Beyhadh 2nd May 2017 Written Episode Update

Beyhadh 2nd May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maya continues her acting and crying and tells Vandana if anyone sees Arjun torturing her, he will go to jail, if Vadana wants her son to go to jail. Vandana says no. Maya continues acting and asks if she is perfect for Arjun. Vandana reminisces Maya torturing herself, her lies, etc. Maya continues she does not know why Arjun tortures her so much. Vandana says Arjun cannot control himself when he is angry and apologizes Maya on Arjun’s behalf. Maya says she shoud not apologize as she is a mother. Her drama continues.

Saanjh reminiscing Vandana’s broken says Samay that with a minor cut, they feel so much pain, what if hand breaks. Samay asks whose hand broke. Saanjh says she is just imagining. He says she cannot life properly. She asks where he had been. He says to meet the one who broke

hand. She says he is also lying. He says he lies to ones whom he feel he should.

Arjun sits on stairs and cries. Vandana goes and sits next to him. He leaning on her lap tells her that he did not hit Maya, he always tries to correct Maya with his love, but her condition is getting more worse, she is mentally ill. He continues pouring his heart out. Maya leaning on Jahnvi’s lap cries that she just needs Arjun’s love and wants his trust, but she is forced to become bad, etc.

Samay holds engagement ring and reminisces Maya’s order to marry Saanjh and take her away from Arjun, love means not just gaining but also sacrifice. He serves dinner to Saanjh and chats, searches ring. Saanjh shows ring in her finger and asks since when he is planning. He says after he got order. She asks what. He reminisces Maya’s order. She hugs him and he says I love you, murmurs in mind Maya.

Arjun continues pouring his heart out. Vandana says his marriage with Maya was a wrong decision and correcting wrong decisions. He says Maya is not bad, her nature is bad. She says if he thinks about Ayan same. Arjun says Ayan was wrong and he would protect his wife at any cost. He asks her not to talk about Sanajh or Ayan in this house and just think how to be in Maya’s good books. Once he leaves, Vandana thinks Maya is not ill, she is bad, reminisces her torture and bad nature.

Saanjh’s whole family greets her and celebrate. They show Samay’s gifted rings. Samay says marriage is with whole family and not a single person. Family bonding and drama continues.

Vandana sees Maya in Jahnvi’s room, silently enters Maya’s room and picks her mobile. She messages Saanjh that she is fine and not to reply her as it is Maya’s number. She gets a message from Samay that he obeyed her order and everything is going as planned. She byhearts number. Maya enters and repeats number and asks what she is doing with her mobile and takes it from her.

Precap: Saanjh goes to Maya’s house with Samay. Arjun asks why did she come here. Saanjh says she and Samay are getting engaged and she came to invite Vandana and get her blessings. Vandana throws garbage on her head.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. What next ?

  2. come on Maya…
    at least remember your own words and give arjun his happiness back or just shut your mouth and stop lecturing about love

  3. best and real episode of beyhadh after leap ! just loved it ! just for once felt that maya is back and arjun’s hopes of her getting better is nice ! hope he understands she needs professional help and not just his pyaar ! she is way past that pyaar ! And vandana pls cant u see that girl was crying infront of you that she just loves arjun. she cant be evil !

    1. “And vandana pls cant u see that girl was crying infront of you that she just loves arjun. she cant be evil !” — she was indicating that arjun hits her and he would get in trouble if anyone finds out, which is so not true. Vandy obviously would think maya’s evil since maya herself lies about arjun hitting her and kindof blackmailing vandy that the world will get to know that. Thank god vandy knows now that maya is twisted in this case.

      1. yeah i agree.. but then immediately she told her that she wants to be perfect for arjun and she only wants to give him happiness… and hitting oneself is one of the biggest sign of being mentally unstable. maya might be evil or might not be.. but vandana being the eldest and sensible should atleast give maya a chance and shud help her for once!

  4. and guys i read in a spoiler that vandy is gonna die in this show by some tragic event. is it true ?

    1. The Dark Hunter

      I don’t know but media is crazy about it!
      I highly doubt it’s maya all spoilers are pointing towards a potential killer streak from SAMAY. Samay even in on-set interview said he will cross all limits for maya and will protect their secret whatever it takes. maya has only shown to superficially injure and mentally harm, whereas SAMAY without hesitation was ready to kill saanjh when he thought she knew his secret.
      Hopefully it’s true, this is the only way Maya can stay grey, besides Ashwin’s killer and Jhanvi’s assaulted were mentioned to be someone surprising by IVs, which makes NO sense if maya killed them she was a prime suspect! I feel samay will be shown to be in the background watching over maya, killing Ashwin and safeguarding his involvement by attacking Jhanvi!

