Beyhadh 24th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Beyhadh 24th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Inspector continues pestering Maya in lieu of investigation. He says just like she reacted seeing gun, even Ashwin must have reacted, then Jahnvi must have picked syringe and poked into his chest repeatedly. He picks pen and in lieu of demonstrating rushes his hand towards Maya’s neck when Arjun holds his hand and asks to be in his limits, he cannot hold Jahnvi like this without arrest warrant. Inspector says arrest warrant is on the way. Saanjh says inspector can do recorded investigation of Jahnvi. Arjun asks what.. She says let him do. Inspector smirks and takes Jahnvi in. Arjun fumes and asks constable to free Jahnvi as it is illegal without warrant. Inspector comes and pushes him on chair and tells constable Satam that he needed new boss, here inspector Arjun Verma is. Maya fumes seeing

inspector misbehaving with Arjun and gives him a tight lap. She then apologizes and says he should stop punishing her family for her mistake. Saanjh says it is already 6 p.m. and now inspector cannot confine any woman after 6 p.m. without warrant. Inspector says she knew about this rule. Saanjh says she did not waste her time in law school for 3 years. Inspector says when did he say that and orders constable to free Jahnvi.

They all get towards parking lot. Vandana calls Arjun repeatedly. Arjun scolds her to stop calling him repeatedly, he is not arrested and Jahnvi is arrested instead. Maya gets into car with Jahnvi and asks why did not she inform her that she had gone to Ashwin’s house. Jahnvi imagines seeing Ashwin in car mirror, sitting in back seat and tells Maya that he has come back and sitting behind, she should not look behind. Maya asks what is happening. Jahnvi pushes her out of car and speeds car. Maya falls down. Jahnvi speeds car and imagines Ashwin behind and mirror breaking. She rams car to a tree and gets injured.

Saanjh with Ayan returns home and informs Vadnana that Arjun will stay in Maya’s house today as Jahnvi is not well. Vandana shouts Arjun’s life is at risk there. Saanjh says Maya needs him there. Vandana shouts Arjun even needs his mother, even when Arjun did not accept her as mother, she took care him as mother and she will not let Maya ruin his life. Her drama continues.

Jahnvi reaches home and panics imaging Ashwin around, tables moving, Ashiwin’s voice..She pleads Ashwin not to torture her, she is on his side. Arjun and Maya reach and knock door. They hear Jahnvi shouting and knock door repeatedly. Arjun breaks door. They both enter and see Jahnvi standing on balcony railing. They both are shocked and run towards her. Jahnvi jumps. They both hold her hand no time. Jahnvi says leave me, I have to go Ashwin. Maya says Ashwin is dead and they both pull her up. Arjun asks what happened to her. She expressionlessly walks to her room and looks at Ashwin’s photo. They both ask what happened to her. Jahnvi says why did they come here, go back and push them out. Maya says she will not go away from her. Jahnvi says Ashwin has returned even after death and asks Arjun to take Maya from here as her life is death. Arjun makes her sit on bed and says Maya is safe. Jahnvi pushes him saying he cannot see Maya is in danger, picks knife and stabs it into his leg. He shouts in pain.

Precap: Maya tells Jahnvi again that Ashwin is dead and cannot harm them. Jahnvi signals to be silent and points at bed, imaging Ashwin on bed.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Totally Ghost episode, many days cvs will drag,why they didn’t confirm to us it’s ghost or someone or hallucination?but all things are looks like done by ghost closing door,broken mirror,moving things etc.poor Arjun hurts by jhanvi?.maya shocked to see jhanvi Pagal avatar.&inspector got scared to see Maya ?,his thought Maya came to slap him,but instead maya requested him.? have to wait two days for next episode.☹ love you Maya ? and love ArYa?

  2. The plot is now becoming horror or jahnvi is psychic ..Lol

  3. Oh shit stabbing Arjun with knife that’s too far Maya baby will be pissed off! Maya doesn’t let anyone touch Arjun let alone harm him so I wonder what Maya will do to her mother..anyways another ghost filled episode I don’t even watch beyhadh anymore just read this update and comment:p I thought this show was about Maya’s junoon and beyhadh pyaar not about jhanvi’s’s funny cause somehow both mother daughter are the same when it comes to love! I’m already dreading Monday episode cause it will be full of vandana screaming and shouting

  4. I like Maya acting and dressing before this marriage , and now this track doesn’t make sense , the drama is losing the charm , I just don’t like Maya anymore . I think Saanjh is much better , I think maya looks ugly (sorry to say so ) with her really brown hair , her make doesn’t suit her , I used to like the obsessed Maya not this Maya .

    1. Angelk1

      I agree i don’t like the way this track is going. Its becoming boring day by day. Its not much of a mystery by the lack of clues and weak plot. Lets not forget the dragging is annoying a lot.

      Vandana is like the boy who cried wolf, always saying maya is dangerous , but nothing ever happen when she mention it. And no one believe her, until the end though. We will see when the eps reach.

  5. Maya acting , make up, dressing , is all going down the hill, she was so much mesmerizing when she was the CEO of fashion industry . And now it’s all down the drains. Her character was so strong personality , her psychness,
    Is she psychotic or mentally disturbed or depressed ? Did she recover ? It’s all crap now
    Now it’s like she is totally different
    personality ,
    I don’t like this Maya at all



    1. Ha haha right ?&,i felt its romantic thriller story Na,so cvs trying to show thriller scenes while with ArYa romantic scenes.i mean they are trying to justify this line romantic thriller story.thriller scenes between ArYa love and ArYa romance and ArYa fun moments.

