Beyhadh 27th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Beyhadh 27th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ayan calls Saanjh in the morning. Saanjh wakes up and asks what happened, if Arjun is fine. Ayan says Arjun left. Saanjh asks where. Ayaan says whee he should be. Arjun runs to terrace and gets Maya from terrace wall and asks if she did not go home whole night. She says he told he will be back, so she was waiting for him. He asks whole night. She says she can wait for him whole life, she thought he left hearing her story. He says he respects her more hearing her story, her story changed his life. he hugs and thanks he. She reciprocates and smiles.

Saanjh asks why Arjun left, what happened. Ayan says maa scolded him and wanted to leave home, but Arjun apologized her and accepted her as mother. Thanks to her that she returned Vandana her son. Saanjh says she is coming there.

Brother asks what happened now. Saajh says Arjun got back his mother. Brother asks from which shop. Saanjh throws pillow on him and leaves.

Arjun tells Maya that because of her, he got back his mother. He used to think his step mom is his problem, but she used to love him so much and forgave all his mistakes. He hugs her again and thanks her. He says he will let her meet his mom and not step mom now and takes her. Suman and Prem watch whole and fume. They return home. Saanjh wears her shoes and informs them that he duffer accepted Vandana aunty as mother. Suman says she should not go. Saanjh says she has to go, else her duffer will be angry. She leaves. Prem says Suman they should have informed Saanjh about Arjun and Maya and that she is coming between Arjun and Maya.

Ayan cuts onions wiping his tears. Vandana asks to give it to him. He says no, bhai will cut him into pieces. Once Saanjh comes, he will give it to her. Door bell rings. Vandana says their happiness came and opens door. She and Ayan are shocked to see Arjun entering with Maya and telling Vandana that she is the one who made him realizes his mistake and got him back his mother and completed his incomplete life. He asks Maya to come in. Maya comes in stepping her right leg in and tells Vandana that she told her earlier that people are not incomplete but environment makes them incomplete, now everything has changed. She tries to touch Vandana’s feet and Vandana backs off. Maya fumes in anger but smiles and says if something good happens, they touch elder’s feet and today good happened. Arjun signals Vandana to let her touch feet. Vandana hesitantly blesses her. Saanjh comes and shatters seeing all this. Arjun sees her and calls Dusky. Maya says without Saanjh, Arjun’s happiness cannot complete. Arjun says Saanjh that she pestered him whole life for this and Maya completed her work, if she is happy now. Saanjh runs and hugs Vandana and cries. Arjun says they are all happy because of Maya. Saanjh wiping her tears says she is very happy and thanks Maya. Maya says it is her duty as a friend and she fulfills her every duty, she will leave now. Arjun says he will drop Maya and will return with bread. Maya tells Vandana that some relationships take yeaars to bloom and some just moments and the one developed recently will be forever, she should get habituated to them now. Vandana stands dumbstuck watching Arjun and Maya leaving. She then looks at shattered Saanjh and consoles her.

Maya slips while walking towards car and Arjun holds her and says he will not let her fall in life again. Maya asks in life. He says not after today after what she did to him, will even give his life. She says he does not know his life’s value, only she knows. They both get into car and leave. Maya stops him and says she forgot her phone in his house.

Vandana tries to console Saanjh. Saanjh says whatever happened is good, she tried to convince Arjun to accept Vandana as mother, but he did not and easily agreed to Maya’s words. Vandana asks till when she will hide her feeling for Arjun. Saanjh says how to tell Arjun that his dusky loves him, it is too late. She opens door and stops seeing someone.

Arjun returns Maya’s mobile. Maya smiles and says he has decided to steal everything. She calls Jahnvi to inform that she is fine. Jahnvi is tied and tries to free herself. Ayan calls Arjun and informs him that Ashwin has come there. Jahnvi calls Maya and informs her what happend. Arjun fumes that he will come there right now.

Precap: Arjun drags Ashwin out and beats him like a street dog. Ashwin tells Maya that Arjun will not stay away from her truth for long.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Awesome episode. Can’t wait for tomorrow. Love the precap. Hi guys, I am a silent reader but today I felt like commenting. Can I join u guys?

