Beyhadh 30th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Beyhadh 30th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Arjun and Maya reach Mauritius. Immigration officer checks Arjun’s passport and sayys he is traveling Internationally for the first time. Arjun lies that he has traveled a lot. Officer ssays his passport is blank. Arjun says he likes his passport clean. Officer applies seal and says welcome to Mauritius. Maya says her passport is dirty, she has to learn to keep it clean like Arjun, says this is Arjun’s one of many international trips and says let us go now. They come out and Arjun comments on Mauritius’ trees. He sees a sports car and loudly comments. Car stops in front of hiim. He gets afraid. Driver gets out of car and greets Maya. Maya says this is their car and gets into driver seat. Arjun is surpised. They both leave.

Saanjh returns home and asks Suman

to get her tea. Prem says he needs to talk about Arjun. Saanjh says she is getting late for office and leaves.

Arjun looks at his Mauritius trip wish list. Maya says until she is there, he does not have to keep list. He says he wants to fulfill all his wish today itself and not from tomorrow. Maya says okay. He says he will find out location for shooting and leaves. Maya calls someone and orders to arrange Arjun’s Rece today instead of tomorrow and not make any mistake.

Arjun meets people near beach enjoys beach environment. He says though Dusky/Saanjh is not with him, he will be with her always, she ignored him for 1 day and got so egoistic. He wil lforgive him though and will call her. Saanjh is in office busy working angrily, sees Arjun’s call and disconnects it. Arjun takes selfies and sends them to hear to make her jealous and thinks se will call him back for sure. He then goes on a boat ride. Saanjh gets Arjun’s selfies and smiles looking at them, but then gets jealous looking at Maya with Arjun. Boss notices her crying and offers her water and says tears will give only dehydration, asks the reason. He jokes his junior is tensed today, so she can go home today. Saanjh shouts why should she take leave, she will work. Boss returns to his seat. Saanjh cries vigorously and murmurs why duffer left her hand and made her alone. Arjun continues enjoying boat ride and selects a floating island. Crew member says it is very risky and this island will drown in water within 3 hours. Arjun says he is photographer and will decide.

Saanjh enjoys trip walking with a white veil in cool breeze. She dances and thinks after todaay Arjun will be forever hers. Arjun gets on floating island and explains his theme to crew members. Crew member gets a message it is time for high tide and they have to go. Arjun jokes and asks crew to leave, he will take a few more shots and come later. Arjun draws Saanjh’s name on sand and thinks of her. He then draws Maya’s name and thinks she feels he is inching towards his life and falls asleep on sand. Maya sleeps on sand on the other island thinking of Arjun and draws his name on sand, says I love you Arjun and smiles. High tide starts and Arjun’s boat floats away while Arjun is sound asleep.

Precap: Arjun gets stuck on island and shouts for help. Maya slaps crew for leaving Arjun on island and rushes on boat to save him.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. SaanjhdeservesArjun

    Seee seee seeee stefan specially you! Arjun wrote Saanjhs name on the sand first!! Even my teacher told me always go with the first thing tht comes to your mind cuz tht is alwaaaaaays right! The second option u choose will most likely be wrong…. Arjun please please do the same! Saanjh he loves you he just got distracted due to Maya dont give upp!!!

    1. Dude chill he wrote her name on sand not on his wedding card! Yes he loves saanjh but not in the I want to spend the rest of my life with you type of love! That love is for Maya! Arjun doesn’t have nor will he ever have that love for saanjh she’s his bestie yaar he has never thought of her that way don’t know why you’re so over excited..and besides in the next episodes you see Arjun is going to propose to MAYA that time you’ll see me bouncing up and down! Seriously saanjhdeservesarjun stop mixing friendship with love dost dost hota hai but unfortunately saanjh is under the impression that Arjun loves her back in “that” way

      1. SaanjhdeservesArjun

        Yea yeaaa u can bounce up and down when he proposes tht evil Maya but in the end he willl realise Saanjhs true, pure, selfless love and eventually go back to her … idc if it takes time but im sire it will happen nd i will wait for it! Thennn ill be the one dancing tada tada uh huh uh huhhh ? nddd nddd like Ankit saidddd shes in pain cuz shws gettinf separated from Arjun nd so shes not able to control it! Saanjh deserves Arjun.

