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Beyhadh 28th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ashwin goes to Arjun’s home and tells Vandana that he is very happy that Arjun came in Maya’s life. He continues Maya is a go getter and gets whatever she wants, she is very short tempered and can do anything in anger. She got all these from her mother and is holding her mom’s liquor glass since childhood. Maya was very small when he and Maya’s mother separated and since then Maya’s mother bought up her in such a bad way and spoilt Maya. Vandana says Arjun and Maya are just friends. Ashwin says they are not and says when Maya was 9 years old… Arjun enters with Maya and angrily asks Ashwin how dare he is to enter his home and starts beating him like a street dog. He throws him out on street and cotinues beating. Vandana, Saanjh, and Ayan try to stop him,

but he continues. Vandana asks Maya t stop Arjun as he is beating her papa. Maya stands silently reminiscing Aswhin torturing her same way. Aswhin tries to run. Arjun kicks him and he falls down. Arjun picks circket wickets andd continues beating him and warns if he ever comes near Maya he should remember his face. Maya smirks standing aside and an emotion of satisfaction can be seen on her face.

Ashwin goes neaar Maya and tells one day her truth will be in front of Arjun. What did she tell Arjun that he tortures and frighten her. He was quiet thinking her as daughter, now he will give proof to Arjun, laughs and leaves.

Arjun throws wicket and walks away. Vandana and Saanjh ask if he has gone mad. Saanjh asks why did he beat that man. Arjun says she does not know what he did to Maya. Saanjh asks what did he do, he is Maya’s father and was trying to tell him something, he cannot take decision hearing just one side. He should not have beaten old man like an animal. Arjun sys he is an animal and she can do whatever she can. Saanjh says he has gone mad. Arjun says she has gone mad, if she does not know anything, why is she interfering. Saanjh says she will let go this issue, him and their friendship, he is free to live alone now. Arjun signals her to go. Saanjh walks away from there followed by Vandana and Ayan.

Arjun goes to Maya. Maya asks why did not he inform her truth to Saanjh. He says her secret and pain is his pain now and his secret is her secret now. She says he fought with his family for her. He says he solved his issue with family because of her, everything will be fine soon, he will drop her home now. She reminisces Ashwin’s warning and says he ahs to go to Mauritius tomorrow for a shoot. He asks how suddenly. She says it is not suddenly, she had planned beforehand and says let us go and plan now. Arjun gets excited that he is going to Mauritius.

Maya reaches home smiling. Jahnvi says Ashwin… Maya says Arjun hit him like a street dog. Jahnvi asks if she told truth to Arjun. Maya says she told what Arjun could hear.

Arjun returns home and Vandana confronts him. He asks to stop fighting now as he is going to Mauritius. She asks Ayan to call Saanjh. Arjun says he is not going with Saanjh, her or Ayan, he is going alone on a photoshoot. Vandana says to pack bags. Arjun says enough of Saanjh now, he will pack bags himself.

Saanjh does not get sleep thinking aout Arjun. Her brother gives her gift and says it is for Arjun. Saanjh opens gift and sees alarm clock. Brother says it even has recorder, Arjun should get habituated to wake up himself so that he realizes her value and realizes his love for her. Saanjh smiles and asks him to go and sleep as her duffer will come in early morning to apologize her. Brother smiles and goes to bed. Saanjh looks at alarm clock.

In the morning, Arjun leaves in taxi for airport and asks Vandana and Ayan not to call Saanjh. Vandana says they cannot phone Saanjh, but can inform her. She throws stones on Saachi’s window. Saanjh wakes up thinking duffer is throwing stones, but finds Vandana and Ayan. Vandana says Arjun has left for Mauritius and she should go and meet him in airport. She says why should she. Vandana asks her to forget her ego and go. Saanjh rushes towards airport on her bike.

Saanjh reaches airport, but guards don’t let her in. She calls Arjun. Arjun trying to take selfie slips and Maya holds him. Saanjh sees them both and starts crying.

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  1. Is there any episode in which saanjh does not cry?? God I’m sick and tired of her! Is crying the only thing she can do in life..and how jobless is she!! Constantly stalking Arjun. Let the guy be saanjh..listen to your parents..if she has any self respect she’ll let him go..anyways great episode!!! Finally someone beat up that pathetic excuse of a father! Love Arjun more now..Maya looked so cute and vulnerable like a small child. Another thing saanjh stop meddling in others lives maya has a secret is it necessary for you to know that to?! And what rule is that best friends tell each other everything yes they do but what if it’s not your secret to tell. blo*dy be understanding for once stop acting like a stubborn 9 year old be mature for once woman-.-

    1. SaanjhdeservesArjun

      Excuseeee me! If someone gets hurt they cry! So did Maya when she was hurt didn’t she? Clearly Saanjh is getting hurt everyday nd tht freaky Maya is smiling away so yea whos the one suffering? Nd this is allllll because of that Maya cuz that Maya created such situations!!