    1. Hi Naina ☺ welcoming u here .. awaiting the Mauritius track more ☺❤

      1. Thx. You are very nice

  2. Vandhana and Saanjh are so selfish and Maya is proving each day that her love for Arjun is infinite and she deserves him more than anybody . After today’s precap it is so evident that Maya has done something worst. Have to wait n see if Arjun remains with Maya or not ..Wish Arya remain together till the last episode ..but anything can happen in Telesoaps ..Beyhadh is nothing without Maya so the makers should never potray in a way ppl hate her

    1. Yu are right

    2. seriously i think maya is not telling a lie but she has presented her secret in such a way that it supports her.she is concealing certain facts which i’m really curious to kno. even i think that maya has some psychological problem n maybe its a genuine guess which i hope is wrong maybe maya ne childhood mein kisi ko gusse mein maardiya ho ya phir maybe something has happened to her but she doesn’t look as if she was s*xually assulted.i just lovvvv maya n i wish she strong reasons to support herself

      1. Guess the murder would be done by Ashwin and he made Maya to believe that she has done in it and blackmailing her .. she revealed her past in a such a way that Arjun will never believe Ashwin

      2. Ya may be.. did you guys observed Maya getting more angry even jhanvi also fears to see her.with use of this anger ashwin puts blame on Maya.and if Maya is wrong jhanvi will not support Maya..y because she loves ashwin she can leave Maya but did not.she is supporting Maya,she is thrown out ashwin.its thriller story we have to wait until reveal truth.

  3. I also have a strong feeling that Maya wouldn’t have committed any mistake and its Ashwin who is blackmailing Maya and Maya has been made to believe something and finally Arjun would unravel dat it’s actually done by Ashwin n not Maya

    1. Ya right nandhana?

  4. Arjun and maya look so good together. Their chemistry rocks. Loved it when Arjun hugged maya. Can’t wait to see their romance.

    Maya helped vandana. Instead of thanking her she is worried about saanjh. She was not even ready to bless her.

    This ashwin is such a loser. Arjun should hit him more. I guess maya has some psychological problem. So this ashwin is blackmailing her.

  5. this saanjh’s father is far better than other idiots that atleast he realizes that saanjh is between arjun and maya. whether that suman don’t have any other bridegroom for saanjh always she is behind my arya.
    this vandana, a witch don’t deserve arjun’s love she don’t have any faith for maya atleast for uniting with arjun. when does she stops supporting that stupid saanjh.
    still what truth was left about maya that ashwin still threatens maya about it
    hope arjun still supports maya after knowing that truth also.
    today arya scenes were awesome with less saanjh

    waiting eagerly for december 30 to watch arjun’s proposal

  6. Wow very interesting episode..i know vandana still will not like maya..and ArYa scenes is superb ??…wow Arjun beaten ashwin superb ? eagerly waiting for tomorrow episode

    1. yeah ks
      i’m also waiting for it but lil tensed about maya’s hidden truth which ashwin can even use now

      1. Ya mallu. .still something is there but i don’t think Maya hidden from Arjun her past still…we saw yesterday when maya playing with her friends while ashwin came there too..maya saw him,she runs and hidden behind trees.after ashwin explained something with maya friends after listen they left maya he is using same trick with Arjun now.Maya didn’t did anything wrong.let’s see

      2. Maanu13

        Arjun won’t do this ks..bcoz that was happened in childhood…now almost everything abt ashwin is known by arjun…and arjun can’t leave Maya in a critical situation…as he may not love her..but he accept her as friend…he must give support for Maya….I missed the episode but still after reading I love to watch arya scenes again and again…I love them a lot❤❤❤❤❤❤

    2. yes ks.
      hope ashwin was just brainwashing everyone including maya about something she didn’t done
      arjun must support maya even after knowing no matter he believes it or not . if he doesn’t believe that maya did something he should resolve it and must make maya comfortable in her life without stresses.
      this arjun was also a beyhadh character
      he hated vandana to beyhadhand now loving her to beyhadh
      hope he should not leave maya in middle
      arya must rock to beyhadh… end

      1. Initially it seemed liked Ashwin assaulted her but now the story seems completely different . But as of now Arjun is no way going to listen to Ashwin as he hates him for torturing Maya. Even I thought just like u did Sohini..she would ve thought that she murdered someone and Ashwin is blackmailing her .Had one more idea like actually it’s Ashwin who did it n tricked Maya into believing it ..

      2. If Maya did really bad thing..why ashwin tied jhanvi..he can say with out trouble them if he is true.but not his intention is something else.even ashwin said to something with Maya friends in that age what Maya will do such a bad thing.she is playing with friends happily.any way we can’t say anything with out see.let’s see..maya shared her tortures by ashwin but didn’t shared from tortures result.

    3. Yeah maanu….i hope Arjun will not leave Maya at any cost…and did you see Maya helped Ayaan bail,she United vandana Arjun but still vandana didn’t like to given bless to maya&not like to allow her home.but in precap they are allowed stupid ashwin easily and given respect with tea snacks to him.they don’t know how to find good persons based on this.