      2. Maya is nuts she’s going to end up dead… This isn’t a love story why doesn’t anyone get that, neither of them will achieve happiness, they would be lucky to survive. Maya – dead, Arjun – sanitarium, Saanjh – depressed probably will move away and live her life with Arjuna’s memories. Either way it’s going to be a very bleak ending….

    2. I don’t think you guys watched episode or not….Arjun written firstly his MOM name,after his brother name,after he wrote separately saanjh name…after at last Maya name which it came in his mom&brother name…like he wrote here


      1. Maanu13

        Exactly ks…I also thought the same….don’t u see this saanjhdeservearjun….he write the name of Maya wit his family…that means he want her to take part in his family….no one can separate arjun from Maya…. Saanjh should marry someone and lead a happy life…

      2. Ur right KS
        What I think in my mind
        U are write updates
        Yes arjun began to love Maya
        I time of praposal time he looking at Maya eyes confusing and doubtfully
        But Maya share his past
        Arjun looks are to diff
        Arjun always love saanch only as friend not a love

    3. QueenB

      If Arjun loved Saanjh he wouldn’t have written Maya’s name second
      I think if you say you love someone but then feel something for a second person, go for the second person
      Because if you loved the first one enough, your heart wouldn’t have had space or allowed you to love a second person. Go for second person 🙂

      1. QueenB….Here not about first r last…Arjun thinks maya is his family…so he wrote it with his family..and he wrote saanjh name separately&its roughs by water…in episode..they showed it.

      2. Maanu13

        Ks u r rite..I usually write my dad name first in anything…second one was my hubby’s name….1st and 2 nd is just a number….the priority of both men in my life is same….one as my father and another is my love….like that arjun feel one as friend other as love…

    4. Saajhdeservesarjun!!! U r funny

    5. may I ask you something ?

      Why is it that Saanjh deserves Arjun? Is Arjun not allowed to have a best friend without him having to worry about love being developed with her ?

      I’m not picking sides but as a guy I’d say that Maya is coming off calm, cool and collected. She has come out and opened her heart to him and made her intentions clear.

      Just cause Saanjh has known him longer doesn’t mean she has dibs on him, he has the right to choose and when there is only one choice (apparent has she has not made her intentions clear) how can you bash him for not picking her ?

      Also about the “trapping” Maya has not once done something inherently wrong, she told him how she feels and is giving him time to decide, while still being there for him and is understanding

      the problem with saanjh is that she is becoming this person that she doesn’t want to be , she’s not being what he needs and sees her as , a friend. A true friend would be happy when they see their friend succeed in life , why is she allowed to be so angry at him for being friends with Maya when she won’t tell him she wants more, is he supposed to read his mind

      I like both characters but Saanjh is acting like a spoiled brat

      I said this on the 29th one as well but I thought u might not go back and see this 😀

      1. Haha as if Arjun deserves anyone, Arjun is a boastful fake idiot with a pretty face nothing more both should find better men. Arjun is like a friend I used to have a toxic friend I kicked to the curb because I couldn’t handle the way he would use people for his own ends then toss them aside but keep them around just in case he needed to use them later… Arjun is a user he uses Maya for the Luxury she offers and Saanjh for emotional stability. I guess I really don’t like Arjun… maybe Maya and Saanjh should end up together to take Indian television forward…. Just not with Arjun, Arjun should end up sweeping the street somewhere

    6. SaanjhdeservesArjun

      I meant to reply to you but wrote alot down below, id like your honest opinion on what i wrote

  2. Wow awesome superb episode…..Arjun written names like here on sand…awesome ? maya name came his maa&brother name…?

    Waiting for next episode eagerly ??

  3. And its been over weeks but saanjh’s eyes hasn’t dried yet. Granted she’s having a heartbreak but god, be a girl (girls are tough). She wears her emotions on the face and looks for a sappy reunion. She blew it. Maya is psycho and to people who say you cannot like a psycho person, I’m a lover of psychological thrillers. A character can be liked for its strong presence maybe not as a person wandering in reality. Being a dark fiction writer makes me admire the tragic reality of world where people look for colours in every mirror though it is not. Life is so complex why shouldn’t stories be? I like surprises how uncomfortable they may be. Even something that’s unacceptable to my morals because at the end of the day it is a character and tying it with cliches won’t help my love for stories.

