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Beyhadh 29th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Saanjh rushes to airport and tries to get in to meet Arjun, but guards stop him and say she cannot get in without ticket. Saanjh sees Arjun and calls him Arjun, Duffer…., but he does not listen her. She then sees Maya coming and Arjun while trying to take selfe slips and Maya holds him. Arjun asks Maya if she is also coming. She asks if he thought she would send him alone. Saanjh stands in a shock and starts crying… Alarm clock with her voice recording falls down and it repeats wake up Arjun, duffer wake up. Arjun hears it and turns. Saanjh hides. Maya asks what happened. Arjun says he felt someone is calling her. She says he has to learn to stop looking behind and walks with him in. Saachi comes back and picks alarm clock and cries more.

Saanjh goes home and cries lying on bed reminiscing Arjun and Maya’s closness and looking at alarm clock. Suman and Prem enter and ask what happened to her. She says Arjun has forgotten her friendship and likes Maya now. They ask what happened and call Vandana. Saanjh tells Arjun lied that he is going alone to Mauritius and went with Maya. Vandana says how can it be. Saanjh says this is what happened.

Arjun walks with Maya towards check out and says he will send message to Saanjh and make her jealous. He goes and stands in general class que while Maya stands in Business class. He thinks Maya will go in business class and he has to go in janata class. Maya calls him and says his ticket is booked with her. He excitedly clicks selfies with business class board and gets into flight. He and Maya sit together. He says he says again that he will send selfies to Saanjh and make her jealous. Air hostess announces to switch off mobile as flight will take off. Maya asks him to switch off mobile and forget Saanjh for some time.

Maya tells Vandana that truth is Arjun also likes Maya now. Saanjh goes to terrace and continues crying reminiscing her love for Arjun.

Precap: Arjun and Maya reach a 5-star hotel and staff greet them in a royal way. Arjun gets excited seeing sports car and asks Maya if he can do recce today itself instead of tomorrow. Maya says okay, calls someone and asks to make arrangement and not make any mistakes.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Wandering life

    Wow the amount of trust a so called “best friend” Saanjh has on her duffer. She is accusing Arjun of betraying to his family and friends. Seriously though for love of god Vandana plz give some space to Arjun.

  2. SaanjhdeservesArjun

    Seee this is what i meannn… Maya is trying to trap Arjun my giving him alll these luxuries … Saanjh please stop thinking Arjun loves Maya! Saanjh dont be sooo sweet tht Maya SNATCHES Arjun from u… Ufh this Maya! She told him not to look back so tht he wouldnt see Saanjh! I reallly dont understand how ppl can like Maya! Saanjh deserves Arjun. Nd dont calll her a crybaby! She has gotten soooooooo hurt tht tears just flow from her eyes… i feel sooo bad for her… ?. SAANJH DESERVES ARJUN!

    1. SaanjhdeservesArjun you’re delusional! Maya is not trapping Arjun she’s rich she can afford luxuries! You idiot if you were a millionaire would you travel by economy class? No right same with Maya..she is just showing Arjun the better things in life! She is not poor so why should she adjust?
      And she’s hurt is because of her own foolishness and her family’s idiotic ideas! Again she’s crying about Arjun lying to her god that’s so irritating! She is useless and has no role left in this show! Just marry her off and get rid of her..
      And please tell me why Maya doesn’t deserve Arjun?? From outside she is a cold,cunning,manipulative business women but inside she’s a little girl in desperate need of love! How insensitive are you that you couldn’t feel sorry when Maya spent her nights crying..her love is pure and undying. She would give up her life for Arjun. Can you not see the hurt and pain she’s been through?? It’s disgusting that even after seeing Maya’s suffering you still think she’s not worthy of love! You wait once arya are together you’ll see why she deserves Arjun