      1. Maanu13

        Vandana is unpredictable….they treat ashwin so well she didn’t give a glass of water to Maya regards of her help… disgusting vandana?????

  7. saanjh is overacting ki dukaan
    she is sleeping like a hell peacefully when ayaan called
    but she overacted that she hadn’t slept whole night tensed lablablab
    cunning girl
    i hate her

    1. Guess they are trying to potray Saanjh as the villian of this show as Maya is being portrayed as a perfection in love

      1. hope so
        i’ll party if saanjh is villain

      2. Maanu13

        Nandhana can u imagine her as a villian…. whenever I see her I burst of laugh…she is a comedy piece…

    2. Maanu13

      Hahaha exactly she do overacting on everything…I know after knowing Maya only the reason for patch and all her face will become like this?????????
      She may not b happy for arjun and vandana too she feels only for her…sooooooooo selfish???????

      1. Actually Maanu she is a comedy piece. But I want Saanjh to be the villian so that Arya can b together. As of now Maya is being portrayed good .Cant think of Arjun going to Saanjh leaving Maya

      2. Maanu13

        Ya really I can’t see arjun leaving Maya for that stupid saanjh….. my heart ll break…. Saanjh hate u to the core.??????

  8. Too much of anything is good for nothing…
    Saanjh- too much of worry
    Vandana- too much of hope
    Maya-too much of anger,jealous, possessiveness and obsession….
    Guys please understand that whatever saanjh is doing because of her family and vandana…I hope she ends up with jeetu

  9. What is Maya’s truth

  10. Roby wolverine

    I can’t describe the hypocrisy of saanjh and vandana…

    God…..! What did vandana see about maya,. i really don’t care whatever she did in past.. Even if she was devil herself born in form of child.. No one.. i mean no one had any right to treat a child like that.. No matter what.. every children deserves love and caring even if they have physical or mental abnormalities..

  11. Roby wolverine


    Too much of anything is good for nothing..? huh..? who is to decide what is too much..?

    To you.. Maya is too much jealousy and possessiveness.. but to me.. she’s perfection..

    there’s no limit or too much in anything.. it’s the way we see things.. everything changes in everyone’s perspective

    Anyway.. Vandana decided Maya’s evil just by seeing her one moment where Maya had broke the glass.. it’s unbelievable..

    Love you Maya

    1. u rocked roby
      boundaries are created only by people not by themselves for anything either a relation or anything
      maya is a perfectionist
      love u maya
      love u arya

    2. I feel d same . Just from that single moment they are treating her like a devil .. There’s no rule that just bcz Saanjh is having feelings for Arjun he have to love her ,the way all of them are behaving .
      . True love has no boundaries.if Maya is possessive that doesn’t mean she should not get her love .
      Hope these writers show +ve ending for Maya not the same old climax for this show ..

    3. Maanu13

      Roby, I like the way u presenting Ur points…u gave an exact portrait of every character lots of analysis ..I like Ur comments …good job…

      Not like that Roby…..Vandana want saanjh to marry arjun for that shake she not even think of someone’s good…??????such a selfish lady…..
      Saanjh is annoying day by day……I can’t see her face reactions…she do everything in wrong way…she don’t want to patch up the family …she drag everyone leaving arjun alone…Maya made them a family again but no credits for Maya…..what the hell is this??????????

    4. Shalini Senthil

      Well said roby u rocked????Im always with maya whatever happen in this show love arya

  12. Shalini Senthil

    Love u jenny today she looks so cute …?

  13. SaanjhdeservesArjun

    Hey u guys… im just anoyher fan of beyhadh nd i reallllllly badly want to know why every single person is on mayas side nd says tht saanjh is irritating i mean saanjh is the one tht clearly loves arjun cuz she loves him selflessly nd doesnt play games to get him unlike maya whos trying to win over his love by playing games … clearly saanjh is super innocent nd sweet nd has been loving arjun from the bottom of hee heart since her childhood nd thus she is the one who deserves him!!! I mean just because maya is more beautiful nd rich everyone likes maya thts not fair. Not fair at all.!

    1. Angelk1

      Just let it go, you won’t win this case, time will tell when the story progress. Feelings can change, after all this is a drama show. The story hasn’t really got to it’s climax yet or the theme. Right now there just showing love triangle an I guess how arjun an Maya got together. And will soon lead to arjun leaving Maya because of her obsessing love.

      Its always good to show how the character was before change happens. It makes it more interesting to see and make you guess. But Jennifer by far is one of my best Indian actress. She looks mix to me.

