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Beyhadh 2nd February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mehandi ceremony starts at Maya’s apartment. Arjun with family, Saanjh’s family, and relatives reaches there. His commentary starts. Ayan clicks Maya’s pic and says bhabi is looking hot. Ashwin fixes silencer to his gun and from his apartment points at Maya’s apartment. He first points at Jahnvi and thinks she is his living bank account, he cannot kill her. He then points at Vadana and thinks if he kills her, marriage will halt. He then points at Ayan and thinks if he kill Ayan, Maya will not be affected. He then points at Arjun.

Vandana asks Suman why did not Saanjh come. Suman says let Saanjh find her own happiness. Maya hears their conversation, walks towards them and asks if they are comfortable. Vandana says she will leave after sometime. Maya asks if she has any problem


Ayan invites Jahnvi for a dance. Jahnvi reacts, but then starts dancing on nothing my mahiya…song..and drags whole family. Ashwin shoots at Arjun. Arjun falls down. Vandana shouts Arjun….Arjun then gets up and says he slipped from Jahnvi’s sari. Jahnvi apologizes him. Maya’s mehandi gets spoilt. Guest shouts it is a big abshagun, that is why elders warn that bride and groom should not meet before marriage. Vandana hears that and scolds Arjun. Maya panics. Arjun takes her aside and tries to calm her down. Maya says earlier also panditji warned about kundalis. Arjun says when pandit can change opinion for money, he is not reliable, their fate cannot be decided by any kundali, their compatibility is what matters. Vandana hears their conversation and fumes. She walks home angrily. Arjun then asks Ayan where is mom. Ayan says she left.

Jahnvi orders guards to be around Arjun’s family until they reach home. Saanjh finds bullet and tells Jahnvi that Ashwin tried to kill Arjun, why she is protecting him. Jahnvi says if she had informed earlier, Vandanna would have broken marriage. She further says she is worried about her and Arjun’s marriage and does not care about Ashwin.

Back home, Vandana scolds Arjun how could he bribe pandit and says until she gets kundalis rechecked, marriage will not happen. Arjun says marriage will happen on time.

Maya prays god that Ashwin tried to harm Arjun, when God has given Arjun to her, nobody can snatch him from her. She remembers Ashwin torturing her in childhood and says she suffered his torture till now, but will not tolerate if he harms Arjun. She picks knife thinking of killing Aswhin.

Precap: Pandit checks Arjun and Maya’s kundalis and tells this girl’s love for Arjun is a biggest problem for him, she can go to any extent for Arjun and may harm him. Saanjh with knife and tries to enter Ashwin’s apartment via window.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Wow awesome episode with great precap.

  2. Faltu episode and faltu pandit

    All should die who ever is against aeya should not be living maya will finish alllllllllllll

    This pandit is also going to die
    All this rasams r going bad but it doesnot really matter what actually matters is arjuns love for maya

    And belive me he is madly behadhly in love with hotness ki devi maya

    I love u arjun u rock

    All arya fans i know u all know the news of the tatoo so lets enjoy it waiting for it behadly……

    1. No yaar ,all rasam spoiled but while cvs showing real rasam unique way,U know…today was not a mehendi rasam…before ashwin spoiled that was also not haldi rasam….real main haldi rasam was ‘ang laga de song ArYa haldi …and real mehendi rasam is tattoo..our ArYa love is unique,beyhadh story unique.if they showed pandith apshahgun words.hope so they will show this too differently.let’s see.?

  3. Now i think vandana will turn new villian

  4. Wow amazing episode,ArYa? superb…&stupid ashwin tried to kill Arjun.maya found bullet &my maya didnt try to kill ashwin bcoz he tortured her.she never gain brave to take revenge by killing.But she took this step now for Arjun.&precap Arjun came via window for Maya,so tomorrow tattoo romance,waiting for next episode ?

  5. Antara

    Thank God all R safe small correction in precap its not saanjh it is maya who is with knife i think its not ashwin it coulde be arjun did anyone see new promo its horrible maya & arjun taking rounds in front of someone’s chitta its really shocking but who is it?

