Beyhadh 24th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Beyhadh 24th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The inspector is ordered to let Saanjh’s family go. Saanjh tells the inspector that she didn’t pass law college just like that. Just like this, she will get Ayan out of jail and prove Arjun innocent. He can do whatever he wants. Saanjh leaves with her family.

Maya is angry as Arjun betrayed her. Other side, Arjun says Maya saw Arjun’s beyhadh love so far, now she will see his beyhadh hatred.

At home, Saanjh thanks Suman. Suman sees some policemen keeping an eye on their home. She starts acting and shouting at Saanjh for sending them to jail for Arjun. From today, no one will talk about Arjun. She points Saanjh there are policemen. Saanjh starts fighting that she will do anything for Arjun. They continue their drama loudly so policemen can hear that Suman will leave the house.

Suman takes Saanjh on a side and tells Saanjh if she goes out, policemen will follow her. Saanjh says but it’s important for her to meet Arjun. They put a statue and wig near window and then Suman goes out with a bag. Policemen think the statue is Saanjh as they can only see the shadow. They still decide to follow Suman. After some time, they lose track of Suman’s car and then suddenly spots it. Suman returns home without the suitcase. Policemen think there is something wrong and they go to her house to check on Saanjh. Suman says she threw Saanjh out of the house, she doesn’t know where she is. Policemen say but Suman was leaving the house. They ask about the suitcase. Suman says she didn’t take any suitcase. They show her CCTV footage. Suman again starts drama and says it got stolen. Before they question further, she asks them to leave as they can’t come to a women’s house late night without a lady constable. Later it is shown that it was Saanjh in the suitcase and Suman dropped her at some place.

Saanjh meets Arjun. Saanjh says Maya is always ahead of them. They will have to be careful. Arjun says this time, they will be ahead of Maya. It won’t be possible for her to hide this time. A tiger first finds his target, then scares her, then attacks when it’s right time. They will do same with Maya, they will have to keep an eye on Maya, who she meets, where she goes. Whoever tried to tell Maya’s truth, she killed them all except Arjun. Saanjh says because she loves him a lot. His death meaning her own death. Arjun says this is what he doesn’t want to give her. He won’t kill her, she will stay alive and will beg him for her death. He will trap her in her own trap.

Saanjh and Arjun think of who could have helped Maya. Saanjh says Jhanvi? Arjun says no. Arjun says Samay is dead. They wonder where Maya could have gone.

Maya is in some factory. Someone comes there and she is shocked. It’s Samay. He says he had told her that her Samay will be back. He has returned again. Maya wonders how he survived and is in shock.

Precap: Arjun and Saanjh come to a hospital in a different avatar as an elderly couple. Saanjh gets admitted. Arjun tells Saanjh that he can’t leave her alone. Saanjh says they both want to take revenge from Maya and asks him to go. She will try to go to Maya’s room tonight only and try to find something.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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  1. Beyhadh-the new kapil sharma show with its lite hearted contents i am sure it will give serious cimpetition for comedy shows,, maya door kya gayi suddenly saanj has become smart , arjun has become pro in planning and all police dumb and yes u can commit any illegal activities and scream at police, police will not arrest you
    If saanj is so smart then y she couldnt save arjun first tym when he was sentenced

  2. Antara

    Maya is in shock samay trapped maya like maya trapped arjun
    Ab kya hoga?

  3. Lovely epidode.

  4. How come Samay is alive? the way he was stabbed with an anchor and was drowned in the sea, can anyone survive in such a way. Or is it Samays doppelganger or his twin brother about whom it is not revealed till now ? I hope he does not help maya this time at all whoever he is, whether he is actually Samay or not , he should not help her because maya did not even leave him and has used and betrayed her for her own benefits. But i still hope that he is actually Samay as he is the last proof against maya which can bring mayas true colours in front of everyone.

  5. sorry i mean maya used and betrayed samay for her own benefits

  6. I agree
    How does saanj fit in a bag? How did Samay survive? How maya executed her murder?

  7. diehardbeyhadhfan

    Arjuns got some narcissistically to disorder now…. He’s addressing himself as Sher n expresses how’s he’s gonna hunt for Maya like a Sher… Arjun Saab abhi itni himmat dikha raheho, kyonki sherni abhi den mein chupi hui hai.. ek baar agar bahar aagayi to kahi tum khud chuhe ban ke bil mein chip na jao….