      ND so what if Saanjh didn’t tell her feelings to Arjun? She can still be possesive about him oke? She loves him from the bottom of her heart nd is clearly irritated because of maya!! Ufh that Maya! Nd for all of you who think maya united arjun nd his family .. hellllloo remember the dialouge when she said that arjun can enjoy for a while with him family then hes alll hers? She just wants to keep arjun for herself that selfish Maya! Clearly Saanjh is the best nd deserves Arjun.
      For your kindddd info Saanjh is Arjuns best est est est est friend nd has every right to interfere in his life.
      Saanjh deserves Arjun not that evil cunning Maya.

      1. Excuse me!! Yes maya is cunning but she is in no way evil! Yes she cries but then she uses her brains to get Arjun back saanjh just pouts and cries..and how can you be indifferent that saanjh has not confessed her feelings dude that’s the main part! Only if she reveals her love to Arjun,he will stop treating her as a bff and think about her as a probable life partner! And since she’s incapable of confessing her love she’s losing him to Maya! What’s all this freaky Maya?? You’re listening to Ashwin.
        Fine as friend she can be possessive but that does not mean she can control him! She’s constantly nagging Arjun about Maya. She’s getting on arjuns nerves as well. Yes maya is selfish she wants Arjun all for herself so how is that wrong? If you love a person deeply even you wouldn’t want to share him with anyone..remember that episode in which both Maya and saanjh were praying for Arjun! Saanjh said that Arjun is mine only mine! Is that not selfish?? Or do you only see whatever Maya does as clearly are not watching the serial carefully and are blinded by this saint saanjh

      2. Maanu13

        I agree wit u Stefan….Maya said that out of anger on that day…she really don’t mean it…
        Ur crying baby saanjh didn’t propose him bcoz if she proposes he surely make distance from her..then how can she order arjun to do that and this…..
        She think herself as owner of arjun…as a lawyer she don’t have single sense….at the day of ayan’s bail she said I can’t do anything Maya Ku contacts paisa only bail him out…
        That suman also think saanjh like a best one in the world…don’t they have brain she can’t even make a single thing alone…stupid saanjh??????

      3. SaanjhdeservesArjun

        Guys Shhhh! Saanjh just cries because she doesn’t want to play games and get arjun she wants arjun to love her without playing games unlike that MAYA … nd dude by arjun sirf mera hai saanjh didn’t mention anything about distancing him from his family she just said that he will be hers nd not that mayas.
        Shes trying to keep Arjun away from Maya so that he doesn’t fall in her trap nd isn’t that what best friends are for? For protecting you and stopping you from falling into a trap??

        I doubttt arjun will distance from Saanjh if she proposes him… Look proposing isn’t easy just because Maya proposed Arjun doesn’t mean Maya loves him more? How does that make sense? I mean even in real life usually the flirty guys that fall for every girl can propose girls easily but the silent guys that really love the girl aren’t able to propose her isn’t it??

        Ohh please so your saying just because Saanjh didn’t have loads of money to free Ayan she doesn’t love Arjun as much as Maya? Not making sense Maanu!!

  2. now they are making maya character negative..i mean sounds like shes hiding more than what she told. wanted her to be the girl that gets the guy. sanjh is like the

  3. Wow superb Arjun beaten ashwin ??….so maya secret is her uncontrollable anger…and also while ashwin talked about ‘Maya anger’ he touched his broken maya broken his leg.and he said lie to Arjun family like jhanvi separated maya from him.any way very interesting..waiting for next episode ?

    1. I really wish mistake is on Ashwin ? can’t even imagine Beyhadh without Arya being together .Nothing wrong even if his leg broke cos of her . POOR GIRL !! she is afraid of heavy wind n colours .No girl should experience such trauma

    2. Is anger issues really Maya’s secret? Because she still looks frightened about Arjun finding out her might be something else..Maya could not have broken Ashwin’s leg she can’t even speak when he’s around let alone beat him up maybe she hired goons to beat him but I don’t think she had that courage before Arjun..Maya’s secret is still a secret they’ll probably reveal it when arya are together to increase the suspense

      1. Stefan….maya secret is her uncontrollable anger is confirmed in yesterday episode based on ashwin words..maybe maya did something bad while tried to save someone…maya will not do anything without reason…if it’s bad r good.. &Guys Maya is not negative character…whoever said like maya is evil..let them leave..they will be happy in their dreams.they just supporting saanjh while blaming maya.but they are not seeing ashwin evil doings.we all are supporting justice maya character.i heard Jennifer interview she said’maya character is not negative r not any phyco’she suffered more,she will not do anything without reason’ enjoy thriller suspense love story.don’t expect normal saas bahu drama to support will turn same normal story.any way let’s see

    3. Maanu13

      Yes ks..there is still something in her childhood….but Maya tell arjun regarding her favour… but ashwin is such a cruel father who tries to kill his own daughter’s smile….sooooooooo cheap???????????
      I’m sooooooooo happy to see that ashwin gets beaten by arjun…… vandana and saanjh again doing their overacting I can’t tolerate them day by day….saanjh asusual crying baby ….. doesn’t she had any other work to do…. ridiculous.??????