    2. We didn’t loved by seeing maya beauty…its ur blind think..we r loving Maya character in this serial.and maya playing tricks to avoid saanjh love on Arjun not her friend ship with Arjun,she didn’t break their friendship,so understand this.maya knew saanjh is loving Arjun.saanjh also beautiful girl but character wise we loves only Maya.??❤

      1. Maanu13

        Exactly as ks said..we r not loving Maya for her looks….Maya deserve arjun….ok tell me what game did she played get arjun…. saanjh is the one who played game and want him to left the job he loves by making him against Maya….do u think saanjh love is selfless… unbelievable….love means one who cares fir another not for themselves….Maya care for arjun is lot more than saanjh….from the starting can u mention anything which is done by saanjh to arjun????
        Maya gives him job without any intention…she madly in love with him still she didn’t force him…but saanjh to all stupid activities and make arjun angry by herself not by Maya…so plz don’t blame us for liking Maya…. actually we all loving Maya.❤❤❤❤❤❤

    3. Who’s says we love maya because she’s beautiful and rich?? Eww that’s gross..we love her bcos more than anyone and especially more than saanjh she deserves love..did not see the previous episodes? What maya goes through? She is lonely and broken. Saanjh has everything a family and love but not maya..yes maya is manipulative but that does not mean she loves Arjun any less..Arjun is the ray of light in her dark life so she does these things to keep him with her

      1. exactly my point Stefan,saanjh k paas puri foaj hai use support,care or love dene k liye.maya k paas kon hai except for her mother and arjun.let’s do a comparison and count people who love and care for maya and saanjh.
        maya has only her mother or ab arjun aaya hai uski life me to she has 2 people with her.
        but saanjh has prem,suman,her brother,aayan,vandana and even arjun.
        ab btao who needs love more,maya ya saanjh???

    4. Roby wolverine

      To saanjhdeservesArjun ( Shuddering at the name and fingers itching preventing from even typing those words)

      I guess you will superbly get along with vandana, suman and their lot..

      It’s what the problem is just because Saanjh loved him for a long time doesn’t mean she deserves Arjun.. just because she love Arjun for long time doesn’t mean Maya’s love for Arjun in the short time is not true..

      God….! in what mentality you were when typing that we love Maya because she’s rich and beautiful.. Do you think of us that badly.. just because a character is rich and beautiful in a story means we all automatically like her..? how could you write that.. we’re not gold diggers.. Be careful of what you say..

      i don’t know about others but i love maya because she’s like a fresh air from all the goody and sanskari heroines.. I love her for her beautiful mind, her cunningness, her manipulation, her way of obsessing and being possessive about Arjun, her instability.. frankly i love her because her character is beautifully gray… i love her the way she is..

      Saanjh loves selflessly..? And she doesn’t play games to win Arjun..?

      Is there any set of rule books saying love must be like this.. You should love a person like this way only..

      No… Everything is fair in love and war..

    5. excuse me, is sab me maya ka pesa or beauty kahan se aagayi?agar saanjh (aansuon ki dukaan) itni hi achi sweet,smart or blah blah she should have done what maya did a long ago in the beginning, i.e., arjun+vandana union.but no all she ever did was lecturing over useless things. we dont have any problem about saanjh lekin jab wo har baat me over react krti hai then it really irritates me.agar wo apni feelings express ni kar paayi to isme kisi ka kya qusur hai?or ye kahan likha hai k as a best friend arjun ko har waqt saanjh ko goad me le k phirna chahiye?really yaar stop hating maya all u saanjh lovers.hum maya k supporters saanjh se ni uski overreacting ki aadat se chirh khaate hain.

    6. i agree wid u

  14. Today vandana and saanjh showed their true colours! How disgusting of vandana to back away when maya is touching her feet I mean come on she reunited her son with her! Didn’t know a mother could stoop to such a low level. And cry baby saanjh is back again-.- thank god she realised that it’s too late to confess her feelings..I don’t get why Arjun and saanjh’s family treat maya as a monster god people relax she’s just a normal human in love! Can’t anyone else love their precious Arjun!? Today’s episode was beautiful even Arjun is in love with maya but doesn’t realise it!! Can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode Ashwin will finally meet his match!?

