Beyhadh 2nd January 2017 Written Episode Update

Beyhadh 2nd January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

While Arjun is enjoying the island, his boat goes away. Water comes on him and he realises his boat has gone away and now he has no way to go back.

Saanjh is sad. She’s looking at her and Arjun’s photos. Her mum sees this and feels sad for Saanjh. She tries to divert her mind, but fails.

Arjun tries to call his crew, but there’s no network. He screams for help as water starts covering the island.

Maya sees crew’s boat coming and gets happy thinking Arjun is in there. On not seeing him, she gets tensed. She asks her crew about him. The crew says they warned him about the high tide, but he was not ready to listen to them. He sent them away and said he’ll come later.

Arjun is screaming for help.

Saanjh falls asleep and a candle falls on her

photos. Arjun’s photo gets burned. She gets worried for Arjun.

A crew member tells Maya what if anything happens to Arjun. Maya slaps her for thinking like that and warns her if anything happens to him, then she won’t spare her. Maya goes to save Arjun herself despite her crew saying it’s risky.

Saanjh is trying to call Arjun. Suman says what craziness is this? Saanjh says Arjun is in trouble. Suman says then ask someone in office. Saanjh calls Riya who informs her about Arjun’s situation. Saanjh is shocked. Her dad tells her not to overreact. Arjun’s crew is there. They will save him. Saanjh is worried saying ‘my Arjun’ ‘my Arjun’. Her dad loses his cool and says he’s not your Arjun. He’s Maya’s Arjun. Saanjh cries and asks her dad to do something. Arjun is alone there. Her dad walks away. Saanjh tells Suman that she’s scared for Arjun. Sumar says nothing will happen to ‘your Arjun’.

Maya is searching Arjun. Arjun is screaming for help. He’s relived seeing a boat coming towards him. It’s Maya’s boat. Arjun jumps in joy like a child. Maya gets down and runs towards him. Arjun says thank God you came.. I was so afraid. Maya pushes him asking you were afraid? He falls down. She grabs his collar and asks what he thinks of himself. If he thinks his life has no value, then ask her. He’s her ‘jaan’. She beats him up and scolds he is so selfish, only thinks about himself. She doesn’t even know swimming.. what if she had drowned. Now she gets mad and tells him that he will only do as she says. He’ll walk on the path which she tells him to walk on. She asks okay? He nods. She takes his hand and takes him to the boat. Arjun walks behind Maya in her foot prints in the sand! They go away.

Saanjh’s dad gives her ticket to Mauritius and tells her to save Arjun. He says she’s here, but her heart and mind is there in Mauritius since Arjun left. He gives her a chain saying Suman made it for Saanjh’s husband. He asks Saanjh to go and bring Arjun back. But this is her last chance. He tells her to go and propose him. If he accepts the proposal, then she will get all happiness. But if he rejects the proposal, then she will never think about Arjun again and accept her dad’s decision. He asks her for promise. Saanjh promises him and thanks him. Her dad wishes her the best.

Maya is still furious and scolding Arjun. Does he enjoy seeing Maya like this? She tells him this is enough. Don’t make someone helpless that her love becomes her weakness and not strength. He tries to shut her up, but she continues scolding. He gets up and covers her mouth. He asks her to look the view around.. there is no daily troubles, there is no everyday’s people. Here is just them two.. far away from everyone.

Saajnh’s family encourages her and wishes her the best as she leaves for the airport.

Maya is sitting in Arjun’s arms. Arjun tells her that life is not in past or future.. it’s in present moment… this moment where they are together. He asks her to live this moment. Forget her sadness, problems, everything. He takes her hand in his and puts it in the water. He asks what if something had really happened to him today. She says, you’re my jaan. How would I be able to live if something had happened to my jaan?. Maya falls asleep. Arjun sees a flower and recalls him saying he will give that special flower to a special person who will come in his life. He looks at Maya and recalls her proposing him…their close moments… Maya’s care for him. He goes to kiss her forehead and episode ends.

