Beyhadh 25th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Beyhadh 25th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Samay enters terrace while Arjun is consoling Saanjh. He tells Saanjh that Suman is calling her. She walks away. Samay asks Arjun if he is habituated to show his right on someone’s love. Arjun says need, Saanjh needs him. Samay says Saanjh will not come to her until Arjun is around her, reminiscing Maya warning him too not question Arjun’s capabilities, else she will kill him. He says it makes a difference to him when Arjun is around Saanjh.

Maya continues her schizophrenic behavior and tells Jahnvi that she wanted her mother to protect her when Ashwin used to torture her, but she did not come to save her, why…She can understand why she helped Vandana as she knew she wanted that. If she knows why she keeps evidence intact, so that her mother can protect her, but she does not, why….what

kind of mother she is…She will listen to her child’s each plea, but her mother did not, her worse condition is because of her mother, enough now, her mother has to listen to her. She removes Jahnvi’s jewelry saying she has to listen to her and help her, only she is her hope.

Samay continues his dialogues and asks Arjun to leave Saanjh as her happiness is in that.

Maya takes Jahnvi to bathroom and closes door. She gets Jahnvi out of wheel chair and drops her into bathtub. Jahnvi gets afraid. Maya pampers her and asks why did not she listen to her voice, now she has to listen to her and become her mother. She opens tap and fills bathtub, reminds Jahnvi when she did not listen to her, what she did. Jahnvi reminisces hiding into storeroom. Maya enters store room. Jahnvi warns her to stay behind, she trusted Maya, but Maya killed Ashwin. She thought Maya would change after marriage, but she did not and tried to make her believe that Ashwin’s ghost speaks to her. Today, she will prove who is read mad. Maya picks knife and runs behind Jahnvi. Jahnvi runs out. Maya follows. Jahnvi says she is a murderer, she killed Ahswin, she will tell her truth to whole world and get her arrested. Maya continues walking. Jahnvi slips on pipes near window. Maya hold her and warns she will not tell anything. Jahnvi asks why did she do that. Maya says for their happiness, Ashwin would not let them in peace. Jahnvi asks why did she prove her mad. Maya says someone has to take Ashwin’s murder blame, she will protect her mother. Jahnvi says she is not mad, Ashwin was right Maya is mad, she will tell her truth to Arjun and not let her spoil Arjun’s life. Maya pushes her from window saying nobody can get Arjun away from her. Jahnvi falls on car and lies severely injured.

Out of flashback, Maya fills whole bath tub and tells Jahnvi she did not listen to her last time and now she has to and become her mother. She told her a mother can do anything to her child, can take life and can give life, so she has to die. She continues that when Arjun can get concerned for his friend when her father died, he will get more concerned to her when her mother dies. She pushes Jahnvi into bathtub.

Precap: Arjun reaches home and sees water coming out of Jahnvi’s bathroom. He rushes in and sees Maya asleep and Jahnvi drowned into bathtub, shouts Maya…aunty..

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Only saying the truth

    Oh God just 2day I have said j cannot relate myself to this Maya anymore n yet I was proved wrong again , Maya is that child who was … Is … n will always suffer the pain inflicted to her when she was a child by that f****ng so called father of hers n the mother who who never gave a shit about her daughter never did she hear her cries ???? ?????????

    I wish no child ever gets a mother like her ever ?????????? who was always up Ashwin a** like I said a mother can go to any extent to protect her child but no this mother has always put herself before her child it’s a disgrace to motherhood !!!!

    I feel so so sorry for Maya my heart bleeds for her , when she was crying saying ” I was scared in that dark room … I was crying for help , maa y didn’t u come to help me ? what was u waiting for ? ????????

    I guess this is what the Cvs r trying to show that an abused child who doesn’t get any love , help , treatment at that right time the damage done to that child’s mentality will have lifelong impact on their life ???????????

    Still can’t justify what Maya has or is doing to her mother as she is the reason y Maya is in this mess in the first place so I don’t have the heart to blame Maya entirely ?????
    Love Maya Always n Forever ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    1. Woww ???? she tried to kill her mom 1st it got failed again she tried to kill her to gain sympayhy and arjun care and time…
      Even now yu are praising her
      Shame on yu

      1. Pixie

        Totally true pranli!

    2. Yes ostt and also im very sad to see her ill state.she needs help but whoever is not helping her,all are humilating her,all are giving only hate than love and care.jhanvi is more responsible for today’s Maya condition as she is blind in Ashwin torture of Maya childhood.i can’t support Maya wrong deeds.but I love Maya always ?

      1. **Contradicting dialogue *****Maya said, she keeps the proof of her killings/ madeness because she hopes someone will find and will help heal her illness however, she never lets anyone expose her truth because as soon as somebody finds her truth she destroys them.

