Arjun that’s called loyalty and hell Arjun don’t even know what it means to remain loyal…

    He’s a husband of someone and he didn’t even had a flashback that Saanjh is the one who was accidentally or not reason for his child’s abortion..

    And Saanjh didn’t even think about the humiliation she went through and the lack of trust from Arjun.. And if Arjun wants to be with Saanjh then he should at lest end it with Maya like a man.. Couldn’t even figure out his own feelings…

    The standing out of the house is… Ugh… If Maya did that then it’s stalking and obsession and now Arjun is doing that….

    If he remained in his limits of friendship he wouldn’t have to fear Maya doing something to Saanjh… Couldn’t keep it to friendship and now whining about it…

    And Samaay… Uff… What to do i like this character.. What to do..? Well… I think i have a liking to negative characters…

    And Maya… Love you Maya… No matter what even if your character turned it into a murderer or something… Love Maya… Always…

    1. Arjun can’t be loyal to any relationship if it comes to his freedom&wish.whoever restricted him,he likes to run away from’s his habit.and I too like samay character.

      1. Roby wolverine

        You’re right Ks… This Arjun is a disgusting person… He hurts Maya and abuses her, humiliates in public then he wants Saanjh to be safe from Maya… if he’s doing nothing wrong and stay in his limits then why hide..? Such a two timer… He disgusts me… He blames Maya for everything as if Maya was the sole reason he got separated from his family… He didn’t trust them nor did he valued his family… Three years he stayed away from them.. even if he stayed away from them in delusion Maya may do something to them, he should at least kept tabs on them and on how they were doing.. he should have known at least his family and friends are fine… He acts as if he misses and loves his family and Saanjh after seeing them… He’s a character who don’t know what he wants… Ugh… His character is getting on my nerves now a days… I just switch channel whenever i see him

      2. MAYA +ARYA FOREVER :)

        Agreed ks.
        Maya understood him better than any other, she immediately saw that fault of his and that’s what helped her to in turn help him reunite his family.
        She understands him a lot, but recently through his hate she has lost perspective about his emotions, feeling that he loves her even when he doesn’t its depressing tbh seeing her loyalty and dedication to a man who never cared that extensively for her in the first place, she deserves so much better.
        Samay was an interesting entry. Love how he put the fish back in the water, symbolises that Arya’s relation would not fall, but them when she poured the water out, I dread that its showing that time will destroy their relation, or that removing samay will remove Arya, which I hate the thought of.

        Hopefully neither is the case, that instead it shows that there are still challenges ahead, but that Arya’s love will survive the test of time.

        Love maya always 🙂

      3. Who doesnt wish for freedom my dear ks??? If someone takes charge of my life and decides what i should do and whom i should talk to then i will suffocate!! Human beings are independent Arjun is correct! He s suffocating sich a life where u have all money but no life.. he’s regretting it and he deserves another chance which he ll soon get. As per spoilers he ll reconcile wid his family away from his physcho wife.. m too happy

    2. I just hope that all maya lovers get their partners like her then i ll ask how foes it feel.. idiots obsession is not good it chokes u.. i have been through this ininow how it feels. I love jenny and her acting but would never want my partner to be like her.

      1. The Dark Hunter

        Actually I do know.
        I had a friend who also had a girl who loved him more than life, basically giving up her identity and indulging herself in his everything, all his preferences all his habits and desires became hers too. Eventually he got bored and started flirting with other girls, eventually even having an affair, which hurt his wife really deeply. She didn’t have an extensive fear of loss or mental insecurity or childhood abuse like maya, but she too experience pain of betrayal that caused her to go down a depressive route.
        Yet after she found out the truth. My friend then one day after a few drinks said that he regretted but also didn’t regret his decision; that he could not ask for a better wife and lover ever, but that it was still a lot for him to handle, though he also mentioned that such a person is 1 Iapn a million and you shouldn’t let her go, instead make her understand through whatever means that you have to be inter-dependent but more importantly independent to make a relation survive.

        Hearing all this it may seem difficult like you said yes to maintain such a relation, but if I saw this I would try to do my duties as a husband even I fell out of love with her, to help her understand as if I was her life she would listen to no-one but me, and so I alone would be the cause of her obsession but potentially also the solution.

        Therefore I can understand Maya’s character, both through my friends stress in marriage but also regret of betraying her, but also her pain of betrayal and loss, which she has now moved on from she spoke to me recently, but she still finds it difficult.

        Maya deserves another chance, and especially a mature person to give her care and friendship if not love, helping her understand her faults and also to help her ease off and give him space, and also help her fight her insecurities, in which Arjun could do just that by staying in his limits and trying to help maya even if he loves her no more, not blatantly run away and say that he cannot do anything that is cowardly, she deserves love, and as he is her love he is the only one who can in turn help her, providing he gets the courage to rise to the challenge and help his wife when she needs him most.

        Love maya always, but I understand your concern Meena thanks for your post, but please refrain from insulting Maya fans, they have the right to love maya and support her, and in many cases she is justifiable in her actions right or wrong irrelevant, she is only as bad as the world has made her to be to survive, and so her ‘Evilness’ can only be judged through comparison to the misdeeds and evils of others.
        Please don not insult people, its unhealthy and will create unnecessary backlash.

        Many thanks and love maya always 🙂 ❤?❤?❤?

      2. Roby Wolverine

        See.. Getting personal again… Why don’t you people comment something that doesn’t have to be an insult or getting personal… Just because I like a negative character that doesn’t give you a right to call people like us idiots and curse us.. Honestly I am sorry your relationship didn’t work out but that doesn’t mean every relationship like yours will fail… Maybe I like obsessive characters.. So what…? Its my emotions and feelings.. Stop being judgmental and leave us alone.. As you have your own set of opinions, we too have our own opinions… I guess people don’t understand the word and meaning of polite in this forum… To put it simply.. Thank you for cursing (more like blessing) us to have a partner like Maya.. I will love to have a partner like that.. As an abused child myself, I can understand her pain, mental illness.. And last but not least I too know how to be rude and speak personally about people but I chose not to and remain polite… I guess that’s the different between some of us and people like you…

      3. You right my friend

      4. Roby Thats the reason of rapes and acid attacks u guys will justify that also if your maya baby does that!! Hahaha crazy it is. “I like ibssessive character” and if u get a partner so obssessive thats a “curse” ucouldnt justify ur own statement!!!! Anyways m done with u ????

      5. Ashinipatel3

        And I hope you Saanjh lovers get partners that has clingy friend like Saanjh who is 24/7 glued to your partners and never give you space in your husband’s life. Agreed Obsession is not good but too much mahanta is also out of this world. Nobody in this world is perfect we have all flaws. And yes before Maya calling psycho or Saanjh as pure soul just look up the definiton of that word. It is an insult for people who actually sacrifice their lives for their loved ones unlike Saanjh who is just showing fake love and prove her worth. Saanjh has never respected her own parents what can we expect her to respect the world. At least Maya has love for her mother who has never fulfilled her duties and lastly nobody is white washed in this show all of them have selfish flaws somewhere deep down.

      6. Jennifer + beyhadh fan

        M totally agree vth u meena.. comment here first tym, bt i used to read every comment..
        N ha..if ppl r less commenting who love sanjh character tht doesn’t mean, nly few ppl r lyk her character.y whole famifamily n every frnd lyk her character, bt v dont comment,
        N maya lovers, bcoz of beyhadh, I strt loving jenny acting so much..m becoming big fan of hers..nly she can portrait maya character lyk dis..its nt easy task to express all emotions so amazingly. .I lv Jennifer. .

