Beyhadh 28th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Beyhadh 28th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Arjun meets a hooked jacket wearing girl and asks if work is done. She turns and reaveals she is Saanjh and says according to her Jahnvi did not kill Ashwin. According to inspector, Jahnvi went to Ashwin’s house with a gun and stabbed his chest with syringe and killed Ashwin, but he cannot prove it without Jahnvi’s finger prints on syringe. Arjun says according to him, Jahnvi killed Ashwin with the way she panics and repeatedly apologizes Ashwin’s photo and other incident in police station. Saanjh says he cannot justify with just his feeling. Arjun says he is right and says they have to save Jahnvi at any cost for his and Maya’s sake. Saanjh reminisces Vandana’s words that Arjun is getting trapped between mother and daughter’s drama and crimes. Arjun shakes Saanjh and repeats that

she has to save Jahnvi for his and Maya’s sake.

Next morning, Maya wakes up and does not find Arjun. Jahnvi looks at Ashwin’s broken photo and feels sad. Maya enters her room and Jahnvi scolds why did she throw papa’s photo. Maya says Ashwin is dead. Jahnvi asks to call Ashwin as papa, he does not like it. Maya shakes her to wake up. Jahnvi sees glass shaking and points at it, imagining Ashwin is doing it. Maya turns, but does not find glass shaking.

Inspector with his team comes and knocks door in his witty style. Jahnvi panics and pleads Maya to save her. Inspector orders constable to break door if mother and daughter don’t open it. Constable is about to break door when Maya opens door. Inspector starts his witty dialogues and says he came to arrest Jahnvi. Maya says he cannot arrest until her lawyer comes. Inspector says he sent a copy of arrest to her lawyer and gives original copy. He orders constable to arrest Jahnvi and constable is about to hand cuff Jahnvi when Arjun with Saanjh enters and says he cannot arrest Jahnvi. Saanjh says inspector that he sent her a love letter without waiting for her reply. She gives him anticipatory bail and says he cannot arrest Jahnvi. Inspector leaves fuming with his team. Arjun asks Maya to go to temple with Saanjh and pray for Jahnvi, while he chats with Jahnvi. Maya leaves with Saanjh.

Arjun tells Jahnvi that he wants to speak to her about Ashwin. Jahnvi asks if he also believes Ashwin is present. Arjun says yes and calls a pschohlogist in and says he will help her speak to Ashwin.

Maya and Jahnvi go to temple. Maya prays god to keep her family away from her ill fate. Vandana enters and yells that problem maker has come to pray to solve problem. She starts yelling at Maya.

Precap: Vadnana shouts at Maya that because of her, her son is murder suspect and trying to free her hand slaps Maya. Maya picks dagger and Vandana gets afraid.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. This is such a stupid episode. I don’t know why they keep draging and making it boring. I used to feel restless and excited to watch beyhadh but right now, it’s starting to get on my nerves. I don’t want jhanvi drama. I want every problem to revolve around Maya. I thought Maya was supposed to be the one to turn mad and get arrested. And what happened to this inspector? I thought he was so sure it was Maya that killed Ashwin and now he’s after Jhanvi, as if what he said before didn’t happen. I feel like this plot is getting weirder by the minute. I miss the old Maya a lot. I don’t like this post marriage story.

  2. Love you Maya ??,waiting for next episode ?

  3. Upcoming episode: Maya finds a knife outside the temple and comes to Vandana with it, vandana gets scared thinking that Maya will stab her but instead maya begs vandana to end this story by killing her instead. Drama happens saanjh tries to stop them and eventually calls Arjun for help..everything is leaked on YouTube

  4. Just for once I want this inspector to behave appropriately like an actual policeman! Whatever his personal grudges he should forget those once he wears his uniform..simply immature and childish behaviour..except Arjun saanjh and Maya no one in this show is mature or acting their age..both mothers have lost it! One is mentally ill while the other is making everyone else ill

