Beyhadh 23rd May 2017 Written Episode Update

Beyhadh 23rd May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Arjun stops Samay from setting fire to Prem’s body and says it is not his right. Samay asks whose right it is then. Arjun says Saanjh’s. He takes torch to Saanjh. Saanjh says she cannot do it. Arjun reminisces Prem’s words when Arjun’s father died and describes whole incident. Out of flashback, he holds Saanjh’s hand and sets fire to Prem’s body. Saaanjh cries loudly hugging him. Maya watches it sitting in her car a distance and gets jealous that the more she tries to separate Saanjh and Arjun, they come closer, she is Arjun love and is not his hindrance, she will get Saanjh out of their way.

Samay candles in church and prays lord Jesus that Maya is his passion, he wants Maya and Arjun separate and Maya get back to him. If she does not get back to him, he will go to any extent

then. He burns candle on his hand.

Arjun reaches home and sees Maya in party attire and house decorated for party. He says let us celebrate on their child’s arrival. Arjun says he cannot. She shouts if Saanjh is more than her to him. He throws things on table and says today he is only his Dusky’s duffer, Dusky has controlled him since childhood and did not let him shatter, but she has shattered today, she used to fill life in every sad face, but she is sad today. She continues emotional blackmail, but he walks to his room. Maya picks glass strands and injures her hand and says Arju wants her to bear the pain, so she will. She holds broken glass on her face to injure her face. Her schizophrenic behavior continues.

Arjun stands under shower and reminisces his and Saanjh’s friendship and continues expressing his feelings for his friend. He then gets ready and walks out of house.

Saanjh sleeps on terrace floor reminiscing her papa’s love for her, him telling Samay if he hurts Saanjh, there will be less light in life, rest of the incidents. She cries. Arjun sleeps next to her and asks what is she looking at. She says she is trying to find out papa in stars, but cannot. He shows a north star and says her papa is next to is papa. When his papa died, Prem uncle showed this star and says this is his papa, he can watch his papa whenever he wants. He further continues and says she has to be strength to Suman and Shubh and should not shatter. Saanjh says she does not want to be anyone’s strength, she wants her papa back. She cries loudly calling papaa.. Arjun tightly hugs and consoles her. Samay hiding near door clicks their pics and smirks.

Precap: Samay shows Arjun and Saanjh’s hugging pic to Maya and says till when she will forgive Arjun, he should be pushed. Maya stabs Saanjh’s pic repeatedly and warns Samay she will break the hand which will try to harm her Arjun.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Maya is obsessed …..pathetic lady……but still i love jennifer??

  2. That was one emotional epi,,,,

  3. Smreetikhatri

    Why do Maya have so much of insecurities like come’on She should leave Aurjun alone for some time…And why the hell is saying that Saanjh is coming between her and arujun?? It’s not Saanjh this time it’s Maya you brought Saanjh in between them by using Samay??
    In all this I really feel so bad for Saanjh as in last week episode she said that the only people who always support her are God, Her Dad, and Samay. And unfortunately look like none of them are with her as God decided to support Maya, Her dad dies, and Samay He is already Love with Maya and Maya’s Puppet and betraying Saajh????

    1. Minoo Vasudevan

      Actually God cannot support Maya. It would be a sin for Him to do so. In fact, Maya is the Devil, God’s most powerful enemy. The Devil brings happiness in an instant, but follows all of it up with sadness (mending the relationship between Arjun and Vandana, getting Ayan out of jail, making friends with Saanjh, only to set everything back to square one, and that too with full of sadness, insecurity, and vengeance). God helps Saanjh in little little ways whenever he can, but the Devil just happens to roam the Earth. Those who break relations with God form a relation with the Devil or the become the Devil themselves But also, think about this. God did not only cast away Lucifer (the Devil) from Heaven, but also the angels who sided with him, now called demons. The Devil doesn’t operate on this Earth alone, but with demons who succumb to sin; Samay is one of them, along with those who Maya pays along the way with money to help them. And also, as much as I hate to say it myself, her most powerful demon, is Arjun. If Saanjh wants to see happiness again in her life, she needs to stop attacking the Devil directly, and finish her demons from the Earth. And then finish Maya.