        But,v shouldn’t love character of maya, agreed..she was abused in child hood, but it doesn’t meann u cn harm n controll people lyk dis..
        Jst v should think..v don’t like, if r parents want to put some jenuine restrictions or ask..sometym where we were? Or not to go somewhere etc..
        Then how can u tolerate if ur wife contr u n dont let go anywhere vthout her n put cctv ecerywhere? Frnz..its really yuck feeling…n u all r blame on arjun tht he is too freebird..but aren’t v all r lyk him? V all need some place. .n u all forgotten that maya hasn’t put cctv after arjun felt for sanj, she has already kept watching him from starting. .tht ofc scene ..see via cctv tht arjun has gone to meet sanj, even they wen for bringing locket for new comin baby, she felt jealous. .isnt it the height? Peole r taking divorce nly.for not good understanding..thn this is d height…if u all r thinking tht u cn live vth ppl lyk maya, thn remember r comment whn u feel lyk arjun? skepticism n obession nly destroy relationship. .true love is not to controll one, it is give all happiness n best understanding n trust..
        N y r u forget tht how much arjun cared maya..n went against all for her, filled her lyf vth colors. .once, he truely loved bcoz of maya madness n may be he knew about each strategy maya had played, he strted hating her
        N there is nthinr wrong If he has friend lyk sanj, v r living in a 21 century, I think v all have bestfrnd of opposite gender,n nowadays even after mrj, frnse can maintain vth r bestfrnd. .there is bt obvious frnd Is at frnd place, lyf partner at lyfpartner place..n nw arjun has strted feeling for sanj, nly bcoz nw he has understood diff between maya n dusky….
        Agreed maya has not forced him to leave his family, bt wasnt she play game bcoz of which even neighbors. .ayan n sanj at once were on her side..thn hw arjun can escap? Who loved maya so much at tht tym, if at tht tym he didn’t support maya, thn also u blamed him….

        N even it might be happened tht sanj proposed arjun first, n may be he accepted as well…bt it was maya…who came between all tym n manipulated all d things n nevr gave chance to her..

        N if we talk about vandana’s bad behavior or sanj interfering, thn vandana behaved badly bcoz she knew all dis vll be happened & if u r nt agree vth this, thn also..every1 has problem in lyf..v need to struggle for this
        N wasn’t it maya nly, who begged sanj to save arjun whn police arrested him n het mother? Tht tym she can interfer n saved now if she wants to heal arjun’s pain, reduces his stress..thn its betrayed? Wht a funny u all think yar..aren’t v go after mrj to r bestfrnd to share r problem?
        N every1 has problem or ppl r may be talked something bad abt u…bt is it right thn to kill them? As maya killed priest n may be vikram? Wht was d fault of priest? R u ready to kill any1 for this reason?

        sanjh nly try to know abt arjun sadness, want to heal him n reunite vth his family n nthin bad in this? Sanjh is d nly 1 ..who happily made maya her friend eventhough he loved arjun…n u forgot tht maya invuted sanjh in her house & hw she scared her n asked arjun’s fav food? N made ger waiting for a long tym in her office? Wht was her fault at tht tym?if sanjh will do this..u all vll about to kill her..haha
        Sanjh has pure heart..believe me in real lyf..u nly vll ready to marry vth a girl lyk her..nly beauty doesn’t mean everything. .may be u all r go gaga over maya right now, bt If u have a lyfpartner lyk her, u vll surely bag death as arjun bags

        N ha..arjun has nvr gone behind her money may be, bcoz if it is, thn he surely said yes whn maya proposed him in air balloon n bt taken this much tym..n nw he hasn’t used mata’s money..he wants to leave.., but maya hasn’t allowed him, hw can u forget he asked for poison n went in truck to get rid from she went even there n took him back..vll u happy? If ur wife gifts u locket vth microphone? How much he scared tht maya surely won’t leave sanjh, nly bcoz he knew her, o/w he never assumed lyk dis

        Agree..maya nly love arjun , but it is height of obession, where noone can live happily, she destroys her relationship herself

        Lastly, I jst want to say tht its tv I told, I become biggest fan of jenny..m searching each n everything about her..I really love her, want to meet her, I read every interview of her n I lyk her nature n thoughts so much, she only told on her breakup vth karan tht nthinhlg has bothered her, every1 has some faults, she moved on..n thts y ppl love her n have sympathy for her , if she did same thing in real lyf?
        U cn lv actor n her acting, bt can’t lv her character lyk dis blindly..
        I actually want to salute n wish tht she will get awards for beyhadh, bcoz only she can make ppl lv even her all wrong acts..if some1 else play maya, thn surely cant get love for her character

      7. This is too much. Please be objective with your comments and please don’t make subjective comments.

      8. Only saying the truth

        Hey Meena , tbh I wouldn’t mind my husband watching over me 24/7 even when I’m having a ??? !!! coz I’ve got nothing to hide n my intentions r pure only those who have something to hide will get agitated by being watched by someone !!! n Arjun has a lot that he would want to hide from Maya baby !!

    3. Roby Thats the reason of rapes and acid attacks u guys will justify that also if your maya baby does that!! Hahaha crazy it is. “I like ibssessive character” and if u get a partner so obssessive thats a “curse” ucouldnt justify ur own statement!!!! Anyways m done with u ????

      1. Oh meena I’m very happy to get maya in my life…? Maya will show every time right way to people.if they did wrong she will give suffocate to them obviously wit her punishment.and u and ur stupid arjun will die for freedom…there is no surprise,if you guys select run away from for freedom to give pain to family &life partner.just get lost free bird meena..enjoy ur life,whoever not stopping u.,have sense.don’t be live in fiction character much…??

      2. Haha I am a woman, how can I get Maya in my life!!! On a serious note your comments are really unacceptable.

      3. Only saying the truth

        No Sweety don’t agree with u at awl !!! and to get a lover like Maya is a blessing not a curse !!!

  2. Maya Kam thi kya iss samay Ko laya show mein. Maya baby ki psycho boyfriend.
    Lekin lagta hain Arjun aur saanjh end game hai

  3. Angelk1

    Wow, so samaya was tortured for theft wow. And maya says only her love can be obsessive not his interesting. So samaya was a love sick puppy, so what the hell happen to the past to cause this. Maybe maya was his first love because it doesnt seem like he was her first.

    Just like saanj, samYa cant forget maya. Its hard to let go of first love. Poor thing, at leAst arjun knows maya true nature and is trying to protect whats important to him.

    I hope samYa helps him.

  4. Nice episode…loved to see samay madness finally someone came who can give collision maya in her madness…,present want to see more only samaya scenes&their past scenes.? u Maya ?


    1. Ya that was nice knew,Arjun still seeing saanjh as best friend.


      Love the enthusiasm and passion of your love for Maya and Arya my friend!!!
      Agree with you 10000000000%

    3. You are right.

  6. I don’t think Samay will give up easily. He’ll go to any extent to have Maya. Also I red in future episodes Arjun will reconcile with his family and will promise Vandana that he’ll never return to Maya

    1. Right now I really hope that happens! Arjun can go to hell now he never deserved Maya nor will he ever. Samay is better..if Arjun is patching up with his family then he’ll also go running back into saanjh’s arms..both are disgusting two timers let them be with each other and Samaya together


    This track is getting darker and more hurtful to maya by the day.

    Arjun in seeing saanjh’s pain forgets maya, her pain and everything she does and has done for him, instead going back to saanjh. He is more mature though, not letting feelings cloud his judgement and avoiding the confrontation in the office for maya’s and their sake i respected that.
    Samay seems to have betrayed maya in love. My love and sadness for her have increased after knowing this, that she had found love once but like everyone else he abandoned her. No wonder she is so scared of losing Arjun, she loves him evidently more than she ever did samay and is so caring and protective of him even when Arjun has lost his love for her, she cannot bear the pain of loss again, nor the entry of her past that she has lamented so many times will continue to destroy her future and her dreams, poor maya ?

    I’m really disliking this track. After Arjun gets his family back, they’ll most likely all gang up on Maya, VM probably even going to arrange saajun’s wedding despite arjun still being married to Maya I would not be surprised at all by the audacity of that women. She beat maya left and right when she wanted to change, be loved and have a happy family, and now that maya is down at her lowest VM will continue to preach all about her evilness and ‘truth’ that is actually the person they all created through their hatred and misjudgement, but this time even Arjun will agree with her! ??

    Samay better be at least a friend to maya if maya rejects him, so that at least she has someone who loves her and will help her through these dark times, she is suffering everyday by being loyal, loving someone unconditionally who in turn hates her, but Arjun thinks he’s the only one suffering how hypocritical and naive!

    Maya doesn’t deserve any of this. She has only got pain all her life and even the one source of her peace and happiness has been turned against her now, why are the CVs wanting to make her life as cruel as possible, she better get a due reward in the end for her sacrifices and suffering.

