Beyhadh 31st May 2017 Written Episode Update

Beyhadh 31st May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Arjun goes to Jahnvi’s room and says he is just running, from whom he does not know. He ran away from his friendship for love, Saanjh has Vandana, Suman and others, but he is alone. He continues that world has made his Maya mad, but his love will change her and he is sure. Jahnvi raises hand silently, but drops back seeing Maya coming. Maya says nothing will change as he left friendship for love and even running away from love. She walks out. He walks behind her, hugs her and asks to listen. She says she does not want to. He asks to listen to his heart from her heart, Maya…his heart has only her sound, he left his friendship for her, but he cannot forget that he broke someone’s trust. She says only she and her child has right to trust him, and it is not his problem if someone loses his trust,

he cannot blame himself, she kisses him and right now she is his problem and 3 burnt eggs. He says he will bring them. She asks him to go out and bring eggs. He kisses her and leaves. She looks at her and his portrait.

Door bell rings. Maya opens door and is shocked to see Samay and Saanjh. She shouts to get out and tries to close door. Samay forcefully opens door and asks Saanjh to speak, he is with her. Maya tries to close door asking angrily what are they doing here. Samay stops her and says she has to answer why did she kill Prem uncle.

Suman tells Vandana that she needs support at this time and cannot support anyone. Vandana cries and apologizes that she should have listened to Saanjh, Saanjh is right Maya can do anything and can be anywhere. Suman says at that time only she, Prem, Shubh, Saanjh, and Samay were there. Vandana says a mother can do anything to protect her child, but Jahnvi was helping her gather evidence against Maya.

Samay tells Maya that nobody can save her now and she has to answer why she killed Prem uncle. Saanjh asks him not to do anything. Maya runs. He runs behind her and pushes table. She falls down. Saanjh asks him again not to do anyting. Maya holding her tummy says stop, what is wrong with you. Samay reminisces Maya’s crimes and says every bad thing has its end and now her end has come. He extends her hand towards him. Arjun enters and punches Samay. Samay falls down. Arjun shouts how dare he is to touch is wife in his house. He pampers Maya. Samay breaks vase on Arjun’s head. Saanjh shouts Arjun…Maya panics and asks if he is fine. Arjun start trashing Samay badly and pampers Maya again. Samay breaks chair on his back. Arjun falls down in pain. Saanjh pleads Samay not to do anyting. Arjun gets up and trashes Samay again. Samay pushes him and picks curtain rod and hits Arjun. Arjun escapes and throws rod and trashes Samay again. Maya’s facial expression changes, she asks Arjun to stop for their child’s sake. She blames Saanjh and asks if she is happy seeing Samay’s bad condition. She is so mad in Arjun’s love that she did not spare Ayan and Prem to get back her love. Samay says Saanjh is not in Arjun’s love and Maya got Prem uncle killed. He says she cannot harm Saanjh now as he is with her. Maya says that is why Saanjh is not marrying him, she comes between her and Arjun always, she acts as crying and pleading to spare her as she has a child now, smirks, then acts again and says she cannot lose a child again. Samay angrily walks towards her, but Arjun pushes him. Maya stops him and says Samay that she does not have solution for his problem and Saanjh has, problem is Saanjh loves Arjun and not him, so she will not marry him. Samay says he and Saanjh will marry in 1 week, Saanjh loves him and not Arjun. He asks Sanjh is it. Saanjh looks at Maya and says let us go from here and drags him. Maya hugs Arjun and smirks at Samay.

Precap: Samay calls Maya and asks if she cannot spare sometime for him. She warns if he tries to come near her, she will kill him. He enters via window and walks towards her.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. why was samay thinkin in his mind of saanjhs family if it was all a plan

  2. Shameless people Sammy and maya… such a characterless and shameless lady… giving arjun N giving flying kiss to Sammy thu ??? Maya the ?☠️??? she is ? This serial had no values… every time evil wins…
    now I really quit watching
    There is no positivity, snatching others life and being happy is criminal ?
    Hate maya always ????