    3. Yes.I am in the same condition as you.Now l think jhanvi is more vulgar than Ashwin .jhanvi has married Ashwin with love and what is maya’s mistake here?and Ashwin tortoured also there’s no involvement of Maya.she suffered,suffers,will suffer due to this she a mother?rather than consoling Maya,she was arguing with her for her heartful Ashwin.Can anyone blackmail a mentally affected person(also a daughter)?

  2. A short luv story…
    Saanjh’s engagement:

    Saanjh: when the person called Maya the first 4 digits were 1111 and when Vandana aunty messaged the last 4 digits were 0000.
    Saanjh dials the number and gets shocked.
    The phone reads:
    Ks calling…
    Saanjh fumes and goes to Maya’s house with Ks
    Saanjh: ur truth is out Maya. Tell me what’s cooking up between u and Ks?
    Maya: u can’t understand our relationship. Ks taught me what love is. Ks taught me that love is not always about winning, it’s also about losing. When I was in dark Ks showed me the light. Mere aur Ks ke beech me jo hai vo pyar nhi ibaadat hai( what’s there between me and Ks is not luv but worship)
    Saanjh’s home:
    Ks alone in bedroom,
    Ks opens a box and takes out some powder, the powder is actually Maya’s dandruff. Ks applies it on the face and kisses it. Ks dances madly on the song “ARJUN IS A CHEATER, I M YOUR LOVER”

    1. Angelk1

      Beautiful story lolol. I’m sure ks will smile and love it as usual especially when Maya is involve.

      1. Ha ha yes anglek1… im getting fun ???.they are always my behind to chatter my name ..they can’t reach with me ,,they’re down under my follower , they are my fan followers,now you too added after liking story. ..i like my fan followers increase.? ?

    2. Yeah,Mr/ms funny,what’s this?how ur brain is thinking like this.

    3. Sorry everyone, I didn’t want to hurt anyone. I just want to be your friend coz I don’t have any friends. Everyone hates me. They say I m bad. I was going through depression and then my doctor told me that I m mentally unstable. Yes friends, I m under treatment.
      I watched this show coz I find myself similar to Maya. I read all your comments everyday and I thought Ks would support me as she understands mental patients well. All Maya lovers pls support me and forgive me. If u don’t want to forgive me then I would never comment. I know this world is full of fake people.
      GOOD BYE???

    4. Lol ?????????
      Ks this is perfect for yu…
      as yu make fun of others every time this is correct to yu

    5. skeleton Saanjh

      Saanjh: when the person called Maya the first 4 digits were 1111 and when Vandana aunty messaged the last 4 digits were 0000.
      Skelton Saanjh dials the number and gets shocked.
      The phone reads:
      Saanjh fans calling…
      Saanjh fumes and goes to Maya’s house with saanjh fans
      Skelton Saanjh: ur truth is out Maya. Tell me what’s cooking up between u and saanjh fans?
      Maya: u can’t understand our relationship. Saanjh fans taught me what love is. Saanjh fans taught me that love is not always about winning, it’s also about losing. When I was in dark saanjh fans showed me the light. Mere aur saanjh fans ke beech me jo hai vo pyar nhi ibaadat hai( what’s there between me and saanjh is not luv but worship)
      Skelton Saanjh’s home:
      Saanjh fans alone in bedroom,
      saanjh fans opens a box and takes out some powder, the powder is actually Maya’s dandruff&bullshit mixed. Saanjh&Saanjh fans applies it on their face and kisses it. Saanjh fans&SKELTON SAANJH dances madly on the song “SAANJH Will GET ARJUN, I M HIS LOVER”

      THE END

      1. Copy Cat!!!
        Can’t u use your own imagination duffer.???
        I told u that I m mentally unstable. Instead of supporting me u r making my fun.
        U Maya fans r such hypocrites. At one side u claim that u have sympathy with mentally ill person and on other side u insult them.
        Shame on u guys!!!
        U don’t know what I m going through. I just tried to make friends that’s it.
        And Dear Skeleton Saanjh!!!
        I m not Saanjh lover, so get lost with your bullshit story.

      2. Can’t you write by ur own… why are yu coping others. That too Saanjh fan…
        ??? Maya fans don’t even k ke how to text…. they use others comment and idea…. ????
        You maya fans say that yu feel pain of the people who are not good @ brain… mentally ill…
        what happen now? One person he or she saying I am ill I am under treatment why can’t yu see her pain ???
        Means for yu liking and loving a person is only by looks !!!
        Cheap fellows ?????

    6. Lol….aiyoo ennala en siripa control panna mudilla….

  3. Resonance1290

    Done with this show. They are so lazy they can’t make it a proper interesting thriller by making it a 4th suspect. Next they will say maya planted Arjun’s evidence at the murder site, Maya jailed Ayan in the drug case, Maya trapped Arjun on that island etc. they will poison EVERY episode of the past and make rewatching the past episodes that made beyhadh great the worst experience for us fans, so disgusting the CVS and their sick mentality I have no words.