    1. Well said u r so right vandana is disgusting and yes they behave as if Arjun is their private property

    2. Maanu13

      Yes I feel the same.. disgusting people vandana and saanjh family??????
      Arjun had some feeling s for Maya finally❤❤❤❤

    3. this there ladies vandana suman and saanjh are witches of the show
      i hate them to the core

  15. Maybe she has killed someone ????? Or made believe that she has killed someone by Ashwin ?
    I really like Arjun and Maya ….i want them together .
    So much suspense

  16. We’re on maya’s side for two reasons, dear saanjhdeservesarjun…
    First thing, its not bcoz of her beauty or wealth, but bcoz of the love which she has for arjun.. Secondly, why don’t people notice this that for arjun, saanjh is only a good friend.. He doesn’t see saanjh in the way saanjh does… He loves her like a bff.. Nothing else.. Now just bcoz saanjh loves him since childhood and has been with him always toh arjun SHOULD love her, ye toh galat h na… Why don’t u think of arjun’s feelings.. I really like saanjh.. But she’s good just like a friend.. And has people around her who love her… Unlike maya, who has gone thru so much mental trauma and distress that now only arjun can take her out of it, and if he falls in love with her, which he will eventually, then I don’t think there’s anything wrong there.. Opportunity knocks once… And saanjh lost hers way back… Now its maya’s turn… And she surely will encash it…

    1. Maanu13


  17. Loved todays epi…kudos to writers…good turns and twists..and what the hell vandana thinks of herself..why she is stepping back as if Maya has some disease.. Wierdo!!! Arjun is like he wants Maya his family and Saanjh…I hate the fact that he doesn’t love Maya but he still leading her on as if he is blind….

  18. Roby u wanna say Maya is perfectionist. Then she should be inspiration. I dont like saanjh becoz she is so overconcerned about Arjun and without proposing Arjun she has unnecessary interference in his life and I too personally feel that Arjun n Maya together make a perfect jodi. saanjh parents and vandana just encouraging saanjh without consent of Arjun too bad. But from which angle u say that Maya is perfectionist from her side. Jennifer is perfect to her character of maya that’s it. Apart from Maya past n her true love she still didnt reveal about her psychotic behaviour to Arjun. Maya kept saanjh waiting for five hours in office and thrown file when she worked whole night, maya made Arjun to get down 15 floors of her apartment through balcony. Making Arjun promoted for her love, and even making Arjun friends promoted just to avoid Arjun to meet saanjh for lunch are not examples for perfect lover. she should try to get her love in a wrong way..Maya is going in a wrong way to get Arjun which can be finally make her mad and alone too. Arjun attitude towards her mother changed after listening maya story but its not becoz of Maya, she didnt put any efforts from her side. Maya revealed her story becoz she was scared of Ashwin might reveal so she told him. But it was Arjun who himself realized after listening maya story. So stop giving credits to Maya. If it was Maya then she should repent but instead of all this have all seen her grudge from inside when she was speaking with Vandana. Every word of her was like she was giving strong message to Vandana n saanjh to be careful. Now saanjh if u hve atleast some presence of mind then forget him. Today finally happy for people to realize their mistake. One for saanjh she was correct as now it was too late for her to propose Arjun and another prem finally realized it was saanjh not maya who is obstruction for Arjun love.

    1. Actually it’s Arjun who is giving the credits to Maya saying dat he realized after hearing to Maya ..If it’s Saanjh in dat he wouldn’t even let her talk ?

    2. No yaar shivani…i don’t think u watching episode…maya said before past reveal like why u want to run away from relation ,think another angle..&also maya and Arjun every time they helping each other with out known their problems with their talks and indirect doings like Arjun hospital fear and maya godown fear&colours vandana relation..u can’t say there is no maya hand..she talked normally with out expectation.

      1. That’s what I am also saying Ks , she talked normally without expecting about vandana. Yes she said not to run away from relation but at same time u r stucked in tough situation with ur step mom even I have problem with my dad. So we are both in same situation. So I am just watching all episodes. plz understand that if Arjun is helping Maya then he is not expecting anythg from her. He is just helping her as friend where as Maya if helping Arjun either if its Ayan case or anythg else becoz she loves Arjun and she wants him at any cost. Moreever she was the first who herself encountered with saanjh for Arjun becoz of her jealosy towards their friendship. Till that time saanjh was not even aware that Maya is in love with Arjun. So Maya n saanjh both were at wrong point. You cannot justify neither maya or saanjh that their love is something without any expectations.

      2. shivani I said only about Maya,not about saanjh..and u didn’t observed saanjh is every time expecting like Arjun has to listen her whatever she said, ex if he didn’t listen her,she taken vandana and Ayaan with her left him alone.Maya is more better than saanjh for me.i knew you are trying to give all characters side of explanation.i will say simply maya trying to give happiness to Arjun like Ayaan bail,gifts etc but saanjh and their families trying to get their happiness from Arjun.

