Beyhadh 25th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Maya and Arjun move to a new house

Beyhadh 25th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jhanvi is going to take bath. Maya follows and says Jhanvi got saved so many times, but this time she won’t. While Jhanvi is washing her face, Maya puts electrical wires in water in bathtub and turns on the switch. She then leaves from there. Jhanvi gets doubt as she hears some noise when Maya leaves. She checks the water in bathtub and screams. Lights also go off.

Everyone comes saying what happened. Maya also does drama that she heard her scream, is she okay. Jhanvi is okay. She tells everyone what happened and blames Maya for trying to kill her. Maya acts innocent. Arjun supports her. Maya takes advantage of that and says Jhanvi doesn’t want her to stay there. She wants to show Maya bad to Arjun. She didn’t come to take any life.. instead give birth to a new life. But now

she can’t stay there. If she was alone, then she could have fought with everything. But she has a responsibility on her now. Maya leaves. Saanjh follows her and requests her to stop. She apologises her as well. Maya says she doesn’t want an apology, she wants some peace. Will she get that there? Saanjh is quiet. Maya continues walking. Saanjh asks Arjun to stop her. Arjun asks Maya, she wants peace? He will give her peace. He tells everyone that Maya wants peace for his child and only ‘her’ Arjun can give her peace. Saanjh and everyone is confused. Arjun goes to Saanjh and says she wants this child, right? He wants her happiness. So for her happiness, he will become Maya’s peace. He goes back to Maya and says she was right that neither he will be able to get rid off hatred, nor accept his love. He is again between dark and light. This time he will have to win against dark for forever. He holds her hand and says until child is not born, they will leave away from this house. Maya is happy. Saanjh cries. She tries to stop Arjun, but he says this is for everyone’s good and leaves with Maya.

Maya is very happy with Arjun. She says she has to call doctor and uses Arjun’s phone and drops it purposely outside car. Arjun gives no reaction and doesn’t stop car either. He shows as if he has lost against Maya. They come to their new temporary house. Arjun cooks and takes care of Maya in every way. Time passes..

Saanjh prays for Arjun and her child.

Precap: Maya and Saanjh meet. Maya tells Saanjh that child is hers and Arjun is hers (Maya’s). She can keep that’s hers and give Maya that’s hers. Saanjh slaps Maya and says she doesn’t deserve Arjun’s love. Arjun comes from behind and slaps Saanjh.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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  1. Lakshmi Suma Devarasetty

    Super twist maya

  2. ????…hate it

  3. Slow clapss for the show ??? nd for maya nd for her blo*dy fans now arya fans r happy matlab kuch bhi ho rha h show mein kuch bhi now arjun is not having extramarital affair wid maya nd now maya is not having affair wid maaried man when saanjh was still loving arjun after marriage u guys were like “f**k off saanjh” nd now maya is doing same u guys r like “love u maya win now” say those words for ur blo*dy maya now u guys won’t say maya move on instead she is after a married man nd she is doing evry thing to be wid arjun nd maya u won again slow claps for u the perfect end wud be maya dying for me it wud be happy ending no matter if arjun is left alone idk

    1. sabeenia sampath

      you were right,that sanji loved him even after marriage.but she dont expressed it…infact she sacrificed her love for him..she dont tried to distube him.only story moved for her was maya negative part,other than nothing she has to do…even now arjun was the one whom married her forcefully….
      till now she was longing for a peaceful life…
      maya was brought for both negative and positive role..
      so we cant see that….
      she has been killed arjun mother,his brother,sanji father…
      but what sanji has been done…just tried to save them…
      thats it…even she tried to move with another man.but at the end that was too maya plan…what she will do..

      even am the fan of JW….
      it was just my point of view about story… offence…
      see you,Aashika

  4. Today’s episode awesome to the core!!!

  5. ohh it is very evident that Arjun is acting with Maya…he is just playing a game and is also trying to safeguard his family from Maya…so he is keeping her out of his house which is a nice thing..i’m sure Saanjh and Arjun are together in this…Arjun made Maya a jackass!!! Awesome Arjun ..keep it going!!!

  6. Saint Saanjh and useless Arjun just playing…keep your nonsense away we already knew wbt climax Maya gonna die for loving cheater afjun and saint Saanjh will be curse for entire life after Maya its perfect for Arjun to get useless women cant give birth..stupid director

  7. Hail saint Saanjh ?? give her award for overacting…whole serial spoiled becoz of adding this useless character better chose better women

  8. Literally Me watching Arjun’s character. He’s such a messed up character. When he has to support Maya he’ll be rude to saanjh & others like yesterday. And when he’s with saanjh he’s so rude to Maya. Get a Grip dude ? #Beyh

    Btw saint Saanjh is going through what maya went through…no one gives a shit about your tears…you husband stalker. F***k skinny b*t*h..

  9. Such Arya scenes after so long? They were simply perfect 4 each other.I’m pretty sure tht CVS were drunk while writin’this script #Beyhadh

    people ask me why is it so hard to trust people? i ask why is it so hard to keep a promise? Did Arjun kept his promises??Maya kept her promise! She loves only Arjun till her last breath.. This is wht called “true love” #Beyhadh…best couple with chemistry ruined by a*sh*le directors and script writers to support extramarital affairs

  10. Only 3 episodes r left.After tht we don’t hv to see Shitjun drama! Maya will die,show will end.Hence proved tht #Beyhadhis all abt Maya!

    Arjun loves his child so he’s behaving this way.. If he ever loved Maya in d 1st place he would have behaved d same way like dis? #Beyhadh

    Well when sanjh can’t respect herself what can we do? She likes to remain a doormat & asks for sympathy..

    When arjun can manage to live with maya secludedly now then why did he not do dis before?Maya would be happy&lives would be save!? #Beyhadh

    Sanjeshwari prayed to get back Maya’s hubby&child but did not cared enough to pray about their wellbeing&happiness,selfish hypocrite

    Mayas mad & unstable but arjuns not right?! Then why the f**k is he playing with her feelings?! Loser!! He’s faking it! ???? #Beyhadh

  11. ??????…Hi guys aneri vajani here

  12. totally rubbish. arjun is having fun with both . and just makeing the story horrible.nonsense.



  14. sabeenia sampath

    completely it was the stupid story.
    i just hate it as much as i loved it..

  15. dont kill maya…. end this serial with they all are living happily.

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