    She is so loyal to an uncaring husband, whilst saanjh is disloyal even to one who she thinks loves her (yes samay doesnt love her but she doesn’t know that). There is only selfishness and obsession when I see this, that saanjh is still after Arjun’s love and the sharma’s still want saajun despite him being married. From the day maya first entered his house, VM made it clear she will never accept anyone else but saanjh, and she stayed true to her word even wanting to make Arjun change his mind when he himself chose Maya and Maya showed no behaviour to even doubt her aside breaking a glass and eating chillies, VM is selfish in her own twisted motherly way as well. I hope Ayan becomes the mature one who supports maya, he supported her in the past when all were against her, he supported her even more than Arjun! And he was the main person she regretted being responsible for separating, even if it was due to VM and her superstitious beliefs. It’s ironic that through fear of such superstitions VM made them come true through her hatred of Maya. I hate that Arjun blames maya for everything, she gave Bhaang and hurt her hand deliberately, but that’s not comparable to what the response of such actions were against her, and he was the one who ended everything, and now he says maya spoiled his life? Understandable but extremely immature and unfair. He obviously forgets everything maya has has done and still does for him, he has forgotten the love in her eyes, her passion and devotion, her willingness to change, to love colours and life, to become a perfect wife and bahu, her willingness to take the blame for ashwin’s murder for him, the conference to clear his name etc. her possessiveness may shine through at times, but her selfless love on many occasions outweigh this, though the world through seeing her past assume her to be evil no matter what she tries to do to redeem herself, its horrible.

    One positive thing from today- Maya’s phase 1 avatar seems to be returning! The police scene and the promo of Jennifer in such amazing dress and with such intensity! The dress from the first office scene onwards is so much more complimenting the strength and intensity of her character I’m glad they are bringing that wardrobe and character traits back.

    More so however, I love her tenacity, her loyalty and most of all the strength of her love, which despite all these problems and a previous love entry, she refuses to even think away from Arjun and I admire that greatly, and her dialogue of Samay’s betrayal says it all! Maya isn’t evil, the world has forced her to become this way, and they better appreciate her, especially Arjun. Never will he ever have a girl who loves him this much, and never will he get as good a girl as her again, no matter how he may feel about what she is doing now, she is many-a-time justified in her actions, and hopefully by spending time away from her or seeing Samaya he begins understanding the value of her love, and feels guilty or jealous eventually that will make my day! It better be that phase 3 maya breaks off from him on her own terms like she did samay, becoming cold and never allowing love to touch her again. Arjun becomes guilty and its about him trying to break the walls around her heart once again. They seem to be showing time reversing somewhat, lets see whether they can show that again, of Arjun being a stranger to maya but through his care and hopefully love she learns to trust and love again, and that Arya is the endgame, which it better be after all their beautiful passionate scenes and the fact the show revolves around their love story, it started with Arya, it better end with it too!

    Love maya now and always, will always hope and pray for a happy ending for her. I wish for the roads of light and betterment, not the tracks of her tears, she deserves all the love in the world, and Arjun better understand this, or she leaves him and finds true love and happiness if Arya isn’t the endgame, which would be sad 🙁

    Either way love u maya 🙂 ❤❤

    1. Excellent comments MAYA + ARYA FOREVER :). I just want to say that Arjun is not a bad person. It’s just that he is immature and the main reason is than VM and Saanjh never let him grow by their over possessiveness. Yes Saanjh is also very much obsessed with Arjun. May be we will know about the reasons for his behaviour in the future episodes. Maya truly loves Arjun but her past has made her love become obsessive. And I think Samay is one of the reasons along with Ashwin of course. So she is very much afraid to lose Arjun. Contrary to what so many are liking Maya and Samay as a couple and about to forget, I will always root for ArYa. CVs need to show commitment in love and so they need to have a happy ending with ArYa together. Love you Maya and ArYa.

    2. Beautifully explained?? arjun is naive and immature.. just hope he got to knw the betrayal maya faced in hands of samay… may be then he will understand why maya is so possessive for him… she got a very few people in her lyf who loved her, cared for her… its human tendency to embrace those people and never let them go… especially when you went through sooo much…my heart goes for maya????? love u maya… be strong ???

  8. anyone plz tell me repeat telecast timing…i missed it today?

  9. Intensity of their love
    ARJUN +SAANJH = 00%
    MAYA +SAMAY = 60%
    MAYA+ARJUN = 100%

    Atleast samay looks a little betyer with saanjh then arjun and and saanjh looks horrible together

    And why man if u feel sooo much for ur sooo called bestee for whom u care soooo much that to save her life u want to stay away from her then why the blo*dy u r doing this to maya
    she just wanted love nd endless bafaaa from u and u r giving her dhoka for being a part of fasion n the city.

    Seriously after seeing this serial i have lost trust on the word friend because according to this serial bachpan k friend means someone who try to kiss u even after knowing u r married play un healthy holy in front of his wife n do what ever u want to do in the name of friend.

    I fear they will one day……… name of friend
    Saanjh haters n arya lovers and maya lovers u know what i meant!!!!

    Gyes seriously if saanjh is the end game this will be the terriblest ending serials i have ever watched in my life!!!!!!!!

    1. The Dark Hunter

      Agreed. Despite samaya being interesting, Arya has blown us away time and time again regardless of KT and comparatively so-so acting, Jenny more than compensates in creating some seriously amazing scenes. So many beautiful Arya scenes has made me love Arya TOO much.
      Unless similar passionate scenes are shown between maya and samay, and their relation exists for a similar time, I cannot envision any other couple but Arya unless that happens I’m sorry guys.

      Arya all the way never saajun i hate that couple. maya has every right to be angry if Arjun humiliates and destroys her love to this extent everyone has left her or hurt her they better start showing her getting happiness and acceptance from the world soon else I will never forgive this show and its CVs thriller or not she deserves a chance to be loved despite everything.

      Love maya ❤?

    2. So true hellsaanjh. Yes MAYA+ARJUN=100%. Kushal’s eyes are so expressive and attractive. I don’t think CVs will have an ending with Arjun and Saanjh. The show will not be memorable then. ArYa happy ending is the best.

  10. Seriously some people never change! This saanjh is still pinning after a married man..and to all the saanjh lovers please she is not doing it for friendship or to “save” her friend! If maya is evil cunning and manipulative is saanjh any different?? God this is the 2nd guy she’s playing the 1st was that poor Jeetu and now Samay can’t this woman be faithful to anyone in her life?! Thankfully Samay is not a blind idiot I think he’s trying to get saajun together so that he can have maya..anyways awesome episode!! Great casting Piyush is the only actor in this show who can match Jennifer’s performance it’ll be a delight watching them obsess over each other❤️ I really wanna know what happened between those 2, Maya was downright horrified at seeing him…also in her flashback he says maya don’t leave me..I wonder what happened. Samay is a gentleman and loves Maya deeply as much as she loves Arjun..duffer is duffer let him be Maya you have a much better man waiting for you who will be completely devoted to you. Love you Maya❤️ Samaya❤️

    1. The Dark Hunter

      Unfortunately I don’t think she ever will.
      Selflessness and obsession have been blurred all too often with both women, and yet the entire story plot revolves around them being separate entities?!
      Maya has been extremely selfless many a times, whereas saanjh has been selfish many a time as well. Therefore perspectives of obsession and selflessness should not rest with Maya and Saanjh alone respectively, as that maligns Maya’s character and makes all good things she does conceptualised as just a part of her bigger evil plan, and in turn justifies everything saanjh does as good and pure of heart, which it isn’t.

      They better start turning maya around, her khudoos avatar seems to be returning which is great, but I want Arjun after being away from her to realise her love and loyalty and miss her. Moreover, i want phase 3 to be that Arjun has left maya and now regrets leaving her and pines to win her back and that maya rejects his love due to enough delusions and betrayal, maybe even having a fling with samay much to Arjun’s jealousy/chagrin.

      I hope like many though in the end that Arya are endgame, as they are the life, face and soul of beyhadh’s love story, but most of all maya better be happy in the end regardless.

      Love maya ❤?❤

      1. I like this comment TDH

      2. The Dark Hunter

        Thank you for your support Amcee 🙂


        Agree TDH great post!

  11. I fail to understand whats wrong wid ppl. Someone getting obssessed wid u is the worst feeling ever n i have been through it. Its a yuck feeling!!!!! All the chaacters are doing grt esp jenny m a grtt fan of her acting.. but still i cant say i love maya.. cus an obssessive love snatches every hapiness from ur life and the person wants you at aby cost!! The one who tolerates can only understand.. love sets u free doesnt cage u.. no one should actually get a partner like maya. N the one who doesnt believe me i would hope u guys get an obssessive lover then u ll understand wot i mean to say..