  4. Haan God !! Maya slays in every scene .It is so evident that Ashwin is just manipulating things.Leaving Ashwin ,Saanjh and Arjun’s family behind its time to see ArYa together ? The best thing about today ‘s episode is the satisfaction in Maya ‘s face .
    Many are guessing that Maya would be connected to Arjun’s dad ‘s death .I hope so it should not be that way

  5. Yeah…….
    Arjun is out of saanjh control
    I’m so so so …… happy
    This vandana don’t have self respect also always behind my arjun’s love for maya and encouraging stupid saanjh
    Even saanjh don’t have self respect

    Mauritius is waiting fod my arya and saanjh’s crying time started…
    Arya…. i love u

    1. Saanjh herself is one of the main reasons for Arjun getting closer to Maya .She always get hyper andArjun started hiding from her .Maya is so understanding .even during the Vandhana-Arjun issue, it started cos of Saanjh and Maya came all the way to console him

      1. Maanu13

        Exactly nandhana…as a friend she just tell something means it ok..but she says everything like don’t talk to her..y she gifted u…then shanthi spot oooofffff can’t tolerate her torture…. ashwin is much better than saanjh….
        Even a lover can’t do that. She make arjun angry on gift send by maya and want Maya to terminate him from job…is she a good Frnd or lover whatever…????

  6. this saanjh is overeacting let it be why she is interfering in arjun’s life jab dekho cry baby wat is this she argues in all matters but she can’t tell her feelings wat is mayas hidden truth? maya said is incomplete truth 2 arjun this wat that ashwin is saying this papa ko arjun teached a lesson very well ashin is bad but wat abt maya? something is wrong somewhere anyways waiting 4 mauritius epi

  7. Arjun only get impressed by beauty and fake story and new relationship …he forget the one friend who helped him all over his childhood and stood with him… He satarted hurting saanjh for that new person … Such an selfish and this Maya I serious don’t like her … Saanj please leave those paagal let them go to hell …live your life … Everyone in this world is selfish …

    1. Agreed saanjh was with him since childhood but that doesn’t mean she can force her decisions on him! She should respect his boundaries and what type of friend is she if he doesn’t love her back she should leave him alone! The ones who are selfish are vandana and saanjh’s families! Maya is the life of this show..just because she has some grey shades doesn’t mean you should hate her and at least she had the guts to confess her love

      1. Maanu13

        Exactly being in a grey shade noone have the guts to confess their feelings…
        And ofcourse Ur saanjh is angel Na why can’t she propose arjun b4 Maya proposal???
        Bcoz for arjun Frnd is only a Frnd but saanjh only think of arjun is lover…..
        Actually their is no fault on saanjh her stupid mom and vandana r the reason for saanjh heartache…they only made her to think that arjun is her life and love…they r soooo stupid…
        Prem is the only one who got brain in the family nowadays he is also accept everything said by his wife….sooooooooo sry for saanjh having such a stupid family….

    2. SaanjhdeservesArjun

      Yes! Thankyou for seeing things the right way Ridhima!! I dont understand why all these ppl here are “maya maya” when clearly saanjh is the right one!
      :* thankyou for being the one smart person here!!

      However i think she deserves arjun ik arjuns acting stupid but i hope he gets on track nd sees saanjhs selfless love instead of mayas manipulative love!

      1. Angelk1

        Its not everyone whose infatuated by Maya,I’m not obsess with that Jodi. Just hope Arjun see her true color after they become a couple.

    3. isi liye to Ms. Ridhima ab hum saanjh ko break dena chahte hain k bachpan se jo wo arjun ko bheja fry krne wali mehnat kar rahi hai to ab bs kar de bechari thak gayi hogi,after all bheja frying is not an easy task.

    4. Ridhima….Arjun knew what he is doing…maya suffers for u fake story..omg..she said only what Arjun can hear her.only she didn’t revealed her uncontrollable anger part.&.i don’t think whoever best friend’s how many times will say then break ur friend ship with me with out understanding..saanjh said so many times with her own for breaking friendship..arjun also fedup to listen this..but u r blaming arjun for hurting her.only Arjun is giving importance to turned selfish for blaming others.

  8. Vaishnavi Singh Rawat

    Previous episode was much emotional nd this one was good.. but as an audience I would request u plz yaarlet saanjh tell Arjun her feelings ASAP nd Maya ko ainwyi negative na bnao.. we luv Maya (Jenny).

  9. Angelk1

    So Maya told arjun what she wants him to hear. I think theirs more to this story. I wonder what ashwin was gonna tell them. Arjun is falling into Maya trap, his becoming her puppet slowly without knowing it. Hopefully this trip will make saanj leave him and let him realize on his own.

    Theirs so much they can help, him with. But I agree with saanj Arjun shouldn’t have beat him up like that, he did nothing to him, but instead Maya. She should fight her own battle not let Arjun fight it for her. Yes their friends, an he got mad after finding out. But he went out of line hitting the men when he didn’t hit him.