    3. Roby wolverine


      I don’t think you read my comment clearly.. What i said is “To Me Maya is perfect” Just because a person is perfect too me doesn’t have to be a inspiration to anyone.. I love her for the manipulation, master mind, The cunningness, the way she is..

      if anyone loved me like that i would definitely say yes.. In real life there isn’t people like goody goody.. Everyone has dark sides some just pretend that side doesn’t exist, some accept it..

      read clearly then argue with me.. You may hate her way of love and think it’s too much.. To me and in my eyes her love is beautiful.. She must have courage to love with a broken heart and unstable mind and with her stupid father.. Saanjh didn’t even have the courage to propose..

      Yeah.. Maya had grudge when your so called good vandana refused to give wishes just because Maya loves Arjun who according to vandana belongs to saanjh..

      Even though Maya didn’t directly involve in the change of mind for Arjun still she is the reason.. so obviously we give credit to her..

      Maya told her past not only because of her fear for father but also her mother’s advice to tell Arjun the truth..

      1. Maanu13

        Wowwwwwww Roby… extraordinary explanation???????
        We love jenny for being Maya??????

      2. Roby darling..Its not argument…I am just keeping my facts as u were…come on dont take by heart..Its a serial..My favourite character is Maya but I just want to say writers perfectly balanced the characters with title behad…no limits for maya or saanjh for love..n yes both hv gud n I just see both characters need justification dear..if Maya has bad past i agree but it doesnt mean that she is correct for Arjun she doesnt get any frd so lets Arjun give urself to her..Just want to
        say that maya n saanjh if u love someone respect his feelings too not just ur feelings..Vandana yes she always taken side of saanjh but hv she ever got chance to understand
        Arjun feelings becoz both never spoke to each other properly till now and it was only saanjh for her she think that she can only understand his son, whereas for maya vandana just saw her in party getting jealous n breaking glass in anger so she was worried abt that…anyways we know that Arjun wil propose to Maya in Mauritius..but imagine if now Arjun says no to Maya then will maya keep quiet??? I personally want Maya n Arjun but just curious to know if Arjun says no to Maya then what would be reaction of Maya ???? For this I welcome opinions rather than arguments…..?????

      3. Shivani…ur quetion is wrong….every time maya want to spend time with Arjun and also they went for photo shoot not for propose to arjun again..Arjun went wrongly danger ice land ,this ice land will disappear at any moment.after with more tension she went alone to search seeing Maya concern and love on him.he is going to realize his love on Maya with his own.maya didn’t expect this from arjun and his proposal.

  19. Maya was perfect Jodi to arjun
    Why some members saying Maya good and saanghbad or vs
    According to serial
    1st Maya character
    She already told to arjun she don’t have friend’s and loving people
    She don’t now how to behave in relationship. She always behave like a perfect businesses women
    But once in relation with arjun her total equation was changes
    But she was fear of saanchand ashwin,
    She loss arjun.thats why she rudely with saanch but she was really good than saanh
    saanch character
    She was a great friend but not a good lover
    Because today episode she clearly told to vandana all are thinking saanch is perfect for arjun is wrong only Maya is right pair to arjun .All are believes but she don’t she need arjun for life long that was only possible by marriage . That’s why she give a new name of her friendship is love.
    If she get angry she show on arjun or ayan or every one in her family she has a big family support and pampered by every one
    But since now Maya didn’t taste any love or friendship by any one else except her mom
    Saanch family and vandana
    Why they are not understand these 3fellows feeling ( arjun ,Maya,saanch) actually they only start pairing arjun and saanch,but saanch also feel he was a friend. I am not getting this point all are starting marriage proposal only after arjun getting job before no one not starting
    Saanch father not good opinion on arjun always saying arjun is optionmastic character
    But he did not cheat any one
    Arjun character
    He not love any one but he had a good friend s , he also loss her mother in childhood time he rectify his pain by saanch friendship .
    Finally once arjun said ok for Maya’s praposal , ma ya not getting tence of saanch only by ashwin.
    In total serial ashwin only villain not Maya and she was not pchyco

    1. Wow Devika well said..???

      1. Maanu13


    2. great explanation

  20. Saanjh darling why cant you leave arjun, why dont you go away from arjun , let him die in maya’s beauty, Maya perfectionist world . Let him give time to suffer and then one day he will realize , he will come as of now he is praising Maya . Yes at this time she needs that love and care but too much is too bad .

    1. yeah Pari please take your irritating,annoying and overreacting darling saanjh to a side as we are fed up of her daily crying.