      1. SaanjhdeservesArjun

        I think you should get married off nd get rid off … i mean who says tht? Listen Saanjh has the main role in this show cuz this show will show how saanjhs pure love is faaar faaar better than tht psycho Mayas… dude mostt important part… Maya said tht she is keeping their relation professional but tht is not at alllllll true she is constantly doing things to make arjun close to her!! Listen im not saying Maya doesnt need love im saying tht she should back off away from Arjun nd look for love somewhere else instead of playing tricks to make Arjun love her when he clearly loves saanjh somewhere deep down inside nd hasnt realised! The wholee time Arjun kept saying Saanjh Saanjh but tht MAYA told him not to look back! Shes sucha evil monster. Maya is worthy of the love she earns not the one she snatches see the differnece theres a big big differnece! Saanjh deserves Arjun.

    2. I agree with you ..Maya is trapping arjun … Why can’t others see… Actually its their problem .. I want arjun to suffer and realize saanjh’s love and unite … Maya is solrathu vardha varala illati nalla sollituven koduma ….

      1. He’s not going to unite with saanjh that’s for sure! First of all when arya get together it’s obvious that prem will start looking for a guy for saanjh so she’ll probably get married..and Arjun loves saanjh as a bff nothing else he looks at saanjh like his bro..another thing if the makers get saanjh and Arjun together they’ll lose lots of trp! In the end Arjun will end up alone

      2. Saanjhdeservesarjun if Maya could look a for love elsewhere she wouldn’t be after Arjun! No one had the guts to love Maya and also Maya wants Arjun bcos he doesn’t love her for her status or money he loves Maya for Maya. It’s not so easy to “look for love somewhere else” Maya is scared that she will make the same mistake as her mother but Arjun is different he’s not lusting after money! And why should Maya back off from Arjun bcos saanj loves him? If she does she should have said so! But no she wants to cry all her life. I’m sick and tired explaining that Maya is not evil nor is she a monster! The show has made saanjh a saint

  3. Superb….ArYa. Scenes superb….waiting for next episode ?

  4. Shalini Senthil

    I think after arjun proposed maya both start there love realtionship but as a episode showing and episode concept that maya as a negative in this serial its break many viewers upset i hope arya toghther till serial end if not also arjun end up with alone but saanjh and arjun if its a end its became wrost serial ever…

    1. Maanu13

      Exactly shalini…I can’t see arjun wit saanjh or someone else…plz make Maya as normal and end up otherwise finish Maya’s life and arjun lead life alone…

  5. Shalini Senthil

    I know this serial end will be not happy ending but i though guys its just my opion that saanjh married with someone in the end , maya maybe lost her life,arjun i want to live with maya memerioes alone…i just want arya toghter at end or story goes like i mentioned …i just want finally in this serial maya end with good charactor as a good person …dont wanna see maya end with this serial as a villian or rude charactor….love maya always

    1. Shalini Senthil…don’t know what will happen at end..but maya,Arjun,saanjh …this 3 members life’s will change’s last chance for 3 members for getting their wish in Mauritius trip(they said in promo).so obviously they are going to fix Maya and Arjun’s maya story.we love maya.? let’s see

      1. It’s me..same ks…my logo mistakenly changed…

  6. The way saanjh said maa vo chalega its like Arjun eloped leaving her behind..god you’re not his wife get a grip! Day by saanjh is getting she said she doesn’t care where Arjun is where he goes but in the end she ends up following them! Waiting for saanjhdeservesarjun to comment! And also Arjun was overacting today acting like a small kid I understand he’s never travelled by business class before but this was too much! Maya I love you!!! The way she looks at Arjun god even saanjh doesn’t look at him that way..Maya is perfect for Arjun. They’re made for each other and I hope no matter what happens he doesn’t end up with saanjh

    1. SaanjhdeservesArjun

      Oh howww sweeet u were waiting for me to comment? Welll if u call Sanjh irritating obviouslyyyy ill comment!! Welll isnt tht what love is about? You try to convince yourself tht you dont care but in the end you do! Same happened with Arjun he didnt want to tell Saanjh but in the end he kept on trying to contact her.. ND I hope Arjun realises his love for Saanjh soon … ik tht right now hes trapped in “Mayas’s Trap” but sooner or later hes bound to get out of it nd realise his true love! Nd Stefan you clearly havent seen how Saanjh has carefully kept alll of Arjuns pictures nd looks at them… maya just gives a creepy lovey stare. Saanjh deserves Arjun.