    If something like that was to happen in America Arjun would be arrested. Ashwin deserve punishment, but by law. Maya has money and brain, why didn’t she trap Ashwin long ago, or get him arrested. Arjun is her support now, and she’s loosing her fear, so what’s stopping her from filing a case against her father.

    Unless something else happen that prevents her from doing so. Maya says her father is money hungry, and we see him as an abuser and crazy so far, but the things he said to bandana makes you wonder if it’s the truth or his playing around.

    The writers really making us guess, hopefully everything is reveal soon an this Ashwin drama is gone.

    1. Firstly why is everyone calling it Maya’s “trap” she is genuinely in love with him she’s not luring him into some evil plan and then planning to dump him!
      Ashwin deserved that beating! What about all the times he beat up Maya..the poor girl was just a child then..also Maya is fighting her own battles she didn’t ask or tell Arjun to beat up Ashwin for her she isn’t trying to gain sympathy from him. Wouldn’t you get angry when you find out your friend was abused as a child? Beating him was arjun’s way of showing his anger and love towards his friend.
      Angelk 1 you don’t think do you Maya is a business woman she’s famous so if she does go to the police this story will get out in the media and everyone will find out that she was abused as a child it will ruin her reputation. Also ashiwn abused her when she was a child so that’s a long time ago the police will wonder why she’s complaining now

      1. Shalini Senthil

        I agree with ur all comments …all making maya evil and saanjh as a nice person ….saanjh is stupid and idiot always crying tourchering arjun….

      2. Shalini Senthil

        Stefan?????????cool man well said ….today ks commented less …ks also give good comments to them who always say saanjh is good angel and all….and say anything worng abt maya always

      3. Angelk1

        Stefan, business women, it shouldn’t matter about reputation. If you feel scared by someone you can tell the police. Your acting like she can’t tell them not to say a word to the media, after all she is an important women like you said. thwy would be to scared to say a word. Take the police scene eps for example. Anyway, Yes I would be angry if my friend was abuse, but I wouldn’t harm the abuser unless they attack me first.

        Arjun let his anger take over instead of thinking rationally. if he was here , he would have been arrested . To answer your police claim. Yes they would ask her why now, the answer is simple she was afraid, for her life an mother. Theirs nothing wrong with that.

        Her fear prevented her from handling ashwin long ago. She needed Arjun support to fight her own battle because she didn’t have the confidence to face her father. Maya is a smart women and a clever one, but some times she think to hard.

        P.s I will ignore your ” Angelk1 you don’t think, because I’m not gonna go there.”

      4. Shalini senthil…thank you ?

      5. Actually whomever is trapping they will talk very peacefully like Maya.. The persons like Saanjh will shout because she know the truth and her dear one Arjun is not seeing the truth… How can she explain to him.. when he is not ready to hear.. Arjun is just falling for Money beauty and class. He is thinking becasue Maya is successfull and beautiful she cannot do anything wrong.. Maya just told half truth.. Compare to lie half truth will spoil everything … Whenever Sannjh tried to propose Maya took Arjun away.. Plotted at the time of lunch plan, loonavla plan lot of others..
        Sannjh is pure heart.. pure heart will suffer initially at the end they will win…

        Maya is a manipulator.. Whatever SAanjh telling is truth… Arjun should not beat an elder.. Who is he to beat… Arjun don’t know how to respect the people in his life.. He will realize when they will go away.. It’s better Saanjh go away from his life and arjun will realize the selfless love….

      6. Angelk1

        Swapna well said …he will only learn when he gets with maya. Then he will come running to the people he left behind for help

    2. Hey one personal question to you, do u follow our language (Hindi) how do u understand the dialogues.?

      1. As they say there are two sides of coin just like that there are two sides of Maya’s story. another thing, do you guys noticed for some reason Jahnvi is scared of her daughter. I wonder why is that

      2. Yes u angel

    3. Roby wolverine

      Angelk1…. do you think it was that easy to come out and say the truth.. I’ve been through a traumatic childhood and now I am an adult still i haven’t told a soul about it.. it still haunts my present.. It’s not that easy to even admit to yourself.. Childhood is precious you know… if something happened in childhood it affects you very badly and still will rule your present life.. The way you’re treated as a child is the basement to the way you behave now.. I still fear some things even if it seems to other people it’s useless.. Some abused child has support and courage to come out but most cases try their best to hide, even admit they’re abused.. If i had a father like Arjun i will fear him till now no matter what.. so you can’t expect Maya to be brave and go to police.. Maya’s brain shut down the moment she sees her father.. it’s natural..

      1. Angelk1

        Fear always prevent people from moving foreward. Thats some people, i know some who actually doesnt let fear ruin there life. Whose brave enough to tell the police. So its not everyone that continue to live in the past. Maya never considered going to the police probably because of her mother. She should go to counseling if thats the case to help her get over her fear instead of keeping it in.

        The more she does it will be harder for her.