  6. Kya ho raha hai yaar..aaj kal beyhadh exciting nai many things to rant about?
    1) Ashwin waits 10 freaking mins to figure out who to shoot! He’s so determined to kill someone but hasn’t decided who..what kind of muderer is he?!
    2) Vandana and saanjh have a horrible habit of eavesdropping! It’s so irritating..privacy de do yaar..why are they both sitting on Maya and arjun’s head..
    3) Being educated and everything Vandana and even Maya are superstitious. Expected from Vandana not Maya..Vandana is getting on my nerves
    4) Vandana is a horrible mother..who is she to break the marriage?! Hate the blo*dy woman..just because you believe in superstitions doesn’t mean others do she should not force her opinions on others at this rate she will lose Arjun again! Vandana just wants an excuse to separate Maya and Arjun which is why she is hell bent on the matching of kundlis
    5) Lastly thank god no saanjh in today’s episode..YAY

    1. I think you’re a very dense person Stefan. Does Maya not eavesdrop as well? Does she not have a CCTV camera everywhere so she can spy on everyone?
      So what’s your point exactly? If you like Maya, say so. Don’t be stupid with your comments.
      When Vandana and Saanjh eavesdrop, they’re irritating. But when Maya does it, she’s protecting her interests. As if Saanjh and Vandana don’t have interests too.
      You really top the nonsense comments every single day.
      Your nonsense is beyhadh. Lol.

      1. Suman and Vandana were talking about saanjh barely 100 metres away from Maya she wasn’t eavesdropping it was a coincidence..these people can’t be happy to see two people uniting I understand her daughter is heartbroken but at least smile at someone else’s wedding don’t make them feel guilty

      2. Esther

        yea agree @Daisy… love Maya (I too love Maya) ….bt that doesn’t mean all others are negative……..Vandana cares for Arjun….afterall she’z his mother…..most ppl believ in such kundli and all…..can’t call her horrible/bldy woman just bcoz of that…..that’s typical mother’s love,,,,,,ARjun will soon convince her with his love,,,,,,,

    2. Stefan,..hidden listen some one talk habit know only vandana and saanjh.our Maya will face it anything.suman and vandana both talked seriously with sad face in front of Maya in happy sangeet atmosphere.obviously Maya will observed it.and went near asked about it.not like all.

  7. Nice episode i am really l?ve with this serial

  8. You guys love saanjh so much , i dont believe it .

  9. Angelk1

    Chapter 15

    Kali and amma spent the whole day shopping. Nandu watch from afar. He ignored the vibrating in his poker, and watch as Kali excuse herself to use the bathroom. While waiting, amma wheel herself to the side. She bump into some men who starts yelling at her. Amma apologize, but they demand her to clean their now dirty shoe. Nandu puts his magazine down, and grab his hat in his pocket.

    Covering his face he walk to them ” she already apologize isn’t that enough” he says

    The men an his friends look at him ” this is none of your business ”

    Nandu now in front of Amma says ” I can’t see anyone getting disrespected. Especially elders.”

    ” look at this guys, a humble man ”

    ” do you know who we are”

    Nandu ignore them. He turn his head slightly asking if she was alright, she nod. The men told him not to ignore him. He grab Nandu shoulder, but Nandu grab his wrist squeezing it. ” do not touch me” he says

    The men wines in pain. .he move his hand from Nandu, and glares at him ” you will regret this” he says before walking away.

    When they left, Nandu bends down to grab her shopping bag. Amma thanks him, and bless him. Nandu became emotional. When he heard Kali calling Amma, he quickly gives her bag to him and stood up to leave. Kali asks what happen, and Amma tells her everything. Kali curious watch as the men leave. For some reason she thought he looks familar.

    She quickly got over it, and took Amma to the food court. Nandu wipe his tears. He wish things we’re different. If only he knew his father wasn’t financing his mother anymore, then he would have been with his family.

    1. Angelk1

      Wrong post, can someone delete this

  10. Angelk1

    Well well well, Maya plans on killing her father for arjun. And that’s a good thing?, but anyway. Vandana finally found the truth, good. Truth will always come out no matter what. An vadana is jut a worried parents, if she overheard their conversation that’s not wrong, just like when Maya heard vandana an saanj mom talking about saanj, that’s definetly. Not earsdropping ..right.

    Anyway, the precap seem weird, but here’s my thought. Maybe Maya goes in an her an ashwin gets into battle. She calls arjun, arjun sees them fighting an out of anger kills ashwin.