    Leaving this pathetic show once and for all!

    1. ur pts for leaving are correct.but,we are going to miss ur special comments ?

    2. Exactly …u have written very well…they have totally made her and this show pathetic…. DONE with this show…there can’t be any justifications or redemption for this now

  4. Truth shall prevail

    Nothing can justify Maya’s current deeds.

    Having an abusive childhood does not give her the right to destroy multiple lives.
    She is fully aware of what she is doing and should be held accountable for her mistakes

    Once again, just because she suffered during her childhood does not mean that she will make other people life miserable as an adult.

  5. Luv u Maya so much ❤️❤️

    Such an overwhelming episode.. maya preserves her mistake cus she wants someone to see it n correct her.. she is such an innocent gal.. i felt so bad at her situation.. why janvi never stood by her.. maya was so agonised while narrating how she used to shut her mouth when Ashwin was around.. my heart goes out for her pls maya baby pls dont cry..

    1. You like the acting of the actress, but please don’t call Maya innocent. She needs help and not love. She needs a doctor not Arjun. You saw what happened to Arjun when he tried to be nice to her he was suffocating. So for her happiness you want Arjun to suffer?

    2. Sorry to say dear…but framing someone in a false rape case is not a mistake its a crime.. and no innocent person would do that? and then justifying it by saying that she was preserving that so that one day someone will correct her mistake is just an utter nonsense excuse.someone’s life has got ruined for god sake. I do agree the pain maya has gone thru in her childhood has damaged her mind. She has bcum possessive for one person she believes is her soulmate. Her father was her culprit and her mother was not there when she needs her the most but it doesn’t give you the right to ruin someone’s life, to play with someone’s life. We can have sympathy for maya but we cant justify her doing.

      1. Pixie

        I agree sajel!

      2. Yup agreed

      3. Luv u maya so much ❤️❤️

        Agreed.. but since Maya is not well we cant expect her to have logical readoning power.. her reactions n feelings are governed by her illness.. even courts dont put such ppl in jail but send them to rehab.. she needs proper care n also medication.. she is very vulnerable at this point and if care is not taken of her she might end up taking many more lives.. i sympathise wid her i dont know y.. i wud not justify her just that way i wont even justify how janvi never cared about maya being brutally tortured.. i love maya ??❤️❤️

  6. rienanda Alô

    Maya your a bloddy b*t*h go die feel like throwing shit on your face I guess you were​ born in a snakes stomach and not jhanvis .. Makers find a better plot if you’re educated

  7. Killing up to Ashwin is ok … But killing Prem Jhanvi n all is horrible…. Dey hav spoiler the whole story…I thought story would be something different lik ek Hasina thi.. a unique story

  8. Well Maya is Psychopath and Psychopaths are capable of killing anyone. There are real life people who have killed their parents for whatever reason but they are not heroes. By showing a lead character do this, what is this show promoting? Its different to watch such stories on Sawadhan India or CID or such, but this is just insane.
    Maya, can’t be redeemed. I understand she had a bad childhood but go get yourself treated instead of wanting people around you to behave in a way to not trigger you. She doesn’t love Arjun she is obsessed, there is a huge difference.
    I am very neutral to this show no fav characters, I have a question for all the Maya lovers. WHat is it? Is it because she is pretty? is it because Jennifer is your fav tv actress? Is it because you feel sorry that her parents treated her wrong? Is it because everything is fair in love and war? Do you like her character?
    Her character now is very sketchy and if you are young followers, i urge you to please rethink your choice. Always support good never bad and evil..

    1. Diehardbeyhadhfan

      The best ever comment till date. Yeah right. No matter war ever the state of mind a person has they can differentiate good from bad and if its still not under their cnrrol they need to seek treatment instead of changing he world according to them. And one should always support wats right. Ur comment is simply too perfect!!!

  9. Angelk1

    Maya is just mest up. I said this when the first murder was comnitted. Maya killed ashwin and pushed jhanvi, majority of us was right. Maya has gone to far, taking matters into her hand. If she was so traumatize by her childhood, and wanted change like she kept claiming, she could have went to the hospital to get help.

    She had many chances, but she chose to not get help and continue to misbehave. She’s embracing it and she doesn’t care. Theirs no more excuse for her behavior.

    Jhanvi did wrong by not stopping ashwin, but Maya hurting and killing people is a sin. I can’t support someone that hurt their own mother because of old grudge, no matter what they did wrong.

    You should always forgive. parents are not perfect, just like us, Maya knows her condition, if she wanted to be cured, she would have told Arjun about her mental state and get help.