      1. Arjun doesn’t love Saanjh, he treats her as his best friend and will never have feelings for her. She is trying to force her love and crying all the time!!! God knows for what!!! Rather than being irritating she should support her best friend for his promotions etc etc he started hiding things from her because she is screaming on top of her voice all the time and controlling him.who says one can’t have more than two best friends..??? Even if they get married Saanjh will never respect Arjun coz there’s none..I love Jennifer however Mayas character is scary love is Good but not obsession its dangerous.. I think Arjun should marry someone else.. Lol

      2. Maanu13

        I don’t understand that what made u think arjun love saanjh in his deep of heart…..arjun only treat her like a Frnd that it..he don’t have no feelings for her…

      3. Maanu13

        Annie I agree wit u…she don’t have respect on arjun..saanjh can only be his friend not more than that..

      4. Saanjhdeservesarjun clearly you haven’t seen the show clearly! What part of saanjh is arjun’s best friend and he doesnt have feelings for her is too hard for you too understand! Deep down he has no hidden feelings for her! If he had any sort of feelings for saanjh he would have told her or at least changed his behaviour towards her! This is exactly why Arjun is moving away from saanjh and her melodramatic family! Saanjh is forcing her love on Arjun whereas Maya said she was ready to wait her entire life for him that’s the difference!

      5. pyar or aadat me farq hota hai dear “——–deservesarjun”.saanjh arjun ki aadat hai,pyar ni.pyaar or bharosa are compulsory and intermingled things.agar bharosa hi na ho to pyar b ni hota.if she loves him then she should trust him rather than whining,crying and complaining dragging families between their personal issues.

      6. Well said Ayesha ? ??

    2. Guys its just a show why yall are getting personal.. Maya confessed her love to Arjun and now there is clarity between them so no one is tricking Arjun he is old enough to handle a girl. Coming to Saanjh she never confessed her love, she and the entire family is living in a dream world. Before deciding for Arjun ask him whether he loves Saanjh. What Saanjh is trying to do is blaming Arjun for everything and making her family too hate Arjun. For Arjun Saanjh is scary now..he is trying to hide things from her becoz he is scared and that’s not friendship…and with Maya he feel relaxed and loved.

    3. Maanu13

      Ya Stefen…Maya see him like god…he protect her for her father..and beat him for her…she did everything to make him happy not to trap..plz understand guys…

  7. Saanjh missed the oppurtinity to send off Arjun ..She should have stood der when Arjun was about to turn back ..Maya is using every oppurtunity to prove her love .her efforts are definitely making ArYa come closer ..It’s better Saanjh stops crying and acts fast

    1. SaanjhdeservesArjun

      True i agree with u… i also feel tht saanjh did a mistake by hiding…

  8. Saanjhdeservearjun I think Stefan is rite Maya and arjun are good pair one is half pschyo and other one is full pschyo.
    But I want saanjh to move one and Stefan if your any one of your close friend leaves you , you will feel bad that human nature .
    Maya , arjun and saanjh are doing good job.
    Saanjh darling we love you

    1. excuse me Pari kindly mind your language.dont u dare call maya a bad name.i am a psychologist and i very well know what is a psycho.maya is just insecure as she is afraid she will lose her love that is why she is behaving like that.tum logon ki saanjh sati savitri rondu baby.she is abnormal and psycho jealous.