  10. yes u all r ryt i just don’t get one thing that ,that secret could be upto what extent?why is only maya so scared about it? why is jhanvi so chilled out coz she simply says maya acha yehi hoga that u tell everything to arjun n if he leaves u thn he doesn’t deserve potrays as if something egregious had happened with her whereas ashwin potrays as if maya did something really matter how ugly that secret is i want maya to tell everything to arjun or else she will break his trust

  11. Finally…mauritius shoot is coming Arjun if u love Maya then let her know …becoz story is going bit slow and instead of watching saanjh crying daily we can see at once. Excited to know maya secret too which she didnt reveal yet. As per promo I think story wil be somethg like this , saanjh reaches somehow to Mauritius, but shattered to see Arjun proposing to Maya. Arjun and maya both love each other and this makes maya to forget her pain, past and she want to live happy ever with Arjun. They decide to get marry and go to pandit ji to know about their future after marriage. Pandit ji wil say they cannot remain happy after mrg. On that night Maya comes and put fire on pandit house in anger. Meantime Arjun wil come to know about the secret which Maya has not revealed about her and for that Ashwin was blackmailing her frm years. Even he comes to know what she did to take revenge with Pandit ji. This leaves Arjun in shock. Ayan arrest for drugs too come back in picture. All this make Arjun to think better to stay away from Maya. From here, the hate story of Maya starts as Maya is not saanjh who can just keep crying for Arjun…When jhanvi was in hospital and ate chocolates given by ashwin after knowing she is diabetic..Maya has taken care of hers but when she returns home Maya just pushes a pieces of glass with her hand on jhanvi’s hand making both of them bleed by telling that she loves her mom too much but if she cannot be her mom she wont let her to be anyone else. This means she can kill her.
    Finally yes Maya loves Arjun lot and will make him happy forever, wil take care of him for ever. But it is till the time till Arjun loves her, if he wants to come out of it..she won’t leave him for anyone. If she won’t ber hers , he can’t be with anyone. That is the only secret which Maya has not revealed and even Ashwin knows about that. So lets watch the thrill which is yet to come..Till that time I would love to see the cute romance between Arjun n Maya…One thing i can say that Arjun would look perfect with Maya in love with saanjh he cannot also and it would be boring story for us. So writers please avoid saanjh for sometime while showing Arya love in air so viewers can enjoy the time without any interruptions….⚘?????????

    1. Agree to everything but i think it’s Maya’s obsession which will make Arjun scared and he will start to stay away from their love story starts Maya will get more insecure and jealous so she’ll start controlling Arjun. I bet she’ll even stop Arjun from seeing his family or friends which will make him realise the extent of Maya’s obsession for him and he’ll try leaving her. But Maya won’t let him go for her it’s if I can’t have you then no one will

      1. stefan..either it maya or saanjh …One has to be honest in love..There is no place for lies or cheating..saanjh is hiding the fact from arjun about her feelings where as Maya doing both lie n cheat. when we blame saanjh same time maaya has also equal share in that. Tom when saanjh comes to know that Arjun loves maya, other than crying she wont do anythg, just think saanjh knows very well about maya behaviour with her in absense of Arjun and if she want she can also become cunning and show Arjun how she behaves behind him,,but she never did we cannot blame saanjh for everythg. She is overconcerned but for that she fight with Arjun i agree but she never play double games and speak lies like maya. If Maya loves Arjun just love him honestly. Dont cheat him or he wil loose trust on maya which is very imp in love. Both girls are jealous saanjh is jealous, feel bad but wat about Maya. When she came to know Arjun going out with saanjh for lunch how much drama she played, his two friends got promoted just for a reason to avoid Arjun with saanjh. If maya cannot see saanjh just as Arjun frd then it’s even reasonable for saanjh too that she cannot see maya as arjun lover..Both hv feelings.One just keep on crying and still keeping wrong hopes but the other one is just playing amid tricks to get Arjun..Thanks Harpreet for ur comments.. For me I always things in a right way, I will always analyse situation not that if Maya character is played by Jennifer so maya is always correct ..Lets not talk about maya saanjh or love but atleast we can see what is what is bad n if people couldn’t see maya wrong deeds then they are wrong decision makers…

    2. Exactly right shivani. I like ur views that ur being arjun maya fan , ur correctly saying all characters good n bad aspects of everyone n not being just partial towards maya like others.???.
      Even I too agree that saanjh too many hopes on Arjun without his consent on love. N this behaviour is only responsible for her that Arjun is going away from her day by day. But to some extent, both families are responsible too. Firstly prem, suman, vandana n ayan gave her false hopes that Arjun loves her definitely he loves her as frd. They should hv encourage d her to tel her feelings or atleast they hv tried but direct talking abt mrg was very wrong. Vandana couldn’t speak to Arjun but being dearest bro Ayan shd hv spoke to Arjun that saanjh is in love with out. But everytime he was just with his online romance with girls. At least shd hv think that really Arjun would love me n marry me , she just cared about her feelings .