  5. Watch it after long & It doesn’t feel like I’m watching same show. where the “ell is the story line ?
    Jhanvi is obsessed with ashwin ghost wow, & vandana character she wants drama even in a temple where people come for peace. she slaps maya without being provoked & then feels happy about it,. Total mess if a character. Honestly arjun maya chemistry doesn’t even work for me much as Arjun isn’t so convincing as an actor there i don’t see any spark in his eyes, his acting is very dull, very pretentious. Police man is slimy character & very unlikabale. Only thing i liked was maya obsession which was so well done before but is totally out now. All that is there in show is strange characters trying to harm maya family & ghost drama(which is clearly not working) BORING. So Extremely dissapointed that my once faviorite show is become a drag fest.

  6. Subhashini As

    Now i don’t like beyhadh… How dare you vandhana u will slapped maya… Very disappointed feeling bad abt beyhadh serial going worst worst

  7. I think the master behind all these is Arjun and the director is intentionally diverting the viewer from Arjun. Arjun loves Sanjh and wants Mays’s wealth and hence will frame her as mad so that he will be the rightful owner of the wealth. His true love is Sanjh. Maya will come to know of their deceit and will try to avenge them. I have a strong feeling the story is going to move this way

  8. Shalinisenthil

    Y Maya is tolrateing that idiot vandana ..I miss Maya bold and fearless avatar a lot…take knife and kill vandana how dare she slap my Maya ……

  9. Super Saiyan

    Well I am big fan of Jennifer Winget .
    I started to watch Beyhadh just for her , but then I liked the storyline and her looks and her movements .
    And now the show is going worse and worse , nothing is left in the show not a story and not even Maya’s those killer attitude , Since I am a fan of JW thats why I am just watching this show .
    Earlier I used to watch it on television but now I watch it on Youtube so that I can forward all those scenes where JW is not there .
    What the hell are they showing ?
    Complaints from the producers :
    1.Maya’s looks have changed a lot , I am noyt talking just about her dressing sense rather the hair style . I agree that for an indian woman dressing senses might change after marriage but what to her hairstyle and colour .
    2.Giving to much (rather all ) time to Ashwin’s ghost ,I think if they had to show the like this they should have not killed Ashwin rather made him alive so that we could have a possibilty that Maya’s truth can be revealed any time .
    3.Both the Ma’s of the show are acting as if Maya is not a human and they are like going insane and need Mental asylum …..
    4.the sudden change is character of any person is not acceptable , one can try to change but not change suddenly. i can go that maya can act as if she has changed as she used to do before but for Jhanvi , Vandana and Saanjh it is not acceptable as they were true always.

    People please share your views what do you feel about my comment .

    1. Ayesha22

      yeah,i agree. everyone has gone is acceptable for both Maya and jhanvi to behave weird as they are mentally disturbed.but what is with this vandana idiot fat good for nothing stupid blaming crying shouting and complaining woman?what has gotten into her,Ashwin’s ghost?why is she behaving like an idiot???

  10. Ayesha22

    q achhe bhale serial ki waat lga rahe ho???please bring the old Maya back, was better that ashwin was alive rather than being is more unbearable now to endure his ghost and this idiot inspector.

  11. Its all arjun plan.That police officer may be arjun friend.

  12. I think Arjun is planning something

  13. Kill this vandhana?the hell

  14. Don’t let this happen

  15. Xhiogfzfkjd

  16. Miss the old maya!love her acting.hope she succeed in her acting career.please reply for my comment what you feel guys.

  17. Common yaar, y u guys always blame vandhana by saying that she wants 2 divide maya and Arjun. Dont u guys realised in 2days Episode that arjun Was Going Deep into d Mess creating by maya and jhanvi. Vandhana is correct guys, arjun Wants protect jhanvi with out knowing That she have done murder Or Not. Plzzzz Guys think about IT.

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