    But she’s not doing that. She’s obsess with Arjun, and will continue to be. She has split personality as well. Everyone in the show isn’t perfect, but Maya insecurity and ways of thinking will end her. I just hope she doesn’t hurt her child.

  10. Assumption~~~~~~Maya will turn into Janvee as soon as she has her own child. Janvee was obsessed with Ashwin and never paid attention to Maya (Maya’s complain) and Maya will be obsessed with Arjun paying no attention to their child.

    **Contradicting dialogue *****Maya said, she keeps the proof of her killings/ madeness because she hopes someone will find and will help heal her illness however, she never lets anyone expose her truth because as soon as somebody finds her truth she destroys them.

    1. There is a chance that ur ‘assumption’ may come true… as long as Arjun is not like Ashwin,that won’t affect the child

    2. My guess is like Maya is more obsessive towards her father. She want her father and mother as just her father and mother. When Ashwin was having an affair she used to blame Aswin that he is torturing her because same way she did to Arjun. She was projecting to the world that Arjun is beating her and torturing her. and without any hesitation and confusion she is telling to Arjun’s mom itself Arjun is torturing her.

      She want Ashwin shuld be always with her… Her past also a lie…

  11. The serial is getting worst day by day….really loosig intrest….this,serial is leading on wring path…..i remember the seral ek haseena thi…..wgr the were showing the victory of truth n right side….which was really intrestng to watch…..fed up wth beyhadh now…..not going to see it frm nowonwards

  12. Wow luvguru… i think u hav affair with sanjh. Mind ur language…

  13. I’ve never been so angry in my entire life. Cvs ruined the show, ruined Maya. I had thought they would never make Maya the killer. I always brush off every bad decisions Maya always made but she killed Ashwin and probably Jhanvi. I don’t dislike her, I just dislike how cv turned her character into. She was supposed to be a grey character not a murderer. She should be smart enough not to commit murder. Is this what CV call being smart?? God this is despiacable. I’m not watching it anymore. I’m so angry

  14. I have been watching this show since 11th October.I thought that it is the most wonderful show in the world’.but it’s losing the thrills and commenters day by day.they have ruined a bold,brave woman’s character.though her pyaar is pure,she has done many cruel things.I wanted Ashwin to be killed by someone but not by Maya.and rape scenes,prem’ s death are too much yaar.but prem’s death is due to Samay na.sorry to say this as a arya fan,but if maya married samay,then their life would become happy.whatever the matter is,I can’t compromise with saanj.a witch woman always interfering in others she have a boyfriend na she may enjoy his company,but now also she have a feeling to get arjun (with a cover of blaming maya).she has not changed though she was beaten by arjun’ s chappals (she clearly said that he did not love her,loves her,and will not).now too ur father is not alive Becoz of ur deeds and due to ur fake,don’t come here to blame maya after ur crying

    1. Samay is the result of Maya’s interference in Saanjh’s life…..
      Samay is Maya’s puppet and he killed Prem ….becoz Prem had the proof for Ayaan’s innocence,not becoz of Saanjh-Arjun’s friendship… in no way you can blame Saanjh for Prem’s death……she blamed Maya in Ayaan’s case….bt that blame on Maya is not a fake one….She was trying to help her best frnd (Ayaan)….He z caught in rape case….that’s not a small thing…..
      also she was not there in ARya’s lyf for 3 or smthng yrs,,,,and started interferring due to Ayaan’s case…..Maybe Saanjh still loves Arjun, but I dnt think that she have a feeling to get him back…….She was trying to move on with Samay,,,,trusted him so much that she sent that proof mail only to Samay and her Papa……and U want her to enjoy with her fake BF who killed her father

      1. I don’t bother about saanj’s love story.just I want her to get rid of maya’s life.And Maya have already cleared that she asked him to delete the proof and not requested to kill prem uncle.Though he is dead now,the proof hasn’t yet deleted becoz of samay’ s brilliance.If she want to save ayan,she has to collect proof against Maya with the help of police.(in all problems,she make herself as a detector).But her real intention is to separate arya and to show maya’s illness to the world.she has already challenged Maya.did’nt u are?

      2. cmnt

      3. Saanjh was ready to leave Arya…she was abt to go to SIngapore/smwhere…bt ARya stopped here…appointed her in Maya’s office…and next evrythng ended up worse
        I didn’t mean that Maya asked Samay to kill Prem,,,Bt Samay is in Saanjh’s life due to Maya….Maya knows that he is a psycho…but used him for her benefit,,,,and he showed his ugly side,,,killed Prem for No reason
        ALso next point : Why will Police help Saanjh….They got all those proofs they wanted and now is abt to close the case I think (I skipped some of those rape epis so dnt knw more abt the case)…Saanjh is helping Ayan bcoz of her trust on him,,,,not based on any proofs,,,,she’ll get police help only if she collect proofs against Maya… everything is in favour of Maya…..
        Yes she challenged Maya….they did that towards eachother many times… I dnt clearly remember what happened last tym……
        Saanjh loved Arjun from her childhood onwards,,,maybe she still loves him her sole intention is to free up Ayan…at the same tym maybe she also wants to prove ARjun that he was wrong to leave his family
        If Ayan is proven innocent then Maya will obviously be proven as mad