    1. Roby wolverine

      I agree with you Ankit.. after reading so many dark fictions and stories i just can’t help but love Maya.. I like this beyhadh because of her.. it’s different than other love stories..

  4. Arjun wrote saanjh and maya’s name as he considers both as his friends. Just because he wrote saanjh’s name 1st it doesn’t mean he loves her. It’s just pure friendship from his side.
    The story is about maya and Arjun’s love story and her obsession. So soon Arjun will fall in love with her. It was shown in the promo that Arjun was happy with her but her obsession makes their life difficult.

    1. Please explain this to the childish saanjhdeservesarjun ??

      1. Shalini Senthil

        Saanjhdeservearjun is really taking serious saanjh so he put this name as a profile name ….stefan is right i agree with u ….and one more thing whatever this episode turns but form very angle maya is best then saanjh…

      2. SaanjhdeservesArjun

        Im not childish ur just not accepting it! Btw i like fighting with u stefan ? its fun!

      3. Yes shalini Senthil..maya is the best? ….did you see today episode…saanjh turns like phycho obsessive….when saanjh is cried to see ArYa pic together, to see this saanjh boss came to with glass of water to console saanjh with concern.but instead of control herself, she shouted on her boss obsessively.i saw only her obsessive anger on saanjh turns totally obsessive with jealous of anger.

    2. Awww saanjhdeservesarjun the only reason I read this update is to argue with you

  5. And its been over weeks and saanjh’s eyes haven’t dried yet, Granted she had a heartbreak but God, be a girl ! (Girls are tough). She blew it and got friendzoned. Maya is a psycho and i won’t like it in real life but it’s a character at the end of the day. Being a dark fiction writer makes me wonder how people like to see every frame in a bright coloured spectrum. Maya has a strong screen presence, the enigma that makes her the cynosure of everyone. Life is so complex why shouldn’t stories be? The tragic reality of life looks apt when one opts for a sad ending. I don’t even want to predict a pair. It is still not spicy enough, want things to get stirred up a bit.

  6. Roby wolverine

    Loved it… especially Maya.. Can’t wait for monday..

  7. Beyhadh team has outdone themselves! The location,the costumes and dialogues are perfect! We should appreciate the camera team more than the actors they’ve done some mind blowing shots..2 things annoyed me today..1st as usual rotlu saanjh snapping and yelling at her boss, I won’t be surprised if she gets fired in the next episode? Like seriously uske baap ka office hai kya! Half the time she is not there cause she’s chasing Arjun and now she’s showing her madness to her boss..secondly Arjun yaar how reckless are you? What point of this is a dangerous island don’t you understand at least for the sake of other people’s jobs listen to them once-.- And who falls asleep on an island which is in the middle of nowhere? Too much hua..

    1. Roby wolverine

      I agree with you yaar Stefan.. i mean the team knows the danger.. how reckless he can be in the middle of island and even after hearing that warning from the team he laid there.. i mean.. come on.. I love ArYa but sometimes Arjun is so childish and immature..

    2. I agree Stefan. Beyhadh team has shot every frame so nicely. Arjun acts silly on that island. I feel you’re being too negative about saanjh. She was inseparable to arjun all these years and then he starts moving away. She didn’t handle it that well but it was natural. She’s all weepy and nagging but still she’s in pain and we cannot overlook that.