    1. Meena..No need to understand..just enjoy ur life.Maya fans always ready and happy to get life partner like maya..Maya is good for good people and bad for bad people.u guys will scary to see maya when u did wrong….i love you Maya always ??

    2. JennyD

      I second with you Meena. Someone highly obsessed with you doesn’t give you a good vibe. Though Jennifer’s acting is great, but the character is something really out of the world.

      1. Jennifer + beyhadh fan

        Tht I also actually want to say..

    3. Ravi prakash

      Miss meena u r a matured person in this form i ever saw but on the other day i wanted to put comments in this forum in twitter to smriti irani . Because the main intention of this show is to show how dangerous it is over obsessive complex which is a psychological problem. I don’t know how old these plp are and their experience in life i am a person married with child i am supporting you. And i am saying all who are supporting jenefir plz check whether ur supporting her acting skills or tht character because if jenefir listens to these comments she wil never like this as she herself is a single mother. Plz use sense. Even the makers will also think twice before making such shows. Because is a very powerful media and its ok if we don’t teach good but if our message is going in wrong then they will also check

  12. Saanjh still does not want to get her love back rather she wants to get his childhood friend back. This is how true friendship work. Two friends love each other and want to protect each other from evil. In today’s episode also Maya showed that she does not know the value of love. She will treat the Arjun same as she treated Samay if Arjun starts to love her Beyhadh. She will not let Arjun and Saanjh live happily even if Arjun starts loving her back again. First, she needs treatment and then happiness.

    1. *her childhood

    2. Lolee know nothing about samay and why they broke up, so don’t just assumed Maya would do that to Arjun. She loves him so much. He is a god in her eyes. I don’t now why y’all are looking at Maya as the bad guy. Actually, she has mental illness and she has never once hurt Arjun. All she did was love him and all Arjun did was hate her and hurt her. You think Maya is evil? What did she do beside try and repair a broken relationship? What did she do beside love Arjun? She is not an evil person. You all saajun fans are blinded by your hatred for maya that you can’t even see who is at fault. Listen, Arjun isnt a great husband. He never understood Maya and he never would. He is unloyal and a liar. He doesn’t know what he wants in life. And do you know why I don’t like saanjh and why you can’t accept our reasons? She doesn’t know when to butt out out of people’s business. She doesn’t know her limits. What she needed to realise from the moment Arjun got married was that their friendship couldn’t be the same at all. He was a married man and she should know her limits. She never did. Shes always calling him out at an ungodly hour, seending him messages and making him lie to Maya. She didn’t let Maya applied colours on him first. And now, she’s interfering in their marriage which is none of her business. No one, absolutely no one and not even you saajun fans would want any of your partner’s friends butting in your marriage affairs. You can’t be blinded by your love for Saanjh. What she is doing isn’t right. Even if Arjun is stupid enough to, she should try and stay away from him. But she can’t. You are all calling Maya obsessive but in reality so is Saanjh. She was obsessed with Arjun. She wanted to come trio what he does. Before the marriage thing, she always got angry at him for being with Maya or doing something with her as if Arjun doesn’t have the right to talk to any girl but her. She was always fighting with him about Maya. Even if her obsession wasn’t extreme, she was still obsessed and controlling.

      You think Maya is evil? Tell me what evil thing she had done beside try and be happy. Wouldn’t you all try and do whatever it takes to be happy? Evil isn’t born, it’s made and Ashwin and her past ruined her to the point that you’re all calling her evil and crazy. She’s just someone who needs love and care and she isn’t getting any from her husband. Saanjh needs to stay away from them and focus on her life. But no, she’s more interested in Arjuns life. I don’t care if he’s her best friend, you never interfere in your friends life unless they asked. We all know went to cross and when to not cross in their lives.

      She thinks Arjun is sad and in pain. It’s oKay to feel bad for him. You let him talk to you about it, but you never try to find out what is wrong with him. If Arjun needed help, he would have asked her. But he didn’t. And she should not try and find out. It’s his business. Saanjh just needs to take a step back for goodness sake.

  13. Abdul rahman

    yar common maya is psycho I swear nobody can leave with her I hate her by only watching she destroy everything .. sanjh leave her childhood love for his happiness can maya do that? she separated him from his family and she is happy about that the man is on hell love means happiness … nobody of maya fans can tolerate someone like her for a single day

    1. Oh Arjun didn’t loved saanjh,then where saanjh left Arjun for his happiness.its big joke..we loves maya,we love to have her every day.? Maya will guide right way.people will scary to see Maya only who did wrong doings hiddenly like arjun.

    2. No abdul they all love maya , if she separate their family they all ok be with it , she can force her husband to be with her but if saanjh wants to help him then its very much wrong , they are all very mature they can tolerate psycho people but they cant tolerate normal people. So they are all very mature , hate off to you guys .

    3. No abdul they all love maya , if she separate their family they all ok be with it , she can force her husband to be with her but if saanjh wants to help him then its very much wrong , they are all very mature they can tolerate psycho people but they cant tolerate normal people. So they are all very mature , hate off to you guys .

    4. Hellpsychomaya

      No abdul they all love maya , if she separate their family they all ok be with it , she can force her husband to be with her but if saanjh wants to help him then its very much wrong , they are all very mature they can tolerate psycho people but they cant tolerate normal people. So they are all very mature , hate off to you guys .

      1. Oh really but im seeing normal doings in maya…my Maya loves to talk with saanjh.even she saved saanjh from fire..but saanjh Arjun crossed their friendship limits.for this maya did not raised her hand on saanjh but stupid saanjh raised her hand on Maya for separating Arjun from her.she slapped Maya wit colour with out think she is pregnant,she lost sense and holds tightly maya.and she pulled Maya towards down rashly.maya lost baby..don’t be teach us,how to watch serial,we Know who are behaving like normal.we r seeing more madness in normal people’s than Maya.

      2. O come on ks i know how you guys use the words so just stop pretending that you guys give respect to other chacters other than jenny . And one more thing leave it you want understand so let it be you won happy just be happy coz brother jenny not saanjh is not fine help you for your problems so just chill

  14. This episode was a lot different from the rest of post leap. Maybe it’s because they showed ghe old Maya I knew and loved. Makes me miss her so much. Thank god she’s on her way to becoming her old self. I hate Arjun. Why would he assumed Maya will hurt Saanjh? She knew he cared for saanjh a lot and she wouldn’t do anything that will upset him. Arjun should stop judging her already. He’s starting to piss me off. Why would he show his fake love to keep Saanjh safe? Making Maya think he cares for her isn’t right.

    Saanjh is so disgusting. Did she really make a plan with Samay to separate Arya? Have they forgotten Arjun and Maya are married. Can someone please tell her to stop interfering into married couple’s business? She has no pride or self respect. I can’t believe she’s still trying to put herself back into Arjuns life.

    I like Samay. I like him with Maya at the moment. I have lost the little love I felt for Arjun. RIP the old him who had loved Maya unconditionally. I want him to divorce her and bring back all her properties. Arjun was nothing before but Maya made him into someone. I can’t believe he would be so quick to forget about what she did to him.

    I miss Arya but I’m content with Samaya right now. I want someone who will love my Maya and show her the love she deserves. I want her happiness and Samay looks like he could be the one to give it to her.

    1. The Dark Hunter

      Yes I feel the cvs want to make every character as ambiguous in terms of their intentions aside maya, they’re making her extremely controversial but also almost transparent and justifiable, whereas everybody else is so unusual and unpredictable it’s so difficult to find goodness in any of it. However I still feel maya underneath everything is still that frightened little girl lost and craving love and happiness, but with a kill switch triggered by horrors of the past and resulting fears of the present that turns her from a loving, heartbroken girl to a vindictive psychopath. They need to redeem her somehow, soon or by the next phase she needs another chance, and within that time others better garner enough sympathy and care towards her that any good she tries to do does not create a brick wall in front of her, else it will be a perpetual cycle leading to her descent into nothingness, which will be doing severe injustice to her character and love.