    1. diehardbeyhadhfan

      Narcissistic disorder**.. my bad sorry for the typo

  8. Does Samay have Dragon Balls, is that how he keeps coming back to life. Maya at this point should just kill everyone to put us outof our misery…

  9. I expected even Ashwin would rise from the dead n team up with samay… I kinda felt samay saved Ashwin at the nick of time from dying and vice versa…. Now that theyve made the plot so illogical, they can go ahead n include all these unbelievable twists… we can finally enjoy it like some mindless drama for pure entertainment, like masala flick…keeping our brain in the freezer for half an hour…

  10. I literally can’t stop laughing hard. Theyre tears in my eyes. Arjun actually is a differ. I mean is he supposed to fight Maya mentally or physically? What was the need to show him excersing like seriously? And what was the point of that board? Arjun’s dialogues? It’s laughable tbh. I can’t even understand when he has turned into a crazy investigator. And he’s not doing a fine job at it.

    The police are so dumb I can’t even. What kind of food or drink does Suman have cause I want to gain that strength of hers.

    SAMAY IS BACK!! No one can understand how happy I am. He’s back omg. I miss him so much. Samay is the only person that will make beyhadh worth watching now. I hope he teams up with Maya. I hope Samaya rises. If I can’t have Arya I might as well embrace Samaya.

    CVS should please gain some sense before doing things. It’s hard to grasp some things. It feels like someone else has taken over writing the show from season 1 writers.

    1. diehardbeyhadhfan

      Seriously i agree to every word of yrs…lolZ!!!!

  11. The show is now like a horror story unbelievable crazy who is writing such trash a true case of a wonderful story gone to hell

  12. tbh I have lost the interest of watching this show like before… I just come here to read the comments and to know what is just going on… its good that samay has returned … at least something has spiced up this show…. ill watch today after one whole week… 🙂

  13. Fade up to see boring crap, upcoming Maya will rock it ?…&samay looks more handsome in this new look,he wears same locket which is he got hurt by anchor.??..&after along time samaya part scenes given thrill feel?❤ ..thriller is back ?…&Arjun is still confused person one side he is saying like hates maya while he is kissing Maya photo ??…?…,waiting eagerly for samay Arjun face off,and maya Arjun face off…?
    Love u Maya ❤❤?

  14. Dekho woh aa gya….. He is back Samay is back yesssss agree zee i am too happy that i cant tell samay is back i knew it he vl be back but he is back in more bold and handsome look love him piyush have won hearts now he vl add more jaan to this show

    Dont know why arjun is so excersing to face off wid maya LOL still duffer….. suman and saanjh wow there plan was mind blowing

    Excited for todays episode hope samay teams up wid maya now im no more saanjh lover or maya hater want maya to win and i aslo dont want saanjh to lose….

  15. congratulations beyhadh, you made me loose hope on hindi serials. i thought this series is break from saas – bahu genres and ill-logical plots.

  16. Oh God! Samay is back! I can’t tell how much I missed Samay and Piyush’s mind-blowing acting. So so soooo happy to have him back in beyhadh. Hope the CVs bring back the once-lost glory of the show. And I seriously think the same team of s1 is not behind the show now. They might’ve changed. It was awesome till Maya faking her death. But things started going down after that.
    It would’ve been better if arjun planned something intellectually rather than doing those tiresome exercises. What! Is he planning to fight Maya physically? She always uses her brain not her physical strength. Or did he predict Samay’s return from the grave and was practising to fight him? And even when burning with so much hate he was kissing Maya’s photo instead of tearing it or something?!!

    Anyway with Samay’s return the thrill factor just reached a new high. Please CVs, please don’t destroy it with more of your ridiculous plots. Now waiting for SaMaya’s awesome chemistry. Really just love this pair.

  17. diehardbeyhadhfan

    Btw Maya n saanj lovers… The CVS are giving us a chance to unite and forget our differences now.. let’s enjoy the beyhadh like some comedy show… CVS is relieving our stress at the end of the day giving us a chance to roll on the floor laughing… I think there is only a month left beyhadh to end so let’s all part on a good note… We’d all get so senti and fight with each other but now that the show is ending we can all have some great time n laugh at ourselves first of all… on how we took this piece if comedy so seriously… And finally laugh at the show itself…Thank u CVS!!! so

    1. Absolutely agree with you @diehardbeyhadhfan. But since Samay has returned I don’t wanna give up hope yet. I just wanna believe the CVs were deliberately showing these ridiculous plots just for relieving our stress and to unite us forgetting our differences.??
      Though they’ve left so many mysteries unanswered like Maya’s TRUTH, her doppelganger, Samay’s death etc I’d like to believe they were planning to reveal all these at the climax. But honestly, the last few episodes made absolutely zero sense however hard we try. But tbh I really really want to see beyhadh which once had an international standard regaining it. So I just wish along with Samay some logic also returns to the show; maybe, maybe not but one can always hope, right?

  18. Yeah this is absolutely funny but how much more nonsense are they gonna bring into this show? They would probably bring Ashwin as well who knows anything can happen..beyhadh is all about expecting the unexpected… senseless drama so more to come n more to laugh??? so let’s just come out of these characters and have a good tym laughing at the show!!!

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