    3. Maanu13

      Ya agree Stefan…she always going behind arjun and make issues between arjun and Maya…that’s her full time job…and sometimes she work in office…and today was soooo funny when she shouted at her boss…I think she is obsessed…she try to control arjun but now arjun leaves her and gone somewhere so she try to control everyone around her…if she ll b like this in future it became sannjh story of obsession ….Maya and arjun get married and lead happy life…and saanjh should b admitted in hospital……

  8. It’s so evident that Arjun has started falling for Maya and Arjun is completely Maya’s after she saved him. Saanjh would arrive to Mauritius to see Arjun in love with Maya. Even if Arjun was stuck in the island after saanjh’s arrival ,she would stand somewhere crying to save Arjun .It’s Maya who is ready to fight destiny and go beyond limits for Arjun

    1. SaanjhdeservesArjun

      Just because Maya is a psycho doesnt mean she is the only one who will rush out to save Arjun when hes in trouble. Saanjh has saved Arjun from loads of trou les nd is stilll trying to save him from Mayas Trap! Saanjh deserves Arjun.

      1. Maanu13

        Can u tell when did Ur saanjh saves arjun from trouble…

      2. Just as Maanu asked u .. we would like to know one incident in which Saanjh saved Arjun ..She is always fighting for no reason .She should atleast listen to him before jumping conclusions . If he wanted to hide about Maya being with him in the trip , he wouldn’t send their selfie together . He was always truthful to her .But she is the one who is fighting with Arjun n making him drift towards Maya .On the other hand, Maya is allowing Arjun to be himself no matter what . This is the love story of Maya n Arjun and Saanjh has no place here ..even after many episodes ,if difference occur between them, Arjun is going to love Maya n viceversa

      3. Super saiyan

        You are just ignoring the facts.One can easily save other when it comes to love and friendship…and i agree to you Arjun is just a noob and he does not deserve someone as good as Maya. Look at Maya she is ready to give everything for Arjun.And even she started talking to Saanjh properly for the sake that her love is happy.
        Maya keeps love before enemity and ego and what Saanjh does is to keep enemity jealousy and ego above love.

    2. Lol u r right she is a cry baby and claims that she is a lawyer…even if she happens to marry Arjun she will be crying all the time..for no reason

      1. Haha Annie ☺now she thinks Arjun is in love with Maya cheating on her .Even if Saanjh gets married to Arjun,she would cry thinking he has an affair with Maya

    3. That’s where you’re wrong and I can see you did not watch Beyhadh from the first episode. In the 1st one, Maya was standing on her balcony and her scarf flew on Arjun’s face while he was driving his car with Saanjh in it. Saanjh took off the scarf and saved his life. Maya later found the scarf in his scar and heard the story. She got so jealous.
      Second scenario when Arjun introduced Saanjh to Maya, he told her how Saanjh used to get in trouble for him during childhood days and how she is lucky charm and saves him from all his troubles in life.
      So I don’t know the bakwas you’re saying that Saanjh has never done anything for Arjun. Just because they haven’t shown plenty childhood sequence of Arjun & Saanjh doesn’t mean anything. You don’t watch it for the entire story. You only choose to focus on some parts to suit your narrative that Arjun & Maya are perfect for each other.

      1. Daisy yes that’s what Maya’s character is she is beyhadh,obsessed, jealous for the people whom she consider close to her. But Saanjh was supposed to be a goody good character like a goddess at least that’s what she and her family portrays. But now what happened to her she is all yelling screaming at the dude omg I think she is beyhadh

      2. Maanu13

        Daisy what u said is normal..while going in a vehicle the person who is us traveling must take some more attention on the driving she just take off the cloth…that’s not a big deal rite….
        Maya is going to that island for saving him from death…bcoz of her love for arjun she doing this…if saanjh is in these same place of Maya…she will cry and pray God to do something… without our effort god ll not give rewards…. Saanjh always a loser… irritating saanjh???

      3. Saanjh had her heart broken, what do you want her to do? Cry like all these other heroines then go sit in front of a statue and ask God to give her Arjun? Saanjh’s reaction is a human one, she isn’t a devi type, she is just the typical girl next door. Saanjh should focus on her career and leave MaRjun to self destruct, Arjun is toxic

  9. बेहद की सफलता अनुभवी कलाकारों से अधिक location and cinematographic effects ke upar hai never saw on tv before mindblowing 😛

  10. Shalini Senthil

    Love maya cannot wait for monday episode…did u guys notice arjun written saanjh name but that name he written far away and alone …but he join maya name with his family as a Maa. Ayan. Y. A. So it means arjun had feelings for maya as a lover as a one of his family member….???