  9. So sad for saanj. Saanj don’t give up please. Fight for your love.maya don’t deserve arjun. She trying to trap arjun with these luxuries .SAANJ DON’T GIVE UP THE FIGHT GO AND GET YOUR LOVER BACK .you deserve arjun not that psycho maya

    1. SaanjhdeservesArjun

      Yesssss thankyou Geeta! SAANJH DESERVES ARJUN!

  10. For people like Stefan, although this is just a serial. It’s showing how your heart is. If someone as psycho as Maya hurts your family members, please make sure that you defend them that they had awful childhood etc. and if you’re in love with someone I hope an outsider comes and steals your love and happiness in the name of ‘love’.

    1. Maya didn’t hurt their family. Whenever there’s a problem she is there to support because she loves Arjun first ayaan now his mom..Noone is stealing Arjun because intially Saanjh introduced Arjun to Maya inside her office as her best friend not lover!!! So how can u say that? If a girl has a traumatic childhood and when Arjun saw how Maya was scared in the lift and how ashwin raised his hands in the hotel lobby on her why should Arjun keep quiet? Just because she has anger issues doesn’t mean she can’t fall in love dude. I am not justifying saanjh or Maya…both are obsessed and selfish and jealous either of them deserve Arjun…because his character is top good he is a keeper be it friendship or love

    2. SaanjhdeservesArjun

      Daamn on point! Great jobbb!!

      1. may I ask you something ?

        Why is it that Saanjh deserves Arjun? Is Arjun not allowed to have a best friend without him having to worry about love being developed with her ?

        I’m not picking sides but as a guy I’d say that Maya is coming off calm, cool and collected. She has come out and opened her heart to him and made her intentions clear.

        Just cause Saanjh has known him longer doesn’t mean she has dibs on him, he has the right to choose and when there is only one choice (apparent has she has not made her intentions clear) how can you bash him for not picking her ?

        Also about the “trapping” Maya has not once done something inherently wrong, she told him how she feels and is giving him time to decide, while still being there for him and is understanding

        the problem with saanjh is that she is becoming this person that she doesn’t want to be , she’s not being what he needs and sees her as , a friend. A true friend would be happy when they see their friend succeed in life , why is she allowed to be so angry at him for being friends with Maya when she won’t tell him she wants more, is he supposed to read his mind

        I like both characters but Saanjh is acting like a spoiled brat

    3. if maya is a psycho then what about saanjh???

  11. Why are you fightin for saanj and maya…point is that arjun is not loving saanj . … don’t mean if you are best friends you have to fall in love….. maya is still trying to get love from arjun bcoz he did not tell no for her proposal….. arjun doesn’t feel any love for saanj and he still likes her as buddy friend…

    even if saanj proposes arjun will not accept as he doesn’t have love feeling for her…. Infact from the day one he was attracted to maya…

    1. Right vinamk?

  12. Maya Rocks arjun Rocks and saanj shock I hate you saanj if arjun wants the luxury which Maya can give then y are you JEALOUS.leave the lovey five alone for god sake and stop being a CRY BABY

  13. love maya and arjun❤️❤️

  14. Is it a business class or Maya’s drawing room? And stupid sanjh crying in every episode.

  15. Sonadi

    I see many of you like Maya. I understand that she went through a lot in her childhood, but she is a psycho. From the beginning she was trying to trap Arjun by buying expensive things.
    I understand she loves him but you can not buy love. Samantha is pure innocent honest person.
    She deserves Arjun. Her only problem is how to express her love for him.
    On the other hand Maya is manipulative and always try to keep Arjun away from Saanjh
    Arjun beat up Ashwin without any provoking which is wrong.All he was doing is talking to Vandana.
    Ashwin could have complained to police and ask them arrest him.Therevwas no proof that he abused Maya at that time.
    Maya is possessive and will do anything to attain her wish. Saanjh is not a villain here. The way they portray Maya ,she could be the Villain in Arjun and Saanjh friendship.
    Arjun and Maya may look good as a couple. There are two heroines in this serial.
    I think eventually Arjun will realize his mistake and come back to Saanjh

    1. SaanjhdeservesArjun

      I liked what you said! … Soooo true!

