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Beyhadh 26th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maya picks hypnotic injection and tells Jahnvi that she cannot see her losing her breath and life, so she will fall asleep. Panditji gives Prem’s ashes to Suman and asks to perform rituals. Suman cries that her Prem is turned into ashes and now wants them also to be washed away. Vandana says Prem is in her heart and she has to perform ashti visarjan. She asks where is Saanjh. Samay comes and says he will call Saanjh. He sees Saanjh hiding in a room and says she has to accept that her father is dead and perform his asthi visarjan. She says she cannot do that. He insists. She says no. He asks why. She shouts she killed her father. Vandana gives usual shocking expression and opens eyes widely.

Saanjh injects hypnotic into herself and telling drowning Jahnvi she wants to be in deep sleep

when her mother breaths last. She flushes syringe into commode and sleeps next to bathtub. Arjun reaches home and calls Maya and Jahnvi. He searches them in whole house. Jahnvi hears him and water gushes towards her head. Arjun finds water coming out of Jahnvi’s bathroom and rushes in. He sees Jahnvi drowned into bathtub and Maya asleep next to bathtub. He pulls Jahnvi out of bathtub and makes her sleep on bed. He then takes Maya to her room.

Saanjh continues crying that she killed her father. Suman asks what is she telling. Saanjh says if she had listened to Suman and called electrician on time, her father would not have been electrocuted. She reminisces the incident, Suman telling she will have lots of time, but not her. She shouts she was right, she has time, but not papa. People want her to console maa and Shubh, how will she when she cannot look at herself into mirror. She continues pouring her heart out. Suman and Vandana continue crying while Samay silently watches.

Doctor checks Maya and tells Arjun that her BP is very high. Maya wakes up calling maa. Doctor says Jahnvi is safe, Arjun saved her on time. She scolds Arjun to take care of Jahnvi. Maya says it is not Arjun’s fault, she took Jahnvi’s responsibility. Doctor leaves. Arjun reminisces whole incident, fighting with Maya that he is Dusky’s Duffer now and has to be with his friend, etc.., and feels guilty. Maya starts blaming him that he ignored her and always worried about his Saanjh. She can take care of her child alone and does not need him. She continues emotionally blackmailing him and make him feel more guilty with her words and says he has to choose between her and Saanjh.

Saanjh continues if she had not tried to prove Ayan innocent and helped Vandana, found proof against Maya and mailed it to papa, papa had not tried to download it in a hurry and electric fuse broke and her papa got electrocuted, she killed her papa. She continues blaming herself. Samay reminisces how he switched off power and killed Prem. Saanjh asks him to kill her.

Maya continues emotionally blackmailing Arjun. Arjun says he could not become a good friend, good husband, or good son, now he is clear what to do. He walks out of room. Maya walks behind calling him.

Precap: Maya smears her blood on Arjun’s painting and says nobody sees her pain and are worried about Saanjh, now Saanjh’s blood will flow.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Phew!!! Jhanvi got saved in the nick of time………..

    // he could not become a good friend, good husband, or good son, now he is clear what to do//

    Maybe he decided to become a good father to his child……bt will Maya ask Samay to kill Saanjh before Arjun’s return…..poor Saanjh….she dnt knw her papa’s murderer is the one whom she trusts the most,,,,
    I’m curious to knw what will be Maya in season3….grey to what

    1. Black to white again??

      1. hehe…….reminded me of season 1 when Maya used to wear white clothes….now let’s see whether her character changes to white or not

  2. Thank u for accepting me on this beyhadh page. Now I will comment regularly.????
    Thank u Maya lovers for understanding state of mind of mentally ill people.
    I want to request everyone that if u find someone mentally ill around u then pls try to be good to them. Believe me it’s really very disgusting to hear words like psycho and mad. I think I m not good looking as Maya so everyone hates me.????

    Anyway friends, I wanted to ask u all to suggest me some good companies of CCTV cameras. I want to install some cameras at my place as I don’t believe anyone. I m thinking of installing then in bathrooms too, what say?????
    Maya fans pls reply to my comments. I don’t want to go on wrong path so pls support me.
    Once again thank u all Maya lovers for accepting me.????

    1. Jennifer Winget

      Hello guys!!!
      How r u all?
      Please support Luvguru. I know life of mentally disturbed people is not easy. And I m starting an organization for mentally ill people once beyhadh gets over. Please feel free to contact.
      And Luvguru, installing cameras is not a right idea. We do it because it’s show and script demands it.All the best for your future.❤❤❤❤
      And Maya fans please don’t support wrong. And be good to luvguru.
      Love u all????