      1. Hate Maya Always

        Very true words.
        I too think that Maya’s downfall won’t be that easy, it would be worse than what we r expecting…

  4. I CANT hold tears in my eyes seeing saajun frndsip.A True Frnd always like this.loove u arjun.u nailed it.u r not mayas puppet.samaya against saajun.I m likinking this track.seeing beyhadh again.

  5. OMG arjun is surprising with his action… he really amazing today… tough the episode is sad… I like the way he defend Saanjh… ?? aaj mein sirfh dusky ka arjun… friendship ???…
    Asusual two criminals ??
    I really pity for baby… if really 6 months of leap. Maya will blackmail by using baby for sure..
    I wish Saanjh win the case now. Let goodness kicks off bad evil

  6. Horrible episode..i just hate Maya hurts again because of stupid Maya dailogue today “Main tumhare rishte ki daraar nahin hoon Arjun, main tumhara rishta hoon” ,maya always be loyal to her love just she needs to be calm down but that stupid samay will not let her do sure samay killed prem to unite Arjun saanjh to get Maya. my Maya needs constant care & love to heal, any wife if her husband give importance to other person she would get upset.any way waiting for next you Maya more ?❤ Maya you more ❤?

    1. I dont think anyone would get as upset as Maya does. Jealousy is totally justifiable, but not to the extent where you would manipulate situations to get your way. Still love Jennifer Winget though.

    2. awesum thinking. what u mean that whoever dies , whatever happens man should be always be with his wife. can u do this in real life??? may be if ur a psycho too!!. is wife the only relation in the life.
      common give it a break. supporting killer mentality is bound to be killer i suppose

    3. aunty uncle think maya in saanjh place and say again she is not bothered of anything one day she says if vandana dies also dont go i hope maya dies soon samay should kill her

      wat upset u he is her frnd he is not only her husband atleast he say n does but maya chupke chupke with samay biting her arjun never does this cheap things

      dont irritate with ur cooments coomon have some coomon sense to accept the truth if u r lady i really feel bad for ur husband god bless him

    4. she said that pyyar mein barbadh ho jao to samay y cant she do the same for arjun samays is love not mayas

    5. any wife if her husband give importance to other person she would get upset. Yes correct. But your maya will upset even arjun talks to his mother and bother also. She is not a mental she will make her fans as mental

    6. She needs ❤️ & care. If any of your close person die will yu celebrarte ???
      Arjun cannot be puppet always…. arjun is tring to help Saanjh… ‘cos arjun knows very well about Saanjh..
      if that is a mistake to you…
      then god only shd help yu.

    7. KS, you devil worshiping Maya fan who should be banished to the deepest bowels of hell, how do you like this preview below of your wondrously mad Maya. So lets see, she killed the priest, Ashwin, Prem (through Samay’s hands) and now she kills Samay and her own mum. Maya does not need a cure she needs a bullet through the head… come to think of it so do you. HAhahahahahahaha

      Maya gets mad and kills Samay and Jhanvi as well. She says Arjun has run to Saanjh seeing her in problem, he will come back running to me when my mum dies. She dips Jhanvi in the bathtub and kills her, hoping to win Arjun’s sympathy. The show is going to take a leap. Maya will be seen in a new avatar of a mum (extract from tellyreviews)

  7. Maya acted stupid today,how come she thought that Arjun will party with her in such a condition…..She’s too brilliant to plan and plot against everyone whoz against her,….then why can’t she act according to the situation,,,,,and give Arjun some space….atleast let him breath….poor Arjun,,,,,,bt glad that he didn’t stop for her today…..Maya really needs help…….atleast get her to some psychologist or some one who can help her

  8. Today’s epi i felt that is not Jenny’s voise..someone else dubbed for Maya’s voice…

  9. Luv u Maya so Much ❤️❤️

    Why cant Arjun concentrate on his wife.. his Maya his child!!! Y is he after Saanjh n saanjh should be with Samay!! What crap is this! Maya planned a party but Arjun spoilt her mood n pregnant maya baby had to hurt herself!! Not Fair.. saanjh is coming in between maya n arjun. I hate this

    1. u should hate urself with this type of mentality.