      To Love someone is not wrong, it can happen with anyone, anywhere. There is no reason, why, how n with whom it happened, but it is important before making that person our life , let him express his feelings too and is he really really to be bonded in love. If not there shd be no force let him as well as you be happy. This applies both for saanjh as well as maya becoz both are so selfish just thinking abt themselves..
      Let wait for some episodes soon we see that maya will turn negative in the show when Arjun comes to know about her obsession n maya start doing all bad things to get Arjun at any cost. If Maya loves Arjun she shd accept his family but I know if she get Arjun she wil definitely try to make Arjun away frm his family that’s why writers made a twist by uniting Arjun and Vandana as in later episodes she would play a major role in saving life of Arjun from Mayaa…..

      1. Angelk1

        Even I agree on the vandana an Arjun part, because I said it last eps that he will need her help with maya obsession

    3. Shivani…y u brings again ayaan bail…is still u thought behind maya..! .if it’s then wrong…it’s Ayaan mistake to talk with unknown girls in online and he dated with her..that girl is drugs related person..police found pic ayaan girl together..they mistaken him.&jhanvi deserves maya anger,she is going to die for ashwin &eats sweets..then there is no reason to die for ashwin,she has to live for maya.maya also saying same with anger.maya will not kill any one..don’t worry.totally im disagree with u.i can agree with u only for enjoying ArYa scenes.?

  12. superb epi but i cant even understand 1 thing maya had told her life history to arjun then why ashwin is blackmailing maya then she didnt tell something important matter to this incident hohhhh kya yaar?why are
    they draging this fb so long let maya tell her whole life history to arjun it is better than dragging the truth!someone pls yaar tell the truth fast let it be maya or jhanvi but not ashwin becaz i want to know the truth

  13. Princess Tara

    So so waiting for the mauritious track
    Arya are too cute together..such an awesome onscreen pair they are
    And sanjh God…such a pathetic person she is

  14. Once Maya turns negative, I wil also see how maya supporters justify her deeds. When Maya try to harm Arjun then also will people say wow!!! maya doing too gud..ur true lover..becoz it will happen later..Just keep on watching?

    1. Angelk1

      I said the same thing. Its more like ” we won’t watch it ” ” directors please change her good” ” please kill saanj instead an unite arya” stuff like that or ” please make Maya good again. ” if that the case then her past deed should be forgotten I guess

    2. Harpreet….maya will not turn negative…it will happen in dreams only.&maya lovers not that much blind like u guys for to proving saanjh innocent want to turn one person(maya) evil…but we don’t need.we love only Maya whatever she is.?❤

      1. No ks apart from loving Arjun..maya is just negative. To love a person we need understanding, care, emotions etc but to marry some one one has to look for number of aspects for a happy life. Love, understanding, care, honesty, responsibility and more over trust. If maya wants Arjun even I want Arjun to get married maya not saanjh becoz for maya Arjun is only correct person who can understand her past. So maya should not loose Arjun trust. Let Maya tell everythg to him and she should also accept arjun family. she should also accept saanjh as arjun friend..Just think when maya truly love Arjun and she also knows Arjun loves her too then there is no need to worry about saanjh or anyone even her dad.becoz arjun won’t leave her at any cost..

      2. Shivani it’s your opinion like Maya is negative….but it’s fact Maya is not negative….did you see ‘Twilight saga’Movie…in this movie hero is vampire…heroine is human.viewers did not opposite it to marry roby wolverine said is right love is love u can’t go away after knowing truth if u loves truly.maya anger is her weakness.It’s showing her negative but she is not evil.

      3. well said ks
        forever and ever we love maya
        and we want arya to be together to the end

    3. Ks, Lets not drag more discussion today on this serial..simply it will be wastage of our time..maya, saanjh n arjun will get their remuneration for serial but we get nothing rather than arguing with each other.. Further episodes n time will show true colors of every character. Then will talk on this ks…Till that time enjoy Arya romance???

  15. Saanjh is not controlling Arjun Maya I trying to control him..And if saanjh is possessive ..Maya is also possessive…

  16. Roby wolverine

    I don’t know why some people call Maya evil.. Yeah she’s manipulative, cunning, master mind who’s always ahead five steps.. Doesn’t these qualities exist in most of businessmen and businesswoman.?

    Some say Maya will hurt Arjun and let’s see how we will justify her..

    We’re not trying to justify whatever she’s doing.. She’s as she’s is.. She is neither saint nor very good.. I love her the way she is.. She really doesn’t know how to love that’s why she’s going to hurt Arjun.. She had never known love and in her dark past and present Arjun is the only light.. Of course she’s going to try anything and everything to keep him in her life..

    Saanjh is good but she’s not perfect.. She’s failing to balance the friendship and her feelings for him.. She’s ok but how could she ask Maya’s life… Yeah she’s his childhood friend and they never kept anything secret between them.. Arjun didn’t keep any secrets from her he just respect Maya’s privacy and kept it from saanjh because it’s not his secret to tell.. It’s not a big deal.. Even i don’t share one friend’s secret to another. In Arjun point of view both are his friends.. Some said just because of new relationship you can’t leave old relationship so is it ok to not respect your new friend’s privacy just because your old friend wants to know everything..

    I guess Saanjh somewhere deep down knows that he sees her as friend that’s why she’s afraid i guess.. I don’t know..