Precap: Saanjh arrives in Mauritius. Arjun puts a ring in someone’s (Maya’s finger) under water.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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  1. Shalini Senthil

    Wow super episode arya moments are awesome????

  2. Roby wolverine

    Loved it… Melted at the scenes and dialogues of Maya and Arjun.. And you won’t believe the coincidence guys.. Today Beyhadh was aired in Tamil.. They changed Ayan’s name to ArYa… I was stunned hearing Ayan being called as Arya and then laughed out loud… ArYa……..

    Anyway I love them and loved the episode.. Eagerly waiting for tomorrow’s episode….

    1. Maanu13

      Hi Roby,myself too enjoyed the show in tamil…..when Maya entry I shouted like an crazy cini fan on theatre….my family look at me and so weird …..over enthusiast behaviour on watching Maya in tamil….

      Behad yesterday episode was such a sweet and cute episode…when Maya beats arjun and Tel u r my jaan….dont try to put him in trouble …..I feel he is soooo lucky to have a lover like Maya❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤..
      Maya asusual classy performance… expressions omg ????????what an actress she is.❤❤❤❤❤❤
      And asusual crying saanjh…she never leave arjun to b happy…she came to Mauritius to spoil his happiness….she doesn’t have any maturity she never do using brain….????

      1. Even me maanu. Even I shouted like crazy on mayas entry in tamil and my family looked weirdly at me. The most funniest part is saanjh named shanti. I was laughing like hell hearing her name.

      2. Maanu13

        Ya me too…shanthi….then what would b the name for shanthi spot…suman is sumathi I guess that name ….bcoz our tamil team ll not put some much effort on choosing names…I thought saanjh is named as sanjana in short sanju…this sound same Na..but they changed the name… shanthi??????

  3. Before I start ranting about saanjh I need to comment on how amazing and s*xy Maya’s possessiveness was!!! One minute she’s all scary grabbing Arjun by the collar and next she’s the hopelessly in love girl just amazing acting by Jennifer! Jennifer takes this serial to the next level no one can match her part was when Arjun literally walks in her footsteps this is the beginning of an amaaaaazing love story can’t wait for tomorrow!! As for saanjh..she ruined another great episode! Arjun is in danger and yet she still finds time to cry..mera Arjun mera Arjun wtf?! Even saanjh’s dad has seen her obsession and craziness..I think saanjh k kismat mein sirf rona likha hai

  4. Omg?
    I’m literally dead now?
    What an amazing episodeeee?
    I just hate Saanjh?
    But Arjun and Maya rockkkk ?

    1. Agree

  5. Arjun is the luckiest person in the world 2 girls fighting for seriously what has he done to deserve them:p
    My only wish is that Arjun loves Maya the same way she loves him..I don’t know why he took so long to realise his love for her? Maya is irresistible. Mujhe to 1st episode se hi pyaar hua❤ We should applaud saanjh’s thoughts abhi jaag gai now she remembers to propose him..late current-.-
    Ab dekhna kal k episode mein dangal hoga kyu saanjh ka dil finally tut jayega aur apna favourite Arya ayega..can’t wait!!

  6. Wow awesome amazing episode ??…love u Maya what a heroic entry..u risks ur life&u saved ur love Arjun.? ……and Maya is sleeping? guys…i hope her insomniac disease will cure with Arjun closeness..? ?maya feeling peace in Arjun hands ?? she falls asleep.? superb ? waiting for next episode eagerly ?

    1. Maanu13

      Ya ks…that was soooo cute….she was soo afraid and tensed bcoz of arjun…when he comfort her…she feel peace and goes sleep.lovely❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
      Arya we love u❤❤❤❤❤

  7. Lovely episode. The chemistry of arya was wonderful. Jenny has made it so easy. The footsteps scene was sheer poetry (a romantic one) to me. Arjun finally wakes up in the story, I feel kushal is miscast here. Saanjh is on her way to enrage and awake a calm and sedate Maya in Mauritius. Maya has been quite controlled but saanjh’s entry will disturb her. Wishing for a thrilling ride tommorow. Cheers.