    1. As far as I remember saanjh’s name gets washed out by the wave.

      1. Yes Ankit Verma..saanjh name washed out with water.

  11. Can someone explain how on earth saanjh has arjun’s number saved as he is in Mauritius he must’ve switched to a different service provider, am I wrong here?

    1. It’s a soap, logic does not apply….

      1. You’re right kalika. I shouldn’t look for logic but rationalism comes in my way. It’s not a soap as it will end as a 260 episode finite series. They won’t stretch it by a time leap, they can come up with another season. Your comments are logically good as I was thinking. I too think it’s not a love story and the way everyone here is excited to make it a love story. A Romantic thriller will end on a thriller note, not on a romantic note.

  12. Arjun deserves only saanj. the fact that he wrote her name in the sand means that he still have feelings for her. If he didn’t have feelings for her he wouldn’t think about her. Than he would only think about Maya, the psycho. I love them, arjun and saanjh

    1. Maanu13

      Omg don’t u see the episode…he writes her name alone and Maya name wit his family…that means she is just friend as always…Maya started moving from friend to lover then to family….
      When we r in madly love also we have some friends to remember always…but now arjun had little feeling for Maya and he thinks saanjh as childhood friend and even they talk abt going to international trip and taking pics like…so he is a trip he thought of the talks and he write her name and water wash out her name…
      Maya and arjun ll b the perfect pair…
      Love maya always❤❤❤❤?

  13. oo… Saanjhdeservesarjun u r too childish. I think u have made up ur mind that saanjh is arjun’s love & vice versa. Change ur mind dear. Maya is the real love of arjun. U won’t understand like this.. 😉

  14. oo… Saanjhdeservesarjun u r too childish. I think u have made up ur mind that saanjh is arjun’s love & vice versa. Change ur mind dear. Maya is the real love of arjun. U won’t understand like this.. 😉 and geeta ur wrong. Arjun has feelings for saanjh since she is his childhood friend & bestie. Thats why he has feelings. All is that wait for next episode.

  15. I feel Ayaan and Saanjh looks good together because they both are silly. Today Saanjh was crying again stating arjun kyun mere peeche pada hain..dude if your best friend stop talking and start acting weird u will definitely call and findout instead of picking up the phone she is yelling @ boss.
    Arjun will be heartbroken when he finds out his only best friend is in love with him and it changes the entire relationship. Because of her stupidity both the families might stop talking.

    1. Maanu13

      U r rite Annie…she ll made the families like battle field…she annoying nowadays…she cried continuously for a week… how its possible..don’t she get bored of crying always..suman is the main reason for saanjh heartache bcoz she is one who boost her to love arjun… really stupid mother in the world…

  16. I am glad to see for the first time a serial without the typical sas bahu drama.
    In term of acting jennifer is without any hesitation doing a better job than her co workers but it is also because she is more experienced than them.
    For the characters i think what maya needs the most is therapy with specialist , she had gone trough lot of pain and suffer . Her wounds didn’t healed , they are just covered for the moment . Even once she will get arjun she wont be satisfied, her greeds for argun will grow into possessiveness which will slowly consume her and ends up at the same time hurting arjun and killing her. No doubt she loves him but sometimes we hurt people we love because of our “Love”.
    Saanj looks younger than the 2 others. I find her too much emotional and can’t see the maturity of lawyer in her. However she loves arjun as much as maya does but it is a different kind of love, her love is the “give” while maya’s is the “take” . It is like black and white , both are important and useful according to the right situations. Some like the black other prefer white . I am looking forward how the characters are gonna develop their personality.

  17. Angelk1

    People are getting to worked up over him written a name. Saanj is already part of his life, if he wrote maya name down that means shes starting to be part of his life doesnt mean he has feeling for maya or saanj . just shows he cares about them.

    Some one had said maya bought those gift for arjun work when she had hack into his wish list. But this eps just prooves that she was courting him. She lied about it being for work so arjun wouldnt get suspicious, and now using it to win him over on the trip.

    But time will tell when the story gets deeper

    1. Angelk1 .It was so clear in that episode that Maya was checking how trustworthy Arjun is .She bought all his favourites n decided to test it.once he proved himself,she just covered the issue . All her life she has seen Ashwin ruining their peace for Money .