    If Maya hurt Arjun in future, i will be with her.. If Maya turned into the villain i will be with her.. If Maya is the devil herself in the childhood still i will be with her.. Not because she’s good.. Not to justify her character because I love Maya just the way she is…

    Love is love right…? Is cute and innocent love is only love..? Does manipulative, dark all consuming love is not love..? No matter what form it takes love is love… That’s the beauty of it…

    1. Angelk1

      So then Arjun shoud forgive her for her deeds that will come soon, because love is love? anyway, I love the way you describe love. You have a talent. To put it in my own words, if your in love with a person that’s done bad, you should stay with that person through thick an thine because of love.

      But you have a point, I just wouldn’t stay with that person after seeing their true color.

      1. Roby wolverine

        Angelk1.. i never said Arjun should forgive her deeds.. it’s his choice.. i just said love is love to me.. i didn’t say you all should feel that way too.. i just expressed how i see love.. if i love a person i will stay with them through everything.. no matter what.. it’s how I am.. I never forced or compelled everyone should view or love like that..

      2. That is true love isn’t it..even after finding out her past if Arjun stays with her it means he truly loved her..doesn’t Maya’s Mom still love Ashwin even though she knows he’s money all depends on the person..I’m pretty sure Arjun will still love Maya after finding out her past but he will get scared seeing her obsession and madness

    2. wow whats the wrong definition of love u gave Roby..I wish u were in place of Ashwin when he got badly beaten by Arjun..You deserve that to give such idiotic n selfish definition for love.

      1. Roby wolverine


        I don’t know you could be this cruel.. you are no different than the evil you’re all saying.. you wish i get beaten like Ashwin was just for sharing my view.. If this is the good side of thinking i really shudder to think of your bad side.. if this is how you’re then i don’t think you have any right to call my definition of love as idiotic.. i assume you believe yourself a good girl.. so is this how you portray yourself.. how could you wish anyone deserve beatings.. you’re no better than Ashwin i guess.. you’ll pair along well with him.. Just because i have a different definition of love i ‘deserve’ beatings..? your comment alone proves the hypocrisy of you.. you believe love is cute, selfless yet you want me to be beaten badly with my leg broken.. doesn’t it prove you have a dark side or dark thoughts.. Anyway i wasted my time with an abuser like you.. I mean how could you say like that to anyone..?

      2. shame on you shalini
        hey shalini have u gone mad that u r wishing to get roby beaten for expressing his opinion and definition of love
        everyone have their own definitions for love it doesn’t mean one’s opinion is right and the other’s wrong
        even my definition of love is also same as of roby
        i’ll die for the person i love but doesn’t leave his hand till my last breathe
        u r such an self centered and cruel

      3. i’ll make the person understand the right by taking his stand not by leaving him
        which will make him more aggressive and arrogant

    3. Excellent roby! We will love Maya till the very end..even if she murders someone or hurts someone..this is Maya’s first love so she’s a bit clueless and scared hence she’s using her manipulative ways to keep Arjun. Again she’s not negative she has grey shades but who can blame her for that she has an abusive father and a weak willed mother so obviously the child won’t be perfect! Whatever she’s doing now is because of her past..and at least she’s not trying to be a saint like saanjh

    4. Excellent roby! We will love Maya till the very end..even if she murders someone or hurts someone..this is Maya’s first love so she’s a bit clueless and scared hence she’s using her manipulative ways to keep Arjun. Again she’s not negative she has grey shades but who can blame her for that she has an abusive father and a weak willed mother so obviously the child won’t be perfect! Whatever she’s doing now is because of her past..and at least she’s not trying to be a saint like saanjh

    5. If love is love then Saanjh’s love also love.. even though she didn’t propose and even though she is not successfull even though she is crying baby even though she is shouting…. Love is love SAanjh also deserves love.. Arjun is avoiding the Saanjh because it’s not like he gets irritation it’s because he knows Saanjh cannot go away from him.. When he realizes she is going away then he will come back… One time SAanjh told if she is leaving his hand then he will miss in the darkness… Yes she is true because in real life also there will be some people always we have to behind him even he gets irritated…

      I am having one.. My husband… When he realizes it was too late… because I didn’t leave his hands whatever happens we are happy couple now… These words are told him… I am seeing my husband in Arjun’s place… But there is not Maya but some other relation….

      1. Angelk1

        I agree swapna. If love is love then people cant say saanj love isnt true. Shes the one feeling all the heartbreak but arjun sees it as a friend being jealous because his friend with his boss. Arjun cares for saanj, he keep saying our friendship is over an leave, but a minute late he thinks of saanj and attempts to call her. But his stubbornness prevents it.

        Lets not forget today eps he was about to call her after he told his family not to tell her that he was going on a trip.

        Honestly arjun himself the one confuse. He does things unconsiously with out some time comprehending the situation. This causes saanj to see things differently. In the begining they showed arjun as the type who would tell his best friend everything, and he had a dream to be successful an make his bestfriend happy.

        But lately his been leaving her , hiding from her and argueing with her. Their perfect world crumble , saanj will have to fight to get arjun back. No more talking to make him understand. She needs to show him an take action.