    Maya an ashwin fights, Maya sees blood on her head. She goes crazy, an stabs ashwin, arjun comes there Maya starts crying and says it was self-defense. Arjun ressures. Her an take her away with ashwin body, they get married.

    But I saw the promo when they got married. Maya looked evil while arjun Looks unease. Somethings up. A good twist would be Jhanvi kills ashwin for Maya. But for a second Jhanvi looked scared, when mayashe found the bullet. I wonder why.

    1. Ashinipatel3

      The truth was not something really bad because this is the problem with parents like Vandana, she would stop marriage if kundlis stuff does not match. Maya hearing their conversation was coincidence because she was present at that moment. Even in real life if horoscope match people still don’t live happily, it depends on couple’s compatibility.

      Precap is always misleading for some reason. Its Arjun who is getting through Maya’s window inside the house and she is holding knife thinking its Ashwin

      1. Angelk1

        Just as how its a coincidence when saanj overheard arya talking . but thats not instead its eardroping. . anyway i agree after watching the precap, i think its arjun because of the bracelet. He might be in shock after seeing that, but i think she will break down crying an arjun will once more ressures her.

  11. Shalinisenthil

    I think vandhana will try to stop marriage with the help of saanjh …..after seeing kundalis vandhana will join with saanjh to help her to stop arya marriage…already arya finished there marriage 4th kasam and rasam themselves …..waiting for today episode eagerly….i think today episodes is going to very much romantic as a haldi …in front of all whatever all marriage oath spoiling but in alone both doing all oath and rasam very romantically and sucessfully…so im accepting today in this episode they show romantic mehandi rasam in between my arya with romantic background music and they will complete there 5th marriage vaachan or kasam itself …marriage happen or not but they will get married by themselves ….arjun love maya very much i love this pair ….i love the way they completing all oath and vaachan its really so romantic and its very different … behyadh love arya…???????

  12. reshma begum

    How could you talk like this stefen plz don’t talk like this about saanj. I lv her character. She and his mother trying to save arjun from maya . If she with him he will get so many problems. Maya is a saiko

    1. Angelk1

      Reshma , just give up. Lets see what happens as the story progress. Theirs no point arguing.

    2. Shalinisenthil

      I dont think maya will harm arjun in any cost she love him blindly…but i agree in one matter that she will harm anyone who try to harm arjun….this pandit is too much y in this serial they putting pandit vandit and all ,pandit is not a god to guess 100 percentage abt anyone future….as a ashinipatel said this all depends on couples compatibilty……

  13. Stefan is fully correct that women vandana has got her son because of maya because maya made arjun understand all that now she is stabing maya at herback arjun if once geys to know about sannjh and vandanas plan he will brust in anger and will marry maya at temple but the marrage will happen at any cost

  14. U r right ks
    And u r fully right stefan that women vandana got her son back because of maya saanjh was never able to bring them close it was maya and that women is trying to stab her in the back this women is disgusting and if saanjh and vandana will jion hand to break the marrage arjun surely comes to know and will brust with anger at them.
    Amay arjun and runn and marray in temple or near cheta.
    But the marrage is going to happen at any cost

    I dont think their tatoo romance will be shown today may be next week because two sensetional s*xy scene in a week is really unexpectable
    Lets see what has to go behadh next what hadh they will cross cvs directors and writters only know

  15. Saanjh is going to became mad for arjun and will kill ashwin spoiling maya arjuns marrage this is the latest gossip
    Lets see how maya reacts to saanjh maddess for arjun

    1. WE can’t trust cvs ..they cheated in mail thing with logic less..they showed only first one mail how saanjh received..they didn’t showed after two mails that time Maya is with Arjun.lastly they revealed its Maya with out in murder also we can’t trust cvs.cvs will do anything.

  16. Ayesha22

    just waiting for the truth to be out.

  17. Guys so much drama at marriage mandap..Vandana came and said tujhe meri kasam ye shadi nehi ho sakta…chal merw sath phir use khich k haat pakarke le gayi….and maya also left mandap…then in second scene sanjh saying pandit to continue mantras…then arjun said lekin maya then sanjh shouts bohot hogaya maya maya…after they showed veil bride..don’t know what happened there..very interesting ..let’s see

  18. Ooooooooooooo god behad is going to be even more drama baaz then me

    What is going to happen god

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