  7. Overall the episode was not good as it used to be this is what I believe ks . And yes this smartness doesnt suit on Saanjh rather Maya’s planning and smartness suited her a lot .
    I wanted Maya’s life to change but nit Maya . And this ghost part is reaaly making me sick….
    Half the time of the episode jhanvi only said “wo wapas aa gaya hai”…Why are they wasting a lot of time….
    And now Monday’s episode will be full of Vandana’s taunt and lecture …
    I want Maya to take control over Jhanvi as used to take earlier ….
    And get this policeman right on track…..
    Enough of them …
    I want some Arya scenes i.e. their honeymoon and that triangle fight ….
    rather cvs should go in that way like Sannjh was all behind this…

    1. Ya I hope we will see soon Maya back to her kadoos nature.maybe we will see this nature only after police found real culprit.if they arrests maya ,after losing her family love life again,she will be back to her avatar.&saanjh idea was good but her slow motion walk didn’t clicked because of back ground music.our Maya background music’s is ultimately superb every time.i love it.? im not interested to talk about vandana,i just hate her.&about ghost, im not able to found like it’s real or totally confused to see happen things.let’s wait and see

      1. I lovded the part in which Maya says sher ko ghar mil jaye to uske munh mein haath nhi daalte…
        I dont know why this punchliners suit on Maya much much better than on Saanjh…
        The way she shows her expression…
        I started to watch this serial for Jenni…nd i m nt disappointed at all by her acting according to the script…
        But scriptwriters should change the script frm current nd now Maya has done enough fr getting love frm Vandana….i want her Arjun waala beyhadh waala method to get her love…by hook or by crook…or she should throw vandana out as she threw Saanjh…

      2. Upcoming track jhanvi felt Maya did wrong with her..killing ashwin,given sleeping tablets to her.

      3. Upcoming track jhanvi felt Maya did wrong with her..(ashwin murder,given sleeping tablets to her.)

      4. Omg ! Cant maya have some happy time at all…either ashwin or saanjh or vandana nd this jhanvi…
        Why cant jhanvi understand that it was all for their good…nd due to her foolishness only maya was forced to give jhanvi sleeping pills…
        I want this vandana to be the killer and jhanvi coming to know that ashwin was nt good nd clearly understands..
        Maya nd arjun should go to Switzerland nd inspector ka transfer…

      5. Ya right ? let’s see

  8. Ghosts don’t exist in real life and the makers can’t fool the viewers with this this angle. I think this is Jhanvi’s hallucinating because of her guilt factor. Jennifer said in an interview that this will not go on for too long. I wish for the main track to be back soon. Maya’s junoon, her Beyhadh love for Arjun, ArYa romance. I too preferred the old Maya but contrary to what some of you have said, this Maya doesn’t look ugly. I still find her beautiful in these beautiful designer sarees. I don’t like docile woman and always encourage my fellow woman to be independent so I do wish Maya becomes the lady boss with attitude once more. And ArYa chemistry is sizzling right from the beginning. This has remained constant.

    1. Agreed Maya is beautiful in sarees but she was stunning in white clothes. Maya looks gorgeous in anything but I still prefer the boss Maya hoping she comes back..this housewife avatar doesn’t suit her . Hard to believe she completely changed her personality. What’s even more hard to believe is that Arjun not once said that she has changed I thought as her husband he would say something

  9. Pretty and encourageous comment.Jennifer aka maya is not such bad as they said but dominace & passionate type was better

    1. Maya hair style,costumes changed based on story track,but whatever style her attitude didn’t changed, I love Maya,i love her whatever her style.??

      1. I too love Maya and the ArYa Jodi. I always wish well for Maya and ArYa. My favourite moments are when they are together.

  10. Angelk1

    The eps is dragging a lot. Their loosing the main story and changing it drastically to something else. Theirs still mystery behind maya but nothing has been revealed. Saanj being smart does suit her because for one she was suppose to be, its just her love overshadowed her character. And we didnt get to see much about saanj as a lawyer.

    Now we get to see it, her showing the viewers why shes a lawyer in the girst place. Its good, she was never a dumb girl ABOUT TIME , now arjun next please lol.

    This maya is just weird to see, its like shes completely normal an theirs nothing that was wrong in the first place. A person cant magically be cured from whatever shes going through. Its just not realistic.

    1. Angelk1, agree with you
      I feel Arjun is just like supporting actor , I have nothing to say about him.
      I like Saanjh but she is ok too.
      I used to love this show cause of Maya mental issue , which is never revealed
      How can she turn normal in few days , plus with the murder.
      This few days I don’t like her make up , her hair and her acting , Maya was so much strong , powerful and enchanting , when she was dressed in white , her hair , I loved it at that time ,
      Now when I see Maya , I think she looks ugly (sorry to say that)
      Saanjh can’t even act as a lawyer she is too innocent , she is nice , but I’m not sure if this role suits her, she can’t portray strong character her face is too innocent .

  11. omg the serial is really become senseless now
    The ghost part is so stupid
    I burst into laughter everytime Ashwins voice shows up

    1. Ya really ashwin ghost voice didn’t clicked that much,but im scaring to see only moving things with their own,his shadow,under blanket someone when jhanvi checked etc,but after It gives me much fun.???

  12. Ayesha22

    please end this current track is very boring.i want that hitler maya back,please!!!!!!

  13. Beyhadh becomes ghost episode instead of romantic anyhow arjun looks smart always ??? maya tooo??

  14. really guys epi is lyk ……**LOL**…

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