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Beyhadh 29th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Samay feeds soup to Saanjh and asks to have at least some. He asks if she wants to talk to duffer/Arjun. Saanjh says her and duffer’s relationship is unique, even if they fight 100 times, they will reunite, when she speaks to him, she feels like talking to herself. She and her duffer love papa so much and papa used to love them a lot, he used to even scold them and take them on scooty. Like she is missing her papa, even duffer must be missing him, that is why he came here leaving Maya. Samay asks if Arjun does not love Maya. Arjun comes and calls Saanjh. Saanjh smiles looking at him and says duffer.

Maya goes to Jahnvi’s room and switches on light. Jahnvi gets afraid seeing her. Maya feeds her water and cries hugging her, says she proved that she is her mother even after she tried to kill

her twice, but she does not die, only she will be with her in all her happiness, sorrows, each moment. She continues if she knows Arjun left her and went to Saanjh, now she has to find some other way to kill Jahnvi and picks pillow. Jahhnvi gets more afraid. Maya takes pillow near Jahnvi’s face.

Samay seeing Arjun says Saanjh he will come later. Saanjh holds his hand and says he can listen to their conversation. Arjun also says same and tells Saanjh that Maya freed him today. Samay is shocked hearing that.

Maya keeps pillow under Jahnvi’s head and says she herself should find a way to kill herself and inform her, she needs her now and should be alive for some time. She further continues that anger is very dangerous and nobody understands that limits make barrier and life’s duty is to break barriers, she broke every relationship’s barrier. She let another man love her, reminiscing letting Samay love her. She says now only one barrier is left which she is unable to break, Saanjh and Arjun’s, she is trying hard, but Arjun is not letting it break. She reminisces Arjun fighting with her for Saanjh. She asks her to sleep and switches off light, turns and see Jahnvi nervously holding her bed. She walks back and says she can understand everything without her uttering anything, says she is feeling cold, dorns blanket on her and leaves.

Arjun tells Saanjh that he used to suffocate when Maya used to hold her, but realized he is nothing without Maya. He knows his friend must be thinking he is betraying her at this tough time, but he has to go back to Maya for her further child. Saanjh says she will not forgive him, when her papa left her, how can she except anything from her friend, he is stranger after all, he can go. Samay hugs her and she cries vigorously. Arjun extends his hand towards her emotionally, but backs off and leaves. Saanjh looks him going and cries more.

Arjun walks out of apartment. A man rams his bike on him and apologies. Arjun scolds him that he will break someone’s leg and apologize, what will do with his sorry. Man speeds his bike. Arjun murmurs he is a big duffer, when his love needed him, he left for his friend and when his friend needed him, he is running away from her. Vandana comes and says he need not worry for Saanjh, they are all there for Saanjh, he is leaving Saanjh for Maay who is making him dance to her tunes like a game. He says game’s name is bandar/unborn child, maya is pregnant.

Maya removes bandage from her wounded hand and injures it more and draws Arjun’s painting with her blood. Tujhe pyar karte karte..teri need tak udadon…song..plays in the background. She laughs looking at Arjun’s painting and says her love cross all barriers, someone thought her love as madness, someone thought passion, someone thought addiction, but nobody saw her pain, she cannot forget that her Arjun is not only hers and Saanjh forces her right on him, because of Saanjh, Arjun leaves her often, but enough now, till now she shed her blood, now Saanjh will shed her blood, holding knife.

Precap: Saanjh looking at electric board says Suman and Shubh that Maya got her papa killed. Samay gets tensed standing behind.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Arjun had always loved maya and only maya.. sanjh is a best friend for him. It would be nice if maya understand this soon… love can never be achieved by limiting someone to such an extent that the person feels so suffocated.? just hope maya could trust arjun and set him free. He loves her so much that he will always come back to her only. But if she turned more and more black, it will be difficult for arya to be one in the end.her psycotic behaviour is getting worse day by day ? i just hope the baby brings positivity in her ? so that she could stop making her own life hell by her own hands.

  2. Both Maya’s and arjun’s dialogues are superb?? and it touched the peak when Arjun said’he’s northing without maya’?.and Maya just make urself relaxed and then see the Arjun is yours..only yours..,and just please stop dis murder plan dearand hate the precap.samay has done the murder (again want to justify that Maya just asked to delete the proof)and saanj is going to blame Maya and will make a new plan.same boring track

    1. u stop idiot use coomon sense and see maya knows samay every move so stop saying she didnt she even didnt care abt saanjh dad death she wanted party

    2. But Maya is not a normal woman na?she is a affected person like u.and samay has some brain,he may think of his own.u are talking like’ Maya has converted samay into psycho.’if a person does any mistake of his own,that will belonged to him/herself only.’

      1. anyway,I don’t wanna justify maya’s murder (ashwin’s)and her act in court.but samay is not a real puppet as u think.u may realise that in upcoming episodes

      2. u r affected all maya puppets

  3. Jenniferwingetlover

    Hey am new here….tmr is jennifers bday!!

  4. Really sajel …i also hope so ….

  5. Jenniferwingetlover

    Arjuns love for maya is true…..and always brings him back to her….feels bad to see maya hurt herself like this but shes nailing the grey acting…hopefully we will see a new maya soon…plus its mayas (jennifer winget) bday tmr!!

  6. Maya will go to jail or mentelasylum because sanjh is main chacter

    1. She is pregnant, cannot send her to jail… they may send to mental asylum

  7. Now I am quiting this show. cv’s never show truth wins.. always innocent people die and make evil badness win…
    no more positivity is showing..
    No values for relations … till date I had a hope but day to day… becoming worse
    Bye to all my lovely friends and haters…

  8. Bhavana M Lodd

    this serial has crossed all d ugliness and now it is putting behind even ekta kapoors serials God save the mentality of script writer and directer

  9. Really.. Same story repeats again.. Even though now samay is with saanjh to prove Maya wrong but nothing like that is gonna happen.. Because this show is promoting evil over good till now… Bring some change.. Let saanjh win for at least once…

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