    6. well said roby.
      even i will love and support maya to the end whatever the way she is

  17. i agree maya is not a saint.. but saanjh is neither a saint.. the only sensible person is saanjh’s father who said that maya is not coming between arjun and saanjh… saanjh is coming between them.. arjun is a adult let him decide what he wants… why is everyone forcing saanjh on him… he clearly has no love feelings for her… Even saanjh is acting all possesive on arjun…
    i completely support maya.. even if she is selfish and cunning atleast she knows what she wants… saanjh is a complete idiot…

  18. does anyone of you really know what actually love is?it means to support and standby ur partner in any and every condition. chaahe wo ghalat kare ya sahi if u love him u will support is unconditional and the thing which involves terms and conditions,do’s and donts is not at all love. i love maya is liye i support every action of her.

  19. OMG i can’t believe you guys are arguing about this trio.. Just enjoy the show.. remember it’s just a show not reality!!! So many stupidity in here?

  20. Poorsaanjhbutaryarocks

    Arjun and maya make a great duo because they have this understanding and chemistry based on similar situations and aspirations in life.Both of them have had messed up childhoods,Arjuns Mom dying,dad’s remarriage and dad dying as well as Maya’s dad cheating on her Mom and abusing her.Thats why when she shared her story arjun could relate to her and he realised his mistake while he did not realise it when Saanjh had tried to convince him to accept vandana.Also arjun and maya have big dreams which maya has achieved and arjun is progressing towards while saanjh is simple minded.Morove arjun and maya have courage and determination to get what they want which saanjh lacks in.It is sad to see saanjh cry although it becomes irritating after a while bcos of all she does for arjun like waking him up and stuff but saanjh is Friend zone material and does nothing extraordinary for arjun to feel the same way she does

  21. Roby wolverine

    Shivani: you’re laughing out loud at me..? because of the comment i deserve beating or you think like that too..? can i know the reason of your lol..?

    1. Roby..I am just enjoying the show n by seeing comments here I guess people are taking too personel. So I commented well it doesn’t mean to hurt you. If people abuse each other that too for a serial then its their stupidity. Its their fault. no need to take by heart. you dont know even that person who abused u even u dont know his or her name neither she does. Just think they are time wasters??Regards

  22. Make saanjh exit from show
    Maya and arjun enough 4 trp

  23. Saanj cheapdi

    1. SaanjhdeservesArjun

      Ur the cheapdi not Saanjh oke? STOP THIS! SHE LOVES ARJUN!

  24. Priya9876

    Very very eager to know Maya ka pura Sach….
    Makers when u will disclose??

    ??? Sanjh’s dialogue ” ja jee le apni zindgi” har baar jhagda kar k Fir Arjuna k pecheeee Peche bhagati hai…o god..
    Self respect ki to aisi ki taishi kar deti h ye ladki….

  25. People commenting here that how will maya supporters support her if she turns negative.. Dear, she is not turning negative..jenny had herself said in interview beofre shw started, that maya is not negative, she may have grey shades. Maya may have mentl disorder due to past trauma, arjun love can surely cure her as all she crave is for love .i personly think saanjh is going to be negative. Wth her heartbreak due to arya being together, and instigation by aswin she may turn negative to seprate arya. .nhi toh there is no role of saanjh left aftr arya being together..

    1. Angelk1

      Theirs never a confirmation that saanj will be a negative character. Maya character profile said it all. She will be the lead but i guess for the very first time the lead will be a negative person. Obsession can turn a person negative . we will see when the drama moves forward

  26. Ashwin saying bad about maya. So saanjh wanted arjun to listen to him. She just wants to prove maya wrong. And saanjh cries for every silly reason. Arjun just gifted a dress to maya she started crying. Arjun supported maya instead of listening to that Ashwin she started to cry. She saw him with maya in airport she started crying. These aren’t some reasons to cry. He too has a right to spend time with other friends. Maya had faced a lot in her past. Her problems are genuine. Saanj’s insecurity is nothing in front of maya’s pain

  27. I want to laugh. The reason the content of indian television is so regressive is because of us people. What is wrong in Maya being negative. It’s a character, an emotion. Why is there an utmost need for a rational so called love ending with and then they lived happily thereafter. It is so callowish to think of romantic track and making Maya positive. I’m a fan of her but I don’t want to see her as I want. I want to see her through the writer’s glasses. And saanjh fans have nothing to say. Their statements are ridiculous as saanjh’s decision are. I want a sinister ending. The darkest truth it may have. It’s a romantic thriller not a romantic comedy for God’s sake.

    1. Angelk1

      I dont expect for a sinister ending. But you know indian drama shows their always will be a sinister ending an evil most likely wins. Even im a fan of jenniffer i came for jennifer and want to see her obsess acting cause thats new an fresh compare to her old drama characters. But that doesnt mean i support some of the things her character does or expect the directors to change her good.

      That would ruin the whole point of the story an character. I want saanj to leave arjun an let him figure things out for himself with maya and if he really loves maya to just accept it. I’m not expecting a happy ending with this serial

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