Beyhadh 23rd October 2017 Written Episode Update: Maya’s Psychopathic Behavior Continues

Beyhadh 23rd October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Arjun confronts Maya that he hates her so much that he hates himself for loving her once. Maya shatters hearing that and runs from there. She breaks things in her room reminiscing Arjun’s words. She breaks Arjun and Saaanjh’s photoframe and shouts Arjun is only hers and nobody else’s.

Next morning, Arjun asks Saanjh to have something. Saanjh says after whatever happened yesterday, Maya may harm their child. Arjun says she will not as they are under her control until child is in her womb, once she harms child, they will be out of her control. Suman brings sandwich and says whatever happened was good. Arjun feeds sandwich to Saanjh and wipes her lips. Maya gets jealous seeing that and runs to her washroom and breaks things. She self-inflicts vomit. Maya with family rushes and asks

if she is fine. Maya asks Arjun to take her to doc as she is not fine. Arjun does not deter. Saanjh gives her water. She says no need, when Arjun is not worried, why should she. She rushes out and speeds away in car. Saanjh asks Arjun to stop Maya. Arjun says no need.

Maya speeds car reminiscing Arjun’s words. Saanjh pleads Arjun to stop Maya for her sake. He agrees and drives car. Maya gets more jealous reminiscing Arjun feeding Saanjh and wiping her lips. She rams car on roadside car and speeds away. Police sees speeding car and follows. Saanjh traces Maya’s car via GPS and they find it. They both plead Maya to stop car, but Maya increase speed. Arjun switches on radio and hears police announcing an uncontrollable speeding car is heading towards market.

Arjun stops car and gets out of it. Saanjh asks what is he doing. He says he knows what he is doing and runs down. Police follow car and inform superior car is untraceable. Arjun stands in the middle of road. Maya applies brake and car stops just an inch away from Arjun. Saanjh also reaches. Police find car and see Saanjh in it. Arjun reminisces hearing police siren and exchanging Maya with Saanjh. Police asks Saanjh if she is fine. She says car’s brakes failed and she is fine. Inspector asks constable to make arrangements to drop madam home. Saanjh says she informed her husband to pick her up. Police leaves. Saanjh hopes her child is fine.

Arjun takes Maya to doctor. Maya asks if her child is fine. Doc does ultrasound and says baby is fine. Arjun hears sound and asks what is it. Doc says baby’s heart beat. Maya holds Arjun’s hand on her tummy and says it is their love and will never fade away.

Precap: Maya cuts her finger and says it is paining. Arjun nurses her cut. Saanjh enters and stands disheartened. Jahnvi enters and scolds Maya.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. I have stopped watching this crap ,just read the precap and same nonsense continues .Have better things to do and sensible stuff to watch

    1. The episode today was fabolus and the last seen shows how much Arjun still in love with Maya last episodes I didn’t watch it but this episode was fantastic and I think tomorrows episode will be like today also

  2. Finally ArYa is back

  3. Ya my favorite couple is back
    I hope they should unite in some way

  4. After knowing climax watching it looks like crap…how can director himself spoil the real chemistry between these two better kill both end it but tats not gonna happen always everyone like saas bahu type ending people themselves made affairs things to win

  5. I just want that both Arjun and Maya will die in d end…left sanjh with baby..

  6. I hate this episode…what this arjun is fhalto….keeps on jumping…maya to sannjh…sannjh to Maya…go to hell…be alone better for u…or go along with that crap Maya…better…don’t ruin sannjh’s life…she is a good and innocent girl who always thinks for u betterment but you don’t listen to her…go to that Maya and go to hell????

  7. I thought that saajun is better than arya but now I think Arya are made for each other both are foolish and mad …pscyco…go to hell

  8. fathima rizwana

    Sanjh and arjun should be together

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