      4. Sorry for the long comment….and I already posted one cmnt and it got disappeared…plz dnt mind 2 cmnts if they post it agn

    2. I don’t think that saanjh is interfering other matters..that psycho Maya is interfering saanjh life by making her puppet samay as saanjh fake bf…that witch woman maya has husband na,then y that psycho Maya is still interfering saanjh lyf…nd saanjh never ever has d feeling to get arjun…she is just helping ayan …if ayan is manipulated by someone ,then also she tried to help him..that is called FRIENDSHIP….

      1. What ?never ever??pure friendship?What are u telling dear?have u missed past episodes?(saanj’s sacred love for Arjun and insults)

    3. Rubbish.. sanjh was just trying to help ayaan and was not interfering in arya’s relationship.. if she has to do so she could do it beforehand…n u can’t say she is responsible for prem’s death …she supported truth not like maya who got ayaan to jail accused as a rapist just to get arjun’s sympathy…

    4. Teju Teju Teju…………..
      Seriously, yaar comment karne se pehle Zara akal ka isthamaal kiya Kar. You said Saanjh is the one who is interfering in ArYa’s life, but you didn’t think why she is doing so. It’s because of Maya’s deeds. Have you forgotten or don’t you want to remember…… Ayan is still in jail for a he had never committed. Saanjh is a brave girl and the writers, till now, not changed that bravness in her(unlike Maya whom they have completely turned to dark dark and dark black). And what are you guys! If the show had Jennifer winget casting Saanjh ‘s character, then you guys would have killed Maya with your comments. Oh now pls don’t say that you are supporting Maya or even loving her only because she had a painful childhood. No No it’s not that. Think my dear, use your brain… It’s just Jennifer not Maya. In other shows we love to watch the evil to end and goodness to win. Then why not here!!! If you were Saanjh, would you be sitting at your home and chilling with your bf even when you are aware of the tantrums dancing around you?? Tell me!!! Understand, it’s only Saanjh who can save Maya. Arjun never finds Maya ill as he loves her beyond anything. It’s just Saanjh. If she successfully proves Maya and samay guilty, the court itself would send them both for redemption. So if you seriously do love Maya, then you should wish, for Saanjh to soon prove her guilty. She might be shattered after that, but only to realize her condition and will turn to a new Maya who understands everyone and everything.

    5. u watch again ok sanjh is not interfering arjun n sannjh are frnds oh wait if that is not friendahip wat do call samay n maya relationship biting her name this first

      1. this is for teju

    6. teju u watch again ok sanjh is not interfering arjun n sannjh are frnds oh wait if that is not friendahip wat do call samay n maya relationship biting her name this realtion first then talk abt others

      i hope arjun leave maya after watching disgudtion maya n her puppet fans

    7. u guys supporting maya ok but are u ppl blind u guys cant understand good or bad she facing problems ok so wat if she ill she can kill anyone so y mental asylums

      if one pagal like maya in real life hit u and kill someone close to u u feel bad for her and levae her ??
      to all maya fans :
      i dunno wat age u ppl r dont see the show its neagtivity and do not do like maya in real life respect ur parents never ever harm them

  15. Nice episode,i hope Arjun will save jhanvi.and loop holes is there but agreed Maya is the killer,,she wants Arjun love and his attention, she must be punished for her bad deeds but now she needs to redeem herself.&.Maya said i put pendrive here intentionally…and i wanted u to give it to saanjh…..Jhanvi helped maya by giving pendrive to saanjh..Maya said it was my scream that i need help..Bt no one listened..jhanvi and ashwin responsible for her present state.Maya bgm awesome while reveal her childhood tortures.feeling sad for my Maya…today samay dailogue with arjun “this fight isn’t between friendship and love…its between ishq and junoon”..any way waiting for next episode ?
    Love you Maya always ?

  16. Now what explanation will she give to Arjun….Arjun knows that Jhanvi can’t do this alone

    1. Maya: arjun maa was drenching I couldn’t help her.. my mom passed away arjun show me some care &I love be with me….
      arjun : leave shocked

  17. Maya is now a serial killer remember that pundit that man in the office she ran down with a car Ashwin prem and now her mother next on the list is either Samay or sanjh vandana escaped thank God!!!! I marvel reading the comments people still like her!!!!!! And ok she is a good actress but that’s abt it. Lots of people have terrible childhood they don’t all become ruthless serial killers. She doesn’t even love arjun if she did she would let him breathe!!!! It’s about time she starts getting punished caught for her crimes. Samay is equally crazy they suit each other.