      1. Thank u ma’am.
        It really means lot to me.???

      2. Lol she is not real jenny

      3. Wow Jennifer mam ,love u a lot ,pls reply

    2. Seriously interestingly interesting

    3. Hi. First of all u need professional help. We are not to judge u don’t worry. But we can’t councel u in a correct manner coz we aren’t professional councellors here. But yes we all as human being have mental instability at times. Maybe wen we are too depressed, maybe wen women have their pms and pregnancy, maybe wen we are too over excited about somethin etc we all experience bouts of different moods and different reactions at certain times. But I’m very sure as human beings, no matter wat our state of mind is, we are gifted with a conscience to distinguish right from wrong… isn’t it? We also have the fear of facing the punishment and consequences wen we do wrong. .. so if by installing cameras u feel ur annoying someone or invading their privacy… then it is plain wrong…hence u avoid doing so. A security purpose cctv cam on the main door would be more than enough…

      1. Well I’m not sure if ur really a person inflicted by mental illness nor am I sure if it was really jw who replied to u… it doesnt matter though, let me just consider wat ever saying is true coz I dont think someone would ever lie aout something so big n ridicule those section of people who actually are in ur situation.. so for that sake here’s my reply to u.. hope it helps at least in a quantum sized way… all the best.

    4. Okay. For heaven’s sake I’m sure that’s not JW. And whoever it is doesn’t seem to have better work than doing such cheap stuff.

      @LoveGuru if you’re genuinely mentally ill, you should go to a therapist and also stop watching this show as it can affect you… mentally. Installing cameras bad idea. And if you’re not mentally ill, its disgusting that you’re making fun of such people just to irritate Maya lovers.

  3. Poison red maya – season 3

  4. Luvguru wat kind of person u r. U dont know wat mental illness really mean. Stop making fun of it. I think really if you hav mental issues u must admitted to asylum

    1. Who r u to decide whether I should be admitted to mental asylum or not????????
      Not every mental patient need to go to mental asylum. What a cheap mentality u have!!!
      Only few understand the problem of mentally ill people here rest all are FAKE!!!

  5. Worrying 4 both saanj and maya 2day.I think Arjun is going to forest?.why Arjun didn’t ask anything to Maya about jhanvi’s condition.suprising?.This show has holes many main logics.Vandha as usual starring like ginger eating monkey.waiting for tomorrow’s thrill

    1. Diehardbeyhadhfan

      I thought Maya told arjun that she fell unconscious while bathing jhanvi..(it’s common to fall unconscious in pregnancy n with high bp) so arjun didn’t doubt on her I suppose.

  6. Great now there are moronic role playing psychos on this comment thread….

  7. Shrilatha

    Hey guys according to spoilers Arjuna will handover Maya and samay…to police let’s hope for that she changes.

  8. Hey guys how can a pregnant lady carries such a heavy weight of her mother in early pregnancy ?

  9. very interesting serial.I love it.thank God janvi got saved.I hate maya she is so cruel killing her mother

  10. To my Maya lovers,our request reached to cvs..viewers not liking this Maya and her negative doings..people quitting show already..maybe its sign of Maya positive…so it’s good news for season 3 Maya is positive?and possessive for child &Arjun.

    Season 2 end is negative.
    I will come back after season 3 start..sign off.???
    Love you Maya ?❤❤

  11. Omg whats happening in beyhad I hate u mayaaa u going to kill saanj. Stupid story

  12. Ill support u luvguru ..

  13. I hate maya but I want maya to cure ..the feelings of maya noone is understanding..

  14. guys dat is not jennifer winget it is some maya hater who is playing prank this loveguru is also one of them just to gain sympathy n distract ppl i conclude this bcz i have reasn forsure jw is not dat free dat she vl read our comments n she vl reply to luvguru dat also after just love guru comment so luvguru plz stop ur nonsense n playing tricks n spoiling d name of mentally ill people its not at all funny n cant be taken n accepted i thaught u r really sick but after reading all ur comments i conclude u r more evil n ppl like u dont know d word love maya is far better dn u so dont compare urself wid maya n go n get life

    1. What’s your problem???
      I don’t know whether it’s real Jennifer or not, but why r u instigating others against me.?????
      You call yourself Maya lover but u r double faced. It seems u support not the character or such people but only Jennifer.
      It’s totally up to u to believe me or not but please mind your own business. U don’t deserve to be called a Maya lover.???????????????????.