      1. Maanu13

        Hahajhahah exactly ayesha…@pari we really fed up wit Ur crying darling saanjh.. keep her away from arjun…

      2. SaanjhdeservesArjun

        Seee this is what im talking about ppl! Even maya cries!! Saanjh has feeling so obvio she will cry! Stop saying bad about Saanjh!!!!

    2. Pari…maya will not give suffers to Arjun…im sure…why because when maya tried to burn jhanvi saari given gift by ashwin.that time jhanvi said instead of burns ashwin things better to u will die ..u r ashwin listen her mother talks even she tried to kill herself for her mother words.we knew how much she loves jhanvi.maya protecting jhanvi from ashwin wicked intention.then how she will give suffer and pain to Arjun.may be he will suffer by ashwin not from Maya.let’s see

  21. to all supporters of saanjh:
    please stop talking against maya, because is forum pe maya k supporters are more than you people so just stop commenting against maya.saanjh k saath jo b ho raha hai wo uski apni ghalati hai. i mean come on yaar she is just a best friend not arjun’s wife ya arjun is not her personal as a best friend she should be happy for him.alright insecurity hoti hai jab aap apne beloved ko kisi or k sath dekhte ho but this is what love is all about.agar kisi se sach me pyaar krte ho to use baandh k rakhne ki jaga khula chhorh do agar wo aapka hai to chaahe kuch b ho kahin ni jayega,chla b gaya to wapas aap e k paas aayega or agar aapka ni to chaahe lohe ki chain se baandh lo it wont stay with saanjh should understand this and be happy in arjun’s happiness.

    1. Maanu13

      Maya and arjun love story will start u ppl ready to cry wit Ur darling saanjh…

    2. Exactly well said! Saanjh has no right on Arjun..she crossed the friendship boundary long ago now she’s acting as if Arjun is her possession! And if she cares so blo*dy much about him she should said I love you but she didn’t and now she’s repenting..the final blow will come on 30th Dec when Arjun will propose maya and saanjh will give up then! I hate vandana now like in her mind Arjun and saanjh belong to each other but not once did she consider her sons feelings..why are they forcing saanjh with Arjun I don’t get just bcos you know a person since childhood and you know everything about them doesn’t mean you’ll end up with them

    3. Angelk1

      Ayesha you cant just say we should stop commenting. The story hasnt progress yet, but i will let yall celebrate for now, until it finally happens. Besides arjun cant really see how maya is until he gets in a relation with her. The directors are doing good by making it seem maya is a good person . yeah she is at some point an i pity her life, but she needs help physcological help … With her trauma of her father.

      Ashwin wont be the villian for long, after all maya is ashwin daughter.

    4. SaanjhdeservesArjun

      Exxxxactly Ayesha i agree with u agar kisi se pyaar karte ho to use baandh ke mat rakho exaaaactly like what this Maya is doing!! She is binding Arjun using manipulative tricks so watch what ur saying!

  22. I’m not Indian but I watch a lot of Bollywood. I’ve been invested for years and some of the story lines of the movies are so exaggerated and it made me come to the conclusion that ‘Indians are stupid in love’. I thought it was just fiction because movies. But I read most of the comments on here and I realize it’s true.
    Anyone who thinks Maya is a ‘good’ person and that all her acts are out of love does not know what true, selfless love is and it is such a pity.
    You people really don’t like good things. I watch Crime Patrol as well and it makes a lot of sense that good people suffer and bad ones thrive.

    1. Roby wolverine

      Hey guys.. here “Daisy” wants to play the role of God..

      How stupid you can be.. I never said Maya is good.. We love maya the way she is.. i don’t know what’s the problem is.. Good is never good nor bad is ever bad.. Every coin has two sides and everything has two persepctives.. If you can’t appreciate this serial then don’t watch it and whine about here.. Who are you to tell us people stupid.. Just because in your point of view you hate maya doesn’t mean everyone has to hate her.. Actually you’re in fact the stupid one if you can’t understand the fact people has different tastes.. Anyway it’s a waste of my time to argue with you… And don’t tell Indian’s are stupid in love.. It doesn’t do anything with the country.. you can say some people are stupid in love.. you can never say our whole country just because you want to refer particular people..

      1. Who ever this Roby wolverine..Let me tel u that ur making unecessary comments here. No one is saying bad about India here. I don’t know whether ur girl or boy , aunty or uncle..but u need to learn some basic mannerism how to debate in a right way.

    2. Daisy …don’t mention nation name for unnecessary things..mind’s just serial fiction..all are watching for entertainment..&dont u knew which u compared crime petrol is based on real life incidents,they r showed it.finally you wasted ur time.