    2. Dear sonadi first admit that u people are not ready to accept the truth that love should be form automatic. Here maya is in deep love with arjun we all know it right. Saanjh also loves him but she is afraid & she did’nt express it and maya is a daring woman so she expressed it. Y u people are repeatedly saying that maya is a psycho & all. Can’t u see the pain she suffered by her father? She also told that in these many years nobody came close to her other than her mother & now arjun. So normally she is getting close to him. Its natural & infact if we are in her place we also will do the same it does’nt mean like we are pyscho. Its just she want someone who loves her. And by the way maya proposed him & arjun have not yet decided right if maya gives him gifts & costly maintenance he will not fall for them. Then y u people are getting worry & scolding maya. This is not fair guys. U cannot even support saanjh for everything. She is behaving just like a kid & forcing arjun to be with her & should only love her. Y u people are not noticing this. U are doing fair incase of saanjh because she is innocent & doing unfair to maya because she is obsessive. Wonderful. Think before u comment ok.

      1. Well said mounika???

      2. Maanu13

        Mounika u showed them how to see characters in a crct way ..hats off dr??????☺☺☺

  16. Sonadi

    Typo Saanjh not Samantha

    1. Hi sonadi say one thing
      Saanch is her childhood friend she has a chance to spend more time with arjun
      But Maya is his boss how could she became a friend to arjun with giving gifts and other ways

      1. Sorry sonadi not Monica

    2. Hi Monica say one thing
      Saanch is her childhood friend she has a chance to spend more time with arjun
      But Maya is his boss how could she became a friend to arjun with giving gifts and other ways

      1. Hi devika is there any rule here that boss should not give gifts to employees? I agree that friend is important but u should see that every one will have their own importance in life. Arjun is maintaining it. Thats all. Remember one thing please maya is not trapping him ok.

  17. Saanjh and arjun are best friends. Though saanjh loves arjun more than a friend arjun he doesn’t feel the same for her. Therefore he can move on with the gal he loves and somehow he is attracted towards maya. There’s nothing wrong if he falls in love with her. His family and saanjh should understand this.

    Guys this is just a fiction. I have seen many of you are getting very personal.
    The 3 characters don’t exist in real. So why are you fighting for them. Serials are just to entertain us. We shouldn’t get that involved that we forget that it’s just a fiction.

    1. Ya right navi it’s waste of time to fight…this story between Maya and Arjun…not for saanjh…its alredy fixed pair’s not normal story..thriller romantic love story.

  18. Yeah keep Maya and arjun in the serial and others leave that show coz it’s story between Maya and arjun.

  19. Only one thing nice of today episode is Maya play with arjun in airport .
    Irritating seen is saanch says to his mom
    Hoh duffer chalgaya
    What that means
    Like arjun is saanch husband and he was away from her like she said
    One thing good for vandu at least she believes arjun didn’t said lie

  20. Saanj deserve only arjun??

  21. Archana Pathak

    One thing i am pyzzled about. How did Sanjh end up in Mauritius?

  22. Nobody remembers Maya putting a knife to Saanjh’s throat or Maya pushing Arjun In the airport because he wanted to send pictures to Saanjh.
    All Maya’s fans are as psycho as she is. And yes as a psychologist, all psychos often develop as a result of traumatic abuse. I do not blame them or fault them but it does not justify anything.
    The moment Arjun tells Maya no, then you’ll see how her ‘love’ will make her destroy him. Thriller serial yh but Maya’s true colors will soon show.
    Ashwin might be the devil but until the moment Maya’s real truth is revealed, the both of them are the same to me.
    Evil. Manipulative. Obsessive insaan.

  23. Yes Daisy completely agree with you ??

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