  15. Agree with riya about luvguru comment. Please stop ✋ the nonsense luvguru

  16. U r rite riya… Luv guru is playing a cheap game… But sure he is shaving some mental illness

  17. @luvguru firstly ppl knows better n they can judge u whether ur saying is right or wrong so i m not instigating any1 ppl hav mind n i just said d truth n yes i love maya bcz she is not like u asking ppl wat to do vch proof dat u r faking n joking about mentally ill ppl if u r so much ill then how cum u r replying n reads evry1 comment go n get peace spend ur time wid ur frnds rather then spying on ppl by putting camera maya put camera bcz she hav reasn bcz she is madly in luv wid arjun not bcz she is scared of ppl dat they vl harm her so there is vast differnc between u n her so dont compare urself to her n make fun of urself bcz by doing this cheap tricks ppl vl not beleive d actual mental patient so stop it i know u r fake so plz if u have som emotion stop it sum ppl mi8 give u sympathy thinking u r realy suffering n later if they vl come to know dat u was joking so they vl trust any1 so plz whoevr u r respect emotion just for fun sake dont play such jokes dat u regret later i hope u get it wat i want to convey thanku

  18. [email protected] maya for d support n @luvguru i m not here to justify u my luv for maya ppl knows it better but its a request plz dont make fun its really hurts i m 110% sure dat u r fake after all i m admiring maya from d 1st episode so it was easy to judge u by ur comments which proofs wat mental issue ur facing infact i think u r too smart bcz by doing this u r making ppl mental n whn they reply u so u would be geting happy dat u made sum1 mental n laughing but this is not done whoevr u r stop it how much fun u hav got by doing this is more then enough know dont continue it further n be a good human being n respect evry1 datz all i hope not to c ur ill comments

    1. Okay riya!!!
      U won I lost…
      U say u have read all my comments, but have u really???
      I have mentioned in my comment that I have no friends. My doc told me to expose myself to outer world. I don’t have account on any of the social media so I commented here just to make some friends. Yeah sometimes I exaggerated things just to gain sympathy. I have clearly mentioned that I m going through depression. It is not same as other serious mental illness but yet it’s too difficult to live with it.
      I asked about cameras, u know why,coz I live alone. Yes I m 24 and I earn my bread and live away from my family in Delhi. I left my home when I got my first paycheck, u know why, coz everyone believed that living with me may have negative impacts on my siblings.
      I have never let anyone know about what I m going through in my office. TU is the first platform where I revealed it in public by hiding my name. And probably that was a mistake.
      I know I shouldn’t have said all this here but I really couldn’t help. As I write this comment, I m sitting on the terrace gazing at stars and there are many such sleepless dark nights in my life.
      If I leave then also everybody would think that I m a liar and if I continue then I would have to bear this insult everyday. So I m going for the first one.
      Thank u everyone who believed me and replied to my comments. And sorry to all who thought that I was fake.
      Good bye riya, from now on u will never see my comment. But if u ever think only once with my perspective then u will realise what a blunder u have done.
      All the best everyone. May god bless u all…stay happy always.????

      1. Hate Maya Always

        Luvguru, don’t feel so low dear.
        Everyone has some bad phase in his/her life. It will pass.
        BTW I wanted to tell u that u can message me on TU after u become a registered member. I m already a registered member n my user name is ARK. Search me and u can inbox me your whatsapp number, we can talk there.
        And I too live in Delhi, if u don’t mind we can plan a meeting.
        All the best dear!!!???

      2. Hey luvguru,u are confusing.some of ur comments seems like that u r making fun of people.but anyway,I don’t know whether u r really affected or playing in other’s feelings.but if u are planning something wrong,god may curse u.but u r really affected,I am sure with one thing.I read the story written by u(may be 4 days ago),even 2day I laughed,when I thought about ur story.this is a great thing to make others,try dis talent in ur office or any other social networks.generally,I’m not talking about others personal matters.but ur case is just make urself happy without exposing urself to others.just expose u,after making anyone as friends.anyway be happy

  19. Nihal noufal bn

    Love you jenifer your wolds best actress

  20. Nihal noufal bn

    Love you jenifer your wolds best actress
    I have a doubt is samay also a sycic pacient??????

  21. Oh luv guru hope u can write beyhadh part 2 story…. And watch sitting alone

  22. @teju evn i feel d same about luv guru dat he/she is making fun remember d luv story of ks n maya n still i dont trust watever luvguru wrote might be some story only like before anyways luvguru read my comment i said dont make ill comments if u want to comment on serial so u can stay bcz this page is for dat only but plz dont comment on commentors make story or share about ur exp and @hatemayalways plz add luvguru on TU and find out d truth dat luvguru is realy mentally ill or fake so v know d truth n apoligise if she/he is realy suffering bcz after reading d luvguru comment i dont think luvguru is ill so hate maya always plz do this for us thanku n luvguru if u want to explore to ppl so i think instagram is best for u n u vl get many frnds as u dont have any as well as u can add me too if u r really mentally ill so do this as wel as add me also?

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