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Beyhadh 30th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maya says her Arjun is not only her, even Saanjh is showing her right on him. Till now she lost her blood, not Saanjh will lose her blood. Arjun informs Vandana that Maya is becoming mother. Vandana says he is risking his baby’s life, why don’t he send her to mental asylum. Arjun says she is changing. Vandana asks by breaking his and Saanjh’s friendship, Maya wants to change him the way she wants and herself will not change. Arjun asks her to come home with him. She says she does not want to suffer again and walks away while he shouts maa.. Samay calls Maya and informs her that Arjun broke up permanently with Saanjh and is coming to her. Maya gets very happy and says he gave good news for the first time, thanks him repeatedly.

Suman enters Saanjh’s room while she is still hugging

Samay. She says Saanjh that when father leaves, son steps into his shoes, will she step into her father’s shoes and fulfill his duties. Saanjh wears Prem’s slippers and cries loudly holding them next. She then says papa used to wear slippers always, then why did not he wear slippers that day and went barefooted. Suman says she gave him slippers, don’t know why he did not wear it, reminiscing giving him rubber slippers. Samay reminisces killing Prem. Saanjh says he did not wear slippers or removed it.

Maya wipes her blood from floor happily and tells her unborn child not to tell papa what mama wanted to do, papa gets afraid, they don’t want to frighten papa, they should not tell papa that he saved Saanjh’s life by breaking up with her. She looking at Arjun’s portrait says now he is only hers.

Saanjh goes to fuse box area and nervously opens it. Samay reminisces electrocuting Prem and killing him. Saanjh sees open wires and drops slippers in a shock, asks who cut this wire. Suman asks what is she searching. Saanjh says reason of papa’s death, pappa does not go anywhere without slippers, then who cut those wires, what happened that day. Samay silently tries to step to cut wire. Saanjh picks wire piece and drops it reminiscing telling Maya that she has proof against her, even papa and Samay has. She says Maya got her papa killed as she told Maya that she has proof against her. Maya is the culprit.

Arjun lifts Maya and takes her home. Maya thanks her for taking her to a psychiatrist, nobody took care of him like him, he changed her life, I love you. He says I love you too, the life which does not change is lie and one which stops is death, reminiscing Prem.

Saanjh repeats Maya… Samay asks why she thinks Maya can kill her papa. Saanjh says she told Maya that papa has proof, so she killed papa. Suman asks how can Maya come here. Saanjh says Maya can come anywhere as she wants to win. She runs out and Suman runs behind her.

Maya goes to kitchen to prepare omlette. Arjun says he will prepare it and beats eggs reminiscing Saanjh. Maya asks what happened. Arjun nervously says nothing, it is done.

Saanjh runs to Prem’s photo and says she lost everything in winning and losing game, if she had not told Maya that she sent mail to him, Maya would not have killed him. Suman asks what is she telling. Vandana says Maya can do anything.

Arjun tells Maya that pregnant woman’s legs pain a lot and men’s head aches due to woman’s blabbering, he will press her legs and she should press his head. Maya says everything is perfect, there is happiness everyone. Arjun reminisces Saanh again and walks out saying he will check Ajun. Maya gets angry.

Saanjh continues panicking that Maya can do anything to win. Suman says this time she will not let Maya win as Maya killed Prem and sent Ayan to jail. Saanjh panics that she will not do anything. Shubh says he will do then. Saanjh says Maya will kill him then, his sister cannot do anything. She tells Samay that they all will go to London and take even Vandana. Samay seeing Saanjh losing mental stability thinks enough now, Maya destroyed a happy family. He reminiscs all Maya’s crimes. Saanjh continues panicking. Samay tries to console her, but she continues. He slaps her and says she cannot run from Maya and has to confront her and win. Maya used to win from her always and she lost, this time she will win and he will help her. He holds Saanjh’s hand and walks thinking Maya will be punished, even if has to accept his crimes for that.