    2. He knew Prem from his childhood. you think he should forget that? You think he should just come from a cremation and party because Maya wants to party? That’s ridiculous of Maya to expect. There are more duties of a person than just a spouse and parent. He is also a friend, a child, a neighbor. Would any logical person party when their neighbor died? I don’t think so. Saanjh is not coming in between anyone anymore. She is just trying to rescue Ayan now. What is not fair is Maya and Samay on a killing spree because they think they deserve the world.

      1. absolutely spot on. u just snatched my thoughts. i pity only on maya lovers wonder what type of mentality they have. i m sure these r the ones who whose story will come in crime petrol. may be they do party when anyone dies

    3. if some one close to u died and u husband or wife say dont go we ll party u will ?

    4. i want maya child die rather than seeing her pagal mother

      1. Maya is either having Samay’s kid or she is going to steal someones child – she is the kind of evil person to do just that

    5. maya is a robo no feelings

    6. Wow..I’m surprised seeing ur comment…ur love for Maya is beyond her love for Arjun…how can one celebrate on someone’s death that too someone who really means a lot in ur life??? uff….people are going insane seeing this crap..Maya has done some Maya to

    7. Have some scence… arjun is tring to help his friend. Her father passed away she will be collapse. He knows very well about Saanjh.
      Maya party and all is also a drama. She want to snatch it again and again…
      how come any one would celebrate on close ones death.. that too prem uncle .. yu may celebrate.. but humans who have ❤️ Cannot do…
      if maya is really ❤️ Arjun. She shd trust him.. no trust means no ❤️

    8. @ luv u Maya so much…dude have some humanity feelings…seriously this kind of comment was not expected…here a person is dead and all u r worried about is spoilt party….Maya hurt herself but it was to blackmail Arjun….mark my words If arjun loves his child Maya won’t even mind killing the child…and please don’t drag saanjh for everything….I really wish saanjh and arjun end up together with arya ‘ s child

    9. Luv u maya so much ❤️❤️

      This same Arjun never cared about Prem when he was alive now all of a sudden he is showing concern. Maya needs him the most. She has been love deprived always thats y she is insecure.. cant u c her pain.. n spoilers say that post 6month leap maya will be seen as a very caring mother. Luv her ❤️❤️

      1. Well Arjun was close to Saanjh’s family till his marriage……He got separated from them for few years….that doesn’t means that he has no right to get sorrowfull for Prem’s death…..Prem was with him since his childhood…Arjun has many memories related to him…. and.Arjun cares for them alll…..this concern is not smthng which came all of a sudden…….Maya didn’t try to understand Arjun’s situation and was asking him to party with her……Arjun is not the reason for Maya’s pain today…..she herself is the reason……also …Your Bestie’s dad died….won’t you go to console her/him,,,,,,He z nt leaving forever…..Arjun is not a machine or something,,,,,he is a human and have feelings

    10. diehardbeyhadhfan

      come on yaar!! arjun doesnt have to concentrate so hard on his wife and child they are by default his first priority like how prems family is for prem..!!but yes arjun has other relationships too in his life and at certain occasions he has to get associated with them too… and death is one such major occasion. its not possible for anyone to celebrate on the death occasion of any close person, that too a father figure, its natural to not feel like it!! so arjun should go by emotions and not force himself to please mayas coz even he wont be in the mood for it nor will she enjoy his presrnce that way!
      we all need to live in a society balancing many different relationships, one cant become a recluse only by becoming ur spouses and childs!!

      Not maya nor saanjh fan..Love beyhadh always????

  10. @luv u maya so u hv a best frnd?or hv u ever heard the word best frnd?i really dnt thnk so.thn atfrst try to knw the meaning of a best frnd atleast.