  8. fantastic episode so arjun loves maya loved the scenes of both arjun & maya waiting 4 his proposal

  9. Maya and Arjun ??
    Before beyhadh my one and only favourite indian drama was Iss pyaar ko kya naam dhoon.
    But since I started to watching Beyhadh. Im obsessed with this drama.
    Wish there are have english subtitles. After watching the episode I have to read written update. ?

  10. Angelk1

    So now the story is going in an interesting direction. Arjun will propose to maya and realize maya cares for him and will give her a chance. Walking in maya foot prints. Saanj will see this an will give up on arjun, the story will then get to the part where the family will be uncomfortable with maya and arjun will try to fight for her an when he losses everyone he care for.

    He will start to see maya glitch and ask his mom for help. My only thing is please saanj arjun is slow, just let him make his own decision an see for himself. Maya won this round because you were slow to propose, just let him fogure it out.

    Anyway, arjun isnt seeing saanj romantically yet because she never showed it that she like him, well she never hinted it. If she had he would have took it to consideration. He knew maya not to long ago, but her action made him make his decision.

    He only know the maya she has shown him, he hasnt seen everything . so he will know once their official. We will see if arjun love was true or was just infatuation.

    1. For what I have seen is saanjh won’t give up on arjun. She’ll be frenzy and as spoilers say she’ll hit Maya. It will throw arjun-saanjh relation in a jeopardy.

      1. Angelk1

        Spoilers can be misslead ing. We will have to see how it. Happen

  11. Asammi

    Maya is such a psycho

    1. Maanu13

      Asammi,why r u saying like this…what she did???

    2. jab aap logon ko pta ni hai na k psycho kehte kise hain to please ye word kindly matt use kiya karo.PLEASE it is a request stop labelizing others.

      1. Asammi

        Ayesha no offense, but here even am a regular viewer of this Beyhadh serial. And yes, i have the maturity to think who is psycho and who is’nt. So please, respect my views.

      2. Maanu13

        Then tell Na ..y u labeled Maya as psycho…what is wrong in Maya??

      3. Asammi

        You guys want me to explain why maya is psycho, but guys here am not to debate what are her faults and not to point each and every misleadings done by her. And yes, as i said earlier am a regular viewer of this show and i found her psycho.. and even if you want me to explain why is she psycho then please look at her attitude, and impulsiveness.

  12. I like Maya & arjun scene but sanjh spoiled all scene and also did same things tomorrow episode ……I just can’t tolerate her…why he always saying that mine arjun this words irritated me.your friend not you salves try to understand. He have also own mind & heart …….

  13. Hi guys,
    I always enjoy reading your comments but today I feel like taking part in posting 🙂

    I think every action of everyone here will always takes our emotions to extreme level coz the nsme is BEYHADH 🙂
    Its full of beyhadh happiness
    Or beyhadh sadness or beyadh madness!
    Sanj will be beyhadh sad where arya will be beyhadh happy.
    I have seen precap that Sanj will try to kill Maya by hitting her with rod!!
    So not looking forward to it but this show will take us to emotional roller coaster guys.

  14. Fabulous episode. Love the growing intimacy between Maya and Arjun. Duffer finally starting to see the light. SAANJH on the other hand acts immature although brilliantly portrayed ,I find her voice rather irritating.

  15. Finally my fav scene is coming soon. Arjun is proposing maya. Today is so awesome. I mean what an episode yar. Maya maya maya u are so awesome. It was so cute while arjun is walking in her foot prints. And he is going to kiss her forehead oh my god. Saanjh please yar dnt disturb them. See maya is so happy with arjun even she slept in his arms which she is impossible for her. I love u maya. Waiting eagerly for next episode

    1. Yes proved maya sleep peacefully in Arjun hands(maya didn’t slept till yesterday)..only Arjun love will change her abnormal life to normal life…there is chances Maya will come out from that tortures and insecure fear bcoz of Arjun true love on today episode Arjun proposing eagerly waiting to see.?

  16. Wow 2nd Jan episode speech less
    Maya and arjun chemistry too good
    Saanch father told correct she doing a over reacting and saanch ka arjun nahi Maya la arjun
    And one day pandit said about arjun love life in problematic because of ashwin

    1. Angelk1

      I doubt it’s because of ashwin, but we will see.