      Yes I was so happy with today’s episode the first episode of SEASON 2 worth watching! Maya poured out her heart and confessed she hates being bad and wants to change, but she wants Arjun and Jhanvi to help her ? Arjun too said maya isn’t bad even when he though maya broke her hand, and even now he says I can’t live without Maya’s love and I want to cure her 😀 ? thank you Arjun Sharma I’ve never loved u more than today!

      Finally they brought grey shades back into maya! Hopefully she will by herself release Ayan and confess the truth of her actions to the world, she seems to be changing very slightly and I hope they take it all the way! I dont want VM to die for 3 reasons. She is a human being and I don’t wish death upon anyone, not even maya who has done more bad than VM, Arjun will be heartbroken and his love for maya will diminish, and worst maya may not even be the culprit but Saanjh and her prejudice will point to her first and everyone will follow suit!

      I want none of this, Maya needs to get better for all our sakes! We want a tortured child to escape her past and demons and be free and happy in love or alone, that’s all we ask for after she has received due punishment and has had remorse for her actions till now.

      Love maya Always but love Arjun Sharma a little now too!

      Maya ❤❤❤

      1. u have written exactly what i meant!

  5. Now I feel arjuns love is the one that is beyhadh n real for Maya…. Not the other way round… He loves her immensely… Wonder y did she annoy him so much instead of sustaining his love then….. I feel it’s time for them to reveal wat happened in those three years… Poor guy though….

    1. Yeahh agree! Arjun’s love seems true to me and Maya’s love is questionable

  6. Love #jennifer wingett she is amazing and funny

  7. Hello Vandana mata cannot die without being punished for being so cruel to Maya wen she needed the chance…. I’d never want that to happen… But I wish the only punishment she deserves is guilt after seeing Maya treated n Arjun being happy with her…

    1. i totally agree to you

  8. This CVS can pull the track in favour of we Maya lovers by only one way.. make Maya pregnant out of that one night of bliss with Arjun… And volah!! Maya’s on the road to redemption like never before!! Kyunki ek biwi galat ho sakti hai.. lekin ek maa nahi… CVS u still have the chance to make up for the mess…… Last chance…

  9. Oh wow. This is by far the best episode of season 2. Arjun knows Maya was unwell and he’s willing to help her. I like this charcter development. He still cares and loves Maya. I’ve never been so happy with him.. My poor Maya made me cry. She doesn’t want to be bad. She couldn’t help it. I felt her pain and anguish. I have hope for it Arya. Now i know they will never leave each other. Even though they’ll hurt each other either with words or actions, their love will always be there.

    Samay truly keep making me love him more. He always tells the truth…of only Saanjh could understand him. He is literally pouring out his heart but Saanjh is too dumb to understand anything. He’s truly amazing and I love him.

    Its been ages since I’ve written here. I’ve been busy with exams..still am. I just got here to drop a few comment cause I was happy with the episode. I miss you all so much Dark Hunter, Maya forver, Ks etc. I’ll be back by the end of the month or whenever I could. Wish me luck in my exams.

    1. Miss u too zee.&All The Best Dear ? ? take care ?

  10. ppl who r saying arjun is good let me say wat he said he said maya buri nahi hai bass uski hadh jahan se shuru hoti hai wahan par sab logon ki khatam aur usko handle kaise karna hai muje aata hai main usko chah kar b theek nahi kara sakta qki ek baar agar uski hadh khatam hogaye toh uska pyaar b kam hojayege aur main nahi chahta uska pyaar kam ho wat sense does it make n wat maya said sacha pyaar dawa banta hai if arjun want he wud hav cure by giving love n dn too ppl r saying v luv arjun today i also love him dat he is ready to take his torture but wat make it sense dat he dosent want to get her cure just bcz maya love vl become less so it us arjun behind all d thing selfish moron he can take d torture on him but dosent want her to get her cure so d love dosent becom less or vanish isnt it great

  11. I don’t think arjun will forgive Maya for what she has done with ayan and saanjh ..

  12. Loved today’s episode. Arjun has a pure heart but he’s still immature but the way he poured it out all to his mom was really heart-warming.

    Maya also reminded me of phase 1 Maya who was vulnerable an would talk to her mom… Please don’t bring back stupid twits again…

    Love Maya ? ☁ ❤

  13. How can ppl support psycho evil maya is out of my thinking…hardly anyone supporting vandana

  14. Maya is pure evil so is Samay they deserve each other

  15. What a lovely episode..actually until end this track I don’t want to comment,but I can’t stop myself after seen yesterday episode ??…after many days i got back my Maya jhanvi bond scene ?..Maya said I don’t want to be bad,I want to be good..but She said what to do mom when i feel arjun is going away from me i feel suffocate.. don’t know what happenes to me,That time i lose sense..maya said mom why arjun isn’t helping me…ask him to help me save me,jhanvi felt bad&cried listening maya talks…she understands maya…but can’t control her.heart touching emotional scene.?? love it..?