    1. Exactly…. Sammy and maya (samaya) they suit together… they make the best pair.. love towards each other…

  18. This is the true shade of maya.
    She can go any extent, after her marraige what is the need to keep/ play ashwin voice in wash basin??
    Why to scare and try to expose her mental when she is not..
    and finally she tried to kill…
    maya is responsible for jahnavi state..
    Here, some one says Sammy tried to kill jahnavi… but maya is the responsible for all….
    Maya gave a huge lecture of motherhood where is her lecture when she is going to kill her own mom…
    she is the criminal, murderer…
    hate these mental fans of her

  19. Done with the show. Complete DONE. Maya was a beautiful character in season 1 and all the love she garnered during the first season has been destroyed by THIS Maya. I can’t even relate to her. No child can kill her mom except psychopaths. Maya is a psychopath and the final result of any psychopath is death. I am sure that’s what CVs are going to do at the end. They will kill Maya, unite Saanjh and Arjun and family.

    Smh, I thought this would be different but no… its aa good as other crap just with a lead who’s beautiful (JW) But it hurts… I loved Maya, not Jenny’s beauty or something. Her story was heart-touching, even today I had tears in my eyes when she said all that to Janvi.

    But killing someone is so grievous. Redemption is out of radar and so am I.

    Sorry to those who felt offended by any of my comment. I hope you all have a good life ahead ?

    For the last time…
    Love Maya ???

    1. Upcoming episodes will be more negative people will try to snatch Arjun and her child.her doings will hurt us more.anyway miss you buddy…take care

      1. How​do you know??

  20. hie evry1 as i said before der wud b a reason dat maya keeps proofs n today she said it wow she proof me ri8 n as ppl r saying dat she dosent let any1 reach to dat proof so let me say she was d 1 who said janvi to giv pendriv to sanj n she dint evn shotted any1 infact she sd to destroy just bcz sanj cam to hospital n said il bring ur wife face n her faltu dialogue so maya thought to expect help from sanj is useless bcz she vl tak arjun frm me so d reasn she said to destroy maya thaught sanj vl help her as she is helping ayaan so d reasn she gav proof to sanj not vm bcz once after marriag she ask help frm vm but v all know wat vm did anyways it was all maya badluck i was about to quit d show but after seing today episode i m sorry i cant after wat all maya said i jst hate cvs i dint expected her to b killer i still cant beleive it of maya is killer dn y her mom called her n janvi after knowing she killed ashwin was messing wid her she cud hav agree to her afteral she was promising her dat nothing vl happn to her but she was calling her pagal n supported ashwin wow wat a mother she is i really hope janvi dont die she realise all her mistake n tell arjun d truth bcz as maya said she is d reasn behind her pagalpan so i want janvi b d reasn for her cure so atleast she die in peace after telling d truth she dies no matter but truth to b out by janvi only as she stay wid her frm childhood so she knows evrthing n ppl vl beleive her only so before dying i want her to b durga maa so maya dont blame janvi for her bad behaviour n spoiling her life she remember janvi dat she made her life n was d best mother before dieing she gave all d happiness n cure her for wat she dint gav al alife n her beleiv in durga maa become more stronger n she motherhood name vch cvc hav spoilt bcom gud so doing thins janvi vl live forevr in maya heart as best maa n her belief dat she vl nevr b cure goes n she vl redeem n i hope arjun supports maya rather dn leaving her like evry1 did by calling her pagal so i realy hope janvi dont die n evn she die so tell d truth before dieing so maya could b stop n takcare n heal n she corrects all her mistakes n live happy life wish including janvi…..

    1. Agree with some of ur points….don’t take me wrong, why are u using so much short forms,,,,it’s difficult to read…well still it’s your wish 😀

      it’s true that Maya had no one to help her …….She could’ve talked abt her prblms to Arjun……I don’t know…..bcoz I’ve never met someone like Maya so can’t understand her state of mind…..Jhanvi did mistake to avoid Maya and her problems,,,,she could’ve help her recover in the early stage itself…….anyways I’m totally confused….

      (ps: I’m not supporting her act of killing Jhanvi so plz dnt bash me)

    2. Yes Riya…and season 3 will be more negative because till now people try to separate Arjun from Maya,but in season 3 people will try to separate child too..instead of help people will try to snatch arjun&kid from will give more effect on Maya mind,she will take more unpredictable steps.i knew serial is like this.but I love Maya.any way im taking break few days I will come back later..miss you dear
      Love you Maya always ?

