Beyhadh 24th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Maya Plans to Kill Jahnvi Again

Beyhadh 24th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Doctor tells Arjun that she will mail ultrasonography recording, he has to take care of Maya well if he wants to see his child healthy. She asks Maya to take care and leaves. Maya smiles at Arjun and thanks him. He holds her and walks along. Saanjh gets worried when Arjun does not pick call and says where he must have taken Maya. Suman says it was all Maya’s plan. Arjun returns with Maya. Saanjh scolds Maya why did she make drama, it was risky for child. Maya says both child and mother are safe. Saanjh continues scolding. Arjun shouts at Saanjh to stop and takes Maya to her room. He makes her sleep. She thanks him. He says he hates her and does not care about her. She asks to take oath and repeat it. He angrily leaves. Maya gets happy that Arjun’s behavior towards her is changing.


morning during breakfast, Maya thanks Saanjh for ordering Thai salad for her. Saanjh asks what is in Thai salad. Maya says it is tangy and yummy. Arjun comes and throws salad bowl and scolds Maya if she does not know Thai salad has raw papaya and she can abort child at this stage. He then scolds Saanjh she should know everything before she decides to get a baby. Maya says Saanjh that Arjun should not have scolded her. Saanjh leaves crying. Maya smirks. Jahnvi tries to confront Maya, but Suman stops her and says whatever they do, Saanjh will be punished. Saanjh reminisces Arjun scolding her and cries. Suman and Jahnvi console her.

Arjun returns to his room and asks maid if his blazer is ironed. She says yes. Maya enters his room and asks which medicine to eat. He takes prescription slip. She silently picks iron and burns her finger and shouts in pain. Arjun brings ointment and applies to her finger, standing closely to her. Maya gets happy. Saanh enters and stands shocked seeing Arjun standing closely to Maya. Suman and Jahnvi enter and scold Maya. Arjun part ways. Saanjh says Arjun is helping Maya. Jahnvi says Saanjh is hurt always and curses Maya that she is evil and she prays a mother should die before bearing a child like Maya, Maya will never get Arjun whatever she tries. Suman takes her away. Maya says she will get Arjun and his love, if Jahnvi’s curse would have hit her, it would have long ago. She shows her schizophrenic size and says Arjun is hers and whoever comes between them will be killed.

Precap: Maya sees Jahnvi getting ready for a bath and puts live wire in bath tub. Jahnvi extends her hand towards bath tub.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Plzz maya kill jhanvi n saanjh . I am really done with them

    1. Are you psychopathic like Maya Aiesha????

    2. INHUMAN U ARE…..A person who hurting others for her happiness r evil….

  2. maya u r b*t*h y dnt u die

  3. colleen hosein

    She is going to die.

  4. colleen hosein

    And that’s a fact.

  5. Show ended, shooting ended. Last episode will be soon.

  6. Plz kill everyone ?? Director too for making fun of beyhadh story…better show climax scenes and throw this garbage show out of it …waiting for athura aluvida

  7. What a bad story…women like maya are not fit to live..such a worst women ever…

  8. For Climax 2 days r remaining….and she is planning murders…omg…just stop it maya…hate arya…want saajun

  9. Wats wrong with arjun he just forgot sanjh just because of a child. Poor sanjh

  10. i m still in doubt jhanvi is real mother of Maya. she cant see her pain from childhood till now. Every time plotted against her happiness.she is the reason of Maya’s madness and today again she provoke her towards evil. she is the one who compelled her about arjun she met him alone in the start and now associated with him being a mother. what is she really up to still its a mystery writer was in such a hurry to show sajun that he overlap everything

  11. sabeenia sampath

    whatever the story,but the negative starts with maya and ends as postive for maya….
    both the villan and heroin was maya….
    so,now which side of story should win…
    am fed up of this……

  12. Jhanvi should be killed…

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