  17. Yup,,,,I wanted Maya to scold Arjun,,,,,coz he once again proved that he is stupid,,,what kinda crew is that they left him to die,,,,,,,,,atlast,,,,I’m happy for Maya and Arjun,,this is the perfect moment for him to accept her proposal,,,,,,,bt poor Saanjh,hope she sees Arjun and Maya together and leave him forever,,,because onesided love is painfull,,,,it will be good for her if she moves on fast,,,coz Arjun was with her for years but she was not able to propose him,,, now she wants to propose him but he went far away from her,,,welll,,,it’s not his mistake,,,,Saanjh’s papa is the only one with sense,,,Saanjh could get paired with Ayaan maybe,,,or Jeethu is also good

    1. Angelk1

      I agree saanj should leave him, but to say forever that’s not going to happen. Because saanj will always be important to him, even if it’s not romantically yet. Saanj is going through what most girls go through heartbreak, but she will help arjun even though she’s hurt by seeing him with Maya because she’s his bestfriend. People have to accept that she won’t go anywhere, ( not you) even if they don’t like her and they find her annoying.

      1. SilentReader

        yup Saanjh will be important to him as she was his bestie from childhood,,,,and I know ‘forever’ is impossible,,,but that’s better for Saanjh else she will keep on crying everytym she sees ARYA together and won’t be able to move on

      2. Ya saanjh will stay as a friend with arjun..i read it upcoming tracks..ashwin is goinng to kidnap maya and he traps arjun in some murder case.saanjh is taken up arjun case .&4 years leap taken in serial..sorry guys i reveald half upcomig story,it will lose intrest on serial.but we will watch this serial for maya?we loves maya more?lets see..

      3. SilentReader

        4 years!!!…..thanx for the news ks,,,,,the serial is getting more dramatic

  18. for the 1st (and maybe last) time i felt bad for saanjh wo b just for a few moments and then as usual she started her overreacting thing or Maya ne aaj Dr.Riddhima Gupta from dill mill gayye star one (2007-2010) ki yaad dila di.Riddhima b kaha krti thi tum meri jaan ho Armaan and when he left her after an accident as he would lose his memory in future and he did not wanted to hurt her.but he recovered and returned to Jennifer as riddhima confronted him and said tumne ek baar b mere baare me ni socha na k me tumhare bghair kese jiungi??I LOVE YOU MAYA.

  19. Guys I saw upcoming twist..after Arjun proposed to Maya..they went for god blessings to temple..there some Pandit Ji said stay away from Maya,her vajase problem’s will come.

    1. So based on this Arjun end up alone in this season 1…season 2 is coming soon…’s finite show like naagin serial.but we can enjoy to see ArYa together scenes and their fight with odd problem’s to save their love u Maya ?

      1. SilentReader

        how can season1 end soo sooon,,,,nothing happened till now,,,,,,!! their story just started

      2. Ya it will take time to start season 2…i just said in season 1 Arjun will end up alone as based on Pandit Ji words.

  20. Wat should I tell u poor guys. All r u with Maya!!!!
    I am just shocked to read your comments.
    It’s only good watching awesome Maya. By in real life if someone came into our life like Maya then we are finished. She is horrible. And Sanjh is someone we can live our whole life with and share all.
    Just grow up guys….. try to choose the correct person as it life partner, with whom u can live a normal life.

  21. ? should I tell u poor guys. All r u with Maya!!!!
    I am just shocked to read your comments.
    It’s only good watching awesome Maya. By in real life if someone came into our life like Maya then we are finished. She is horrible. And Sanjh is someone we can live our whole life with and share all.
    Just grow up guys….. try to choose the correct person as it life partner, with whom u can live a normal life.

  22. Loved this episode. Finally arjun realised his feelings for maya. Their chemistry is magical. Can’t wait for the next episode. .

  23. Angelk1

    Their chemestry is to good that it makes it bad. Because theirs always a glitch or something wrong in the picture.

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