      1. Maya just want to confirm he will be ashwin r not for money…arjun proved it…arjun sharma will never sold out for luxuries’…
        Maya already bohot luxuries given to arjun but arjun didn’t affected but mom ki union mei hi arjun sabse zyada affect hua hai that means….maya dilse arjun ko touch kar gayi hai.ArYa?

      2. Maya did not said lie…she just want go far away from ashwin….if Maya said lie but it’s didn’t stayed like Lie.. her Lie turned real.she is doing photo shoot work.

      3. You’re so clueless Nandhana. She bought those gifts to impress Arjun. She even told her mother the same thing. When Arjun came to shout at her, she lied that it was for work.
        She hacked into the list he and Saanjh created and sent all the gifts to him WRAPPED. If it was for work, why would she wrap it?
        When she saw Arjun shouting, she quickly backtracked like the lying cunning manipulative b*t*h that she is.

      4. Daisy..u proved u r saanjh fan…good people fans will not abuse other saanjh like fan…they can’t control their rude behaviour’s on others.any way don’t spoil this page with abuse language.

      5. U r right abusive language please

      6. Maanu13

        Ks u r rite saanjh like
        Plz mind Ur language daisy…it’s a public forum….

    2. Angelk1 The names arjun wrote doesn’t mean he loves saanjh or Maya, agreed. But for me when saanjh’s name gets washed away it looks metaphorical. A symbolization of how the friendship has started fading. Maya has inched closer and sinked her teeth in that friendship. What amazes me is arjun acts like an innocent kid who doesn’t know what is happening around him. Btw Maya’s dialogues are very well written.

      1. U r so right Ankit why on earth Arjun is acting as if he doesn’t understand anything, it looks like he is leading Maya on. I told this earlier Arjun is grown enough to choose good and bad.

      2. Angelk1

        I agree i thought so too. Its foreshadowing and the writters are doing a good job at that. Its like this, saanj live on a perfect world , but something happen pushing her far away from the once perfect world she had. Replacing her with maya in the picture instead.

        So thats my thought, saanj is going to be out of arjun life an maya will replace her.

  18. I can’t wait for the underwater sequence of arjun and maya..

  19. OK arjun Love’s Maya and he treat saanjh as best friend (who cries eveytime ) , if some one get hurt they cry but I don’t know why you guys make big issue of that but that the fact is who is going to love him Maya or saanjh????

  20. OK arjun Love’s Maya and he treat saanjh as best friend (who cries eveytime ) , if some one get hurt they cry but I don’t know why you guys make big issue of that but that the fact is who is going to love him with pure heart Maya or saanjh????

    1. No one I guess Pari because love ka doosra naam sacrifice bhi hain here both are obsessed.

  21. I just love maya more and more with every passing day.she is so cute especially when she smiles or with tears in her eyes or when she gets afraid like a kid.I JUST LOVE HER.

  22. I Like both girls in the show nd i dnt think ARJUN deserves any of them….he is such a duffer…MAYA ND SAANJH both deserves someone better than him….


      well said…..I also think so…Arjun is really a duffer & he will never be able to understand about his own feelings untill he loose one….

  23. Happy New year in advance to all of you. Hope all of you have a splendid year ahead.

    As a new year present from the team of beyhad we will get to see some awesome scenes in Mauritius. Can’t wait for it. ..

    1. Navi..Thank you same to you ??

  24. Guys upcoming news is Maya joined in hospital bcoz saanjh hits on Maya head..?

    1. Is it KS…lol saanjh is gone crazy

      1. Yes Annie?…It’s upcoming twist ..

    2. Maanu13

      I was shocked to see the news on YouTube … Saanjh u r more obsess than Maya… saanjh fans mot that point saanjh is obsessed now….

  25. Happy New Year to all of you guys

  26. good news for Tamil audience beyhadh is dubbed in tamil and it will be telecasted in polimertv @ 7pm title maya.

    1. Maanu13

      Ya Sathish …I’m sooooooooo happy for that…from tomorrow onwards I use to watch in tamil and Hindi…..❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤maya

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