Precap: Samay with Saanjh goes to Maya’s house and asks her why did she kill Prem. Maya runs, and he tries to catch her. Arjun trashes him shouting how dare he is to try to touch his wife.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Samay’s character is getting positive
    Even he shud learn abt maya’s evil deeds which he supported blindly
    Now hopefully the show will be back on track

  2. arjun r u mad. how can u belive Maya u
    r love is blind. u know Maya do anything. and go any extend. when arjun understand master brain is maya in all crime.

  3. Did Samay changed or is he acting ????? how this suddenly happened :O

    1. Yes

  4. Smreetikhatri

    Finally Samay Realized what is right and what is wrong and I’m so grateful that he decided to support Saanjh….
    Finally Arya??
    I hope everything get fine between this two couples☺️
    So Glad Maya is actually Changing….

  5. Ab ayega maya ko maza samay ko ehsas ho gya ki maya saanjh ki happy family ko todna chahati hai.Very exciting episode and i m waiting for tmmrw s episode after seeing the thrilled promo.Thnk u for super duper fast update for beyhadh and krpkab .

  6. looks lik a hurried job…but felt nice that samay changed.

  7. Asammi

    Today’s episode was very emotional yaar. Ok guys do you think samay will change? Will saanjh accept him if he changes for good?

  8. Today arya’ s love scenes?? are superb.but dis samay is the real psycho and what had happened to come to dis extend suddenly?but it’s the bitter thing but real,the serial is boring

  9. A Good episode after a long time…..

  10. Pls CV’s atleast now don’t make evil win again… let the truth come out.


    Mind blowing acting of Sanjh wow and wow again supp orb whole apisode at Sanjh house well done

  12. Pls pls for once don’t show That this is also Maya’s plan

  13. hope samay not acting and help saanhj to send maya to pagal kahna

    1. Maya likes to beg r ask them to help her,she wil give chances,if they did not listen,after she likes to take bad action against them.Then What about samay,he killed innocent man prem to won his love.for you people it’s not wrong.samay is good killing innocent people to get his love like before he tried to kil saanjh,now he killed prem with out guilt.samay is more dangerous than Maya.

      1. for me both are pagal only i wanted both of them to be punished for bad deeds thats it

        maya also killed many not one and i want ssamay to help saanjh . after dis much also if she is free killing everyone wat mesage they r giving only coz of illness she is free then they should packup

      2. he killed without guilt and maya also she didnt even feel bad guilty abt prem and she wanted party . stop supporting her bad deeds she must be punished

  14. Best thank you

  15. samays sudden change of heart is rather suspicious . m sure it’s gonna turn out to be mayas plan as she feels arjun ain’t mentally present with her so she will again do something that arjun will push saanjh out of his life

  16. I hate to think like this but I feel it’s Maya’s plan

    They may be playing a game to send Saanjh to mental asylum…I hope this doesn’t happen

    I hate myself to think like this but I don’t trust the cv’s they always make a fool out of audience
    Or am very happy if Samay changes atleast now

    1. Not again…. again Maya plots to some innocent life…
      I wish this time CV’s don’t show this as a plan & this arjun role is really crap… can’t even see what is right and wrong..
      He had nice body… but zero brain

  17. Finding it hard to believe fingernail kissing Samay suddenly changed….

  18. Wowww superb episode!!! Samay is changing for gud nd im happy for that….thank god samay realised that maya is destroying a happy family…. that arjun is so blind in love tgat he is beating samay for touching maya he dont know the real truth behind rape case…… hope maya gets punished or she change herself… but its true that she vl not get pnuished before the 6 month leap……..

  19. tania-the fairy

    thank god.but cant beleve this.if it is a plan of maya then.oh.

  20. Wow !!! Samay…..but can’t forget the fact that he killed Prem….there was no need for him to kill Prem,,,,,, I would hv wished for Saanjh-Samay and Arya…bt whatever he did can’t be forgiven

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