  21. Pixie

    I hated this episode! What is wrong with maya? She tried to kill her own mom but maya lovers will as usual sympathise with her! She gets jealous and insecure for no damn reason but maya lovers will again sympathise with her! God! Saanjh lost her father! She is broken….but maya lovers will not even look at that pain!! They will support maya, because maya is the best! And she does everything right! To all those maya lovers, do you think you can actually love a person even when she has killed her own mother? Seriously? Is this your level of maturity ??
    That psycho maya deserves that psycho samay! Totally made for each other!!! Maya has seriously crossed all limits!!! She should definitely be punished for all the crimes she has attempted!!

  22. hate it…

  23. Try to maintain a healthy conversation wala atmosphere ppl

  24. Few People supporting&encouraging who choose abuse language &personal grudge attacks for fiction.all knew here I make fun on who choose abuse language in their views ,taken personally attack on us.any way you guys want to spoil page peace wit use of my name.if I didn’t gave respond,you guys using my name in ids to provoke me like question and answers.carry on enjoy it..
    And big thank you who loves my comments and following me…miss you my hater darling’ you all Maya lovers&miss you guys.

    Love you Maya more more more ❤? ArYa forever ?

  25. I am really done with this stupid show. Oh god I hate Maya beyond words?. Is she a human? And what is this loving Arjun and abusive childhood plot? Just because she had an abusive childhood and she loves Arjun, does that mean she has got the rights to kill and destroy other people? And above all she doesn’t get caught. I am so frustated waiting for the day Maya will get caught and severely thrashed and punished for her deeds. It is strange that it is surely an unique show where evil prevails over good. People like Saanjh, Ayan , Vandana , Prem etc are shown victimized by Maya and then the makers try to give justification for her heinous acts. Lol. Like really…As if people are dumb.There’s got to be a limit.

  26. Hate Maya Always

    1)Maya snatched Arjun from his family:
    Maya fans: Maya had troubled childhood.
    2) Maya killed Ashwin:
    Maya fans: Maya had troubled childhood
    3) Maya sent Samay to ruin Saanjh’s life.
    Maya fans: Maya had troubled childhood.
    4) Maya accused Ayan of false rape.
    Maya fans: Maya had troubled childhood.
    5) Maya killed her mother.
    Maya fans: Maya had troubled childhood.
    And the list goes on and on….

    I can’t understand that how a troubled childhood gives u a license to commit such heinous crimes. Maya is not alone in the world who had a troubled childhood. Look around u there are many who r struggling.
    A son of terrorist, who has seen nothing in his entire life except negativity and violence tops the state board exams.

    I would have definitely sympathised with Maya, but can u tell me a single reason for that. She has given thousands of reasons to hate her. And it’s never too late or nor too difficult to come back on the right path.
    All the reasons given by Maya seems baseless.
    And pls people think twice, thrice…hundered times before supporting Maya in this crime coz killing someone who has given birth to u is the most inhumane crime and can never be justified.
    Hate Maya more????????

  27. Proud to be in team saanjh…
    Wishing arjun and saanjh together soon

  28. To my maya lovers It’s makers explanation about present Maya character ..

    Now Jennifer said she is not negative, yes negative meaning is to destroy all things without any concern on first thinking only, so my dear mayaians in whole beyhadh till now any time did u see Maya targeting anyone without knowing their faults answer is no and coming to jhanavi and Ashwin as both threatened to destroy her life then she started to do bad things, killing Ashwin is not a bad and jhanavi supporting that and threatening Maya to destroy her life is mere waste thing and when we contact beyhadh story team the answer they said is, “”” Maya jumped from river to save her Mom, she even put her life into risk, and when jahnavi was felt unconscious for hyper sugar levels Maya was almost dead to save her, but in both cases Ashwin was reason to destroy jahnavi for revenge on Maya , so Maya know all this but still on that bungalow, jhanavi said Ashwin was right u r mad, I will tell ur truth I will save arjun from ur mayajal etc etc nearly heartbroken Maya she was so much depressed to hear that and she even felt this is for what she till now secured her from Ashwin and risk her life to save her in river , that moment she decided if she is so much jealous and seeing her happiness why she was backing her and wasting her new life so she decided to end their relationship so as jhanavi life was misery and cannot see happiness then why she still till now secured her mom. But end she judged she is mad and she cannot be with her so now to preserve her relation with arjun she pushed her ” so she is not the one who always be first to destroy anyone so Maya has reasons to do anything for her justice and fans it may be like bad things by her so makers want to tell us this is great role and who ever comes in between arjun and Maya, maya will go to any extent for arjin that’s called beyhadh