  11. Sema episode.. Plz Maya leave to arjun and saanjh

  12. Frm yesterdays episode it was
    evident tht maya knew every step of
    samay vry well or we can say she has
    assumed everything long before and still
    she let samay kill prem.great maya great!
    every time i see you in beyhadh and try
    to console my heart tht u r going to
    be good,going to be allright,but she becomes
    more jst shocked to see tht she
    evn dnt hv any flngs tht sm1 is dead.she
    only cares fr her insecurity.and wht a
    type of blackmail to arjun!she used her
    disease as a weapon to stop arjun now!and she wanted to hv party!!!how can be a woman so heartless??a mother can nvr be so heartless like maya!!i dnt knw frm whch point of view she talks about the well being of her child whn she herslf dnt evn hv a single emotion towards others.she forced arjun to paety wth her on the day of his bstfrnds fathers death rituals!!unbelievable cunningness she have yaar!!and hats off to arjun today,i hv really strted loosing respect for u,,bt today u proved me wrong.great guy!!and wht u did today was really not accepted frm u maya!
    and maya lovers still comment and
    cheer fr maya and blame others!!and i wl really be hppy if
    jhavi gets well and tell evrything to
    every1 properly about maya and
    samays i really dnt want mayas
    innocent child to suffer the sick
    mentality of her mother.i thought she
    would chnge after arjuns warning to
    her,bt she evn turned more evil.and
    after yestrdays episode it is clear she wl
    obviously do some more bad to saanjh
    as arjun is geeting again close to
    saanjhs family and after samays photo stuff things its guaranted maya will plan smthng vry dangerous for saanjh..God knows wht more saanjh and her
    family is going to suffer for mayas
    insecurities.pls maya ,control yourslf
    and down stoop such low frm where
    there is no turnover reamaining fr
    u.stop ur evil mind atleast fr ur childs
    sake.and directors pls stp spreading
    bakwaas ideas about doesnt
    mean getting destroyed by ur hand.stop this nonsense dialouges.

  13. Saanjh and Arjun acting was super better then maya’s neeli kaneer acting

    1. Hate Maya Always

      Agree. They r perfect friends.???

  14. I hope samay and Maya end up together .they belong together ,both psychos and murderers .Maybe they can both end up happily ever after in jail together .

  15. Guys no one was at fault today…everyone are right from their perspective…. of course Maya is not right…but what can else can u expect out of her without even one proper treatment…she genuinely wanted to changhe but then this happened….she wants Arjun now the most to be with her….but ofcourse Arjun can’t do that…he has to take care of other responsibilities too ! In short fate is playing a bad game with them and samay is gonna make Maya worse ! 🙁

  16. All the culprit is on Maya. If she love Arjun She should love openly and take goodcare of vandana but instead she always wants to kill and torture her. that means she’s a bad women that i’ve never known in this world. Please girls don’t copied maya’s attitude and be always good to your in-laws always

  17. Arjun deserves only saanj. He was great today. I like to see them two only.

  18. Very emotional episode. Seeing SaaJun’s friendship back was blissful. I hate the fact that Prem died. He was such a nice man ? I can’t even…

    Maya again getting rocked by her insecurities. But Arjun, if he really wants to heal her, he should change the way he communicates with her. Instead of saying I’m going for tonight, he should’ve said I’m coming tomorrow, or something… As much as Maya is at fault, I have to admit that its all because if her psyche. Want her to get treated asap. Poor baby ? I don’t want him to be parented by a Maya who only sees Arjun, is manipulative and delusional, I want Maya to heal now before the parturition. ?

    1. Atleast one maya fan had good thinking… thanku anaika… yu seems to be good and sense thinking person..
      Yu didint support that arjun has to party with her… he make maya hurt again… shd behaive like a puppet again…
      thanku I am really happy the way yu dropped a comment is really good..

      1. Yes Saanjh needed Arjun the most at that time. She lost her father… he was such a good man. Anyone in Arjun’s place would’ve done that. Yes, I’m a Maya fan but I don’t support her wrong and ill attitude. But I sympathize as to why she feels like that. That girl has never seen love, and now when she has it, she doesn’t want to let it go for even a second. ?