      Lets hope for the best

      Love maya always ❤❤❤

  15. All the Maya fans busy building castles in the sky…. Maya breaks everyone she comes into contact with as she is poison she made Ashwin and Samay crazy and now Arjun is going to be a stalkery creep like her. Arjun just stay away from Saanjh

    1. I’m also seeing same, u r busy to building castle in the sky with ur cook up story on Maya.

    2. Only saying the truth

      Oh so according to u a child at a tender age is capable of making her father crazy ?? have u done that with your own father ?? have u witnessed it with your own eyes ?? no child is born evil !! N as for Samay your talking a bit to soon we don’t know what exactly hpnd btwn Maya n Samay … Grow up girl n get your facts straight !!!

  16. Shalini Senthil

    Nowadays in behyadh idiot arjun hurting my Maya baby a lot …..Maya love arjun so much ….love u Maya..always support maya

  17. hi guys im a silent reader i just wanted to say that
    i dont get why everybody is just like poor maya, arjun is so bad, dont you guys understand that maya has been recording his evry move evn when he goes to washroom, and she even does things that make him mad and she does all of them in public to make it look like hes abusing her when its kind if the opposite. i understand that she went through a lot in childhood but that doesnt mean you have to love somebody so much that that person will be suffocated by it. sorry i dont m mean to hurt anybodys feelings by this comment, its just my opinion of how i see the situation inthis show. then again please nobody get upset beacause this is just a show so dont take it seriously

  18. At this point, I don’t care if Arya is endgame or not. My Maya doesn’t deserve someone like Arjun. She deserves someone like Samay. It’s true what they say: be with someone who loves you than someone you love. Samay could make her happy. He could move the earth for her if she asked. I can’t wait to see them again.

  19. reshma begum

    Shut up don’t say anything about saanj she is pure only she can heal arjun . Samay luv to see u plz Sammy is perfect for maya .

  20. right meena.maya psycho but arjun free bird so he is feeling suffocat.want to get rid of her

  21. Ashinipatel3

    Maya’s obsession might be dangerous for everybody but before anybody she will end up hurting herself. Saanjh fans you can celebrate but mark my words even if your Saajun are end game they will too not have happy married life because they are incompatible for each other and setting up live on the pyre of somebody that can never have peace. I am surprised at Ayaan and Arjun’s choice (if Saajun happens). You guys said Vandana’s words are proved right about Maya but even our assumption of Vandana is somewhere right that she wants bahus whom she can control them which is of course that homewrecker and new comer will follow her footsteps of being dumb (not even aware of Ayaan’s flirts nature). And this is called double standards that Maya was not even thanked during Arjun and his mom’s fiasco but Saanjh will seated on crown for showing her stupid mahanta. Go to hell Dusky duffer in your Sharma and Mathur pagalkhana. Maya is better off without you Arjun go to your dusky and you will realize Maya’s worth

  22. HELLSAANJH (imp)

    Basicallly what i fell is this saanjh lovers (who r very few in numbers) bash maya supporters but frankly gyes its ok because we maya can bear to get bashed but we cannmot bear soneone bashing our beloved maya.

    And gyes gess what we get bashed for we have humanity in our selfs. We can feel mayas pain that is our fault its makes us cry when she cries thats our mistakes

    Frankly i will ready to make mistake amillion times when it comes to maya.

    And u gyes want us to hav a,maya charecter in our life eveni want her more desperately after seeing maya. I will surely love to heal a person who would love me so much atleast i am not a double faced two timer hypocrate goldrusher arjun. I will surely make sure i give her full love and care i have in myself

    And gyes lets be frank maya is not evil u gyes make her evil its for u gyes eyesightthat maya is spyco we can never saythat she can never be a spyco for us she is just very sensitive case who needs beyhadh love nd care its like u ppl and vandana and saanjh and ya arjun who potray her bad

    Congrats ur evilness that u find in maya we maya supporters can never do that we will always love her and care for her and will go any extent to support her!!!!!!!! JUST LIKE MAYAS LOVE FOR ARJUN IS LIMITLESS SO OUR FOR FOR MAYA ALSO LIMITLESS AND WE WILL NOT THINK TWICE TO GO BEYHADH FOR SUPPORTING MAYA .

    1. I just hate saanjh,she don’t had another life without arjun,she will not listen her parents talk also.cvs try to show her mahanta but every time failed.that’s why samay also did not loved her,poor saanjh.

  23. Anaika_18

    Loved the glimpse of old Maya. And how convenient is it for the man without a spine to put all the blame on Maya? Like, wasn’t he the guy who slapped her best friend whilst Maya was the one who saved her life from fire. Maya is a good soul who’s often misunderstood. Just because of her dark and colorless past, it isn’t eveneyone’s right to keep her far from happy. I’m glad that Samay has finally entered her life and hopefully he helps her to fix because unfortunately I can’t see Arjun doing that. He’s busy blaming Maya for every bad thing that has happened in his life. I hate him right now. I hate him so much. Why give false promises when she was strong and resilient? Why show her thr colors of life when you weren’t capable to enough to spend it with her? Maya deserves better than this!
    I just want Maya to kick that Arjun away and focus on herself.

    Arjun thinks that Maya is ruining him whilst he has already ruined her. Forced her to cling on false hopes and made her so delusional that she can’t even see any man beyond him. That’s true love.

    And I’ve to say Piyush is a brilliant actor and is almost matching Jenny’s brilliance. The way he acted in today’s episode showed his madness for Maya.

    I am sure the reason why Maya left him because she thought he betrayed him but maybe he hadn’t done that at all. I hope Maya forgets or at least tries to forget Arjun because clearly, he’s destroying her sanity and pushing her towards being a vindictive psychopath and being a Maya lover first, I only wish to see her happiness after so much tribulations.

    Maya forever and always. ❤❤


      Agreed Analka always love your comments

      They are making maya worse and worse by the day which is sickening to see how our beautiful maya is falling so far, especially with the go,dish killing that was a bit OTT. Hopefully they’ll show a turning point of Maya’s where she snaps out of this stupor and begins on a road to betterment or at least LESS craziness.

      Maya has done many things selfless for the Sharma family before even Arya existed, bailing Ayan, reuniting his family, being a friend in need when Arjun was at his lowest etc. not to mentions all the things she has done in the name of his love, inviting colours into her life, willingness to change herself for him (something that is very difficult to do) taking ashwin’s charges to save him, saving saanjh from fire etc. Where was the thanks, the respect for her for all these things? VM and company disliked the thought that saanjh didn’t help Arjun but maya did, as if no-one has rights to even interact or help Arjun aside saanjh. These examples among many others clearly show how most of the time whenever maya has tried to do good for herself and others it only backfires horribly for her. If I had a past and luck like hers, I would probably be just as mentally ill as her or worse, if no-one gave me respect and love even after i sacrifice so much or try to be good, I would lose faith or reason in even attempting to be good, and instead live through whatever means I have had to survive which in her case was control.
      yes she has done wrong, but she has also done good a LOT, but it was never accepted, but whenever the world hits her now she has the strength to hit them back with equal force which is admirable not sadistic or psychopathic.

      Arjun willingly broke his relations and that too seeing what VM was doing to maya even when she had no intention of separating them and was just trying to be good, but now he blames her for everything? Immature is a light response but granted due to his circumstances and suffocation he will feel like she is responsible, though equally he isn’t mature enough to ever see his own role in events; drinking, flirting and running off with other girls even in the presence of of your own wife will make her insecure and jealous, but maya is a step up as all who she has loved have either left her or hurt her, and as she loves Arjun beyhadh any of these feelings will be amplifies beyhadh accordingly, so no surprise she cages him, as otherwise he would never love for who she is, and thus would have left her as soon as he saw the real her, something that she cannot bear as otherwise she would be completely alone in the world and I couldn’t tolerate the thought of such an existence. Yes Arjun is hurting, but Maya is hurting as much if not more despite what we see from them, maya is just more adept at concealing her pain whereas Arjun is innocent, so his pain is very easily expressed.

      I hope only for the best for them both, that Arjun gets some freedom but doesn’t abuse his freedom to create problems like he did before he should try to understand Maya’s insecurity and thus act accordingly to better it, or get external help if need be to remedy it, not lie and befool her for his own gain that will only make her worse, she needs him more than ever so he should be with her to at least help her improve, she loves him, so he’s the only person who can help her.

