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Vandana opens door hearing door bell and is shocked to see Maya in front of her. Ayan is also shocked. Maya asks if she can come in. Vandana nods yes. Maya raises left foot, but then backs off and steps right foot. Vandana notices it. Ayan is a shock falls on TV remote and TV starts with a loud sound. Arjun comes out rubbing his eyes and says he will break house if they make sound. He is surprised to see Maya in front of her and asks what is she doing here. She says Rhea told he is ill, so she came to see him. Arjun acts as sneezing. Ayan says fever also…Arjun says he has cold and fever, but is a bit fine now. Maya gives him costly mobile gift for his yesterday’s help. Ayan says he cannot take such a costly gift. Ayan asks to take it and give it to him. Maya insists

and Arjun accepts. Ayan asks if she wants to have breakfast with them.. Arjun says Maya does not like middle class breakfast. Maya says she does not mind and asks Vandana if she can. Vandana says yes. Arjun and Ayan go to freshen up.

Vandana serves breakfast. Saanjh brings vada pav for Arjun. Vandana greets her in. Arjun gets very excited seeing vada pav. Vandana tells Saanjh brings Arjun’s favorite vada pav once in a week at least, she knows what Arjun needs. Maya says best friends knows what their friends need. Vandana says Saanjh is not friend, she is part of their lives, she knows Arjun more than himself and without her Arjun is incomplete. Maya says people are not incomplete, situations are. She picks vada pav and asks Arjun if it is his favorite. Saanjh says Arjun likes very spicy vada pav and she may not handle it. Maya says her and Arjun’s taste is same then and munches chillies. Everyone look in a shock. Maya tells Arjun he can spend 2 days with his family, after that is he is hers. Vandana and Saanjh look in a shock. Maya says she means he will be busy with her with new assignment and workload.

Maya goes to her car and cannot tolerate chillies hotness. Driver offers water. She says no need, she should be habituated soon. Vandana and Saanjh loudly discuss that something is wrong with Maya, who gives so costly gifts. Arjun says people give gifts according to their status, like Saanjh’s status is vada pav, Maya’s status is 50,000 rs mobile. Saanjh says Maya loves him. He says Maya must have gone for shopping and like shopkeepers give toffee in exchange of change, Maya would have got mobile. He continues joking. Ayan suggests they all 3 should go for a picnic. Vandana signals Saanjh it is a good idea, new place new people. Saanjh says if Ayan is coming along, she will bring her brother. Their nok jhok starts.

Maya reaches office and asks Rhea to get latest assignment pics. Rhea says it is with Arjun and he did not come. Maya asks to call Arjun and get them. Rhea calls Arjun and asks where the pics are. He says in his desktop. She asks to give password as Maya is starting new campaign. Arjun says he is coming right now, tells Saanjh that he is going. Saanjh asks where is he going. He says to fill diesel, fix tyres, etc. Saanjh looks at Vandana.

Arjun reaches office sees new photographer interns. Rhea says Maya is taking their interviews. He says how can she when he is still hired and angrily storms into Maya’s cabin and asks shat is her problem, what game she is playing.

Precap: While heading for picnic, Arjun speeds jeep and Saanjh asks to slow down. Maya follows them, overtakes, and smirks.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Good episode but not the best like yesterday’s…I want only arya scenes and not nonsense from saanjh and Arjuns family
    Anyways can’t wait for 6th December !!!!

    1. Shalini Senthil

      I agree with u keep away saanjha and arjun mum for side form sometimes its getting bore to see them…i accept after 6th dec able to see more arya scences..

    2. U shud see them coz they are also part of the show,,,,serial is of 25 mnts and they won’t show maya and arjun only in the entire epi,,,,,all characters are needed for a perfect story ,,..smthng more than a love stry

  2. I lyk Saanjh.. of course maya also bcoz she is the main lead but i donno y but i hav a soft corner for Saanjh. Pls dont break her heart Arjun.

  3. Simply superb episode…eagerly waiting for next episode ?? love u Maya ?

  4. Angelk1

    Lol at least they know something not right with maya. Arjun is such an idiot not seeing how both girls love him. I wonder how long this track will go before maya actually start stalking him. I hope its soon

  5. haha Arjun is totally trapped,,,,,poor Arjun,,,btw y he got angry on Maya,,,,typical male ego,,,,,Will anyone behaves lyk dis wid their boss,,,,,

  6. Eagerly waiting for arjun and saanjh. I love them. They are the best couple, ?

  7. Hai prathiksa are you watching beyhadh. I don’t see any comments of you

  8. Hi Laksh…I agree with u..all characters are needed for a perfect story..If they show maya & arjun all the time then what’s the need of the other characters..

    Anyway,,The episode was good…Waiting for 6th december’s episode…..

    1. hai Ridika,,,.yup each n every character is important ….they together makes the story perfect

  9. Epi was good eagerly waiting for Monday’s epi…n do read
    N fan fiction of beybadh do read them

  10. Love maya

  11. i love saanjh nd arjun much more than maya nd arjun

  12. hey guys iam new here iam from bd can join u iam also a fan of beyadh

  13. It is weird to see arjun overlooking all the people around him. He cannot see saanjh’s love (it is obvious as never had the guts to say). He never realises the love of his step mom. And finally he takes maya’s actions easily. The way arjun reacts to every situation looks bit surreal sometimes as he looks to threaten Maya when anything happens. I mean she is her boss and no one speaks like that to his/her boss.

  14. People still thinking this is a love story… you do realise that it isn’t just Maya but her parents as well that are nuts, lunacy runs in her blood. All you’ll end up with is either a dead Maya or Arjun while the other is commited to an asylum. Saanjh will be left trying to pick up the pieces… we should take bets on who ends up dead, my money’s on Arjun.

    1. I think that Arjun and Saanjh will try to overcome the madness of Maya through Love and Friendship. And, it can happen as Maya needs such support.

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