        Again, she will do something wrong because Samay would fill her head with insecurities. Want the actual truth to be in front of everyone asap so that Maya gets healed

        Love Maya ???

    2. Anika you know…prem uncle maya ki chacha or mama ,maya ki shadi time he didn’t came&he didn’t gave blessings to our Maya… Then how Maya can’t celebrate her good day..she don’t had any one to share this news.maya did not got angry because arjun went there,he came back after funeral,she thought to celebrate,how Maya know he will go back for saanjh again..if he wants to go he can go but there is no need to say im dusky Ki duffer after knowing Maya ill state.if Maya cure herself with out arjun support,then there is no need anyone.she can live alone..saanjh had all to support her..but my maya is pregnant&bimari&alone.. any way Maya said I will bear this pain for Arjun.but samay came to provoke her ill.don’t know what will happen next…waiting for next episode…(i will talk with only old beyhadh fans)Love you Maya more ?❤❤

      1. Hate Maya Always

        Dear Ks!!!
        Do u think that only Maya has the right to get angry n frustrated? When Arjun came back n Maya offered to party then he was very much frustrated and reacted in that way. He is also a normal human being, he is not a god can’t u understand this simple thing.
        And u said Saanjh has everyone to console her…REALLY? I mean her mother herself is in very bad condition and her brother is still a kid, they can’t support her. Or are u hinting at that samay who killed her father.
        Pls don’t get blind in Maya’s love. Think rationally.
        Love Saanjh Always???

      2. diehardbeyhadhfan

        @haye Maya.. I really like the way u explain ur point of view taking saanjh ‘s stand. So far I have only seen saanjh lovers accusing labelling Maya lovers and getting abusive.U are the first among saajh lovers who explain in such a crystal clear way with so much depth. U are of the like of dark hunter or resonance2019 among Maya lovers. I was waiting for someone like u on this forum.

  19. Where is the dark hunter? I m reading these updates after a long time, I m missing d comments.

    1. Yeah same here… she used to give some deep insight into the episodes?

    2. Dark Hunter only used to praise Maya.
      We don’t need dark hunter???

      1. U r not ks for sure. U can say that with your own name as well…please dont use others name to express your views… its just a request.?

  20. Maya wanting to party when husband gone to attend funeral of not only his friends father but someone who has been a father figure for him too. Come on Maya that is terrible u r sick obsessed and the sooner arjun gets out of your life the better before your partner kills him too. Hats off to Jenny playing this role so well that people have begun hating her. If I were u though I would walk out of the serial cause from a Grey character u r now poison black.

    1. Yes, but most of the maya fans supporting and saying what ever she do is all ‘cos of insecurities & Maya always great.. no matter what ever she do….most surprising is they are enjoying the poison black shade

      1. They enjoy her poisonous persona because they themselves have incredibly evil minds

    2. Was actually watching a repeat of Saraswathichandra… actually miss JW and Gautam’s pairing….

  21. @harika i said d same thing yesterday but know if ppl took maya as black only so cant help it i m not saying maya is right she is wrong absolutely bcz she is not cure yet n v can expect this behaviour frm her bcz she is not normal n heal yet but u cant ignore d fact dat she wanted to chang n not evn 1day passed n prem death came so she cant take it bcz unexpected things r hapening whn v maya fan cant take it so it wud b difficult for her as wel i really wonder wat directors r upto if they want her to b black dn y they show us dat maya want to chang n b good if this time writer turn her black i m serious quiting d show n dat arjun yes i totally support his action n care for sanj but he is d person who knows maya insecurities as well as maya hate for sanj so Atleast he could console her n made her understand d situation forsure she herself would send arjun bcz she wants to change but he just left her wid no words he knows maya well he kept his family away from her for 7yrs so maya dont harm them so how can he expect dat widout any proper treatment he vl impose things on her n expect she vl sit quiet arjun is 100% loyal in friendship but 0% in love bcz after being such a long with his wife he should thought about her insecurities n her mental condition he keep saying evry1 she is beemar n today he himself forget common whn maya said arjun lets party he dint got hint dat she is not mentally stable n wants to party vch normal person does dat he was just thinking abot sanj no wrong in dat but atleast he should console his wife n gave her little time n care afterall she is also pregnant n want to moveon wid a chang in her after knowing how mad maya is in his love n dat samay where he is y sanj is not looking out for him in her bad time n y sanj cant c dat samay is not there whn she needs him if he loves her so much y he is not der wid her y cant sanj think all this i really wonders wat this stupid writer n director r upto n wat dey wat to show n v support maya bcz v knows she is mentally ill n she just need care n love to get cure bcz she dont think d way how normal ppl bcz of her childhood issue yes v agree she is wrong but v cant put aside d fact dat she wants to chang but no1 is der to help her arjun was last hope know evn he left d situation is only maya is totally wrong but arjun is not equally right hope for best no words after seing today episode i just hope dat maya herself find peac n c samay real n eather dn getting trap she trap him this would b d best maya comeback i just hope bcz i beleiv evry1 should get a chanc to chang so d reasn i still hope maya heal Asap luv u maya always