      Maya deserves a good ending and a chance to heal, as well as hope that goodness actually gets merit in the end, thus making it worthwhile to be good, not just give her pain every time so she stops being good altogether. She needs love and happiness, she craves for it, by the end they better give her justice for all her crimes but also the worlds burden on her shoulders should be lifted and she should be accepted and loved, that is the only way she can begin the road to self-realisation and betterment, not by abandoning her or harping her that will only destroy her.

      Love maya forever and always ❤?❤?❤?


        HATING her. Sorry autocorrect is the pits ?

  24. Hi to all
    After watching so many episodes and reading many of comments and CVS.
    Today I write a comment
    Onething is clear.
    Maya, Arjun and saanch , justification of their character s is too tough but one thing is clearwhat we expect in serial that one not happen and story line and track is moving in always new and not judgemental way but Maya love is pure but Arjun saanch friend ship was in not a correct way ,in previous time may be they friends but once saanch proposal after Arjun behaviour towards saanch is very wrong before holi party . Saanch also cross friend ship limitation so many times why not. Behave with Ayan like a Arjun becoz more than a friend ship she live Arjun only.
    Both Arjun and sannch in mask of friendship. But Maya knows everything but marrey to Arjun was very wrong
    That’s why I said it too tough to judgement the show
    But all beyhadh fans wants happy ending of Maya and Arjun family life

  25. Maya’s love for Arjun is not limitless it is only her obsession. If Arjun loves her back again she will still have problems with it. She just wants him to be around her and keep him like a bird in prison cage. Also, she did not give Arjun the sophisticated life because she cares for Arjun’s happiness but just because she wanted to lure him towards her and keep him with her (She mentioned this earlier).

  26. Psycho Maya… Only Cares for own happiness. Instead of destroying other’s life she should go for counseling and treat herself.

  27. Ayesha22

    i am requesting all maya lovers to stop arguing with saanjh fans.they (saanjh fans) won’t ever understand maya no matter how hard we try because they have believed maya to be the bad guy and saanjh to be the mahaan aatma (that is what u call it in hindi “a pure soul” or a saint).the more we argue with them the more they will badmouth about maya which i just cannot tolerate being an obsessed maya i just request all my fellow my lovers just stop arguing with them and just continue to love maya for who she insecure,scared and hurt baby who needs immense love and care to heal the wounds she had been hiding since childhood.stop throwing stones into mud,it only makes you dirty.arguing with saanjh fans is just like throwing stones in save yourselves because they do not deserve even our clarifications n explanations because simply they will not understand it so stop wasting your energy guys and spend it to love and support maya. LOVE YOU MAYA TILL INFINITY,LOVE YOU BEYHADH.

    1. Ayesha Well said ?….i love Maya always ? ..i stopped maximum to react but when they responded on our Maya fans comments wit out’s hard to stop give respond back.but maximum I will try…chill..waiting to see samaya love story present.? ?? waiting for today episode ? don’t let to spoil our happiness b coz of haters ..let’s enjoy.. love u Maya ??

  28. Saanjh is nothink but a waste of time in the begining of the show she got bashed but for her now arjun is also bashed . God plzzzz i dont like saanjh intrference in aryas life can someone kill her plzzz

    How much i wanted her to be a negative charectee atleast she will justify it because as a justification of friendship she horribly failed. Saanjh charecter is nothink but a failure

    HELLMAYA one question to u do u like red colour????
    Am i right or am i right!!!!!!!

    Love u my dear KB (dusky)

  29. Guys go back and watch episode when saanjh dupatta caught fire time episode…that time vandana praying god like” Mere arjun ki zindegi jo musibat hai sab is hawan me jal jaye”(means whatever Arjun trouble have to burn in fire)..while cvs showed saanjh dupatta caught fire from thali plate.can u guys say what’s the mean…lol ,..still saanjh fans will not accept this..saanjh is arjun musibat. ???

    1. Actually what,if I want to wish like saanjh fans will get a partner like arjun who will hate then ditch them and their behind will say i love u to other &will flirt with others hiddenly.but I just don’t want to wish like saanjh senseless fans…im just enjoying to watch serial.and I love my Maya??.this is enough for me.? love u Maya more..? ? ? ? ? ? ??

    2. Jennifer + beyhadh fan

      Lol..tht many.good things even sanjh has done..she also shouted to see mandap caught. Fire & she was d nly.who played trick to comedown maya to marry arjun n protested arjun n jhanvi aunty in murdersaga…
      Bt..understand u cn see nly 1 good incident of maya & ignore all of sanjh

      Bt y should v fight on 2 character of fiction show?
      Bt they r jst making show to realize us n teach some good things…bt unfortunately, they fail
      Coz ppl r nly jst lv maya’s character. Blindly n ignore feelings of all others. .they want to saw

      1. First read my comment clearly then give respond,i didn’t understand ur comment..&jhanvi accident didn’t showed,so don’t assume wit ur own.we are not blind,we saw other characters extreme behave.and chill enjoy it .


        Yes you are correct saanjh has done good things, many more than maya in fact.
        However the difference is that Saanjh has always got appreciation, love and respect for her goodness from both families, whereas maya regardless whatever she tries to do good has NEVER been given respect for it. aside Arjun and Ayan defending her once or twice, no-one has ever credited her for her efforts and instead thinks it is a crime, especially VM who couldn’t stand the thought that maya bailed ayan and was the reason Arjun called her mom again. You would think for such deeds as saving a son and returning a son to you you would be grateful no matter who it is who did it but no…
        This makes us love maya. We’ve heard fragments of her brutal past and empathise when we see how it still torments her now. We see her hatred of colours, of life and love as they have only hurt her. We see the broken girl craving love under her pseudo-psychotic exterior. We see her fears of loss and rejection as she has never found peace and happiness before Arjun, and whoever she may have loved before has only betrayed and left her. We see that she loses faith in goodness as she was never appreciated for it, and that she is only appreciated once she manipulates. We see her selflessness and its punishment, her dreams and how they shatter, her insecurities and how they worsen, all products of her past and the present colliding, an never ending loop denying her the right to be normal and happy, instead being forced to go against the world to live rather than go with it, which we empathise with. We see her regret, her longing, her wish for a better future, and how it all came crumbling down, her turning into a monster against her will, a result of hatred and destruction by those whom she loved, making her lost, confused and deluded all to protect her ‘happiness’ which she could not bear to lose again.

        making us love maya.

        I’m not saying you should start understanding maya or start loving her character, you have every right and good reason to dislike her, but this is what I hope many maya lovers see in her, so u can at least understand why we love her as we do.

        Many thanks and love maya always ❤❤


        I forgot to say that yes saanjh did support maya as well throughout the murder saga which was very good 🙂
        However this doesn’t compare to the animosity she had for her up until post-marriage. Same with maya, she was selfless with saanjh and friendship post marriage but she was very against saanjh before it I don’t deny that, they both were wrong in this way, but at least saanjh had people who loved her and gave her hope and inspiration, a chance to be happy even if Arjun didn’t accept her. Whereas maya had nothing but him after she started loving him, so the loss of his love would be too much for her already fragile heart and mind to take, so I still empathise with maya more despite them sharing similar qualms pre-Arya and pre-marriage.

        Hope that helps 🙂

  30. A request to Saanjh lovers. You are free to like Saanjh or any other character and also free to dislike Maya or any other character but please don’t make personal attacks on people for loving/liking Maya. Choices vary from people to people and each one has a reason for his/her choice. All are mature enough for that. This is a fictional how and here we are discussing about the story, the characters, the probabilities, et al. So it is not okay to bash anyone for liking/loving Maya. Personally speaking just like what Jennifer said in an interview, I would love to have someone like Maya in my life. I will be good to her and she in turn will return this goodness in more than double measure. Maya is very generous with people who are good to her, people who love her and understand her. Her horrendous past has made her take protective measures to save herself when she feels she is being threatened. It’s still too early to know exactly what happened between Maya and Samay and hopefully the coming episodes will reveal this. Arjun is the best thing that has happened to Maya and she has her reasons for holding on to him like this. Arjun is not so mature because Vandana and Saanjh did not let him grow, they made choices for him, they did not give him space to think maturely. I feel he is a good person but his immaturity is making him behave like this. All’s well that ends well and when the show ends I am hoping to see ArYa together happily ever after. Love you Maya and ArYa.