  29. Where are the subtitles? Not everyone can understand Hindi.Please, don’t do this to us.!

  30. @ks,,you said,” my dear mayaians in
    whole beyhadh till now any time did u
    see Maya targeting anyone without
    knowing their faults “now tl me,wht actually u wanna mean by the word fault?a mothers intention to save his son frm a girl whose own father said the girl is mad,is a fault acc to u?i totally agree vandana didnt research further and granted ashwins u must understand she is a mother and wl alwys try to protect her son,jst like maya wants to protect her child.u call this fault of vandana?nw tl me wht was ayyans fault?trying to save his brother frm his insecure wife(after 3yrs of marriage i must say and still insecure!!) is fault?u wl say ayaan didnt bhv well with if ur bro comes to u and sobs remembering his wofes 3yrs action to u ,wl u go to ur bhabi taking a flower bouquet to accuse her?i really dnt thnk so.and maya dnt wanted ayaan to take keys,thus she kept the key under her dress.wht wl u say this intension of maya?thn maya faked her rape and pur ayaan behind bars.still u say tht its ayyans fault!!and thn saanjh,i must tel u if saanjh really wanted to get arjun thn she should have done many things to achieve she didnt do anything.evn she let arjun marry maya,cz she knew vey wl arjun loves maya only.she nvr onterfered in their life until she came to know about ayaan.she jst wanted to show the world ayyan innocence and mayas duue to mayas intentions arjun was again going far frm his family.she nvr showed any cheap intentions towards arjun till mamy commentator says saanjh loves arjun thts why she is creating difference btwn maya and arjun.guys dnt put wrong blames atleast.she nvr called arjun on his father death ritual if hugging and crying her bestfrnd on that suituation seems fault to u guys tjn i hv nothing to say.arjun has alwys cared for maya only,if not thn he wouldnt hv quareeled with saanjh that still maya cant bear saanjh and arjun togethrr fr a single bit time.i agree maya had a troubled childhood.her father was bad,mother caredd for her surely tht d heroesnt give her any right to kill people.jst fr making saanjh away frm arjun she let samay to get engaged with saanjh!saanjh was not responsible fr her childhood torture,thn why she took this type of revenge frm saanjh?jst because saanjh trued to save ayyan?and she was in love with arjun?every time playing with sm1 life,dreams,family to secure her insecurity is not a fault acc to u guys?killing and plotting seems very easy to still u guys dnt want her to get punishmnt bt want her to confess it to arjun and live happily.dnt u think about mayas child ?her mentality will effect her child too.and 1 thing i must wanna say tht maya is nvr going to confess her crimes before arjun cz the greatest fear maya has in this world is to get sepetated frm arjun.jst to prevent this she has done all these ridiculous things.and she knows arjun can nvr forgive her totally fr her she will nvr try this option.

    1. I hope you read my comments clearly…i was shared team makers’s not my own post..k…and you can check my comments I didn’t supported maya wrong deeds,i want to see her redeem&her karma ,it’s jail or mental asylum for ur happiness.k ,want to see her redeem..still i love Maya because Maya begging others help every time from ArYa marriage.i could have understood if someone tried to help Maya and others were sane,but no everyone in Mayas life are insane and have done only wrong’s to her and instigated her to push her towards darkness yet they claim to be positive people which is pathetic ,which is why I find them worse than Maya as at least Maya was abused and ill girl..others from normal background but they behaves like rude with her. &maya goodness which was present in Season 1, she was the same girl whose life saved Jhanvi,she saved many times her mother but now she tried killing her. she risked her life to save saanjh from fire but now she tried spoil her life. she saved Ayaan in season1 from jail but now she put him in jail.maya is well good if people behaves good with her,if others bad with her,she will turn bad.she is not the one who always be first to destroy anyone so Maya has reasons to do anything for her justice.first where others crossed their limits from that Maya will cross her limits…
      I love my Maya.?
      It’s my last reply to you.(i will give response to only old beyhadh fans).

      1. lol u r saying u didnt support maya in wrong deeds

        joke of the decade

        every day u just cooment illness no one supported maya thatsy she dng this

        and wen u r supporting good deeds have courage to say wrong deeds too

      2. for every iditoc crime maya done u guys blame saanjh even she dont nterfere

      3. ks: we dont want ur response thank you so much for decideding not to reply

        u know what first of all we get irritated by serial and double irritate with ur comments good job ks

  31. my whole comment was nt only fr u ks..dnt get me wrong.and pls dnt misjudge.i only posted mu view regarding ur not a maya hater,not saanjh,i reqst u not to get it wrong..and obviously its upto u whether u wl reply me or not.

  32. i support [email protected] evn i feel d same so d reasn i love maya behadly bcz she always hav reasn to harm sum1 n ppl only give her d readn she dont get up once in the blue moon n start killing n harming yes i felt bad whn she wanted to kill janvi n i evn thought to quit d show bcz i cant c so much negativity then maya talks n emotion again gave me d hope dat she vl redeem n reasn y i m still watching u cant judge d person on her bad deeds find d reasn behind it then judge @[email protected] then only u vl come to know who is right n wrong just bcz of her few bad action u cant forget her good deeds n label maya pagal evil n devil think about it luv u maya always

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