    1. Maya is going to kill Jhanvi, the only redemption for her is a bullet in the forehead…

  22. To my Maya lovers..6 months leap is going to come in beyhadh and will show maya as mother to her new born child and track will be completely different and maya will not only have complete make over but also her nature will be copletely different it is like much more grey and black or it is like crystal white ready to change to deadly black by ( AAYAN AND SAAMAY ) its complete unexcpeted and shockings twists track &ArYa separation..( end game is ArYa,ArYa forever.)

    i just want to see Maya alone strong mother with her child..i just don’t want to see arjun in Maya life a few days.arjun has no firm mind towards anybody,arjun loves Maya as his wife more, there is no doubt, but first priority is always he given to saanjh, whether its right or wrong.He can’t say that he is nothing to will effect my Maya mind.

    So Maya lovers keep stone heart again..maybe we are going to see Maya more black or she will turn black by samay.anyway after all it’s Maya show.i love my Maya more ?❤?

    1. Really shame on Maya if she kills her mom by own… for the sake of sympthy from arjun ??? really your maya is great then…
      Sry to say this… but your text made me to text…
      if any one of your close relative passed away will yu celebrate ??
      Or yu don’t do for consoling asuming they had so many to take of him/her????Shame on yu to say as a gril…
      I feel yu too had a same mentality of maya…
      Really pity on yu….
      killing her own mom is rediculus
      If yu are in maya state ,Will yu do the same with ur mom for gaining sympathy and attention ??
      Pls do text for this comment…

    2. She is going to kill jhanvi and samay… for samay…i dont even care…but jhanvi? i dont knw how much more darker shades maya’s gonna get?? for arjun she is doing all this but at the end all this will take arjun away from her?? atleast now when she is saying she is ill , they should show arjun taking her for the treatment and all.

    3. ur maya lol is she ur half pagal gal frnd

  23. Maya fans did u see spoiler maya gng to kill samay and jhanvi also even now she didnt arrrsted then screw serial

    N u ppl her fans even now u say maya is correct god bless u ppl n do the same

  24. hi guys…..
    new spoiler of beyhadh….
    Arjun and Maya have a romantic moment. Arjun lifts her and takes her to room. Maya showers him with love. Maya says much wrong happened with me, I did not try to make it right, today I want to make everything right. She asks him not to put her down. They have happiness after long time. Samay comes to meet Maya. Samay gets the proof of Arjun’s betrayal. Maya gets angry seeing the picture of Arjun and Saanjh. Samay wanted to win Maya’s love by showing Arjun and Saanjh’s relation.
    Maya gets mad and kills Samay and Jhanvi as well. She says Arjun has run to Saanjh seeing her in problem, he will come back running to me when my mum dies. She dips Jhanvi in the bathtub and kills her, hoping to win Arjun’s sympathy. The show is going to take a leap. Maya will be seen in a new avatar of a mum.

  25. I don’t see why the writers couldn’t write that prem gets badly injured instead of killing him off by writing that he dies, all or at least some of the beyhadh fans loved that character

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