    1. Jennifer + beyhadh fan

      Ya dear..thts y nly..I hv prevented myself from commenting..
      It hurts u all..whn I hv already said ..I lv Jennifer so much, bt cnt lv her character. .still all r fuming
      Bt maya lover has used d words lyk goto hell..b***dy arjun..etc..etc
      .bt thn its k..
      Anyways ..its waste of tym nly commenting here, better to enjoy serial n Jennifer’s acting..

      1. Jennifer+beyhadh fan..we too felt same it’s time waste talk like with few have right to dislike maya character.but,you guys have don’t right to stop Maya fans dislike talk about saanjh and Arjun’s Maya fans u guys also used to dislike talk about keep distance with Maya fans comments&ignore it,few saanjh fans don’t know how to debate with good sense..maya fans every time scolded only charterers not like them,they taken personal every no need teach us how to talk.first tell them to learn about their self how to debate With good manner.every time they(saanjh fans) are following Maya fans like wherever u go I will follow u.i wanna follow song.?lol

    2. Roby Wolverine

      Agree AmCee… Even if Maya’s character turned into Psycho or something, it’s our choice who we like… People are getting too personal and insulting us for being Maya fan… I am getting tried of this people… guess this must be why “Ruth” left this forum..

      1. Jennifer + beyhadh fan

        M also regretting for commenting first tym..
        M also getting tired to see nly hatered comments on saanjh..arjun n nly lving comments on maya
        Uf maya lovers went personally..thn its fyn, bt if I nly 1st tym express my lv for dis show..jenny acting n saanjh character n my views..thn wrong
        I think..this forum should be nly of maya lovers..who can not tolerate a single comment in favour of saanjh
        This is nly bcoz Jennifer acting, she make us hatered her character, sometimes laugh, love her n..m also get emotional seeing she was abused by tht doesn’t mean she can do anything vth every other ppl..agreed she has goodness..nt tjts nly she loves her mother n arjun so much..agreed ..she was wrongly abused in childhood, & so mentally disturbed, at tht point I cn hv sympathies for every bad thing else she had done, cnt lv her
        N yes..every 1 has choice. .so if 1 has commented against, thn also dnt take it personally
        Nw onwards ,I will never do comment nor read
        N ya..I lyk n love this show so much n beyond so much Jennifer

      2. Roby wolverine

        Jennifer beyhadh fan

        I really don’t fully understand your comments… I don’t think you get what we are trying to say… It’s not about Maya fans or Saanjh fans… If you hate Maya, insult her by all means as we do get irritated with Saanjh character… What we are trying to say is that Don’t insult us fans because you hate Maya… You have absolutely no right to insult us and call us names… Have you ever seen me, ks, AmCee, The dark hunter, Ayesha22, Maya Arya forever, zee, etc ever bashed or insulted Saanjh fans… We were always polite… I don’t think you understand what is the problem here and arguing about it pointlessly.. We just want this forum to be clean and polite and stick to characters and episodes contents..

  31. Roby Wolverine

    Meena… Meena… Meena…

    What to do with you…? it’s like speaking with a wall…. Let me just ask you as you wrote,

    “That’s the reason of rapes and acid attacks”

    so in your opinion every rapes and acid attack are done by mentally unstable persons..? Are you kidding me..? There are cases in which a friend poured acid on a boy in jealousy… So i take that case in consideration and say People like friends who were as close as Saanjh and Arjun will end up like that… Will it justify my statements..? Well it explains the narrow mindedness of you…

    i guess you don’t know English very well or you knowingly didn’t understood what i wrote… I justified my comment perfectly.. Well what can you expect from a closed minded people…?

    Please go ahead and Hate My Maya… I really don’t give a damn who you hate and who you like…

    What I said in my previous reply to you which you knowingly ignored… let me remind you again,

    Do not get personal.. Do not insult Maya fans and don’t call us idiots…

    You’re done with me…? Merlin I should say that… I am done with people like you who can’t stick to the story which is just a serial and bashing us for being Maya fans…

    And Lastly… If I get a partner like Maya in my life… I will cherish her and love her because it’s my emotions and feelings… Did i give you advice about your relationship..? Did i interfere in your love life… So BACK THE HELL OFF… Frankly it’s none of your business whom I love and What i want in my partner… It’s a public forum and people like you are getting on my nerves constantly belittling and insulting us… It almost makes me regret joining this forum..

    1. No regrets please Roby Wolverine. I think if we ignore them it is better. If we react it means we have absorbed their hurls and abuses but if we don’t react it means these hurls and abuses will ricochet back to them.


        Mature response Amcee! Am glad maturity still exists on this forum especially amongst maya lovers, it only strengthens our position and resolve!
        Roby I understand your anger but please refrain from giving it back in this way, we otherwise are no better than they are in our response to them. Lets keep it neutral and respect them, but at the same time consistently remind them that we cannot be swayed by their anger or personal comments they alone are degrading themselves through such hurtful remarks. Stay strong bro we will continue to support maya for who she is always, and hope for the best in the future for her no matter what the road the show takes, so take it easy bro we’re with you all the way!

        Love fellow maya lovers and Respect saanjh/anti-maya individuals, but will not tolerate toxicity of any kind towards us members.

        Love maya always ❤❤❤

      2. Roby wolverine

        Yeah yaar AmCee.. i too know we should ignore them but they insult us daily… I don’t even reply or argue… As soon as I post about what i think about the episode then they all come and reply to my post by insulting and cursing us… What right do they have to call us idiots… If they hate Maya… insult the character not the fans… I would have ignored it but they’re getting away by insulting us… They say our Maya is evil, selfish and Psycho and go insult people they don’t even know… One even dragged family into the argument.. It’s downright irritating… They speak about Arjun being suffocated and go on about everyone wants freedom.. Hypocrites who forgets that we too have freedom to like any character.. Anyway no matter what these people think, I will love my Maya and support her even if the writers turn her into a killer..

    2. You guys, let’s not waste our time explaining to people who would never understand our Maya. We know who she is and we love her. If they want to hate on her or call us names, let them do it. It’s not going to change the fact that Maya is amazing and she is loved. It is her story. Everything started with her and it will end with her. We know she will get her happy ending with or without Arjun. We can’t keep defending her or getting angry at rude comments. It’s their choice and though it hurts reading it, ignoring them and being positive is a good comeback. We love Maya, we sympatbize with her and we feel her pain. We can’t make everyone like her. We will win in the end. I want all the happiness in the world for her. And you Maya lovers make me so happy by your comments that gives me hope.

  32. I like maya but also saanjh hope to have good episode like maya samay arjun and saanjh


      Nice to see a neutral Perspective once in a while 🙂
      I am Pro-maya but its nice to see someone who is not either starting or ending a maya-saanjh battle good on you fav!

      1. Roby wolverine

        Agree with you that My reply was a little cold and curt… But I assure you I always know how to be and also I will remain polite.. I will never stoop to their level… It’s just that I don’t handle people insulting me well.. Anyway Love Maya… And your comments are cool and you have a keen observation like The Dark Hunter..

  33. Roby wolverine

    Hey guys, I have a question… Did the precap of 30 march happen where Maya have a panic attack and cries remembering Arjun’s promise… Did it happen in the episodes..? Did i miss it..?

    1. No Roby wolverine, that was not shown in the two episodes following it.

      1. Roby wolverine

        Thank you


      I wonder when they will show it then. It’s not a overall promo of the season so they will be showing it, but what’s curious is in the segment she was memorising his suicide attempt which we then learned was HIS dream?? I wonder how that will fit in with everything…
      I do feel this is summing up the near end of this phase, that all things have happened and maya is borderline delirious losing him and considering breaking the vacan. This promo looks like something for the end of this phase tbh but it was showed near the beginning its a bit strange IMO…

  34. Shame on you for being so cruel to the goldfish.

  35. Jennifer + beyhadh fan

    First, I hv nly told bcoz I hv expressed my views first tym n som1 hurt me ..m nt pointing u all ppl yaar..
    2nd..ks..m nt here to teach any1 how to speak..I hv told bcoz I hv hurt hw my comment has talen wrongly. .m nly supported meena views on character …m nt gng personally yaar

    N yaa..I hv seen tht ppl of maya n saanjh ..both’s fan use sometimes wrong language. .bt nt all …I hv nt pointedout any1..
    Its all of ur own choice wht u think..n dnt get hurt if I express my views

    They all r sharing verygood chemistry off-screen…they nly playing character

    So plz dnt be seperated n fight vth eachother lyk dis..n m nt dieying hard fan of any character. .bt fan of Jennifer plz try to understand me..n nt insult me…m nt telling to change ur views

    N exteremly sorry..if I hv hurt any1 unintentionally. …dnt take all things personally. …tht nly wht I want clarify

    1. You have right to express ur view dear,im not stopping u.just I want to say like how u r saying my view,maya fans also commenting their view.,if they don’t like they have right to dislike mentioned Maya fans also used that words go to hell etc,they wrote only in their comments,not on others when u supported them,just i was asked u to say them.&no why will I’s just fiction,,i love Maya,it’s my pleasure.chill enjoy it ?