    1. And im shocked to hear Arjun words today,i know arjun loves maya more,im happy for this?..but He said Maya’s love is pagalpan.. If he loves her any less,she will go crazy ..and if her pagalpan is cured, the love will lessen.. Arjun is scaring of the extreme of Maya’s love for him &also he worry of getting her cured through medical help because he feels she will not love him the way she does now,if she gets cured.then why he is getting angry on Maya if he don’t want cure her,why he gave complaints on Maya to his family..really Arjun is idiot.any way love u Maya ?❤

  16. Shrilatha

    If vandana is to die then instead of Maya being the reason of her death if she tries to save her..then maya’s character will take a 360 degree u turn…turning tables and rising hope for arya….Jenny is awesome..anyone can make a heroine but villain…it’s difficult boss

  17. Ayesha22

    same here,ks.i also said yesterday that i won’t comment,but i could not stop myself because of maya.arjun is really selfish,he can watch her suffering everyday every minute and every second of her life but does not want to help her as he think it will reduce her love for seriously???this is not love this is selfishness and if u remember dumbo u yourself said that her love is suffocating for you and you need a break from what happened now??just help her and get your so-desired break.why do u want her to suffer like this if u love her??can’t u see she is in pain and needs u to get her treated.please for the sake of her and your love get her the treatment she needs please.don’t be selfish.

    1. and if her love lessens so will arjuns life of aish o araam… shell take over office completely.. then he wont belong to ghar nor ghaat….thats y

    2. Ha dear ???…and today we got lovely episode,maybe its last in this week.bcoz in future saanjh samay engagement episodes time will give pain maybe,we have to be ready to bear.b coz vandana will die while engagement scenes..don’t know how much this true..let’s see ,but I don’t want vandana to die soon with out realization about Maya.i hope it will turn fake,i don’t want to see again suspense murder track.obviously cvs will show it’s Maya.then why they keeping suspense ..don’t know .let’s see

      1. The Dark Hunter

        What do you think about the 16th may promo? It contradicts all current spoilers of samay trapping and potentially killing Arjun or VM! Plus if true it makes maya beyond any redemption and happiness in the end! I lersonally hope to god it isnt true, that its just a representation of maya discovering their game and paying them back, but hopefully not killing anyone! Besides saanjh cant die anyway she is a protagonist so how would it make sense in that way? Anyway i hope its just a mindplay and we see her being vengeful but NOT murderous, that will be the end for maya in many peoples’ eyes even maya lovers 🙁 besides where is the surprise and suspense they promised us of the murders being someone surprising, this just imsinuates maya is the killer which people thought from the start! Of the three suspects a fourth unknown lerson is the ideal choice.

        I hope they remember this fact and dont just pin it all on maya it goes against their own writing from b4.

        Hope for the best

      2. Ya I saw new promo…maximum promo scenes different,cvs will show actual scene different in episode.,so much confusion,promos not matching with episode scenes.Arjun beaten himself wit hate in promo,why Arjun hate that much before,if he loves Maya,same now maybe Maya will give pain to them with her actions but will not kill them.but cvs wil show its maya..let’s see

      3. TDH..Till now whatever maya did cvs cleared Maya bad deeds Like beating herself,trapping ayaan,using samay to remove saanjh,maya scenes with samay,how maya hurts vandy,arjun know her pagal deeds,maya crazy relation with arjun,maximum cvs cleared her bad deeds I hope till now which is not shown murders suspense,it’s not done by’s someone else.let’s see we can’t say anything.if it’s Maya,then no suspence left,it will turn funny disgust will not be thriller serial anymore.let’s see

      4. if it’s Maya,then no suspence is left,it will turn funny disgust will not be thriller serial anymore.bcoz we knew it.let’s see

  18. Ayesha22


  19. Living_with_Wings

    Although Maya is the byronic charcter in the show, she’s my fav! 😛
    Style+attitude= awesmeness! lol
    But s2 ruined her chrcter by showing her chrtr totally evil, enough to even make one stop watchin….but this epi kinda gave hope for Maya improving
    N Arjun! Everyone needsa a bf like u! ^_^


      Yes my respect for a certain Mr Arjun Sharma skyrocketed this time! I hated it when he was disloyal/ after money but that fact he still loves maya after all this shows the love is REAL! 😀 lets hope maya starts trusting him soon/reveals her crimes and past by herslef rather than being exposed by another, it would be the first and best start to her redemption!

  20. 2 much violence, Someone call crime patrol

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