Beyhadh 26th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Beyhadh 26th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

During, Arjun’s mother’s birthday, everyone dances including Saanjh, her parents, Ayan. Saanjh asks Arjun and Vandana/mom to dance. Arjun dances hesitantly. Ayan says it is looking good Arjun celebrating mom’s birthday. Saanjh says they will get these kind of moments often until she is there. On the other side, Maya sees a flying balloon (Arjun’s) in her window and happily picks and with a smile says thank you. Birthday party continues at Arjun’s house. Saanjh sees Arjun missing, goes to his room, and sees him sound asleep. She sits and sarts looking at his face. Ayan enters and says a kiss….Suman/Saanjh’s mother then enters and says even she saw Saanjh is about to kiss. Saanjh says no…..Vandana comes and asks what is happening. Ayan

jokes pappi. Vandana also laughs. Saanjh gets nervous. Prem/Saanjh’s father calls Saanjh and Suman and says he is waiting outside for them. They both leave.

In the morning, Maya goes to temple with her mother. While praying, she hears her father’s footsteps and shivering in fear and reminisces the molesting incident. Ashwin walks towards Maya smirking. Dogs attack him and repeatedly bite him. He shouts for help. Saanjh peacefully performs pooja. Jahnvi sees that and asks Maya if she sent dogs. Maya continues praying peacefully.

Arjun reaches office early and decorates Maya’s cabin to celebrate her birthday. Saanjh calls and scolds he was afraid of entering Maya’s house yesterday and now decorating Maya’s cabin, if he is out of his mind. Arjun says yesterday her flop ideal failed, but now he will use his own mind. Maya enters office and prays ganesh idol smilingly reminiscing how Ashwin was attacked by dogs. She then enters her cabin and sees it decorated and Arjun chatting with Saanjh over phone. Arjun stops seeing her and wishes her happy birthday nervously. She says thanks with a smile and sits on her chair. He walks out. Peon serves fearing. Maya does not say anything. Maya’s assistant Rhea asks Arjun if he is sure he wants to celebrate Maya’s birthday. He says yes, Maya thanked and smiled, if she remembers when she saw Maya smiling last. Rhea says she does not. He says if she is with him or not. She says yes.

Maya comes out cabin and whole staff wish her happy birthday with a glitter bomb. Maya silently stands silently. Arjun comes with cake. Maya reminisces her 9th birthday candle again and her father Ashwin. Arjun signs birthday song with staff and signals her to come and cut cake. She nervously walks reminiscing her 9th birthday again and blows candles. Staff continue clapping surprise. Maya cuts cake. Arjun picks cake piece and instead of feeding her smears it on her face. Maya reminisces her father doing same.

Precap: Maya leaves her birthday party panicking and walks into water. Arjun runs behind her and starts searching her.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. For the first time Maya smiled . I think she has spread smiled but only a lil . Awesome bday celebrations . Precap seems scary . Hope Maya Is fine. I think Arjun will save her . Why r they giving glimpses of Mayas past . It would be nice if they show the flashback cmpltly and end this flashback story . Arjun’s mother cares so much for him . Still Arjun keeps a distance from his mother . Don’t know why . Hope they show their flashback also soon . Beyhadh I a awesome show . The show is attracting me day by day . Loving beyhadh a lott

  2. Priya9876

    Kya mom hai sanjh ki???? kiss ?. Kar ley? kiss kar ley?
    Too funny

  3. Priya9876

    Arjun v kamaal ka Banda h … Manna padega usse ? koi apne boss k face pe aise cake lagta h bhala…. ?

  4. Priya9876

    Hey guys plz clear my confusion….
    Maya b’day ki wajh se happy nhi thi… Wo khus thi bcz uske father pe dogs ne attack kiya… M I rigt????

    1. Devga

      Yes her main happiness was bcz tht guy was attacked by dogs ….
      In tht happiness she also liked arjun’s surprise and lil bit happy for tht too …

  5. Devga

    Awwww awesome episode …. loved Arya ( Arjun – Maya ) scenes together …

    Thr r lot of suspense to b revealed …. enjoying the thrilling suspenses.,..

    Looking forward for more of Arya scenes … but feeling sad for saanjh ….
    Hope she gets an another lead like she got kabir (nibir )in nauc ….

    1. Angelk1

      She wont get a new lead because she will be with arjun at the end. Theirs a moral to this story, i will figure it out later. Maya obsession will push arjun to sanj again

    2. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey Devga loved ur dp
      OMG disha patani
      Love her smile a lot
      And also her Priyanka character in msd movie
      Among the newbies this year she is my fav

  6. during that dog biting scene maya looks so relieved her smile was so nice waiting 4 nxt

  7. Excited about the precap,,,,,bt felt bad for Saanjh,,,,her mom and all are giving her false hopes,,,,well,,,Saanjh-Ayaan pairing is also good

  8. Hi I’m new to this section. I really love Beyhadh a lot. Each and every episode is a killer. I don’t know whom to ship ArYa r SaArjun as I love both. Anyways waiting eagerly for upcoming episode

  9. Angelk1

    All the characters are funny. I think thebtine is near when maya will start liking arjun. After he save her. I’m glad its not taking long for that to happen, I’m more excited to see jennifer obsess then in love hehe. Hopefully she nails it.

  10. Saanjh and arjun looks too good as friends

  11. Guys and gals, this is just a television show. It has nothing to do with our lives. Yes, entertainment is required but don’t let it overpower your lives.

  12. Don’t let a television soap overpower you so much. At the end of the day it’s just entertainment

  13. Lata Vijayvargiya

    Good to see today’s episode

  14. Tvshows

    Watch beyhadh latest episode full hd quality video on Yupptv India. #beyhadh #beyhadhlatestepisode :

  15. RANdomfANCreationz

    Liked today’s epi a lot
    Finally saw maya smiling
    That was so sweet
    But precap is shocking

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