    3. SaanjhdeservesArjun

      Thankyouuuu Daisy! These ppl seriously dont know what true selfless love is nd they cant justify Mayas acts as “out of love”!

  23. Maya is awesome for whatever she is

  24. Roby wolverine

    Harpreet i never said anything like that nor did i make unnecessary comments… I told only not to drag the country in here.. well you need to learn english and need to learn how to understand first then come and tell me what should i learn.. Who are you to tell me to learn mannerism.. Does your comment show the very same proper mannerism you want me to learn.. Go and read my comment carefully.. i never said Daisy written anything bad about india.. i just wote not to drag the whole country here..

  25. Hi guys I’m also a silent reader I’ve been checking this page for a while, this is for Daisy I’m also not Indian but I watch their shows a lot and beyhadh is one of the shows that I love only because of Maya charecter, and if you fill that way why do you watch their shows at the end of the day this is not real its reel, I just want to say this to those who think that sanjh is the innocent , sweet and loving that girl is so annoying and she can pretend they are so selfish with her whole family I’ve never seen such desperate people in my life, as for Maya you people need to understand that we love her unconditionally there is nothing that will make us hate maya l mean nothing, that woman suffered a lot her whole life she deserves to be happy, even if she did something bad in the past we will continue to love her we are not stupid here even your sanjh hates maya for no reason

  26. SaanjhdeservesArjun

    Exxactlyyy like shivani said … Maya didnt do anything big she just shared her story nd arjun realised his mistake nd made up with his mom!! Is it saanjhs fault tht she doesnt have a dard bhari story to share so she wasnt able to make arjun realise? She genuinely tried for many years nd this arjun gave allll the credit to maya for no reason at all! Look so what if saanjh has a lot of ppl caring for her she only gets tht special feeling from arjun ik maya has a dark past nd symphasize with her but her manipulative games just irk me! She said tht she will REMOVE saanjh from arjuns life nd tht is just pure evil! Uggh saanjh is perfectly innocent nd about the gifts Saanjh was only saying the truth! Maya wants to trap arjun in her love by offering him luxuries which he always wanted. Plus on the lauch of arjuns photographs she purposely put arjuns phone on silent nd made allll of saanjh efforts to waste of getting a suit for arjun! All maya had to do was sit nd order ppl to get suits for arjun but saanjh! She genuinely tried hard nd made an effort to bring a smile on arjuns face… Arjun doesnt fall in love with maya he gets TRAPPED in it through manipulative ways!!! Saanjh deserves Arjun.

    1. Angelk1

      You have some valuable point. Arjun also treats maya as a friend. I mean where did it say arjun is falling for her. We’re all trying to justify it by the way he talk to both girls and mainly the girls effort. It wasnt long ago maya propose an arjun said he doesnt see her that way. He was gonna reject it but maya almost killed them both by turning of the fire.

      Honestly thats not love…but i guess shes starting to see that if she wants arjun to love her she needs to get to his family. The gifts , its obvious she went through his list an bought those stuff for him, but she tried justifying it by saying its for work.anyway, Saanj isnt wrong for thinking bad about maya, after all she basically scared her with her bad vibe.

      I know arjun can find someone better it doesnt have to be saanj. On the other hand, Maya isnt a good jodi either, because she has mental problem. Just like sannj she gets jealous, she has so much secrets, shes manipulative in her own way, if things doesnt go her way she take action. Yes an i wont be surprise if she put a tracking device on him when their a couple, monitoring his every move, or starts putting his stuff in her house to move in with her.

      She has many flaws like saanj.

      Saanj shes good but shes not perfect like people say, yes she has a family who support her. A good job, but she only has one love an one bestfriend which she feels maya is taken from her. Saanj cries when things dont go her way. Instead of facing maya head on an try to save arjun, she just gives up an complain.

      Shes shown as a weak character compare to maya, i guess because shes never been in a situation where she had to fight for arjun love. She always expect him to come around. People say we dont like maya because of her looks, thats half true.

      But lets think for a second, if saanj an maya were to switch place an character would it be any different. Would they say saanj deserve arjun an there chemestry is good. I dont think so, before the story line started people were already shipping characters saying maya an arjun look good together. Even before maya background story , at one point i thought so too.


  27. Hi guys I’m also a silent reader, I love Maya so much she is the best and nothing will make me change that, love her unconditionally

  28. Maya looks gorgeous.. And saanjh she looks so cute..Beyadh is a awesome serial..I love to watch this serial specially jenniferr

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