  36. Jennifer + beyhadh fan

    N thnx @maya+arya forever..I lyk ur conment which u hv given in response me n described all things deeply @3:30 pm around..

    U hv commented in such a nyc way..n make me understand 1st tym which sometimes I couldn’t see on maya side..u respect both..saanjh n maya..thts good..
    Bcoz of ur comment, I cn also see maya deeply ..u r absolutely right at ur views
    Bt is it ok she killed priest? Tht I cnt understand. …n 1 other thing…pre-mrj..hw she had used to come between saanjh n arjun..n hw she tricked to go near arjun..all other points of ur .I understand clearly. .
    Bt..I also love some1 so deeply n immensely. .he is my bestfrnd. .n i propsed him thenI he told me tht he already hv feeling for som1 else, bt bcoz of castproblem..they cnt marry..he told me all these things after I proposed him, wht should I do? I hv made so many try to make distance from him, bt I cnt forget him…n he understood me so well…he nvr let me go far bcoz I love I hv nvr tried to force him to be my boyfriend or marry him by hook or crook..I respect his feeling n he respect s mine n I always wish for his happiness. ..
    Is it right ? If I played trick to get him?

    N again..I only ask abt this..n srsly respect n like the way..u hv expressed maya..srsly.I hvnt thought in this way plz dnt take it in wrong way again


      Thank you for your post J + B fan yes I am so sorry to hear about all this I hope you are faring ok after his rejection. You are correct, Maya did trick saanjh and Arjun with the emails, but then she had also stated that the primary reason was to paint a picture leading to ashwin’s expulsion from her life, but unfortunately through the medium that was saanjh, as she knew saanjh’s cleverness and wariness of Maya and so used that to her advantage to create this drama, with the added effect of increasing Arjun’s trust and love in her. I don’t think she tried to separate saanjh and Arjun, and it was just collateral damage with benefits, but she did get insecure when he threw saanjh out and that lead to the vacan and everything after.

      As for the priest, it seems highly probable that maya killed the priest, but as it has not been brought to light yet or proven we cannot brand her a murderer until shown otherwise. Yes she showed a almost sadistic intent with the goldfish today, but I am unsure whether we can use that to classify her as a killer, we need more evidence and time to make such an allegation I think. People are saying possibly samay is the murderer, as they are connecting the priest and ashwin’s deaths as similar natural causes, and jhanvi’s condition is probably the same person as well, yet she doesn’t react scared or worried around maya which she would if maya had caused her to fall, thus I feel for now at least maya isn’t a killer, though that can change in the upcoming story we will have to wait and see, though I would not like it as it removes all hope for Maya’s redemption and healing.

      Hope for all the best for maya in the end. I’m sorry to hear about your pain and I will be here to talk to if you ever need somebody 🙂 but otherwise thank you for your comment my dear friend I hope to hear from you more as we venture further into the unknown together.

      Love all Maya and Saanjh Fans everyone entitled to their opinion speak without fear but please don’t criticise people for their views it will be much appreciated

      Love maya always ❤?❤?


        All this that maya does however we cannot be sure if such a thing would be normalfor such people, unless we have felt, suffered and lived her experience we can never know for sure how such tormented minds work. I think like all people she is only working to create and sustain her happiness, though through the world pressures, circumstances and her upbringing this is the way she has learned to do it. It may seem immoral and incorrect many a time, but it is what she has to become to survive and be happy, nothing more nothing less.

        Many thanks 🙂

      2. Jennifer + beyhadh fan

        Thnx for reading my story n understand it eventhough v unknown ;-):-P

        N thnx for giving rply to my comment. .ya..u rightly analised m talkhing abt u remember? Hw maya pulled handbreak of her car herself? Made arjun intentionally nusy n not allowed to go on lunch vth sanjh? Inviting sanjh for dinner in her empty house n scared her? always whn sanjh wanted to talk to arjun..she told she had to discuss abt work..tht all things yaar..
        Bt may be..even in real lyf..many ppl r doings these small small things to get n win their lovedone…

        Bt sanjh character is near my heart..bcoz I think..she Is lyk mine, bt ya..I hv nvr gone too close lyk her, evenif I had chance sometym..n also always tried to go away out of him lyf ..I always kept controll after knowing. Tht he has already feeling for.som1..

        N again thnx for ur passionate comments. .this wht I wanted to say..dnt fight n insult eachother..cleverly n calmly express views..n enjoy d show..

      3. Jennifer + beyhadh fan

        Both r correct n both r wrong at some places…so lv both..any ending will b best if every1 get happiness…bt I more prefer saajun n as arjun is everything for maya, arya is also amazing. .so let seee..wht happen

      4. MAYA +ARYA FOREVER :)

        I agree
        During those periods, it was an obsession not love, a want to spend time with him and a time to warn others to back off.

        However, i think overtime especially after her proposal, she began to develop actual love for him. Yes the handbreak was obsessive, but when he helped her and held her as she cried for her mother when she was hospitalised, i feel it was a mix, ob obsession when she saw saanjh and smirked possessively at her, but also love as someone was finally there for her to hold and comfort her in her time of pain. The obsessiveness only then existed in her response towards others, but i feel especially after the proposal and Ayan’s bail actual love started to blossom, a selfless kind that overtook her obsession, shown especially through her kindness and friendship when Arjun was at his worst. She didnt manipulate any events into gifting her the dress and the resulting argument, nor the godown scene as she hated the place, it was all fate’s way of bringing them closer and Maya was starting to love selflessly.
        In mauritius she did say that she would run his life, but then her love overtook obsession when arjun was trapped. I dont feel she planned if, as no-one else was on the island when his boat was taken away and he chose to stay more than the crew allowed, she couldnt have planned all that. Especially the traumatised manner she emotively reacted when rescuing him, i dont feel that was planned at all, she was genuinely terrified.

        It started as an obsession most definitely, but i felt in ended in love, and her possessiveness now is a testament to that, she will die without him and her love is such that she wants to be his everything as much as he is her everything, which is difficult for Arjun as his love does not run that intensely, thus being suffocating.

        Maya isnt good, but she has tried time and time again to make up for it even willingly risking her life for her loved ones and fighting against anyone who hurts her love, that i feel has bypassed the ibsession boyndary and has become love.

        Just what i think 🙂

        Many thanks and love maya always ❤️❤️❤️

  37. Maya+ArYa forever and the dark hunter and zee ,you guys had much patience to write big paragraphs about characters,and sometime im not able to read at a u guys,love u all Maya fans..keep going..just don’t let spoile our happiness because of haters.few people will not understand after reading ur clear explanation.just leave them,and don’t give you Maya always ?? take care


      I will never give up Ks, I joined this forum out of my love for maya and wish to share my opinion and receive from other lovers of this show and my maya. It’s so encouraging to see all the support my comments are receiving its great motivation to keep me writing every update. The amount of comments each episode are going through the roof now its incredible. Thank Ks, Amcee, J + B, Roby, hellsaanjh and all others even Kalika (god forbid haha), for contributing to this group and making beyhadh all the more enjoyable and interesting for us all 😀

      Love you guys Maya and Saanjh lovers alike keep up the good work but please keep the peace as well no fighting is necessary it is only a tv show after all.

      Love maya forever ❤❤

    2. The Dark Hunter

      Same here bro thanks for continuing to support us and give good comments.
      MAYA+ARYA FOREVER 🙂 keep up the good work it seems we make quite the team eh? 🙂
      We’re spewing out essays daily and its really nice seeing the appreciation we are getting in return, good or bad it’s better than nothing anyway, cheers all brothers and sisters online, thanks for your support, lets all avoid petty squabbles, accept our differences and let’s continue to enjoy this show together!

      Maya all the way, but respect to saanjh, Arjun and even VM (just kidding lol).

      Love maya forever and always ❤❤

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