  3. It’s giving a hug to arjun

  4. I guessed it’s all a game plan..these people will never change ..they are like dog tails…hadh hogayi hai..CV’s always make a fool of us…bdw did Saanjh see what happened through the glass door or have we been made fools once again as usual? i am fed up of this crap

  5. What if this is all a scene in Maya’s mind in an asylum and Arjun, Saanjh, Samay and the likes are all either inmates or people who work there…

    1. hehe….nice thought

  6. Seriously…too much ho gaya hai…Maya gets away with anything and everything..I too have stopped watching this serial
    .. only read written updates

  7. now all maya fans will say due to her illness she gave flying kiss

    1. Well said. They may.

  8. finally sanjh got to know samays truth

    wow maya used arjun too now she made samay to beat arjun is this love witch

  9. What a fool I was to think that Samay changed !!!

  10. God knows what is going on? Why did Samay take so much beating? If it was a plan why he ws talkin in his mind?

  11. In this serial good or bad Maya is the star also the highest paid. The story is all abt her Grey or black she always wins. It’s a very wrong signal being sent out to public that crime pays.

  12. what love is that. Cheating her hubby. Letting someone injure her hubby. He is bleeding. She is giving flying kiss to samay. Non sense. If samay really changed by seeing saanjh’s and her family’s mourning, he first disclose what he did to them. He should apologized. So samay and maya won’t be changed. They both won’t reveal anything. Janvi is the only witness.

  13. Smreetikhatri

    Oh Wow
    Seriously though??
    I thought Maya is turning good and so does Samay but looks like CVs doesn’t want us to get happy?‍♀️?‍♀️
    That flying kiss at the end UGH???
    Again WHY THE HELL maya was repeating about “Saanjh still love aurjun” and BLAH BLAH BLAH
    Didn’t Saanjh already told them that she doesn’t love aurjun anymore??
    Saanjh need Aurjun support as friend as he understand her more than Samay or anyone else because her dad dies and she need someone to handle her that’s it
    At other hand Maya said “Saanjh still love Aurjun and that’s the reason she didn’t yet get married to Samay” Seriously The engagement just happen like week before and now what Maya want her to do? Get married and celebrate while her dad just died like 1 day ago?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️

    1. She is maya… Maya cannot change for any one. She is a selfish, egoist, jealous lady… always want her own happiness and win by snatching killing breaking the relations…
      hate her from bottom of heart…
      and really I want to see pagal maya fans… none of them are not dropping a single comment…
      where is this KS, love maya always…, riya these people always speak sarcastic. And always they blame Saanjh.. now surprisingly no one is texting….

      1. Now they wont comment agsin

  14. Arjun seems to have lost all his common sense…. Please give him some role..

  15. Hi guys

    Hope u all r fine?? After seeing today’s episode i was wrong that samay has changed he is stilll ‘maya ka kutta’ that maya is so shamelss character she is hugging arjun nd giving flying kiss to samay… now saanjh has came to know about the truth of maya nd samay wht vl she do now????? But i cant quit this show becoz i have started watching this show 3 weeks ago only… i found this serial very interesting nd i love my maya baby…… nowadays im watching the old episodes of beyhadh they were really really better compare to wht we r watching now…….
    Hope maya changes after her baby……

    1. Woww after knowing also you love maya baby… crazy people…
      maya she can harm her husband and hugging him and giving a flying kiss cheap maya…

      1. Ya pooja i love her it seems that u have some problem that i like her she is psycho but she is extremely beautiful im crazy coz i love maya…..foolish??nd i agree wid arya also that this serial is just for entertainment but sometimes we take it personally so guys dont worry….its just a serial☺☺☺

      2. See aashika, you admire Jennifer beauty…. that’s your wish. I am speaking regard to maya… means maya role…. a psycho. Criminal, murderer, selfish, jealous , characterless lady.
        so there is a difference between the way you admire & all.

  16. Oh God…..pls stop Maya’s madness..this is getting too repetitive and too boring

    1. If u have a problem wid maya or maya fans then u can stop watching this serial if this serial is irritating u or we r mad then pls quit this show dont spoil the interest of other viewrs…….. i hate maya becoz evil always win but….. i love her acting nd she is extremely beautiful nd i want that maya shud be punished nd justice shud be done wid saanjh i love her too… buttt maya is extraordinary becoz of this reason i love her……
      Always a Maya fan????

  17. It’s Just a serial nothing to tensed

  18. Above comments are just bla bla…….
    They do this by the order of director.This is the story only for entertainment.

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