Beyhadh 25th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Beyhadh 25th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Saanjh and Arjun reach outside Maya’s apartment building with flowers, cake and balloons. Their usual nok jhok starts. Arjun sees Maya’s flat and says this is the same building which he used to dream about having a house in. Saanjh also reminisces the incident and says no wonder Maya is angry on her as she was standing in balcony the other day. The nok jhok continues. They get into building. Security guard stops them and Arjun says they came to celebrate Maya’s birthday. Guard asks them to get out as Maya has asked not to let anyone. Arjun says he will get in at any cost and says they will climb stairs. Saanjh says 15 floors. Once guard gets busy, they silently start climbing stairs. Saanjh walks holding cake and flowers while Arjun climbs with only balloon. Arjun

gets tired and asks Saanjh how come she is so energetic. She says it is yoga power and suggests him also to do yoga daily.

Saanjh reminisces her father molesting her during her 9th birthday and panics. She hears door bell, opens it and is shocked to see her father Ashwin with cake. She panicks. Father sings happy birthday to you and enters in. She walks behind shivering. Mom Jahnvi comes to her rescue and tries to stop him. He continues walking towards Maya. Maya runs into her room and locks door. Jahnvi asks why is he troubling Maya. He laughs that she is not letting him wish his daughter. Maya continues shivering in her room. Ashwin peeps from key hole and laughs that Maya is looking at him and asks to open door. Jahnvi continues pleading him to leave Maya alone. He says let him wish his daughter. Jahnvi calls security guard and sends him out. He says he will come back to celebrate his daughter’s birthday. Maya continues shivering in fear. Jahnvi knocks door and says papa left.

Security guard takes Ashwin till lift. Ashwin says he knows to go from here and enters lift. Saanjh and Arjun come climbing 15 stairs. Security guard catches them and gets them out of building. Arjun warns him that one day he will be having an apartment in this building and guard wil salute him. He then frees balloon. Balloon flies and gets into Maya’s room via window. Maya continues shivering in fear sitting on her bed.

Arjun and Saanjh reach home. Mom opens door and seeing them holding flowers and cake asks if they knew about her birthday. Saanjh says of course they remember. Mom thanks them. Saanjh asks her to go and change will she arranges cake and calls her parents.. Arjun looks at Maya written on cake and tells Ayan that Saanjh is a big lier. He says how will she erase Maya. They then are shocked to see MAA on cake with Y missing. Arjun starts fighting with Saanjh with his usual nok jhok. Saanjh’s parents enter and mom says still their childish behavior has not gone, earlier Saanjh used to beat Arjun and now Arjun is beating Saanjh. Arjun says truth always wins. Mom comes back and asks what truth. Ayan says his mom’s birthday. Saanjh’s mom says she came in Nightie itself to celebrate birthday. Saanjh says it is aunty’s birthday and not her birthday. Mom sees Arjun not happy like other.

Maya’s mom starts gulping liquor angrily. She ears Maya singing Happy birthday to me, happy birthday Maya. She walks neaar door and sees Maya lighting number 9 calender on cake and continuing to sing. Maya blows candle. On the other side, Arjun’s mom blows candle and everyone sing happy birthday to you and clap. Maya cuts cake. Arjun’s mm also cuts cake and feeds everyone happily Everyone enjoy. She then goes to Arjun, but he picks some with his hand without a smile. Maya also eats cake herself.

Precap: Arjun takes cake to Maya’s cabin and signs happy birthday to you. Saanjh over phone surprisingly asks if he took cake to Maya’s cabin.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Poor Maya . She is so affected due to the incident that happened 15 years ago . I cried when Maya sang herbday song and cut the cake . Felt really very sad ? for her . Hope all her problems and fear go away . In the precap we could see real happiness on mayas face

    1. ya ur right she deserves to be happy pls arjun make her happy

    2. i missd few epis..can u plz tel me wt z her past..wt happend wid her..i knw reason z her dad..wt he did to her..?

      1. Shaza

        Actually they didn’t reveal much abt the past of her with her dad , just that she hates her Da and gets nervous and super scared when she see her Dad , the reason is not revealed yet …

      2. They did not show the complete flashback yet but something had happened 15 years ago because of which Maya gets frightened of her father . She gets very much depressed whenever she sees her father

  2. Jennifer wingets acting I too good that it made me cry today . Hats off to Jennifer winget . Awesome and fabulous acting .

  3. Its yet to see why Arjun and his mom don’t talk properly ?

    1. yes!!
      there is also something b/w arjun nd his ma…
      but maya’s pblm is really bad when compared to arjun…..
      arjun is the one nd only person who takes out maya from her dark past!!!!!

  4. poor masya i thot to hug and and realize that she is not alone

  5. seriously her acting is outstanding why this man is harrassing maya ? he is her biological father or not her mother is also little bit afraid of him wats the reason ?

  6. Devga

    Wow arjun U will surly bring colors in maya’s black and white life …
    Maya wat an acting …. I cried during tht scene …. ” H A P P Y. BIRTH DAY TOO MEE … HAPY BIRTHDAY MA YA … ”
    I love tht marble GANESHA … he is maya’s soul support ….

    Still wat is the reason for distance between arjun and his mom …. may b she is step mom of arjun …
    But bros bonding between aayan and arjun is grt …..

    Saanjh as always happy go lucky charming girl … but she wil face heart break soon …. due to friendszone …. feeling sad ….

    1. Angelk1

      Maya will get color in her life only to turn it grey lol once she starts being obsess. But I agree sanjh will just have to give up her love for arjun until he comes back to her. Hopefully everyone get their happy ending at the end.

      1. Devga

        Yup fingers crossed. ……

    2. But di the way his mother cares for him does not look like she is the step mother of him but whatever the reason may be let them reconcile and reunite soon . Even I cried a lot when Maya sang the bday song and cut the cake . Felt really sad for her

      1. Devga

        Yes Varshu it made me teary …. no may b he doesn’t like step mom (may b he liked his mom a lot ) but she may b showering love towards him ….

  7. nyc epi♥ gud going..superb acting by jennifer..perfct 4 tat role♥ can any1 tel me wt was maya’s past..wt happnd in her childhood..?

  8. Shalini Senthil

    Jennifer was awesome super acting….. Maya charactor has many sad old memories….felt said about Maya past memories… I hope arjun will bring a lot of sweet memories and love into maya ? ??✨??✨??✨

  9. RANdomfANCreationz

    Show getting interesting day by day. Never fails to bore us till now.
    Maya is too good her acting. I really feel bad for Maya. And really how can a Father do like this, and the Mother doesn’t even say anything? What kind of Mother she is

  10. Why arjun keeps distance from his mother… Maya’s acting was superb, jennifer just nailed it…

  11. Waiting for tmrw episode and love u Maya she is superb in her acting It looks like as if I’m not watching this serial I feel like its reality hats off to maya

  12. hats off to jennifer she just rocks

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